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Do&ta cohors, Mufis & Apolline nata fecundis

, Cujus luce novum noffra decus additur Urbi,

Vifit, aretoas mitior aura plagas,
Eja age naturæ penetralia pande latentis

, Invitam excutiens, qua licet usque Deam. Fortia languenti præbe medicamina mundo,

Phæbeumq; tuo lumine redde diem.
Lux divina Sophi Titania lumina vincit,

Et penetrat terras, & fuper aftra volat.
Quin pergis victuram in feculæ promere chartam,

Quin Sophiæ sequeris liberioris iter ?
Ingens reftat adhuc meffis, novus ordo laborum :

Auxiliatrices fperat Apollo manus.
Barbariem, moresq; feros manus Attica ademit,
Nec subigenda tibi monstra minora manent.

P. Morteux.
The same in English.

Sons of the Muses, at whose welcome Birth

Auspicious Phæbus cheer'd the drooping Earth.
By whom once more old Learned Athens lives,
Our great Metropolis new Fame receives,
And a more gentle Air our Northern Climes revives.
Go on, defcend to Nature's deepest Cell,
The gloomy Night that veils the bashful Dame difpel :
Help a whole World, which doth your Aid implore,
And scatt'ring Beams of Light our golden Days restore.
Learning's diviner Rays the Suns out-vye,
And pierce the Globe, and range the loftiest Skie.
In never-dying Lines your Task renew,
Through Learnings boundless Sea your Course pursue ;
Vaft undiscoverd Regions wait for you.
The mighty Work, much Art, much Toyl demands,

And even Apollo wants asisting Hands.
112 dismal mades the ancient Worli did stray,
Till Athens Wisdom did its Light display ;
Athens once more must change our Darkness into Day.

P. Motteux,






RE Science was, or Learning had a Name,

Dilated Memory recorded Fange :
'Twas long before Forgetfulness was born,
Or Wit could find out Ignorance to scorn :
When Men could back fix hundred Years relate,
And still pursui’d their very distant Fate.

Deeds sooner far than Men did die,
And long-protracted Life forgat Mortality;

Wide as the Heaven their Thoughts did roul To Actions great as the extensive Soul,

Letters and Books the Helps We use

To keep expiring Sense alive,
Needless to Them, who could at once peruse,
In their unbounded Knowledge all was known ;

Who had with Time their Race begun,
And still liv'd on as if they Time it self survive.

Nature bestow'd her youthful Store so well,

That none could want, and therefore none excel;
And so impartially adori'd the Mind,
That equal Knowledge did inform Mankind.

Thus when our Fathers (touch'd with Guilt)
That huge ftupendious Stair-cafe built;
We mock indeed the fruitless Enterprize,

Successless Actions never pass for wife :
But was the dreadful Pile in Being, 'twouild motv
To what degree that untaught Age did know,
Who Nature's Poize unequally divide,
And turn'd the Globe into a Pyramide,
While Heav'n seem'd more to apprebend it, than deriảe.

Strange uncouth Dialects from Heaven succeel, And Universal Clouds of Jargon Spread: Confusions here, in horrid Squadrons joyn, And here King Ignorance began his Reign; Old Knowledge hither bore Imperial Sway, But found a strange, a sensible Decay: And tho' the Old Monarch Seem'd to keep the Throze, The Tyrant Ignorance manag'd as his 07973.

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Two Thousand Years the Usurper had prevail'd,

And on his Darling Sloth the Crown entaild ;
While the old drooping Monarch saw his Fate,
But wanted Power to save bis ruin'd State.
Two Sons he had, Youths of Angelic Birth,
That promis'd fair to re-inform the Earth,
Wisdom and Learning, Twins of blooming Hope,
That sink bis Fears, and all his Comforts prop.
Of all his numerous Progeny, these alone
Remain the Hopes of his declining Throne;
The rest opposing his approaching Fate,
Sunk in the Ruins of their Father's State.
But these the Darlings of the Parents Age,
He timely rescued from the Tyrant's Rage ;

For these he car'd; for these to Heaven be pray'di
To Latium one, and one to Greece convey'd;
Inspir’d by Instinct with a mutual Rage,
Eternal Wars with Ignorance they wage ;
From Athens one, and one from Rome inspire
The gladfome World with their own Genial Fire;
So Form did Chaos, Light the Dark expel,
As Athens Rome, and Rome the World excel :
The Usurping Troops, by their own Guilt fubdu'd,
Fled fron the approaching Dawn, while none parfu'da
The enlightend World new Altars gladly raise,
And form new Triumphs to the Vi&tor's Praise.
Wisdom and Learning, aged with Renown,
Enjoy unenvy'd an Eternal Crown ;
Their Empire to the World's Extreams extend,

And Viceroys to remoter Kingdoms send;
Their faithful Agents through the World dispersen

And these we fing in our immortal Verse;
These now we fing, and willing Trophies raise,
To their juft Value, and their Master's Praise.

D. F.




WHEN the Mysterious Nothing first was burld

Into a Chaos, thence into a World, By that great Fiat, (greater much by far

Than the strait Bounds of ancient Maxims were,
Which said, from Nothing nothing can appear)
Methinks in that great Work, that mighty Change,
I saw the Immaterial Beings range,
And crowd towards the sight, as Mortals gaze
At some unknown prodigious Comet's Blaze;
But when they saw the fiveet, the lovely Face,
And curious Harmony the Wonder grace,
Their Admiration loft it self in Praise.

Thus meaner We, whose low and humble Birth
Derives its Half at least from Native Earth,
When first the spreading Fame the Rumour run,
That Athens had another World begun,
And clear’d the gloomy mades of Ignorance,
And form'd new sparkling Orbs
This soon employ'd each Tongue; all Ears and Eyes
Were full of Athens, and the Enterprize.
But when the searching Age began to find

greater Aim, the Good that was design'a,
Chang’d into Axt, and cultivate Mankind;
The deep Amazement palld, and in its room
Deseru'd Encomiums crowd, and bring their Off'rings bome.


D. T.




soon as our fetter'd Souls from Time are free, ,

All things in Heaven, just as they are, we see :
No dark Confecture, no obscure Suppose,
Confounds the Knowledge of each hidden Cause;
But easie Nature's beauteous Form appears,
Difrobd of the thick Veil, which here me wears;
The Chain of Causes, and their Order shine,
And clearly Mew they're fram'd by Hands Divine.
Ye Great Unknown, this You have aim'd et Now:
And tho' coy Nature flies our searching View,
Whilft clouded Reason's coop'd within this Cage,
Yet you have bless'd thus far this happy Age;
Whate’er the searching Study of the Wise,
In things Divine, and Natural, yet have found;
Whate'er from your own Observations rise,
From your sublime Retreat, you scatter all around.
The MANY, who long dead in Tgn'rance lay,
Now Speak, and Think, reviv'd by your bright Day.
Before they had a meer Promothean Frame,
Till you informid their souls with the Celestial Flame.

- Learning, and folid Truth advance,
They're Noble Subjects

, for such Noble Pens :
Let your Opposers Trifling Jests pursue,
They write for MINÚT ES, but for AGES You.

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