The Melungeons: The Resurrection of a Proud People : an Untold Story of Ethnic Cleansing in America

Mercer University Press, 1997 - 180 páginas
As early as 1654, English and French explorers in the southern Appalachians reported seeing dark-skinned, brown- and blue-eyed, and European-featured people speaking broken Elizabethan English, living in cabins, tilling the land, smelting silver, practicing Christianity, and, most perplexing of all, claiming to be Portyghee. Declared free persons of color in the late 1700s by the English and Scottish-Irish immigrants, the Melungeons, as they were known, were driven off their lands and denied voting rights, education, and the right to judicial process. The law was enforced mercilessly and sometimes violently in the resoundingly successful effort to totally disenfranchise these earliest American settlers.

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I just bought this book and can say that I've enjoyed reading the first 50 pages! The writer has done his homework and his writing is clear and understandable. His writing style is as if he's sitting with you and telling the story himself. There's enough sources in the book to keep the scholar entertained while keeping the interest of the lay person. Definetely good reading. 

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This was the book that got me going, it got me heading in the right direction while attempting to figure out my Bennett family history. Awesome read, lots of tid bits/ stories of the past. I would suggest this read to anyone who might want to find out a little more about Melungeons and the true meaning of the word!
Larry Bennett
GG Grandson of Spencer & Dicy Bennett

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