Papaya the Medicine Tree

Harald Tietze Publishing P/, 2003 - 116 páginas
This is the third edition of this thought-provoking work and the book's popularity attests not only to the international growth in plant medicine but in particular the growing anecdotal reporting by patients of remarkable cancer cures from ingesting various forms of papaya leaves and fruit. This book puts effective home health care easily within our reach.

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The Carica papaya (CP) is a dynamic functional plant in the field of medicine, serves as a good source of vitamins, as well as some indispensable elements. In addition, beneficial bio-active compounds including phenolic compounds in C. Papaya exhibit a defensive effect against several diseases amongst them are cancer, neurological, digestive and cardiovascular diseases. These effects are due to certain biochemical properties, such as free radical scavengers, hydrogen donors, singlet oxygen quenchers and metal ion chelators.Being nutritional and its so many medicinal properties papaya can be called as angel of fruits. Clinically trials should be done to exploit the therapeutic efficacy and genetic engineering utility of plant parts in challenging numerous diseases. 

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i have spoken to pll in australia who are healed from bladder cancer using papaya leaf tea, papaya is a life saver, lets get bACK TO NATURE


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