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Wherein the several General Heads are specified, the Sections and Subdivisions set down in order,
with a Reference to the Chapter and Page.

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See more of Christ's excellency, chap. v.

sect iii.

Set more of the Spirit, chap. xix. sect. i.

Chap. IV. Of Man, in his first estate,

wherein he was created; and of his


First. Of his first state .

Secondly. Of his fall .





Thirdly. Of man's state by nature,

since sin entered . . .29

Sect. i. Corrupt, unclean, and despe-
rately wicked . . . ib.
See more of sin, chap. xiv.

Sect. ii. Ignorant, opposing the true

God, and adoring idols . . .34

See more of ignorance, chap, xxxvi.

Sect. iii. In servitude to Satan and

sin 36

Sect. iv. The sad fruit and end of such

a state ib.

See more of God's judgments against

sinners, chap. xiv.

Fourthly. Under what case the law

concludes men . . . .39

Sect. i. Under sin and guilt . . ib.

Sect. Ii. Under the curse thereof . 40

Sect iii. The deeds of the law, or sa-
crifices under it, cannot justify or
purge from sin, but still leave sin-
ners under guilt, condemnation, and

wrath ib.

Chap. V. Of man's salvation and re-
demption; how it came, and by what

means ...... 42

Sect. i. From God only, and no other-

wise ...... ib.

Sect. Ii. Who he is, and by whom this

salvation is conveyed,and wrought:

Jesus Christ 44

Sect. iii. The excellency of this Sa-
viour, his fulness, and dignity in his

person and authority . . .49

Sect. iv. The excellency of this Sa-

viour, his fulness, and dignity in his

nature 54

See more in pardon and salvation by Christ

alone, chap. viii.
Chap. VL How Christ wrought this

salvation for sinners: what he was

made, and is, and what he did, in

order to it . . . .55

Sect i. He is Mediator . . . ib.
Sect Ii. He took upon him the nature

of man, and humbled himself. . ib.

Sect. Hi. He is made an High Priest 57

Sect. iv. He offered himself to God as
a sacrifice; suffered for the sins of

mankind, made peace through the

shedding of his own blood, by

which be entered into the holiest

for us 58

Sect v. He fulfilled all righteousness

of the law; bore the curse; took

away the band-writing of ordi-
nances; is our righteousness . . 61
See more of justification, chap. viii.
Sect . vi. He sanctifietti us: is our

sanctification . . . .62

Sect. vn. He riseth from the dead ib.

Sect. Viii. He ascended into heaven:

is our way to the Father, our advo-

cate and intercessor there . . 63

Sect. ix. He is made our king and

head, to encounter, and conquer

our enemies: to rule for and in us . 65
Sect. x. He is our prophet and shep-
herd, to teach, guide, and feed us . 66
Sect. xi. He is our all, in all things:
our completeness and perfection . 68

Chap. VIL God's free choice of us in

Christ Jesns to eternal life, and call-

ing of us according to his purpose and

grace 69

Chap. VIIL Pardon and remission of
sins; reconciliation and peace with
God; justification and sanctification
before God ; eternal life and salvation
free, through the grace of God, by the
death, sacrifice, and sufferings of

Christ 1 74

In general . . . ib.

In particular . . . .75

Sect. i. Pardon of sins . . . ib.

Sect. Ii. Reconciliation and peace

with God 77

Sect. in. Justification and sanctifica-

tion before God . . . .78

Sect. iv. Eternal life and salvation . 80
See more in chap. ix. sect. i.

Chap. IX. How men have the benefit

of this salvation; or by what means it

becomes theirs in particular . . 82

Sect. i. By faith . . . . ib.

Sect. n. Of faith, in its nature and

object, use, benefits,and advantages,

further than as before, relating to

this salvation . • . .84

In Its nature and object . • ib.

Sect. in. Farther benefits and advan-
tages of faith . , . .88
See more, trusting in God, chap. xvi.

Sect. iv. The effects or fruits, by

which we know a right faith . .90

See fruits of the Spirit, chap. xix.

Sect. T. The dangerous state and issue

ofunbelief 93

Cuap. X. Characters of saints, good

men, believers, appearing in word and

deed ..... 94

Sect. i. That such may be known

from others by their fruits . . ib.

Sect. ii. The particular fruits of the
Spirit, which are indispensably ne-
cessary to real saints . . . ib.

See more of the fruits of faith, chap. ix.

Of the fruits of the Spirit, chap. xbt.

In duties, chap. xiv. iv. xvi.

In each duty in affliction, chap. xx.
In duties to magistrates, chap. xxii.

I Page

Chap. XL The children of God them-
selves may be overtaken in faults; are
not free from sinful dispositions and
inclinations in this life; and there-
fore may deserve to be chastised of

God 10S

Sect. i. In general it is affirmed . ib.

Sect . Ii. Particular instances of the

failings of God's children recorded 104

Sect. in. God will punish and correct

the righteous for sin . . . 108

See God's threatenings and judgments
against sin and sinners, chap. xiv.
Chat. XIL Of the privileges of the
righteous, and their excellency above
others: what God hath done, doth,

and will do for them, more than for

others; and what they can do with

God, etc 109

See more in the next chapter of union and

relation to Christ.
See the advantages of faith, chap. ix.
See privileges in afflictions, chap. xx.
In times of common calamities, chap. xxi.
See the glory reserved for believers,
chap. Xxxt.
Chap. XIIL Of the union and relation
between Christ and his church, and
their mutual love and esteem; toge-

ther with the manifestation thereof . 119

Chap. XIV. Of the duties of believers,
especially such as would excel. First,

Toward God 121

Sect. i. In general, to live to God,

not to themselves: to be holy, fruit-
ful, walking in the light, in an ho-

nest, heavenly, and spiritual con-

versation, worthy of their high call-

ing: to glorify God, and mmd the

thmgs above . . . ib.

Sect. ii. In particular: to love God

the Father, and our Lord Jesus

Christ, and set our affections on

things above .... 126

Sect. in. As fruits of love to God and

Christ, to delight themselves in God,
long for, pant after him, make their
boast of, glory and rejoice in God

and Christ, as their portion and rest.

And to obey and hearken to the

taws and words of God and Christ . 127

First . To delight in, long for, pant

after, make their boast of, glory

and rejoice in God and Christ, as

their portion and rest . . ib.

Secondly. To obey and hearken to

the laws and word of God in

Christ 131

See more of disobedience, sect . xiv.

subdivision iv.
Sect . It. Worship God, and sanctify

him therein 135

See more in chap. xxv. and of idolatry,

chap, xxxviii.

Sect. v. To believe, and be found in
the practice of the things of God,


and his worship, but that which

clear); (according to the precepts,

roles, and examples of the scrip-

tures) appears to be Christ's mind,

upon which we can in failh expect

acceptance 139

Sect, vi. To pray unto God: of prayer
at huge . . . . .142

See more of affliction!, chap. xx. common

calamities, chap. xxi.

Sect. Vii. To take especial notice of the

acts of God's goodness and mercy;

keep memorials thereof, celebrate

his praises, extol him, and stir up
others so to do . . . . 149
Sect. mi. To fear God, and none else;
the arguments for it . . , 156
L Not to fear any ebe; or other

fear ib.

IL Fear God . . . . 157

Sect ix. To trust in God, and in none

else, in all cases: the arguments

thereto 162

L Not in any else . . . ib.

IL In God alone . . .163

See more of faith, chap. ix.

Sect. x. To took with faith, and hope,
and perseverance unto God in ait
cases: the arguments for such be-
haviour 169

See mare in the nature and use of faith,

Sect. xi. To walk humbly before God,

abasing ourselves, opposing all high

thoughts, and avoiding boasting: the

reasons ..... 173

Set more of submitting in affliction, ch. xi.
See if death, chap, xxxii.

Sect. Xii. The excellence of meekness

and patience: the encouragements

thereto 180

See more, duties of brethren in the Lord,
chap. xv.
Duties to all men, chap. xvii.
Duties to persecutors, chap. xx.
Sect. Xiii. To take heed to our lips,
that our words be not rash, but true,
seasonable, well ordered, and sa-
voury . . . . .182
Sect. xiv. To confess and moum for
sin, depart from it, and watch against
it: the arguments. God's complaint
against,and reasoning with sinners:
his threatenings and judgments
against sin and sinners . . , 186

L What sin is . . . ib.

IL To confess our sins to God: both
our own and others ; and to mourn

for them . . • . ib.

See more in affliction, chap. xxii.
In common calamities, chap, xxlll.
In prayer, chap. xvi.

IIL To depart from sin, and all ap-
pearance of it: hate it, and avoid

the occasions of it; the reasons 188
See duties in general, sect. i.


IV. God's expostulations, com-

plaints, threatenings, and judg-

ments against sinners, for their

several sins, disobedience, and

rebellion* . . . . 192

fee more ofman'sstate by nature, chap. iii.

Of God's correcting his children for sin,
chap. xi.

Pardon of sin, chap. viii.

Sect. xv. To own and profess the true

God, and our Lord Jesus Christ,

boldly before men; and to wait for

Christ's second coming . . 203

L To own and confess the true
God and our Lord Jesus Christ
before men . . . ib.

See more of owning him in time of persecu-
tion, chap. xx.
Of perseverance, sect. xvii.

IL To wait for the second coming

of Christ . . . .205

See more, his coming to judgment,

chap, xxx vi.

Sect. xvi. To walk with God heartily,

uprightly, sincerely, and to follow

him fully and zealously: the reasons

thereof 206

See also hypocrites, See. chap. xxv.
Sect. xvii. To stick fast to God, and
not to depart from him: to ahide
in the faith and practice of his will,
and persevere to the end: the rea-

sons 413

L To persevere and ahide in faith

and practice, &c. . . . ib.

See more of holding fast to God in time of

affliction, chap. xx.

IL That believers shall have grace

and power to stand . • .218

See more of God upholding us in afflictions,

chap. xx.

Sect. xviii. To take care to watch di-
ligently over ourselves, with a holy
jealousy and fear, lest we should
apostatise and depart from God, his
truths, and ways, into any error or
sin: the reasons: our danger . 220

See more instances of the failings of God's

children, chap. xi.
Of the tempers, methods, &c. chap, xxviii.

Chap. XV. Duties of believers, brethren
in the Lord, each to other, as such;
and as standing in that relation one to

another 222

Seet. i. To love each other: the kinds
of it . . . . . . ib.

Sect. Ii. To sympathise with each other
in pity and compassion; help and
comfort one another, and bear one
another's burdens .... 223

See also this duty, how we should behtm to
the mfflicted, chap. xx.
Sect. iii. To honour and esteem each

other: and be kind and affectionate 225
See more of walking humbly, chap. xiv.

peace ......

Sect. vi. To rebuke, reprove, exhort,

admonish, and warn each other, &c

To take such rebukes, &c well from

each other .....

I. To rebuke, exhort, &c

IL To take such rebukes, &c well

See more of church discipline, chap. xxv.

Sect. vn. To confess to and pray for

each other

Sect. vm. To be of one mind .

Sect. ix. To walk wisely and chari-

tably one toward another: and in

things indifferent, to have respect

to the weak, and to avoid offences

Sect. x. To distribute and communi-

cate to each others' necessities: give

to the poor .....

See more in shewing mercy to all,

chap. xvii.

Of giving to enemies, chap. xx.

Of church collections for the poor,

cbap. xxv.

Chap. XVL Duties of believers toward

each otber, as they stand related one

to another in the flesh . • •

Sect. i. Husbands to wives, and wives

te husbands. Of marriage, &c Of


Sect . Ii. Parents to their children, and

children to their parents

Sect. in. Masters to their servants, and

servants to their masters

Sect. iv. Magistrates to subjects, and

subjects to magistrates .

See magistrates at (orgs, chap. xxii.

Cbap. XVIL The duties of believers to-

ward men: those who are without, un-

believers, enemies .

Sect. i. In general . .

Sect. Ii. In particular; not to judge

them, or speak evil of them .

Sect. m. Be just, righteous, true and

faithful to, and with them, in all

things of trust and dealing

Sect. iv. To live peaceably, not inter-

meddling with others; nor idle, or


Sect. v. Not to be discontented, angry,

or revengeful against them; but to

behave themselves meekly, gently,

and patiently toward them ; bearing

wrong . • •

See more of meekness, cbap. xiv.

Sect . vi. To pity them, shew them

mercy, pray for them, and return

them good for evil, love for hatred

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Sect. vn. To behave humbly and cour-

teously toward all; giving them due

respect . . . . 248

Sect. vm. To avoid all unnecessary

society and fellowship with wicked

men 249

Chap. XVIIL How men come truly and

spiritually to know the only true God,

and Jesus Christ whom he hath sent;

and the mysteries of salvation by him.

To believe it, bring forth fruit, and

persevere through difficulties, to eter-

nal life 230

Sect. i. Man of himself not able to do

these things ib.

Sect. Ii. God in Christ doth all freely;

and that according to promise . 251

L In general . • • . ib.

IL In particular, God gives the

knowledge of himself, &c in the

gospel 254

See more of knowledge, chap, xxxvi.

Sect. in. To give faith or ability to be-

lieve 256

Sect. iv. To make fruitful, to enable

to subdue sin, and profit in grace 257

Sect. v. To give power to persevere in

faith and obedience . . • 259

See more of perseverance, chap. xiv.

Sect. vi. God, in Christ, doth com-

mand, encourage, and invite by pro-

mises, to come to him for these, and

cast our care upon him . . . 262

Chap. XIX. How God works and effects

these things in the hearts and spirits of

believers 264

Sect. i. By his Spirit, whom he pro-

mised . . • ib.

Sect. u. Of the Spirit of God further;

his being given to, and dwelling in

believers; working in them, and

npon others; the nature and fruits

thereof. Saints' duties towards the

Spirit, &c .... 266

L Of the Spirit of God working in

believers, and upon others . ib.

II. The nature, working, and fruits

of the Spirit . . . .270

Sect . nr. Saints' duties towards the

Spirit 271

L To follow him, and make use of
him ib.

IL Not to sin against, grieve, or

quench the Spirit . . - 272

Chap. XX. Of afflictions, troubles, and

persecutions . . . . . ib.

Sect . i. To whom they belong, or who

may expect them . . . ib.

L Common to all ... ib.

IL More especially to Christian

believers . • ib.

First, The Holy Ghost affirms it ib.

Secondly. The saints have been

so exercised .... 274

I. From God more immediately . ib.

IL From men, by persecutions . 275
First. From wicked men, hea-
thens . • . . . ib.

Secondly. From hypocritical pro-

fessors, men zealous of the law

ajid traditions . . . 277

Sect. it. For what ends God doth cor-

rect his children, and suffer them to

be persecuted .... 380

L To exercise and try their faith

and obedience . . . . ib.

IL To humble and purge them . 281

IIL To make them remember God

and things above; look to, own,

and close with them . . . ib.

IV. For God's glory, and the fur-
therance of the gospel . . 283

V. For the procuring of great good

and advantage to those who are

exercised with trouble, &c . 283

Sect . in. The considerations which

should bear up, stay, and comfort

the spirits of believers in their afflic-
tions, and under persecutions • 285
Coos. L God appoints them; and

that for good ends . . . ib.

Cons. IL That such who are so ex-

ercised are blessed and happy;

and so pronounced in scripture:

it is a seal of souship, of God's

Choice love, and of their salva-

tion ib.

Cons. IIL That God well knows

the designs and ways of Satan,

and of all the adversaries of be-

lievers: and that they can do no
more, nor proceed further against
us, than God permits. He turns
about their purposes . . . 286

Cons. IV. That God orders and de-

termines the measure, manner,

time, and continuance of afflic-
tions and persecutions; and that
according to our necessities . 289

Coos. V. That God doth sometimes

make enemies and persecutors

themselves to attest the saints'
innocency when they suffer; and
will surely avenge them of their
adversaries .... 290

Cons. VL That God will comfort,

uphold, and preserve his, in all

their troubles, and not lay more

upon them than they can bear . 291

See common calamities, chap. xxi.

Cons. VIL That the righteous are

near and dear to God in Christ;

so that he takes notice of their

afflictions and troubles; and is

said to be persecuted and afflicted

in their persecutions, &c . . 294

See union and relation between Chritt

andhischnrch, chap xiii.
Cons. VIIL That the greater the
afflictions and distresses of the
righteous have been, the more

wonderful have their deliver-
ances been: and then hath sal-
vation appeared in their extre-

mity 295

Cons. IX. That afflictions and per-

secutions shall redound to the

benefits of God's children . . 297

See of the ends of God in afflicting,

sect. ii. and cons. v.

Cons. X. That God will not always

suffer his children to lie under

afflictions and persecutions; but

will bring deliverance and re-

store joy ..... 298

Cons. XL That afflictions and per-
secutions have been the lot of
Christ himself, and of the saints in

all ages 301

Sect. iv. The duties of the saints, and

how they ought to behave them-

selves in trouble, both toward God

and Man: . ... 302

First. Toward God . . ib.

L To see God in them, as being
sent by him . . . . ib.

See alio common calamities, chap. xxi.

IL To submit to God with an en-

tire resignation under troubles . 303

IIL To confess their sins, and jus-

tify God 305

See more of confession of sin, chap. xiv.

IV. To hold fast to God, own the

Lord Jesus, his people, and ways

in the midst of trouble and perse-

cutions ..... 305

Set Perseverance, chap. xiv.

V. To be cheerful under affliction,
and rejoice at being counted
worthy to suffer for Christ . SOT

VL To call upon the Lord for

help, support, and salvation . 308

See more of prayer, chap. xiv.
In common calamities, chap. xxi.

VIL Not to fear, but believingly

commit their cause to God, and

quietly wait for his salvation . 310

See also trusting in, and waiting for God,
chap. xiv.
Secondly. Duties of Believers
toward enemies not persecu-

tors in a time of suffering . 312

L To be patient, quiet, and sober

toward them; not revenge, or

return evil for evil, or reviling

for reviling; but forgive them . ib.

IL Not to desire or rejoice in tin-

hurt of enemies, &c . . 313

IIL To pray for and do good to

persecutors and enemies . - 311

IV. To use lawful and honest means

for avoiding and delivering them-

selves and others from afflictions
and persecutions . . . rb.

V. To look to the cause of our
sufferings, that it be for well du-
iug, for Christ, and a good con-

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