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government convened an assembly, or synod, round a book; and, asking what they were of the priests, and said to them, "Gentlemen, about, they said, “We were looking into the our connexion with this tooth is about to be epistles of Titus and Timothy, to see where it dissolved, and we wish you to take care of is stated that a bishop should be accompanied this precious relic yourselves.” Now, the by two silver sticks." When your brethren priests of the East are very ingenious, and, first reached India, there were in that country like most priests, very clever when their craft large numbers of slaves. There is not legally is in danger ; and they said, “ No, we would a slave in India now. By one stroke of the rather not take it. It is a very appressive pen one of the governors of India made all thing. When our own government possessed men in India legally free. That great fact the island, they had this tooth, and it ruined fell upon the ear of the churches in this them. The Dutch next took possession of it, country like lead. And why? Why, the and it crushed them; and now you English people of England do not like any thing that people think that you are going to lose your they do not pay for. If we had come from grasp upon the island, and you want to have India with knouts, and chains, and lacerated done with it too. No," said they, “we would backs, and asked you for twenty millions of rather that you should pay our salaries as compensation, you would have cheered loudly usual, and take care of the temple.” Now, when granted, because you had paid for it. it strikes me forcibly, that that is the kind of But in India our people made all men legally thing that would happen in other countries, free, and they asked you nothing for the under similar circumstances, if such a propo- boon. It is a fact, and one in which you and sal were to be made to the priests. It is an all Christians should rejoice, illustration, in some degree, of the state of When your brethren first reached India, things in reference to the priesthood of the there were no such things as schools, in which East. They feel, and must feel, that their Christian truth was taught. Now, within a circle system is tottering to its base.

of six miles, in Calcutta alone, there are 6000 When your brethren first arrived in the young men receiving an enlightened Christian East, there was scarcely a page of the in- education; and a very curious and interesting spired volume translated for the millions of circumstance occurred in the course of a India. Now, for a large section of the great visitation that I made of that district; for Indian family, either in whole or in part, the though I be not the bishop of Calcutta, 1 yet sacred scriptures have been translated; so very humbly think that I am a bishop of that that I anticipate that, for ninety, out of the city in the strict sense of the term. As a 150 millions, there are the means to bishop in that neighbourhood, I made a sort "Allure to brighter worlds and lead the way."

of visitation of schools, and, during that visi.

tation, I happened to come to one of a class God had a great work to do in India, and of schools peculiarly called “anti-missionary;" one of the first things to which he directed because, within the walls of these institutions, the attention of his servants, and one of the it is said that the Christian religion is not things they have done best, is to translate, in taught. The proprietor, who was standing at the incipient stage of Christianity in the East, the door, seemed to wish to prevent my enthe bible, and especially the New Testament trance. I stated to him, however, that I was portion of the sacred word. So that, in deal- going to Europe, and that I wanted to visit ing with Hindoos and Mohammedans, Papists, the schools to ascertain the number of pupils, infidels, and Buddhists, we can at the very and the kind and degree of education given ; beginning of things say, "To the law and to when he said, “ If that be the case, you may the testimony," and if they be not according enter." Upon entering, there was a shrewd to these, we will not receive them. A singu: little fellow, a pupil, sitting upon one of the lar and amusing instance of this kind occurred forms near the door, who had overheard the in Calcutta some time back, and I relate it, discussion, and he said, “You know they not out of any disrespect to the worthy don't teach Christianity in this school, but diocesan of Calcutta, but as an illustration of we learn it.” “Indeed," said I, “how do the temper of the native mind. The bishop you manage that ?” “Why," said he,“ don't of Calcutta, who is an excellent Christian, you know they teach Shakspeare here ?" and a most excellent preacher, went to visit “Shakspeare," said I, “what has he to do one of the schools of instruction in Calcutta, with Christianity ?” * Why, if you like, I and he went, as all bishops do, in the pomp will prove your doctrine of the atonement and and circumstance of episcopal state. You of the resurrection out of Shakspeare." And know there is no harm in that, if people be- it is in those schools, in which Locke and lieve in it. And, amongst others, he was Bacon, and all your western histories and accompanied by two men, who are generally biographies, and even Shakspeare himself are the attendants of great men in the East, and taught-though I should not have thought of who carry in their hands large silver sticks— quoting Shakspeare as an authority in divinity a sort of shepherd's crook. When the bishop -it is in those schools that the children learn had left the school, one of the teachers those great truths; and yet, from those very noticed a group of ladian youth gathered institutions, the founders and sustainers of them declare that Christianity is excluded. thing to be done for India. You must not Now, we say, multiply such schools a thou. relax your efforts. More men, more native sand fold; only let ihe Christian church take agents—that is the secret of India's regeneracare-I am sure I shall not offend in using tion-more prayers, more buoyancy in your the expression here-let the Christian church efforts. Don't let your secretary be downtake care to “ baptize" that spirit of inquiry cast, and come to you with a funeral oration wi:h the true spirit of Christianity.,

next year. Let him come with a pæan of When your brethren first arrived in India, triumph, and begin it to-day. Wipe off the there had been no preaching of the gospel debt! Wipe it off! Don't disgrace the among the people. Now, it is every where com- name of this great Society by leaving this hall mon. And, in reference to the preaching of that with a paltry £4000 in debt. I am sure the gospel, I can state, and my brother Sutton is Chairman will set the example. Ah, you here to corroborate what I say, if it be true, clap; but are you going to follow the ex. or, to deny it if it be false, that, through her ample ? Pay it off! Four thousand persons length and breadth, India is perfectly open to at a sovereign a-piece, and it is done! Now, the preaching of Christ's gospel. More free Christian friends, I have somewhat exceeded than Britain! I have come to England my time, but I had a very good example in to witness that marvellous anomaly, of your Secretary. He transgressed full ten one professed Christian priest shutting up minutes from his own rule, and I most heartily another in his prison-house for preaching the forgive him, for it was an excellent Report, gospel. Now that, I think, could not happen and well read, and will bear well reading in in India. The government of India, in India, private. I have very great pleasure in being do for all missionaries that which every present with you this morning, and in offering government should do for ministers of religion my testimony to the efficiency of your missions -no more or less; they give the amplest in the East, to the high character of the men civil protection, without the slightest religious who sustain them, to their disinterestedness interference. Many persons speak against and zeal, and to the success with which God the government of India, and I am not here has crowned their labours in our great doas its apologist; but the faults connected with minious in the East. the government of India are not usually with the officials in India. All the mischief is in The resolution was supported by CHARLES that rightly-named house, in a rightly-named Cowan, Esq., M.P., and was then put from street, in that city of London, that my brother the chair and agreed to unanimously. who spoke first, so bighly eulogised - Leadenhall Street. I mean to say that, if any good The Rev. Amos Sutton, late missionary of thing comes out, either in England or India, the General Baptist Missionary Society in for India,-if


want to make it an or- Orissa, moved the following resolution :ganic remain,” you have only to send it to

That in the momentous events now transpiring Leadenhall Street. If you complain that in the world, this meeting recognizes the hand of India is not what she ought to be, then, I God on behalf of His church; it rejoices that in

the power is with yourselves. You have many lands long closed against the gospel, the the power of ruling India --especially the the changes that have occurred among the nations wealihy among you : you can buy East India as loudly calling on all who are actuated by Christian stock-you can become East India proprie. principles to renewed exertions in the diffusion of tors and directors, and you have the “Gor- that truth which is the only sound foundation of

private virtue and of national prosperity. dian knot” in your hands. There, in Leadenhall Street, is the spot to move in reference One of the speakers has referred to a memoto the regeneration of India, in a political rable remark of the late Mr. Cecil, give mo point of view.

leave in reference to the impressive prospects There is one more subject to which I suggested by the terms of this resolution to will advert, since the residence of mission refer to another remark by the same eminent aries in British India, infanticide and suttee and excellent person : “With respect to the are in that country what they are in this number of perishing souls around me," said

- legal murder. Not only is man himself he," I see on the one hand multitudes rushing free, but the land is free, and every thing in daily to their eternal destruction, I see on the connexion with religion may be as free us the other hand, the crucified Saviour of mankind air, we breathe, and the grace we preach. stretching forth his cross to receive and to save Moreover, the iniquitous connexion between them.". With these two ideas to occupy my the idolatries of the land and the government mind I need no third. In Christian Eng--that, too, is nearly extinct. One faint thread land, with the gospel in our hands, two im. connected with Orissa binds the government portant reflections in reference to it seem to to idolatry. I should wish that Mr. Sutton be powerfully suggested on occasions like that might have to carry back with him to India which has brought us together this day; the this one cheering note, that the authorities in one, that we should bring our minds, thus Leadenhall Street had at last abolished this privileged as we are, to feel more deeply the last link of the evil. But there is still some value of the gospel to ourselves; the other that


this sense of its value should induce us to be Ward of Serampore, our venerated brother. more earnest in the work of diffusing its By his advice they went to Orissa. The blessings to every other class and community advice given to our board by Mr. Ward of the great family of man. We have, in this was that they should select the field that was resolution, an intimation that your Society, widest and which had not been previously occu. which, notwithstanding its crippled means, has pied by any other missionaries. They did so, and made the diffusion of that gospel the constant not without success. They pitched their tent object of its unremitting efforts, looks forward under the very shadow of the pagoda of with some confidence to the present eventful Juggernaut—that Moloch of a cruel and im. crisis as offering additional opportunity for pure idolatry. Their countrymen would freforwarding and extending the great work. quently say to them, “ You will never make Let us then see what is doing in this or other a single convert in the neighbourhood of lands. I have in my possession a copy of an Juggernaut. If you would wish to succeed original proclamation issued but a few short in your object, go elsewhere.” Many a fear. years ago by the emperor of China, in which ful and terrible tale might be revealed of the be threatens with punishment "even unto abominations which attend the hideous and death” all who shall presume to introduce the polluted worship that is offered at that shrine. gospel into the Chinese dominions. Why But I pass to other matters. We scarcely yet China, as our brother Boaz has told you of know the work we have to do in carrying out India, is now more free for the dissemination this Christian enterprize. The further we of the gospel than Christian Britain. We have penetrate into regions to which our missionaries missionaries settled at Ningpo, for example; have not heretofore penetrated, the more widely they are in every respect more free there ihan does the expanding prospect of the fields to be at Canton. They have perfect freedom of occupied open upon us. When we first went locomotion. They go when and where they out to Orissa we supposed that there was but like, without let or hindrance from any one. one language spoken throughout that tract of

But it has been my lot, in the course of my country. But the fact was quite contrary to missionary wanderings, to go among the Bur- our expectations ; for wliilst it is the gospel mese, and to travel in their country to the dis- alone which binds man to man in holy symtricts in which the Kareens reside. They are pathy and a common hope of a bereafter, a people dwelling in the wildest regions of the sin and idolatry have separated the species jungles and ihe marshes of Burmah, and who where they prevail into numberless communihad not been heard of, even by name, in ties, and that separation is increased by a Europe, when Boardman first went out and corresponding diversity of tongues. Jellasoor laboured among them. I addressed, through was the first station we came to after quitting an interpreter, a number of these poor people, Orissa. And here we found an American consisting I think of about 450, who had missionary established, whose efforts, in con. made their way to meet and be taught by junction with those of brethren of our own a Christian missionary to a spot so remote Society, have brought around him many people from their homes that it was under the very whose very name I believe had been unknown guns of the frontier post of the British. They to Europeans before. These people are of a had braved and surmounted every obstacle for race called the Sentoons, "inhabiting the this purpose, travelling by night in order to Raghmahl bills, and in the back country of avoid the native Burmese authorities, by that part of Hindustan. They are now conwhom they would have been cruelly punished stant in their attendance on the missionaries. for the course they had adopted. I was pro- The Kundhs again are to us quite a new peofoundly moved on that occasion. The Kareen ple, inhabiting districts of Cuttack and Ganwomen came, with their children, the jam, and extending as far back perhaps as youngest attached to their backs by neat Nagpoor. These people have been, for a lashings of the bamboo, to attend this meeting period of unknown duration, in the habit of of the converts. They said, “ If you will offering up human sacrifices. It has but lately teach our husbands, we will learn the good come to the knowledge of the British governword also.” As they rocked the cradles of ment in India that they have been in the their infants with one hand, they held the habit of stealing the children they can decoy book out of which they were learning with the on the plains of Orissa, and carrying them away other. I never saw a more interesting, and I to the bills, where they carefully feed them up might say a more interested auditory in my for slaughter until the period arrives when, life than that which I addressed. It is but dressed out in all the gay habiliments of twenty-one years since the first attempt to cul- idolatry, they are offered up as victims at the tivate this field was made ; and now in Bur. shrines frequented by these people. The mode mah, where American as well as British of sacrifice is this. They insert into the ground missionaries have laboured earnestly, they a pointed stake, the top of which is usually count their converts not by scores but by surmounted by a peacock's feathers, or a live thousands.

magpie. To this stake the victim is tied ; and And now I come to the country of Orissa. after they have performed their incantations, Our first missionaries went out with Mr. they rush upon the miserable child and stab


and hack his flesh to pieces with their knives cations of leprosy, a very common and also a as an offering to the goddess of earth, whom very fatal disease in India. We sent him to they think thus to propitiate so as to communi- the hospital, and every care was taken of him ; cate a red tint to the grain they raise in but each of the white spots soon became a their fields. When I was in India I had from putrid ulcer, and his limbs were thirty to forty of these children who had been away. All which could be done was to rescued from the fate intended for them, smooth his passage to the grave. Nothing placed under my care at Cuttock; and I learn could arrest the progress of his malady or that since I have returned to England (now save his life ; and the doctor directed that be upwards of twelve months) upwards of one should be kept by himself, as contact with hundred more of these rescued victims have others might communicate to them the infeebeen delivered into the hands of the British tion, a tent was provided for him ; from this missionaries. When these one hundred new tent he would creep at service time to the comers first arrived at the station, the previ. door of our meeting room, and listen to and ously rescued victims turned out to see them. join in the service. A more intent listener I Among these first saved was a fine little never looked upon. One day I went with my native Orissa boy, who had received the name wife to pay him a visit. He was stretched on of Philip. He had been captured from the his mat, apparently absorbed in some deep Kundhs some three years before. To the reverie on a passage he had been reading. astonishment of our people, after viewing the His testament was close to his side. The new comers he returned leading another youth hymn book was in his other hand, and we by the hand, and presenting him to the saw that his attention had been riveted to this minister he said, “ Here is my brother.” This passage:brother had just before been sold to the Kundhs “Of all that decks the field or bower, by the same cruel and unnatural uncle, who Thou art the fairest, sweetest flower ; had three years antecedently sold Philip to

Then, blessed Jesus, let not me them, for the same vile and inhuman purposes

In thy kind heart forgotten be.

Day after day youth's joys decay, from which both were now so mercifully Death waits to seize his trembling prey; retrieved. Under what circumstances could Then, blessed Jesus, let not me, the precepts of Christianity and the know. In thy kind heart forgotten be." ledge leading to eternal life have been more When we left his tent my wife said to me, beneficially communicated, than they have with great emphasis and emotion, "There lies been to these poor youths thus snatched from an heir of glory; for, though like Lazarus he the sacrifices denjanded by a sanguinary be full of sores, like Lazarus too he is rich in superstition ?

assured hope.” I could not but concur in the I was prepared with many other anecdotes parallel. Shortly after I determined to pay of a highly interesting kind, but the time him another visit. I found everything as I had I see presses ; I will therefore confine my left it. The door of the tent was still open. self to one only. There was among these There was the testament,—there, was the intended victims thus happily rescued from hymn book, still at his side on the mat on the hands of the Kundhs an awkward which he was stretched. But his spirit had ungainly looking lad who was called David, already flown to rest in the bosom of Great pains were taken with him, but he was Abraham! On this spectacle, thought I, I am 80 stupid that all attempts to cultivate his content to rest my plea on behalf of missions. faculties seemed hopeless, and we at last Here was a proof how the communication of devoted him to the menial task of sweeping the word of God could raise thus wonderfully out our premises at the Mission House." At the soul of this poor lad to the contemplation this time our school was very full, and many of the true Redeemer. To any and to all who of these young natives had been converted. would not encourage missions, who could All at once a ray of intelligence seemed to remain insensible to the beneficial effects they break upon the mind of poor David, like a had produced on fellow creatures who had light from heaven, (and who shall say it was been placed in the position of these timely, not a light from heaven ?) He seemed suddenly rescued victims from the brutal superstition of possessed of new-born faculties; and one the Khunds, I should be inclined to hold the might almost have been permitted to say of same stern but poetical language of rehim, “ All were astonished at his understand- monstrance which was once addressed to the ing and his answers.” He applied himself so Marquis of Hastings for refusing, when diligently, and profited so much by the in- Governor-General of India, to abolish suttee. struction afforded to him, that he was received Before sitting down I must be allowed to into our church. Soon after we put him into say one word on behalf of Bengal, a country the printing office, and such rapid advances with which I was so long and so intimately did he make, we made him a compositor. connected. It must be remembered that But whilst he was thus engaged, and interest- Bengal was the first region of India in which ing and amazing us all by his sudden we established missions. I still retain the most proficiency, there appeared upon his skin affectionate interest for its progress in Chrisnumerous white spots, which are the first indi- tian conversion. I received letters from Bengal in the course of last year apprising me of the your Christianity.” “What right has he to numerous converts that had been made in the examine me?" inquired Gunga, “and does districts round Calcutta. My informant, who he mean to do so in anger or in ridicale ?" is well known to most of you, you would “So," said the officer, “ you have turned admit, is no enthusiast, nor likely in his zeal to Christian ?" "Yes.”

“ How did you get overstate the exact condition of the case. Yet your living before you turned Christian?" he writes to me," I believe that if I had three Gunga was astonished. His pride also was or four good preachers, who would come and hurt. “I am a Brahmin," said he, throwpreach the gospel with their own lips, con- ing back his robe over his shoulders and stantly, at various places round Calcutta, we exhihiting a mark that attested that fact. He should, in a few years, succeed in converting could not conceive how such a question could the greater portion of the people to Christianity. be asked of him raising so obvious an I do not hesitate to say, I have seen as large appearance to his disparagement. The officer, an amount of real Christian feeling and faith somewhat abashed, asked how he had felt among them as I have ever witnessed in any before he became a Christian, and he replied, equal number of professing Christians in this " I felt that I myself, like all my countrymen, country.

was in miserable darkness. I longed for the I have yet another anecdote to tell truth, but I could not find it. At length I you. A friend of mine some time ago was heard that the light of truth was to be found travelling in the wilds of | Orissa. As he on the Padre side, and thither I instantly pursued his way he came in sight of an repaired to light my own taper at the source. officer's tent. The officer seeing he was a I found what I sought for, and I carried my European invited him to dinner. He accepted candle to the bazaars and public places that I the invitation, and after the repast the officer might communicate the same light to others." said, " And so Mr. Wilkinson you have As he went on the officer admitted to Mr. come out here to try and convert the Hindus." Wilkinson that this was indeed something “ Yes, that is my object,” answered my which he had not expected to hear. A tear friend. “And a pretty wild goose chase,” stood in his eye as he spoke. He had found rejoined the officer, " you will make of it

. in an Hindoo a true believer; and he was You don't know these fellows so well as I preparing to retire to indulge in his own do.” “Oh, Sir, I think I myself know some- meditations, when Gunga said, “I should thing about them already." ' " Ah, but you like now to examine you. Are you a Chrishave not had to deal with them as I have. If tian? Are you indeed a Christian ?” This you had been accustomed to the command of was an arrow to the officer's heart, and this a company of Sepoys you would soon find question asked in Christian simplicity became out their duplicity and faithlessness.” Mr. the means of his conversion. Wilkinson assured him he had made some The motion was seconded by the Rev. converts whose earnestness and sincerity were William BARTON, a deputation from the beyond all question or suspicion.” “Oh!" Wesleyan Missionary Society, (also from said the officer, “I should like to examine India,) and passed unanimously. them.” “ Your wish can soon be gratified, The benediction was then pronounced and for here is one of them coming up the avenue. the meeting separated. Gunga,” (continued Mr. Wilkinson, address- During the course of the meeting devotional ing the native who entered,) “here is a exercises were conducted by the Rev. J. gentleman who wishes to examine you as to MORTLOCK DANIELL and Rev. Dr. GODWIN.



JOSEPH H. ALLEN, Esq., presided. Prayer was offered by the Rev. J. T. WIGNER of Lynn,

The CHAIRMAN addressed the meeting as | preach the gospel to every creature." Happy follows :—We meet to-night to resume the are the men who, called of God, animated by missionary theme-a theme that should be his Holy Spirit, go forth, nor count their dear to every Christian heart. To engage in lives dear unto them, so that they may finish this great work is not our duty merely, but it their course with joy, and testify to the gospel is our high privilege. That it is our solemn of the grace of God, preaching amongst the duty I think is obvious. The command of Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ; our blessed Lord is imperative. The last and happy are those who, although not called command which he gave, before he left this to go forth to the heathen, are occupied at world, was, “Go ye into all the world, and home as God may give them the opportunity

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