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in a simple and beautiful manner. This is to us a very great reconmendation, and, we doubt not, to our readers also. We have here, not only hymns of “Prayer and Praise,” but also on “ Particular Subjects,” such as 'Obedience and Love to Parents,' Prayer, Self-examination, Repentance, &c.; and the young mind is touched in a very affecting manner as to all these important duties. There are also hymns for “ Particular Occasions,” such as, the Lord's Day, Going to Church, Morning and Evening, Christmas Day, Good Friday, Easter Day, on Going to School, on Leaving School, on the New Year, &c. There are likewise many “ Infant Hymns,” particularly adapted to Infant Schools, and Hymns especially suited to Sunday Schools and to special occasions in Sunday Schools. This little volume, we certainly think, should be introduced into every school and every family. It is exceedingly useful as a means of calling forth and strengthening the "remains" of innocence, mutual love, and charity, with which the Lord stores the youthful mind. We have here all that the celebrated Watts’s Hymns for Children contain, with much more besides, expressed in agreement with genuine truth; and children, as an exercise for the memory, could not do better than learn many of these hymns by heart, an exercise which supplies the tender mind with correct forms of thought and expression, which is of the greatest moment in the religious instruction and training of the young.

There are some few errata which we shall here point out, in order that they may not escape being corrected in the next edition. In the last verse of hymn 69, for “ duties” read “ desires ;" hymn 132, at the end of the first line add “all;" hymn 134, in the last line of the first verse, for “ at,” read “like.”



Rev. D. HOWARTH'S LECTURES IN some account of the numerously attended THE POTTERIES.

lectures alluded to, and to know the To the Editors, &c.—Gentlemen,-A progress of the New Church doctrines in member of the New Church (with whom this district, has requested me to make and with wbose family I and mine have this communication, that the information lately had the very great pleasure, not it contains may, if advisable, appear in only of becoming acquainted, but of pass. the next number of the Intellectual. I ing a happy week with while the Rev. have much pleasure in complying with Mr. Howarth, who has lately been giving his wishes, as far as I am able; but as lectures in this neighbourhood, was alike ill health prevented my attending most of partaking of their very kind hospitality), the lectures, and some of the proceedings thinking that the readers of the Intel to which I shall presently refer, I cannot lectual Repository would be glad to see do ample justice to them; and hope if N. S. NO. 32.-VOL. 3.


any inaccuracy appear in my statement a large number of respectable persons at it will be excused and not be of any Longton and in the neighbourhood, conmaterial importance. Longton, at the ceiving that the doctrines so set forth town-hall of which place the lectures were really according to the truth as it is were given, is in the midst of a very in Jesus, and that the publication of populous district, called the Potteries ; such lectures, by encouraging the growth and Mr. Howarth, through the zealous of all christian graces, would tend to the exertions of Mr. F., and other friends of salvation of man and the true glory of the New Church in his neighbourhood, God, are getting up a numerously signed had made known as widely as possible requisition, earnestly soliciting the worthy when and where the lectures (which were lecturer to forthwith publish his lectures. gratuitous and extempore) would be de- Doubtless many members of our church livered. The first (on the 23d of June) will be delighted to hear that so urged by was on "A general view of the doctrines the earnest entreaties of old and very of the New Church." The second (on esteemed friends, who have convinced the 27th of June) “On the true nature him that such publication (particularly in of the human soul and its immortality.” their neighbourhood and at Longton) The third (on the 29th of June) “ On would be likely to do much good, he will the sole divinity of Jesus Christ and the probably consent to prepare bis lectures divine Trinity,” and the fourth and last for the press; and, as the cost of them (on the 30th of June) “On the nature it is thought will not exceed eighteen of saving faith and the truly christian pence, we sincerely hope all who can will life." As however I should do great purchase them, not only for the pleasure injustice to these lectures were I to and benefit they themselves will derive, attempt a particular account of each, my but that they may extend their usefulness observations upon them must be of a by lending them to their poorer neighvery general kind. Every lecture was bours. Before these lectures were deopened and concluded by the Lord's livered there were at Longton and in the prayer, and after every lecture an im- neighbourhood about ten readers of New mense number of tracts were distributed, Church works, who every Sunday met in in the whole not less than 2,500, so a rented room, there to have worship eager were the audience to have them. according to our liturgy and to read a Throughout they were attended by large printed New Church sermon; but on the audiences, varying from four to seven Sunday after the lectures were given, hundred persons; each succeeding lec- when I and my son and Mr. Faraday ture having a larger number of hearers, and three of his children had the great and being apparently listened to with in- pleasure of attending divine service there, creased interest. The most exemplary and Mr. Howarth gave us a very approdecorum was manifested: no intemperate priate and excellent extempore sermon, zeal nor the least opposition was offered my son counted sixty persons, and they to the lecturer while delivering any of the all seemed cheered by the presence of Mr. lectures; and the audience, finding that Howarth and delighted by his ministerial the rev. lecturer made the Word itself duties. On that occasion, for the first the only test of every doctrine he was time, several of our beautiful hymns were endeavouring either to combat or esta. sung there, and all present seemed to blish, and that all his arguments were join in them with minds congenial and urged in the inoffensive spirit of true hearts attuned to heavenly harmony; so charity, listened to him not only with that that day will be a very memorable calm and deep attention, but apparently one in the history of the New Church with great satisfaction. So favourably there. At the recommendation of Mr. impressed were they with both the matter H. the members of this little society of the lectures and the mode in which agreed to meet every Monday evening to the worthy lecturer delivered them, that read and converse on the works of Swe

denborg. A small Sunday School also is kept in the room, at which about 25 children usually attend. And at the house of Mr. Tideswell (a very worthy and humble-minded member who resides at Longton) there is a small New Church library, where the books are lent gra, tuitously, and to the distribution of which he very kindly and zealously attends. All this is done by a voluntary subscrip. tion among themselves. Most of them are operatives, and can ill spare any of their hard-earned income ; and yet so much warmth and zeal is manifested amongst them, that we may reasonably hope not only that the true light will be replenished with oil and kept burning, but that many will see it and rejoice and become like themselves worthy receivers of the heavenly treasures they would fain impart to others. Doubtless this well. timed visit of Mr. Howarth has cheered and inspired this little flock with fresh zeal and courage in their labours for the truth; and let us fervently hope it will be

a blessing to others who are seeking for it. There, where the good seed is now sown, there is a large field for cultivation; and though the labourers are indeed few, their hearts and hands are in the work, and we are assured that He who giveth the early and the latter rain will not let them toil in vain, but in due season bring forth fruits of increase. While Mr. Howarth was amongst them he baptized ten or twelve children of various ages, from one year to ten or upwards. Thus has this worthy minister, like his great Master, been going about doing good; and let us hope that abundant blessings will rest upon his labours, and that the little society at Longton (where similar lectures have never before been given) will “grow in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man."

I am, gentlemen,
Very faithfully yours,

D. B.
July 13, 1842.


BIRMINGHAM.THE ANNUAL GE, NERAL MEETING of the teachers and friends of the Sunday schools, was held on Friday the 15th of May. The annual festival of our schools took place on the same day. Immediately after noon the children of the free-day and Sunday schools assembled in anticipation of the usual festivities.

Previous to forming for procession, the whole of the children, being in the large room, sang, in a most delightful manner, a sweet hymn, of which the Sunday schools generally in Birmingham are exceedingly fond, and which we are glad to find in the new edition of the Rev. E. Madeley's Hymns, lately published (Hymn 169).

The procession then started, and continued throughout very orderly: and truly this sight of upwards of 400 children gathered under the fostering care of the New Church, was one which greatly rejoiced our hearts.

On their return they were conducted into church, where they listened with at. tention to an instructive and appropriate address; after which they sang a hymn, and were then conducted back to the school. rooms, where an abundant supply of buns and coffee was served to every scholar. At about half past 4 o'clock they retired, evidently full of glee, and highly satisfied with their afternoon's recreation,

In the evening the teachers and friends of the Sunday school assembled to tea; after which, the Rev. E. Madeley having taken the chair, the proceedings of the evening were commenced with singing and prayer. The chairman then stated the objects for which the meeting was assembled, in a manner calculated to encourage and stimulate the teachers to increased exertions in their pious and useful work.

The committee's report being read, it was resolved, That the report, now read, be approved, and forwarded for insertion

in the Intellectual Repository, and also that he who thinks he stands most to the Sunday School Union, with a brief firmly, is, perhaps, most liable to fall. report of the proceedings of the present The endeavour, which is observable on meeting.

all hands to reduce information on every After this, several of our excellent subject, whether commercial, scientific, friends addressed the meeting. The or moral, to the bird's-eye view of a chief topics of remark were, the impor- tabular register, is a peculiar feature of tance of Sunday-school instruction, and the present age. also the necessity and means of giving to Your Committee bave been led from a our Sunday schools a more decidedly New sense of the importance of such informaChurch character : considerable freedom tion to attempt to collect the various of expression and unity of sentiment pre- statistics of your Sunday schools, and to vailed throughout the meeting.

preserve them in a concise tabular form. At the close of the meeting, it was Their efforts, in this respect, have, in resolved unanimously, That the measure a great measure, been crowned with of peace and prosperity, which has atten. success. ded our exertions in the cause of educa- During the last year they have kept a tion and religion during the past year, complete register of the attendance of demands our unfeigned and hearty grati- both teachers and scholars; so that it is tude to the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, known how many times each teacher has and also an acknowledgement, that from been present; whether early or late ; him only proceed all blessing and good, how many times absent; whether in this and to him alone are all praise and case he provided a substitute; conseglory due.

quently, whether his class was left duThe meeting was one of great delight ring the whole or half of any day without and edification. The inspiriting and in a teacher to conduct it. In respect to structive addresses,--the general plea. the scholars, besides the particular regis. sure and mutual love, which pervaded tration of each individual, your com. the proceedings of the day, formed a mittee have registered the daily and most excellent commencement of a new quarterly attendance of each class. This, Sabbath-school year.

besides the satisfactory statistical in

formation it yields, is a true index of the THE TWELFTH ANNUAL REPORT OF amount of attention and industry be.. THE BIRMINGHAM NEW JERUSALEM stowed by each teacher upon his class. Church SUNDAY-School COMMITTEE. From a contemplation of this register,

In the present day the necessity and your committee have been led to observe importance of Sunday schools to the good how immediately a class is affected by order, and almost to the existence of our any irregularity on the part of its teacher, civil institutions, is so generally admitted, and feel themselves compelled to call the that it requires no confirmation by attention of every teacher to the paralengthened argument in this report. mount necessity of the most rigid self

Your committee, in laying before you examination. Not only is punctuality the 12th Annual Report of the Sunday of attendance requisite, but also the school, will confine themselves to a most careful attention to our words and general statement of what has been done actions; because matters the most trivial, during the past year. In doing this they which would pass unobserved by adults, would require your patient attention to are noticed and remembered by a child ; the matters of fact they have to submit thus an injurious impression, the influence to you, and at the same time solicit your of which we cannot calculate, may be charitable forbearance, should they in made upon a class by an incident, of any respect have acted not precisely in which the teacher himself was not even accordance with your view; remembering 'conscious. that none are proof against error, and In the system of registering the visits

to absent scholars, your committee feel receive small contributions from the they have been successful, inasmuch children for the purchase of Bibles, as they have, by its aid, kept a correct Testaments, Hymn-books, Liturgies, &c. statement of the degree of punctuality The number of contributors in the girls' manifested by the teachers, and also of school during the year, has been 38 the several cases of absence ; and, at the Ditto, boys' school . . 164 same time, there is given additional By whom have been received twenty evidence of the necessity of such visits. Bibles, six Testaments, six Liturgies,

In pursuance of the recommendation of five large Hymn-Books, fifty-six small the Church, for limiting the number of ditto, two Sunday Lessons, and 136 scholars in the Sunday school, your com- small books, including Catechisms. mittee have carried out the measures sug- Your committee have received from gested by the committee for the last year, the Rev. E. Madeley, the following stawho defined the amount of irregularity tionery, on account of the General School which (providing there was not some Funds, for the use of the Sunday schools: unavoidable cause) should exclude a child two and a half dozens Testaments, three from the school.

sets of copies, each small text, and large At the conclusion of each quarter, the hands, about nine dozen steel pens, twelve attendance of every scholar is examined, copies of the Acts of the Apostles, halfin connextion with the visiting reports of bound in cloth, two sets of Spelling-cards, his teacher, and the rules alluded to and the binding of one and a half dozen above applied, with the greatest lenity Bibles. consistent with order ; but such has been The principal want experienced by the the irregularity, principally arising from schools, and under which they have been the lateness of scholars, that from 220 labouring for a considerable length of the boys' school became reduced to 170, time, is a supply of suitable lessons for and the girls' school from 120 to 74. the elementary classes. · It is a fact worthy of remark, that pre- The scanty supply of good New Church vious to the application of the exclusive school books is greatly to be regretted, rules mentioned above, it not unfrequently and your committee are assured that it happened that the school was opened is felt throughout the Church. with no more scholars than teachers There are but few books published conpresent; so that the great benefit has taining the elements of reading and spellbeen to promote the regular, and, more ing, the method and arrangement of especially, the early attendance of scholars. which your committee can approve; and Although the application of this law these are either so high in price as to be has swept 100 names from our books, beyond our reach for general use, or are the average daily attendance has been rendered unfit for use by the errors of but slightly decreased.

doctrine they inculcate. Attendance of Teachers.

This your committee hope will be Total in girls'school 17 average present 15 taken up spiritedly by the Sunday School boys ditto 27 —

25 Union, who it may reasonably be exIn nearly eight cases out of ten, the pected will supply the church with absence of teachers has been caused by ill. school literature, suitable to the existing

wants of the Church, combining every Attendance of Scholars.

available improvement with sound reliTotal in girls'school 92 average present 50 gious doctrine. - boys' -- 185

- 130 Your committee think it highly ad.

- visable that the elementary lessons should Total 277 Total 180 be printed on sheets, to be pasted upon Previous to reading the report of the boards, which, when properly used are book-club, it will be well to state that a much better suited to keep the attention, person is appointed in each school, to and less liable to be destroyed.


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