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suited to youthful capacities. She has reason to be grateful for the favour with which her former writings have been received ; and now submits these Letters to the candour of the public, with the hope that they may be beneficial to those for whom they were particularly designed.

In compiling this little work the following authors have been consulted: :

Doddridge's Expositor, Macknight's Harmony of the Gospels, Whitby's Annotations, Kenrick's Expositor, Campbell's Translation of the Gospels, Clark's Commentary, Wakefield's Translation of the New Testament, Priestley's Harmony of the Gospels, Harwood's Introduction to the New Testament, Jones’ Ilustrations of the Gospels, Cappe's Life of Christ, Fleury's Ancient Israelites, Allen's Modern Judaism, Watson's Tracts, Lardner's Works, Hunter's Observations on the History of Jesus Christ, Wait’s Gospel History, Newcome's Observations on the Character of our Lord, Blair's Discourses on the Sermon on the Mount, Jortin's Sermons, Buckminster's Sermons, Porteus? Lectures, Priestley's Notes on Scripture, Fellow's Guide to Im

mortality, Calmet’s Dictionary, Harmer's Illus, trations, Paxton's Illustrations of Scripture, Burder's Oriental Customs, Jahn's Archæology, Harris's Natural History of the Bible, Bulkley on the Parables, Gray on the Parables, Clarke's Travels, Newton on the Prophesies, Simpson on Christianity.

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