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—From the whole, we may learn, what that ionose of God was, in which Adam was created. . 149 That we are born destitute thereof, 152 And naturally have a temper contrary thcreto. - - - 154 Which temper has the entire governonent of us. - - . 156 So that all we do, while unregenerate, is sin. - - - . 176 And therefore our best doings cannot entitle us to any promise of special grace. - - - - 177 *—Conversion consists in our recovery from this sinful temper, to the moral image of God, by the influences of the holy spirit. . 130 And because we are maturally inclined to resist his influences with all our might. - - 184 Therefore they must be such as we cannot resist, or we shall never be recovered, - - - 191 Which effectual grace is dispensed according to God’s sovereign good pleasure, and flows from his self. moving goodness. - . 192 ...And it is natural to suppose, that he who in such wise begins this work, will carry it on, and so all true Saints persevere to the end. 197 That they must expect spiritual conjlicts from remaining corruption. .* . - - - . 199 Yet assurance may be obtained. 202 These consequences are undeniable, if the premises, touching the nature of the law, are true. . 209 But if the law is ačated and altered, the whole scheme is undermined.

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IS it any matter what men's principles are, if their lives are but good? - - - . . page 4 Will speculative ideas of God beget a sense of his amiableness, in a heart that has no taste for moral beauty - - . . ... 5 Does all our enmity against God arise merely from our conceiving him to be our enemy 2 Are all things right, or wrong, merely because God wills them so to be Or merely because they do or do not tend to make us happy 2 . 36 How was it consistent with God’s goodness to permit sin 2 . 49 Does perfect obedience deserve any thanks at the hands of God 48 In what sense are our good works rewardable? - - - 50 Is sin an infinite evil? and does it deserve an infinite punishment 54 Can future obedicnce make the least amnends for past sins - 58 Will the sinfulness and misery of the damned be forever increasing.

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wantages of God's visible people, as being more than barcly sufficient for their becoming good men, and as though their power was sufficient, although the sanctifying influences of the holy "spirit were

withheld from them 121 What is corrupt nature 2 - 154 Is it natural, or contracted 2 155

Are the unregenerate entirely under the government of it 156 Wherein does the sinfulness of it consist - - - 158 Why do not mankind see the sinful. ness of it 2 - 161 Do all actual sins proceed from it : - - - 164 Why are sinners so averse to the true Anowledge of God, and so blind to his beauty 2 * 167 What is the nature of restraining grace 3 . - 169

JHow came our nature to be corrupted 2 - - 172

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What good docs it do for sinners to use the means of grace 179,387 What is the shortest and easiest method to bring the main controversies between Arminians and Calvinists to a final issue 2 - 195, 209 How is the doctrine of perseverance consistent with all the cautions given to believers, to take beed test

they fall 9 - 198 Is it a sin for believers ever to doubt of their good estate - 206

What is the most fundamental difference between the Arminians and Calvinists 2 215 In what sense are yicked men ignorant of their own hearts : 230 Why does a sight of the strictness of the law discourage bypocrites, and kill their religion . . 239 Are believers ever as blind and dead, and as much without all spiritual strength, as unbelievers 2 244 See also pages 182,200,228,405,413.

THE IN TRo DU cTTo N. Page 251 ‘Of the Trinity, and of the Character each person sustains in the affair of our salvation. 253 God does in the gospel consider us as in a perishing condition. 257 ‘Because of our original apostacy in Adam— - - 259 Who was constituted our public head. * - - ibid Which constitution was well suited to the general good of mankind, 265 And God had power or right to make it. - - - 267 And because we are apostate crea

tures, 274 JEnemies to God, 276 And averse to a reconciliation, ibid As such the gospel considers us. 278

—God was not moved to provide a Savior for us, under any motion, that the constitution with Adam was unjust, - - , 979 Or the law of nature too severe, 281 Or that our impotency renders us the

Hess to blame, - - 285

Or from any expectation that we should, of our own free accord, so much as heartily thank him for it. - - - * - 208 But entirely from his own self-moving goodness, free and sovereign grace. - - - - 289 —The necessity of satisfaction for sin argued from the persections of

Go D. - - - *- 299 From scripture, - - 312 And from fact. - - 3.13. The necessity of the law's being obeyed. - J19

The sufficiency of Christ's satisfaction and merit. 326 He was fit to be a Mediator between God and man. 327 Was authorized. - - 330 And what he bas done is perfectly suited, in its own nature, to answer all the ends proposed. 331 Go D may now, through Christ, consistently with his own honor, save any tilat believe, , 342

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WHAT was implied in the death. threatened to Adam 2 260 What is the difference between the taw of nature and the first covenant 2 - - 263, 279, 419 What is it that does most commonly convince men of the doctrine of original win 3 - - 272. Why is original sin no oftener spoken of in scripture ? 174,273 Were we, by the fall, brought into a state of Being worse than not to be 2 - - - -- 292 Ought we to be thankful for our tieings 3 - - - 293 Is it a blessing to have children 2 296 What is the nature of satisfaction for sin 2 - .* - - 331 Does it render sin a less evil, or take away its matural ill-desert 2 : 339 Does it move the divine compassion 2 - - - - 340 Are the elect, before faith, as much under the wrath of Go D as others, not withstanding the satisfaction. of Christ 74, 341 Wherein consists our need of CHR 1st, and when is it seen 2 316–18 Why was Adam placed in a state of probation 2 - - 320 Is a state of probation consistent with God’s making his creatures’ bappiness his last end ? 323 Are all the com, mon mercies, which mankind enjoy, the effects of Chi R1s r's one, its 2 - 352. In what sense did CHR 1st die for all the world 2 - - - ibid And in what sense only for the elect 2 - - - - 353 Is a confirmed habit of grace before the first act of faith, or after 415 Does faith consist in; believing that ony sins are forgiven & 76, 341,410

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