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Rev. William YATES, Stroud.

Noel must not be held responsible for the Rev. Joshua RuSSELL, Blackheath Hill, Kent. words of the Address, which we present to Rev. J. T. DOBNEY, Oxford.

our readers, with his permission, as reported Or pay the same to Messrs. Drewett and Fowler, in the Christian Times, with a few corrections. Bankers , Princes Stroot, Bank, London, to the credit He is about to publish an Essay on Baptism to

which this Address will be appended. It will of PHILLIPS, KEL ALL and others, with the North Wilts Bank at M

give pleasure to many of our friends to learn

itat some gentlemen who are attacher EDITOLIAL POSTSCRITA Str. Avel's min !ry, i's so are al sou to The Rev. Frederick Trestrail, Secretary co-operate with him, have taken a large place of the Baptist Irish Society, and FAward of worship in Gray's Inn Lane, wbich was Bean Underhill

, Eeq. Secretary of the originally built for Mr. Huntington, and has Hanserd Knollys Society, have undertaken since been used in connexion with the estato perform jointly the duties of the Missionary blishment, where Mr. Noel intends to form a

church in accordance with his own views, secretaryship. The former expects to enter upon the work at the commencement of Mr. Mortimer, who has occupied the place for September, and the latter in the beginning many years, has for some time desired to reof October. The committee of the Baptist linquish it, his health having declined; he Irish Society has made a temporary arrange

now says, “ I part with my chapel with only ment respecting the secretaryship of that

one regret, viz, that it cannot be continued institution, with the Rev. W. P. Williams, within the church of England; but I am late pastor of the baptist church at Shrews thankful, as it evidently must pass into other bury, who has accepted a probationary en

hands, that it should pass into those of so

faithful and devoted a servant of our comgagement for six months. It will be convenient, however, as unforeseen events may

mon Lord as those of the Hon, and Rev. interfere with the entrance of these gentle B. W. Noel.” men on their respective duties, if for the We are happy to learn that the health of next few weeks correspondents with these the Rev. M. W. Flanders, who had suffered institutions will address their communications, so much in Haiti that he felt compelled to “To the Secretaries of the Baptist Missionary relinquish his pastoral engagements twelve Society," or “To the Secretary of the months ago, appears to be perfectly restored. Baptist Irish Society," instead of mentioning He has preached recently without inconvethe name of any individual, that so they nience, and would cheerfully visit any conmay be opened and attended to, should gregation needing a supply, for one or more anything have oecurred to prevent the at- sabbaths. tendance of the gentlemen to whom officially they belong.

Information has just now been received

that the Rev. John Barker, forty-seven years The new president of Stepney College pastor of the baptist church at Torcester, expects to be ready to receive the students expired on the 17th of August. for the ensuing session on Monday the tenth instant, and on Wednesday the twelfth, the

The pastor of the baptist church at Ridgpublic commencement is to be held.' On mount, Beds, requests us to correct a mistake that occasion there will probably be a larger occurring in the Baptist Manual for the assembly of friends of the institution than present year in reference to that church, has been seen for some years. A public

which, he observes, may occasion inconveni

The name attached to Ridgmount is meeting is to transact business at three o'clock, and in the evening, at half past six, Brooks, Mr. Brooks having been the pastor,

E. Manning ; it should have been J. H. there will be service in the College Chapel, and the only pastor of the church there for when the Rev. John Leechman, M.A. has the last fifteen years. We mention this in engaged to preach. Mr. Leechman who was formerly one of the tutors at Serampore in our own copy, we perceive, his name is

compliance with Mr. Brooks's request; but College, and has since had the oversight of a church in Scotland, is now pastor of the Manning's to Potton: it may be presumed,

attached correctly to Ridgmount, and Mr. baptist church at Hammersmith, and our therefore, that the error exists in only part of knowledge of his character and attainments leads us to hope that he will prove a valuable take place at press, in working off a large

the impression. Such occurrences sometimes accession to the corps of baptist ministers in the metropolis.

number, very much to the annoyance of all

editors. Our present number contains the substance Some of our correspondents are not aware of an address delivered by the Hon, and Rev. | how much trouble they would save, and how Baptist W. Noel, at his baptiam, which took many disappointments they would escape, if, place in the presence of a large and solemn in addressing their communications, they were congregation at the chapel in John Street, to follow the directions given every month on Gray's Inn Lane, on the 9th of August. Mr. I the wrapper.


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Having received from Africa the drawing for the cut prefixed, our esteemed friend Mr. CLARKE has furnished us with the following explanation, in which there is a reference to the awful superstitions of the natives, but at the same time to their willingness to listen to the words of truth.

The accompanying wood-cut represents a times, as sacrifices to their idols. In this Djhu Djhu House, or what is called in the house about 296 skulls appeared to have been language of Bonny, Oru wari. This house offered in sacrifice, and the bodies, the missionstands in the large town of Okulume, which aries were told, had, for the most part, been eaten lies on the south-eastern side of the river by the wretched slaves and miserable children Bonny, and about ten miles from its mouth. of this dark and cruel place. What a picture Connected with this town there may be of heathenism does this present! How many 10,000 inhabitants, some of whom are great are our mercies, and what cause have we to traders, and the rest are the women and bless God for our being in a land of gospel light! children of these, and their slaves. The Here our missionaries found that Oru, or Oru wari, or house of Oru, is large, but not Djhu Djhu, was regarded as a spirit existing so neat in its appearance as the representation in the water, among the mangrove trees, and would lead you to suppose. Rough mangrove small huts were placed over certain spots in posts and wattled work form its sides and the creeks, as the houses from which Oru ends, and its covering is made of the leaves intimated his will. Oru is also supposed to of the bamboo palm. It has no doors nor live on shore, in one of the guanas, which go windows, and when our missionaries visited about the towns, and as they know not the the place in 1845, they found two oxen shel- one in which the supposed protector of their tering themselves from the burning sun in the town resides, a law exists which forbids, on house of the idol.

pain of death, the destruction of any of these At the one end of the house was a dark reptiles. In the large Djhu Djhu houses, by chamber, and near it was the altar, formed of the Ori ya lamba, or Oru men, the idol is mud and of skulls. Before it ten skulls of believed to give his intimations and answers, human beings paved the place of sacrifice; nine for the direction and protection of the town, more were on each side, two rows, of thirteen But even at this barbarous place, on the in each row, were upon the top, and ten more dark Delta of the mighty Niger, the people were towards the base of the altar. In the are willing to listen to the words of truth, and middle was the stuffed skin of a large guana, offer to allow a teacher to reside among them. and above and below it were two rows of the They promise, too, to send their children for skulls of goats. Near to this altar stood a instruction, and a formal application has been pole, reaching from the ground to the top of made, through the captain of a palm oil the house, and to this pole were attached four vessel, for one to be sent to impart instruction rows of human skulls, thirty-three in each there. The inhabitants of Cushim are in

On a platform roughly constructed, affliction, and the blessed gospel alone is the and raised about five feet from the ground, remedy for their wretchedness and woe. Mlay lay from fifty to a hundred human skulls, we who have freely received, freely give, that mixed with the skulls of goats, all of which, the whole earth may soon "see the salvation it was believed, had been offered, at different lof God."





We have received a letter from Mr. Thomas, dated June 2nd, which, after announcing the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Sale on the 18th of May, proceeds as follows:They are very well, and I hope God will long preserve them and make them

We have consulted about their future location and labours, and have agreed that upon the whole Barisal appears to present the strongest claims,

very useful,

and to afford the best prospect of yielding a rich and speedy harvest of immortal souls to reward their toils. The claims of Dacca, however, are very urgent, and brother Robinson will be greatly distressed at brother Sale not joining him.

“I baptized two converted Jews at Bow Bazar last sabbath day.”


We have great pleasure in adding the further information conveyed to us in a letter from our benevolent friend William Jones, Esq., the owner of the “William Carey,” together with the expression of his hope and trust that we will send out more than two missionaries of the same stamp as Mr. and Mrs. Sale by the “William Carey ” on her next voyage. We have one well fitted and prepared to go, but where are the funds for his support ? May He whose are the silver and the gold, influence some who acknowledge themselves His stewards, to provide them, so that the generous wish of our excellent friend may be fulfilled, and stations now destitute be supplied.

“ The William Carey arrived out at Calcutta on the 18th of May, after a fine and prosperous passage of 105 days. The chief mate died on the passage. Captain Emment says he was confined five weeks, and that “Mrs. Sale was very kind to him, and paid him every attention that lay in her power.” He further says, “Mr. and Mrs. Sale are very well, and stand the climate better than they expected. They were very agreeable on the passage. Mr. Sale performed divine service on the poop whenever the weather was favourable.” This is satisfactory. And now I beg to observe, that if all is right, the “William Carey ” will sail again for Calcutta about the same time (if not a little sooner) next year she did this year; and I hope and trust you will be able to send more than two missionaries next time of the same stamp as Mr. and Mrs. Sale.”


A letter has been received from Mr. Parsons, comprising his journal from December 1, 1818, to February 23rd, 1819, containing a detail of many hopeful appearances, but at the same time announcing the death of a fellow labourer, where it is to be lamented that while the harvest is plentcous the labourers are few. We have pleasure in inserting the following extracts. Hope indulged.

used to maintain the excellency of that sect,

and object to certain points which seemed to Our dear native brethren, Nainsukh and oppose its tenets. At the last interview NainSoodeen, were this year present at the great sukh had with him, previously to what I am mela at Hajeepore, where the word has been going to relate, he even invited our brother to annually made known to many hundreds for take some refreshment, which he assented to, so many years. On the way thither they but before it was ready the poor man, in the witnessed a scene of much interest at the vil- course of conversation, stumbled on “ that lage of Bar. A Hindoo there (the son of a stumbling-stone,” and said something disreSoobadar who died in Monghir, and used, spectful of the Saviour, which induced Nainduring his life time, frequently to hear the sukh to decline partaking of his refreshment, gospel with interest) was accustomed when- saying it was not right for him to eat and ever any preachers of the gospel passed drink where the Redeemer's name was reviled, through, or preached in the village, to invite and, after some further conversation, he took them to sit in his shop, and show them polite his leave. On their way to the mela our attentions. He used, in the general, to ap- brethren, on their arrival at Bar, proceeded prove of the Christian doctrine, but being a immediately to his shop, but were informed disciple of a Gooroo, named Durreea-das, he that he was dangerously ill, not expected to


However, they requested their brother Hurtur in a tour on the hills, and left names to be announced to him, upon which Bhagulpore with him on the 8th, and after an he readily invited them in, and though ex. interesting season of labour returned with him tremely weak, scarcely able to articulate, he again to his newly built house in Bhagulpore made signs to Nainsukh to sit by him on his on the 9th of the present month, at which cot, and for a seat to be set for Soodeen. time, chiefly, as I supposed, through fatigue, Nainsukh then said a few sentences to him, he was feverish and unwell. I returned not very much, for he knew he was well thence to Monghir on Monday, the 12th inst, acquainted with the gospel. He heard atten- on Saturday last received intelligence that he tively, fixing his eyes on Nainsukh, but had since become dangerously ill, and yesterseemed unable to speak. After a while, day evening received letters from which we however, he stretched out his weak arms, and learn that on the very day of our receiving taking the Testament out of Nainsukh's the above intelligence, our dear brother ex. hands, placed it on his head. This was a changed a world of toil and sorrow for the significant action, which is well understood blissful presence of his glorious Redeemer. here, for in the idiom of the Hindee, to ac. He has been permitted by a wise and gracious, knowledge any one's authority is expressed by but to us, for the present, inscrutable Provi. words signifying, literally, to lift up his words dence, to fall a victim to the deadly malaria on one's head. Shortly after this the dying of the hills, of which dear brothers Leslie man became much distressed, and wept so and Nainsukh felt so long the pernicious effects. much, that Nainsukh began even to fear the Thus a zealous, and self-denying labourer consequences to him, in his weak state, of so has been removed from a sphere in which it much excitement. When his mother came appears very unlikely he will have a successor to him in his distress, to console him, he de- who can devote the amount of time and attenclined her consolations, repeatedly pushing tion which he did to the poor benighted hill her away, and making signs to her to leave tribes. A native brother, who was with us az the room.

Nainsukh, however, continued by cook, was attacked before brother Hurtur his side, doing and saying what he could to with fever and spleen ; indeed his sickuess calm him, and when he became tranquil, induced us to return home earlier than we said, “ If you heartily believe in Christ, then otherwise should have done, but I rejoice to let me offer prayer with you in his name." say that, so far as my latest information goes, He, by signs, expressed his consent, and he is better than he was. But, oh, dear during the prayer continued in a devout pos- brother, what should be my gratitude! My ture of supplication, after which he took beloved brother has been struck by my very Nainsukl's hand with tears, and said, “ Do side with the arrow of death in the high not consider me separate from yourselves places of the field, and yet unworthy I, who the only words he had strength to utter during breathed the same tainted air, have been the interview. Our brethren then soon left spared to return to my beloved family, and him, comforted and encouraged by the hope circle, and work, not only not sick and enthat the many attempts which have been feebled, but even feeling specially well. 0 made, from time to time, to enlighten and may my life, while spared, be more entirely convince this poor idolater, may not have than ever consecrated to the service and glory been in vain, but he may have been accepted of my heavenly Father, and when summoned as a sincere though weak believer in the to his presence, may I be found as well preblessed Redeemer. And we cannot but en pared as I believe my deceased dear brother tertain the further hope, that there may be to have been ! many, here and there, who will be manifested

On the day that, supported by the kind at the last day as the fruits of missionary providence of our gracious Father, I arrived labour, though, like the seven thousand in at home, dear brother Lawrence had started Israel who never bowed to Baal

, the influence for Serampore in a boat, accompanied by his of the predominant wickedness around may son John, and also Isaac Beddy, both of whom have deterred them from openly avowing he is about to take to the college for educatheir convictions, or uniting themselves with tion; and may our gracious Lord so bless the the disciples of Jesus. On their return from instructions they may there receive, that not the mela , our brethren were informed that the only by the acquisition of secular, but more poor man had been dead ten daye.

especially by the reception of spiritual know

ledge, they may be fitted for useful stations Death of an assistant missionary. in after life. No care, perhaps, presses more

heavily on the minds of missionaries in the Feb. 20, 1849. I now sit down to the con- peculiar circumstances of this land, than that tinuation of my letter, under circumstances of the education of their children, and those which are, on the one hand, peculiarly solemn Christian friends at home who feel a lively and affecting, and, on the other, a reason for and prayerful interest in missions, amidst the the most fervent gratitude and thanksgiving many topics of prayer which suggest them. on my part. On the 5th of last month i selves at the throne of grace, cannot lay the started from Monghir to accompany our dear missionaries who have families under greater

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