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POETRY « Christ our passover is sacrificed for us."

“God forbid that I should glory save in the Cross of I Cor. y. 7.

our Lord Jesus Christ."-Gal. vi. 14. Why did the paschal beast Of old for Israel bleed ?

Well may we count the world but loss, To be their safeguard and their feast,

And gladly join His praise to sing, To sprinkle and to feed.

Who for our sins endured the Cross,

And dying, took from death its sting! Dwell not, my searching soul, On ritual shadows now !

Pleading that Cross, the soul may dare Christ is the Lamb, all pure and whole;

Appeal to covenanted love; The ransomed firstborn thou !

For He who bore our burthen there,

Now lives to intercede above.
Now get thine house within,
Slay, eat, anoint the door:

Strong in that Cross, the soul may dare

Sin's dark device and Satan's might; The dread Avenger comes not in To smite, but passeth o'er.

Can see unmoved the opening grave,

And call earth's worst affliction light. He looks, and calls from high, "Art thou to die or live?

Wise in that Cross, the soul may trace He hears the posts and lintels cry,

T'h' unfolded plan of power and love; Forgive, forgive, forgive !"

And see in our Emanuel's face

The glory angels see above.
I hear th' Accuser roar

Of ills that I have done:
I know them well, and thousands more-

Jehovah findeth none.

LORD JESUS! we believing Sin, Satan, Death press near,

In Thee have peace with God, To harass and appal:

Eternal life receiving, Let but my bleeding Lord appear,

The purchase of thy blood. Backward they go, and fall.

Our curse and condemnation

Thou barest in our stead, Before, behind, around,

Secure is our salvation,
They set their fierce array

In Thee our risen Head.
To fight, and force me from my ground
Along Emanuel's way.

The Holy Ghost revealing

Thy work, has made us blest; 1 meet them face to face,

Thy stripes have given us healing; Through Jesus' conquest blest;

Upon thy love we rest. March, in the triumph of His grace,

In Thee the Father sees us, Right onward to my rest.

Accepted and complete;

Thy blood from sin which frees us
There, in His book, I bear

For glory makes us meet.
A more than conqueror's name;
A soldier, son, and fellow-heir,

We know that nought can sever
Who fought and overcame.

Our souls, O Lord, from Thee,

And thus united ever His be the victor's name

To all thy saints are we. Who fought the fight alone!

We know Thy word declaring Triumphant saints no honour claim

The Father's wondrous love, Their conquest was His own.

In which we all are sharing

With Thee our Head above.
By weakness and defeat
He won the meed and crown-

May we this love be showing
Trod all His foes beneath his feet

To all thy members here, By being trodden down!

For Thy sake freely flowing,

Until thou shalt appear ; He hell in hell laid low,

Till all the Church in union Made sin, he sin o'erthrew;

Around the Father's throne Bowed to the grave, and killed it so,

Shall stand in blest communion, And Death by dying slew.

For ever joined in one.

Bless, bless the Conqueror slain

Slain by divine decree !
Who lived, who died, who lives again,

For thee, His saint-for thee!

Wertheimer & Co., Printers, Finsbury Circus.


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Page 14, for Arthusa, read Anthusa

16, for Euterpius, read Eutropius
19, for Cacusus, read Cucusus
43, for gloriæ, read gloria
120, line 32, for eradicate, read vindicate

45, second column, for impost read import
150 18, second column, for even to join read ever to join

14, for • Romans' read · Corinthians'
346 46, for water as baptism' read water is baptism'
» 357, first column, for gradually in the faculty' read · graduates in the faculty'
, 361, first column, for 'earnestness and expostulation' read ' earnestness of expostulation'
,, 427, line 41, for Tatian, read Justin Martyr

442, in the note, for edidesse, read edidisse
„ 448, line 31, for betrays, read betray
454 36, for expostulate, read expostulation

8, for feet, read foot
6, for they; and we make faith as, read they and we make faith, as

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