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sequence the Archives du Christianisine, of Missionary Society, at Surrey Chapel. Mr. which he is the editor, has ceased to be the Sherman, the esteemed minister of that place organ of the orthodox party in the National had engaged, it may be remembered, to per. Church, and announces that it is to be de- form this service to the society last year, but voted to “the principle of free and personal was prevented by the illness of Mrs. Sherman, adhesion." On the other hand M. Pilatte, who has since been removed to a better a zealous protestant preacher, not receiving world. He has kindly undertaken it on the state pay, has been fined on these pretences; present occasion. that though liberty is granted by law to particular forms of worship, it is not to con

FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH. ferences on matters of religion, and that M. Pilatte discussed and criticised a legally seventh annual session of the Baptist Union

In the forenoon, at ten o'clock, the thirtyrecognized worship, that is, Romanism. The will be held in the library at 33, Moorgate bias towards popery of those statesmen who Street. Respecting this meeting, the secreare now in the ascendant in France is in- taries say, “ In order that time for due atcreasingly evident.

tention to business may be secured, it is very The abolition of the inquisition in the city desirable that brethren who attend should of Rome has been followed by an undertak- make arrangements for devoting to it the ing of the most auspicious character. In whole day, until five o'clock, refreshment the immediate precincts of the Vatican, we being provided at two o'clock in the Mission are informed, the Christian scriptures are

House." They desire also to call particular being printed in the Italian language, under attention to the fact, “that the committee the superintendence of Dr. Achilli.

have, for the present session made an im

portant alteration in the general arrangeOur readers who are familiar with the ments. They have resolved to discontinue the name of John Poynder, Esq., as a frequent customary public meeting, in which of late speaker at the India House in discussions re- but little interest has been manifested,) and specting government support to idolatry, and to introduce in its stead an introductory disthe freedom of missionary action, will learn course, to be delivered at the opening of the with regret that that gentleman was removed session by one of the brethren. They have, from this world on the 18th of March. to their high gratification, prevailed on the

Rev. T. Morgan of Birmingham, to render To many of our friends it will doubtless this service for the present year; and he will be pleasant to see a fuller account of the ar

accordingly address the Union immediately rangements for the approaching annual meet

on its assembling, on Friday morning, April ings in London than could be given either on

20th, at ten o'clock. By a resolution of the the Chronological Page or on the wrapper. will be open to any Christian friends who

committee, this portion of the proceedings We shall therefore mention them here, as far as they have come to our knowledge. Some

may wish to attend." are not yet completed, but with regard to the following, there is, we believe, no greater seven o'clock, at the Weigh House Chapel,

In the evening, service is to commence at uncertainty than that which belongs to all

Fish Street Hill, when the Rev. William prospective views of human transactions. Brock is to preach on behalf of the Baptist We shall speak of what will be done, meaning thereby that it is intended to be done;

Society for promoting the gospel in Ireland. but recognizing the propriety of the apostle James's admonition respecting the dependence

LORD'S DAY, APRIL 22ND. of all our projects on the will of Him in For the arrangements respecting the ser. whom we live and move, and have our being, mons to be preached at the various baptist an admonition which the experience of all places of Worship in and near the metro. who have been accustomed to assist in making polis on this day, we must refer to the such arrangements illustrates and enforces. Missionary Herald. THURSDAY, APRIL 19TH.

MONDAY, APRIL 23RD. In the forenoon of this day, at eleven In the forenoon, at eleven o'clock, the o'clock, the annual meeting to supplicate the annual meeting of members of the Baptist divine blessing on ensuing meetings and on Irish Society is to be held at the Mission the societies whose interests they are intended House. Every person subscribing ten shillings to promote, will be held in the library of the and sixpence a year, or upwards, and every Mission House, 33, Moorgate. This meeting baptist minister making an annual contriis usually well attended, and affords pleasure bution or collection for the society, is entitled to those who are able to be present.

to be present at this meeting, at which the

proceedings of the past year are to be reIn the evening, at half-past six, a sermon ported, and the officers chosen for the year will be preached on behalf of the Baptist ensuing.

In the evening, at half-past six, the annual

FRIDAY, APRIL 27TH. meeting of the Baptist Home Missionary

In the evening, at half.past six, an ad. Society is to be held at Finsbury Chapel. journed public meeting of the Baptist MisThomas Challis, Esq., Alderman of London, sionary Society will be held in Finsbury has engaged to preside.

Chapel. The chair will be taken by Joseph

H. Allen, Esq. TUESDAY, APRIL 24TH. In the morning, at ten o'clock, the annual It is scarcely to be expected that any of general meeting of members of the Baptist our friends should be present at all these Missionary Society will be held, for the trans- meetings, however much interest they may action of business, at the Mission House. feel in the societies whose claims are to be The persons entitled to attend and vote are advocated. It has been suggested to us, "all persons subscribing ten shillings and however, by a gentleman who has lived part sixpence a year, or upwards, either to the of his life in the country and part in the parent society or to auxiliaries, donors of metropolis, that it might be advantageous to ten pounds and upwards, pastors of churches give a hint that some of the congregations which make an annual contribution, and within five miles of St. Paul's do not furnish ministers who collect annually for the so- a fair proportion of these annual assemblies. ciety; also one of the executors on the No man knows the demands made upon the payment of a bequest of fifty pounds or time of a Londoner, but one who has been a upwards.” At this meeting, the committee Londoner himself. Yet our London baptists and officers for the ensuing year are to be should remember what must be the impreschosen, the"auditors of accompts appointed, sion on the minds of persons who have and other business pertaining to the society travelled scores or hundreds of miles, at is to be transacted.

considerable cost, if they find that the meet

ings are not attended by Christians of the In the evening, at six, the annual public same class with themselves, who live within meeting of the Baptist Irish Society will be a walking distance of the places in which held in Finsbury Chapel, Richard Harris, they are held. They are led to suppose Esq., M.P. for Leicester, in the chair. either that in the judgment of their metro

politan friends the societies themselves are of WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25TH.

little worth, or else to form an estimate of In the morning, at eleven, service will London zeal very much to the discredit of its commence at Bloomsbury Chapel, (near the inhabitants. It is not, we believe, as much British Museum,) when the Rev. Octavius considered by them as it should be, that preWinslow of Leamington will preach on be sence at these meetings, if there be nothing half of the Baptist Missionary Society.

more than presence, affords encouragement

to those who are gratuitously spending inMinisters educated at Bristol, Stepney, and estimable hours on committees, and toiling at Bradford colleges will dine together at the private work which few men would have Guildhall Coffee House, at two o'clock. self-denial enough to perform, and that it

cheers and inspirits friends of the institutions The annual public meeting of the Bible who have come from a great distance, and Translation Society is to be held on Wed who seldom visit our immense city. nesday evening, at New Park Street Chapel, On another subject we will venture a sugSouthwark, the chair to be taken at half-past gestion having respect to those meetings six.

which are to be held in Finsbury Chapel. If

we advert to what respects the comfort of THURSDAY, APRIL 26TH.

speakers there, all who are accustomed to At eleven, in the forenoon—not ten, as on attend such meetings will know that we some former occasions-the annual public speak disinterestedly. The vestries behind meeting of the Baptist Missionary Society the platform, which afford in some respects and its friends is to be held in Exeter Hall. valuable accommodation, are in other respects S.M. Peto, Esq., M.P., one of the treasurers, very annoying. When friends who live at a will preside.

great distance from each other meet, they

often have much to say ; and the temptation In the evening, at half-past six, the an- is strong to continue conversation after a nual meeting of subscribers to the Hanserd meeting has commenced, or to enter upon Knollys Society will be held at the Hall of private communications before it has terCommerce, Threadneedle Street, the chair minated. In the vestries it may seem to to be taken by Dr. Acworth.

them as though they were hidden from the At six o'clock on the same evening, we are assembly, but it is not so. What is going requested to state that the annual meeting of forward behind the platform sometimes interthe Baptist Tract Society will be held in feres with decorum in a manner of which Eagle Street Chapel; the chair to be taken those who are in the vestries have no conby Robert Lush, Esq.

ception. Sapientibus verbum sat.

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Mr. Robinson, writing under date the 28th of November last, announces the death of this excellent missionary as having occurred on the 23rd.

Mr. Leonard was one of those raised up by Providence in the country. He was a European converted under the ministry of Dr. Carey in 1808, and baptized on the 2nd of April, 1809, at which time he was represented in a letter to the Society as a singular monument of mercy. In the latter part of the same year he was appointed a deacon of the church in Calcutta, when it was stated that he had waded through uncommon temptations, which had left a deep impression of seriousness on his mind, and that he was a man of real piety and considerable intelligence, and very active among inquirers, especially the young.

In the following January Mr. Ward says, “ Having read a letter from Mr. King relative to the success attending the schools at Birmingham, brother Leonard remarked that we might have a free school in Calcutta for the multitudes of poor country-born children who are in the most pitiable state of ignorance. I took up the hint, and proposed the consideration of it ;" and thus originated the Benevolent Institution, which has since been the means of diffusing its benefits to thousands. Mr. Leonard undertook its superintendence, for which he appears to have been admirably fitted; and by his affectionate attentions to the children he very soon rendered it the means of exciting the desire of the parents, particularly the females, to attend the preaching of the gospel.

In a letter he particularizes one of his scholars as coming to him under very remarkable circumstances. He says, “Among the children just added to the school is Thomas, a distressed Malay boy introduced by Captain Williams, a subscriber to the Institution, who saved his life, with that of two other boys, who had been stolen from a neighbouring island for the purpose of being sold for food to the Battas, who are cannibals; they were at the time being fattened for slaughter."

In the year 1816, Mr. Leonard was appointed to occupy the mission station at Dacca, where his talents and attention to the Bengali and Persian schools immediately raised them from the depression under which they were labouring, and by subsequent reports the number of scholars appear to have been above 500. Here he continued for thirty-two years, faithful to his trust.“ His labours," as Mr. Robinson justly states, were for many years very great, almost beyond human strength.” For some years he has been laid aside from active labour, which has been a source of great distress to him, but he rejoiced in the success of others, and the conversations of his missionary brethren on the efficacy of the atoning blood and the saints' prospect in a better world supported and animated his mind. After such conversations he would say, “Now I have something to think about during my sleepless hours." As his end approached he said repeatedly to his wife, in his figurative style, “I am going to Paradise-I am going to Paradise.” He was interred in the mission burial ground in the spot he had himself marked out, "in the corner under the mango-tree," and his funeral sermon was preached by Mr. Robinson, who had travelled from Assam to attend him in his last hours, but who arrived too late to be recognized by him.

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The Calcutta Oriental Baptist for January contains the following gratifying intelligence.

Agra. One European female was baptized fession of their faith in Christ, by Mr. Lewis by Mr. Williams on the 5th of December. on the 24th of December.

Chitauru (near Agra). Mr. Smith writes Jessore. Mr. Parry, writing from Sátbe. that he had the pleasure of immersing two riyá under date of the 21st December, says, new converts from Hinduism on sabbath the “You will rejoice with us that last sabbath 10th of December.

fourteen converts were baptized in two vilNarsigderchok (south of Calcutta). Three lages, and on the following day three more native brethren were baptized by Mr. Lewis made a public profession of their faith. Most at this station on the 17th of December. of these converts have been hearing the gospel

Dum Dum. Two persons, one an East, for years, others for some months, and have Indian, and the other a native female of the been under serious impressions for a long Madras Presidency, were baptized on a pro- . time.”


From a letter from Mr. THOMPSON, we extract the following interesting information respecting a missionary tour in which he has been engaged. Visit to Garhmukteshwar Fair. leading them to confess that Jesus alone is

the Saviour of the world. The men owned Nov. 4th, 1848. Here I am, through mercy, that they had taken our books from Hurdwar another year, to meet and labour among the with the intention of reading them, but were multitudes drawn hither at this season of the dissuaded by brahmans and others who spoke year to bathe in the Ganges, in the expecta- against them. I said their trade in the souls tion of washing away their sins and being of men was in danger. The men resolved to saved; and I pray it may be my happiness to read and fully understand the books now. labour with earnestness in making known the On the 6th a good number attended to truth, and in seeking to apply it to the condi- hear and take books, and have a better undertion of my hearers.

standing of their purport. Some think that At Dasna, as I passed a day in the serai, I the contents of our books agree with certain was happy in being recognized by a well- portions of their shastras, and therefore prospoken, respectable Muhammadan, who, be- fess to esteem them; while others will have ing no stranger to our books, earnestly desired nothing to do with them, as being contrary to to have more, and as soon as he received and generally received opinions and practices. carried them to a party of his friends, I saw them eagerly take and open them, to acquaint

An interesting youth. themselves with their contents. At Hauper A young brahman of Garh, named Hazárí, there were a number of applicants for the words said he had a great esteem for our books, of Jesus, and they were thankful for the greater than that of scores who had taken smallest portions given them. Inquiry may books from me year after year; and in proof be promoted and knowledge diffused by these of his assertion he went home and brought distributions among persons who seem not to forward a copy of the Hindi New Testament, have met with our books before. I here had which he said he had had six years, and that the opportunity of worshipping with three in his father had brought it from Delhi for him; dividuals who by their situation are destitute he had this book carefully wrapped in a juzof the public means of grace.

dan or cloth case. Perceiving the binding to At this place, where I arrived to-day, I be injured, and that the edition was of 1818, met with an uncommonly attentive reader of I offered to exchange it for a copy of more our books in a Muhammadan, who sat for recent date, but he seemed startled at the idea hours patiently perusing them. Others from of parting with it, though it was to exchange Bijnour came, and took books, for which they it only. "No," he said, and took up the seemed thankful but did not stay long. Two book in a fright, as if it would be taken away Sikhs from Shahabad beyond Umbalaḥ, came, from him. I wish I had the whole of the read, and took books, and desired to know Old Testament to gratify him with the gift of their purport. I gave them a brief history of it; yet if he believes to the saving of his soul, redemption, stated the objects of missionary what more does he need of divine writ tó labours, and the divine purpose of subjecting assure him of salvation through the Lord all mankind to the faith of the gospel, and Jesus Christ? He is, however, young, and if

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