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(Cheers.) Let them, then, contribute their mite, which, with the blessing of God, would make rich, and add no sor

Riches alone might raise up a mountain of Bibles, but the mite of the Christian, given from love to the Saviour, and from a desire to promote his glory, would be favoured with the Divine blessing, and would assuredly not lose its reward. (Cheers.)

“ The Rev.William Marsh, of Birmingham, came forward to second the resolution; and, after stating his former connexion with the military service, as one among many private reasons for the support which it had ever been his · greatest pleasure to give, to the utmost extent of his abilities, to this society, observed, that there were two circumstances which strongly operated upon his mind, as public reasons for doing so, viz., that the institution of the Naval and Military Bible Society was both a patriotic and a Christian institution. (Cheers.) For surely there could be no purer principle of patriotism, than to afford the greatest possible comfort, both as regarded religious instruction and spiritual strength, to those who were ever engaged in the cause of our common country, and in the defence of the British constitution. When he considered the beautiful system of the constitution under which they lived, and all the civil and religious privileges which they enjoyed in this favoured land, he could not help feeling how thankful he ought to be to those who spent their lives in the service of their country, and preserved to him the enjoyment of such privileges and such blessings.”

in the barracks" is made to be guilty. Such a one is set apart from his fellow-citizens, placed under a new code of laws, and disciplined by a peculiar government, for the purpose of scientifically learning, to the utmost possible degree of perfection, the art of killing his own species. He has no longer a will of his own; his reason is held in abeyance, so that the nearer he can be reduced to the state of unreasoning obedient animals, the better soldier will he be. He must not inquire into the motives of those actions which he is compelled to perform. The merits of the bloody quarrel in which he must needs take an important part he may not investigate. Why he is to march hither or thither, and for what object, he may not know. The sum of his knowledge is to understand the word of command, and to receive it with blind obedience; and being commanded to fight, to fight furiously, and to do his utmost to destroy those who are set in array against him by a law as despotic as that which has brought himself into the field of battle. If he regards his military duty, the more fiercely he fights the better soldier will he be the more he slays, the higher will be his merit. We have heard of a vigorous swordsman in the Guards cutting down more than seven cuirassiers, handto-hand, in the battle of Waterloo : another Guardsman has, with one blow of his sword, cut off the head of his adversary, and many personal feats of carnage we could report, from persons

who were either the eye-witnesses, or the actors themselves. But is it possible that Christians can deliberately appear public meetings, and talk of this bloody occupation, not only with toleration, but complacency? O, how great must be the delusion which can allow “a true Christian soldier" to direct the instrument of destruction, or raise the sword against his fellow mortal, who, by these acts of his arm, may perhaps be sent forthwith into the presence of the eter: nal Judge. What! a shrink from doing harm to any one in his private capacity, refuse to return a blow, and if smitten on one cheek, meekly offer the other, and yet, in his public capacity, with an unruffled conscience, murder 'men by scores,

if need be, and flesh his sword in the blood of poor human creatures, falling beneath the energies of his sanguinary arm ? A Christian on the field of battle, a conqueror! the country for miles round strewed with the


may be felt.


true Christian"

The darkness here is so thick, that it

That the speakers should be thus anxious to give the Scriptures to the soldiers and sailors, and so make them Christians, and yet never have discovered that these same Scriptures have, in the gospel of peace, laid down such truths, and divulged such principles, as will not allow a Christian to take up the sword for purposes of destruction, is an instance of mental blindness not to be exceeded. Captain Clark can talk of " the wounds of the fallen and corrupt nature of man,” and yet cannot perceive that war is the greatest public sin of which a man can be guilty. He tells us of " true Christian soldiers in barracks;" but has never taken into consideration the crime of which“that true Christian soldier


dying and the dead!—the shattered limbs, to the wars: and that destroyer of manthe oozing wounds, the fractured skulls, kind, “ when off the march, will take a the deadly streams of gore, the groaning turn in the fields, with his Bible in his men and horses, confusedly dying toge- hand, and find that God is with him.” ther; the bowels, the brains, “the gar- Pious captains have told him that “prayments rolled in blood,” “the thundering of ing soldiers must not be milksops, but the captains, and the shouting !" But all be as valiant as any that can be found ;" this is not enough ;—the bugle calling on and see how valiant he has been! He to deeper carnage, the cavalry galloping is conspicuous amongst the conquerors, along the roads and down the lanes, and and he will return with laurels from the across the open country, to cut down slaughter, fully persuaded that piety and the shrieking fugitives--the wounded

war, prayer and battle, bloodshed and combatants lying on the earth, with spirituality, may all go hand-in-hand, gashes never to be healed, and parched and each become the “true Christian with a burning fever, calling in vain for a soldier." draught of water to cool their burning But enough: the case requires no tongues, and looking around for some

proof. If, however, it should be sought friend to convey a last message of love, for, it is to be had in the speech of Capa last word of remembrance to a parent, tain Clark. a wife, a child ! But no friend is near, no messenger, no one that has not thoughts of cruelty glaring in his eyes, no one that is not either seeking to es

LETTER OF MR. THRELKELD, THE cape or inflict death. But who is he

SIONARY, TO THE KING OF THE FRENCH that passes by the dying man? Who is

ON BEHALF OF THE QUEEN OF TAHITI. he that is thundering o'er the plain on a charger, mad with the rage of battle ?

To His Most Christian Majesty Louis Philip, Who is that victor hero, with a sword

King of the French, &c. &c. &c. stained with blood, mowing down the human harvest, and reaping for himself Ebenezer, Lake Macquarie, N. S. W. laurels of military renown? Who is he?

Dec. 8, 1838. That man is “ a true Christian !”—he has redemption in his heart; he thinks he SIRE,—The recent visit of your Majesty's has been purchased, by a great price, out frigate, the Venus, threatening war against of a world that lieth in wickedness, and the Queen of Tahiti, is the occasion of that he hath been created in Christ Jesus my respectfully addressing your Majesty unto good works, which God hath before on the subject. ordained that he should walk in them.” The best years of my life have been That terrible warrior is a professed spent in those islands, and these parts, servant of the Prince of Peace, and it is far from my native land,“ testifying his high privilege to manifest that God repentance towards God, and faith tois love, and that “God so loved the wards our Lord Jesus Christ.” The world, that he gave his only begotten Holy Spirit of God blessed our labours, son, that whosoever believeth in him and changed the hearts of the Tahitians; should not perish, but have eternal life.” they cast their idols to the flames, and But he is a Christian, and will he not became followers of the Lamb. stop to help the dying? O, no; he Such being the relationship in which I gives the death-wound himself, and he is stand towards the Queen of Tahiti, it scouring the country, with his fell asso- becomes my duty to state, on her behalf, ciates, to cut down in the pursuit all the character of that war which the who are endeavouring to escape from the French nation threatened to declare sword. But where, then, is the gospel ? against Tahiti. where are the glad tidings of great joy? Your Majesty's flag had received no where is the happy news,

insult ; your Majesty's civil or military peace and good will towards men”? The subjects had received no personal injury, soldier cannot have ever heard of that. 0, sustained no spoliation of property; and yes! he has it all in his pocket; he car- to evince that national prejudice did not ries the gospel about with him wherever exist against the French as a nation, a he goes; he is a praying pious man; Frenchman, Mr. Tessier, a missionary, the Naval and Military Bible Society lived for many years without molestation, gave him the Scriptures, before he went and died at Tahiti!

on earth

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The Roman Catholic priests, on whose pages of history would be sullied with account the hostilities were threatened, the record of a victory to the dishonor came to Tahiti, not as civil subjects of of your Most Christian Majesty's fame. your Majesty the King of the French, or America sent not her fleet to liberate as representatives of your Majesty ; they her missionaries when held captive by came as priests of the Pope of Rome, the Burmese; nor did England unfurl subject to him alone, as emissaries of the her flag, and dispatch a ship of war, Romish Pontiff; not to promulgate your when the British missionaries were driven Majesty's commands, but those of the from Tahiti; and some of our number Pope; not to subjugate the Queen of were martyred, in the attempt to introTahiti and her subjects to the throne of duce Christianity amongst the islanders ; France, but to that of a foreign despotic nor, more recently, when New Zealand prince of the court of Rome! This in- ferocity drove English missionaries from sidious attempt at subjugation the Queen their settled residence, plundered their rejected, and in commanding the depar- habitations, and spoiled them of all their ture of the priests, exercised that right goods, no Christian missionary ever which, according to the law of nations, thought of soliciting for the cannon of all “the powers that be" exercise in England to thunder against their then their own territories towards aliens. A persecutors, to enforce re-entrance. British subject, a Mr. Giles, was pre- They knew that their Master's kingdom vented, through the influence of an was not of this world, else would his American captain on the mind of Pom- servants fight; they asked not for are, the King of Tahiti, from remaining fire from Heaven, nor do their Master's on the island, although sent out by the precepts allow them to solicit the fire London Missionary Society, for the pur- from earthly kings. No, your Majesty, pose of benefitting the King! His Ma- England and her Christian missionaries jesty exercised his own legitimate right; have not so learned Christ. nor did Great Britain attempt its inva- When the blessed Saviour, our divine sion. Had Mr. Giles resisted the inti- Lord and Master, sent forth his discimation of the king to leave Tahiti, and ples to preach his Gospel of peace, his subjected himself to be forcibly removed precepts were,

6 Go forth as lambs from the island, no human, no divine

amongst wolves."

" When they perse: law, would recognise his expulsion other cute you in one city, flee ye into another.” than the deserts of his own temerity. “ Into whatsoever city ye enter, and they History records a similar line of conduct receive you not, go ye your ways out in the Queen of England, who suffered into the streets of the same, and say, not Parapaglia, with his courteous letters Even the very dust of your city, which from the Pope, to land in England; and cleaveth unto us, we do wipe off against in the following year, the Pope's nuncio you." And faithful ministers of Christ received a similar refusal, when a second believe in and dread the denunciation of attempt at the conversion of England our Lord Jesus Christ to the Apostle was made.

Peter, that “ They that take the sword To compel the re-admission of those shall perish by the sw 1."

But when aliens, the priests—the emissaries of a Mahomet, with his emissaries, went forth foreign potentate — the French nation to convert the East, “ The sword was the has been solicited, and has given its key of heaven," and war or the Moslem strength and power to make war in be- fuith the alternative ! half of the Romish Pontiff! and a liberal Your Majesty is

aware that the king has compelled a queen, who had not Roman Catholic priests, the emissaries twenty-one guns, to comply with the of the Pope of Rome, went to the South enforced salute to your Most Christian Sea Islands, not to convert to the GosMajesty's flag; and 2000 dollars were pel of Christ, for that had been already demanded of a sovereign who had no received in truth, and idolatry over: revenue, and whose exchequer was thrown. It was known that their object nought! Your Most Christian Majesty was not to represent your Majesty, not has received the 2000 dollars from a to reside as civil subjects of the French queen who had but just emerged from nation, but avowedly to subjugate the barbarism and idolatry to the profession Tahitian nation, as well as every other of the Gospel of peace! and, but for nation to which they can gain access, to British Christians, who instantly sup- the assumed despotic power of the Pope plied the sum to prevent bloodshed, the of Rome! The Queen, therefore, pro

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hibited their entrance, not as French- “H” touches, however, a delicate submen, your Majesty's civil subjects, but ject; he is shaking and undermining the as Roman Catholic missionaries from first step of the ladder on which the the Pope; and in exercising that right whole clerical body climbs up into the on Christian principles, and according to seventh heaven of popery. The ladder the law of nations, doing no personal

consists of the following steps :violence, your Most Christian Majesty will , it is hoped, be induced to consider 7 “ His Holiness”.

The Pope. that the subject is purely a question of

6“ His Eminence"

Cardinal. religion, and not a matter of state, and

5“ Most Reverend". . Archbishop. to perceive the justice of returning the

4“ Right Reverend Father” .. Bishop.

. Dean. money levied on the Queen of Tahiti,

Very Reverend”

2“ Reverend and Venerable." Archdeacon. and exacted at the point of the sword. Praying that your Majesty may be

Popish Priest

Clergyman, preserved, blessed, and directed by Him ] “ Reverend"

Dissenting through whom “ kings reign and princes

Minister. decree justice,” I remain, Sire, your faithful servant in the Gospel of Christ, The style of " Reverend” is easily deLANCELOT EDWARD THRELKELD. fended by a clergyman of the establish

ment:-he derived it from Rome, whence also he took his three orders, Bishop,

Priest and Deacon, and two-thirds of all REVEREND."

other materials of his church. The dis

senting minister dared not put in this IŅ the British Magazine for June, there plea : his defence is this, -" It is an appeared the following letter :

insignificant style-it means

not that

which the word expresses it means only Sir, I should be glad to obtain from a minister of the gospel—the people are some of your correspondents information accustomed to it,” &c. on the following points, namely :-at But these excuses only conceal the what time, and on what grounds, it fact, that Dissenting Ministers wish, by became usual for clergymen to claim and this absurd title (for absurd it must be receive the style of Reverend ; whether if it does not mean what it expresses), to it belongs to them (if at all) by virtue keep up a distinction between the clergy of their orders, or of filling ecclesiastical and the laity; and to impress on

66 their offices; or, thirdly, whether the proper people,” that there is a wide difference claimants of it be gradually in the faculty ? between“ the people” and“ the minister." and, if by virtue of their orders, whether It is a title of an order ; and for this deacons have a claim to it ?

reason it is highly prized. “ Of the few books written by clergy- Moreover, the custom of the country men which I have at hand, printed a has attached ideas of respectability and hundred years ago, or upwards, not one gentility to the clerical character; prefixes that title to the name of the reverend” is revered by the people; a author.

clergyman is a sort of a gentleman “ If it be a title of recent use, neither whoever he may be; and whatever resanctioned nor required by any law or spect, therefore, is paid to a “Reverend” canon, it may be the more easily put in the Establishment, may as well be aside, and the growing inconveniences paid also to a “ Reverend” in the Disthat attend its use removed.

senting Chapel ; and it is doubtless with " Yours, &c. H.” these feelings, undefined, perhaps, and

uninvestigated by the person most conIt is curious to observe uneasiness on cerned in the subject, that some dissentthis point manifested in a quarter where ing ministers have tastefully engraved clerical feelings are openly avowed, and on their visiting cards, in gothic letters, clerical prerogatives are openly asserted. 66 The Reverend Mr. Such-a-one." The high church clergyman is not con- To a Christian, instructed in the alltent with this peacock feather with which important question of the priesthood, other birds, that have still less claim to the title of Reverend” is not less than it, can ornament themselves to their own an impression of the seal of the beast ; to entire satisfaction, insensible of the ridi- a philosopher it will present itself as one cule excited by their borrowed plumage. proof of the inherent vanity of human

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nature; and to a sensible man, as some- vexatious mockery to the whole province. thing exceedingly ridiculous.

And this weakness in the people's branch Dr. Bennett has, it is said, at the late of the government has rendered the officentenary of the Calvinistic Methodists, cers and dependents and partizans of openly disclaimed the title of Reverend; the executive more and more despotic, this is in accordance with all that we overbearing, and reckless of the feelings have heard of that gentleman's good and wishes of the country, in the measense and purity of purpose; but whether sures and administration of the governthe other leading Dissenting ministers ment. 4. Every appropriation and grant will follow his example, remains to be out of the lands and funds of the pro

vince, which has been made to the episcopal clergy, has been made in the very teeth of the country's remonstrances ; and the conscious weakness of the high church interests, and the growing oppo

sition in the Province to them, have By the Christian Guurdian, a newspaper prompted to the use of every possible of the Wesleyans, published at Toronto, means to promote the one and paralyse and dated last May, it appears that there the other. Ilence, this most blighting of 'is a most vehement strife between the all partyism has been carried into every Wesleyans and the established clergy in department of the executive government; Upper Canada. The question seems to in the appointments to the magistracy, be, whether the Episcopal Clergy have a to the militia; in various subordinate right to the favours, patronage, and offices; and in some instances in the adbounties of the Canadian Government- ministration of justice itself—several whether, in fact, they are to be treated examples of which I could detail. Its as the priests of the dominant and fa- poison is working throughout the whole voured sect, and refreshed, as they occa- body politic; it destroys the peace of the sionally have been, by ainple donations country, rouses neighbour against neighof land and money. The Wesleyans, a bour, weakens the best social affections very powerful and numerous, and, we of the human heart, and awakens its fear, a very ambitious sect in Canada, worst passions, and converts a healthy are indignant at this clerical favouritism; and fertile province into a pandemonium but that their indignation is not of the of strife, discontent, and civil commopurest character, will be apparent by the tion. From such observation and such following extracts from a letter in the experience, there are not a few who hate Christian Guurdian of Toronto, signed the very name of an ecclesiastical estaby Egerton Ryerson, a well-known Me- blishment in this province, and yet are thodist Minister, and editor of the news- earnest advocates for the Church Estapaper. The letter is addressed to the blishment in Great Britain, where it has Marquis of Normanby, her Majesty's existed for centuries, is interwoven with Secretary of State for the Colonies :- all the institutions of the nation, and the

“2. For thirty years (up to 1820) no- feelings, and thinkings, and habits of the thing was heard of an ecclesiastical esta- prevailing classes of society, and has blishment in the province; the few epis- acquired a character for mildness in procopal clergymen designated themselves, portion to its strength and efficiency. and were known as missionaries. All

· My Lord, I will give you one exclasses felt themselves equally free, and ample of the spirit and workings of the were, therefore, equally contented and

present system. In my preceding letter

, loyal. 3. From the first open and une- I stated to your lordship, that upwards quivocal pretensions to a state establish- of 220,000 dollars (besides lands) have ment being made by the episcopal clergy, been paid to the Episcopal clergy out of the inhabitants of Upper Canada, in the provincial funds since 1827. If your every constitutional way, have resisted lordship were to examine the grants and remonstrated against it. They have made by the Imperial Parliament to the not succeeded, because, with the name North American clergy, and their expenof a representative legislature, they have diture, you would find that over 400,000 not been invested with the attributes of le- dollars have been received by the Episgislation ; the utter powerlessness of the copal clergy, in Upper Canada alone, representative branch of the legislature out of the British funds. In addition, has rendered legislation a solemn and upwards of 200,000 dollars have been


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