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Baptist Home Missionary Society.

Formed 1797. OBJECT: “To encourage the formation and growth of Baptist churches, both in the agricultural and manufacturing districts of Great Britain, particularly in large towns." INCOME, year ending March 31, 1849

£4,644 10 2 EXPENDITURE

4,645 711 BALANCE, against the society

530 17 9 Treasurer, John R. BOUSFIELD, Esq., 126, Hounsditch. Secretary, Rev. STEPHEN Joshua Davis, 33, Moorgate Street.

Allen, Mr. J. H.

Haddon, Mr. John.
Bezer, Mr. H.

Heptinstall, Mr. W.
Bowes, Rev. William B.

Hill, Mr.J.
Crosswell, Mr. H.

Miall, Rev. William.
Cubitt, Mr. William.

Moore, Mr. G.
Daniel, Mr. Percival.

Pottenger, Rev. Thomas.
Eastty, Mr. Nathaniel.

Smith, Rev. James.
Green, Mr. Benjamin L.

Webb, Mr. W.
Groser, Rey. William.

Mr. James Low and Mr. William Sarl.

[blocks in formation]

£2,670 2 9

2,584 10 1 1,670 86

923 6 10 1,388 93

Object :-" The diffusion of the gospel of Jesus Christ principally by the employment of
Missionaries and Readers in Ireland, the establishment of Schools, and the distribution of
Bibles and Tracts."

INCOME, year ending March 31, 1849
BALANCE against the society
RELIEF FUND, expended in the year
BALANCE in hand

Treasurer, Joseph TRITTON, Esq., 54, Lombard Street.
Secretary, pro tempore, Rev. W. P. WILLIAMS, 33, Moorgate Street.
Auditors, Mr. T. Hawkins and Mr. Wills Kitson.

Beddome, Mr. William.

Overbury, Rev. Robert W.
Cubitt, Mr. William.

Penny, Mr. John.
Green, Rev. Samuel.

Peto, S. M., Esq., M.P.
Groser, Rev. William.

Rothery, Rev. Joseph.
Hanson, Mr. W. D.

Sanders, Mr. Joseph.
Jay, Mr. Alfred.

Stevenson, G., Esq.
Low, Mr. James.

Swinstead, Mr. William
Lowe, Mr. George, F.R.S.

Trestrail, Rev. Frederick.
Miall, Rev. William.

Watson, Mr. Samuel.
M'Laren, Mr. David.

Young, Mr. Thomas.
Oliver, Mr. James.


Chief stations

15 Sub-stations

58 Missionaries

15 Readers Schools

31 Scholars on the books

2,000 Average attendance about two-thirds. The average number in each school is above 70, and of

these the children of Romanists are to those of protestant parents, as 5 to 2.

General Baptist Missionary Society.

Formed 1816. INCOME, year ending June 30, 1849

£1,980 2 2 EXPENDITURE

2,579 12 5 Balance due to the Treasurer

473 19 2
Treasurer, Mr. ROBERT PEGG, Derby.
Secretary, Rev. J. G. Pike, Derby.

Balın, Mr. J.

Roberts, Mr. T., sen.
Earpe, Mr. John.

Seals, Mr Robert.
Heard, Mr. John.

Stevenson, Mr. George.
Hill, Mr. Thomas.

Stevenson, Mr. William.
Keetley, Mr. Jonathan.

Trueman, Mr. George.
Mallett, Mr. Henry.

Wilkins, Mr. William.
Noble, Mr. J.

Winks, Mr. J. P.
Bankers, Messrs. Smith and Co., Derby; Messrs. Smith, Payne and

Smith, London.

Bible Translation Society.

Formed 1840. OBJECT :-"To aid in printing and circulating those translations of the Holy Scriptures, from which the British and Foreign Bible Society has withdrawn its assistance on the ground that the words relating to the ordinance of baptism have been translated by terms signifying immersion ; and further to aid in producing and circulating other versions of the word of God, similarly faithful and complete." INCOME, year ending March 31, 1849

£1,472 8 6 EXPENDITURE

1,546 9 10 BALANCE in hand

40 12 9
Treasurer, G. T. KEMP, Esq., Spital Square.
Secretary, Rev. EDWARD STEANE, D.D., Camberwell.

Allen, J. H., Esq., Brixton.

Mursell, Rev. J. P., Leicester.
Acworth, J., LL.D., Bradford.

Overbury, Rev. R. W., London.
Angus, Rev. J., M.A., F.A.S.

Penny, J., Esq., London.
Birrell, Rev. c. M., Liverpool.

Pewtress, T., Esq., Gravesend.
Birt, Rev. C. E., M.A., Wantage.

Pike, Rey. J. G., Derby.
Bowes, Rev. W. B., London.

Pryce, Rev. E. S., B.A., Gravesend.
Brock, Rey. W., London.

Robinson, Rev. W., Kettering.
Burls, C., Esq., London,

Roff, Rev. R., Cambridge.
Burns, Rev. J., D.D., London.

Russell, Rev. J., Greenwich.
Cox, Rev. F. A., D.D., LL.D.

Soule, Rev. I. M., Battersea.
Daniell, Rey. J. M., Birmingham.

Sprigg, Rev. J., M.A., Margate.
Godwin, Rev. B., D.D., Bradford.

Stevenson, G., Esq., Blackheath.
Hinton, Rev. H., M.A., London.

Trend, Rev. H., Bridge
Hoby, Rev. J., D.D., London.

Upton, Rev. W., St. Alban's.
Jackson, S., Esq., Camberwell.

Watson, S., Esq., London.
Low, James, Esq., London.

Webb, Rev. J., Ipswich.
Lowe, G., Esq., F.R.S., London.

Winter, Rey. T., Bristol.
Murch, Rev. W. H., D.D., Watford.

Travelling Agents.
Roy. George Francios, 61, Walnut Troo Walk, Lambeth ; Rop. Manoah Kent, Shrewsbury


Particular Baptist Fund.

Formed 1717. OBJECTS:-“ For the relief of ministers and churches of the Particular Baptist Denomination in England and Wales; the education of young persons of the same persuasion for the ministry ; donations of books to young students and ministers; and for any other charitable purpose (consistent with the general design) which the managers shall approve." INCOME, year ending March 1, 1849

£2,525 10 8 EXPENDITURE

2,537 10 6 Treasurers, WILLIAM LEPARD SMITH, Esq., Denmark Hill.


Secretary, Mr. WILLIAM BAILEY, 33, King Street, Covent Garden.

General Baptist Fund.

Formed 1726. OBJECTS : -- Created in 1726, by the voluntary contributions of several churches and individuals as a permanent fund for the Education of Students for the ministry among the General Baptists, and for the better support of Necessitous Ministers of that denomination throughout the country." INCOME, 1847-8


127 12 4 Treasurer, T. W. Dunch, Esq., 15, Stepney Causeway. Secretary, Rev. W. H. Black, Mill Yard, Goodman's Fields.

Baptist Building Fund.

Formed 1824. OBJECT :-" To assist by gift, or loan without interest, in the building, enlargement, or repair of places of worship belonging to the Particular or Calvinistic Baptist denomination throughout the United Kingdom.” INCOME, year ending July, 1849


673 19 11 BALANCE in hand

25 1 10 Treasurer, Joseph FLETCHER, Esq., Union Dock, Limehouse. Secretary, Mr. John EastTy, 2, Victoria Terrace, Upper Grange Road, London. Solicitor, William H. Watson, Esq., Bouverie Street, Fleet Street.

Bailey, Mr. George.

Penny, Mr. John.
Barnes, Mr.

Peto, Mr. S. M., M.P.
Benham, Mr. J. L.

Pewtress, Mr. Stephen.
Bowser, Mr. William.

Poole, Mr. M.
Bowser, Mr. A. T.

Soule, Rey. I. M.
Danford, Mr. John.

Spurden, Mr.
Dixon, Mr. R. S.

Swinstead, Mr. W.
Eastty, Mr. Nathaniel.

Trestrail, Rev. P.
Haddon, Mr. John.

Warmington, Mr. Joseph.
Merrett, Mr. Thomas.

Williams, Mr. R.
Moore, Mr. G.

Oliver, Mr. James.

Woollacott, Mr. J. C.
Auditors, Messrs. W. Bowser and N. Eastty.
Collector, Rev. C. WOOLLACOTT, 4, Compton Street East, Brunswick Square.
Grant during the year to one church

£2000 Loans to six churches

600 0 0

B. C.

Baptist Union.

Formed 1813.

OBJECTS : -" Ist. To extend brotherly love and union among those Baptist Ministers and Churches who agree in the sentiments usually denominated evangelical. 2nd. To promote unity of exertion in whatever may best serve the cause of Christ in general, and the interests of the Baptist Denomination in particular. 3rd. To obtain accurate statistical information relative to Baptist Churches, Societies, Institutions, Colleges, &c., throughout the kingdom and the world at large. 4th. To prepare for circulation an Annual Report of the proceedings of the Union, and of the state of the denomination." INCOME, for the year ending April, 1849


123 2 0 BALANCE against the Society'.

43 13 9


Treasurer, GEORGE LOWE, Esq., F.R.S., 39, Finsbury Circus. Secretaries, Rev. EDWARD STEANE, D.D., Camberwell ; Rev. John HOWARD

Hinton, M.A., 59, Bartholomew Close.

Committee-Official Members.
Angus, Rev. Joseph, A.M., Theological Tutor of Stepney College.
Bailey, Mr. W., Secretary to the Particular Baptist Fund.
Davis, Rev. Stephen J., Secretary to the Baptist Home Missionary Society.
Eastty, Mr. John, Secretary to the Baptist Building Fund.
Groser, Rev. William, Secretary to the Board of Baptist Ministers in London.
Pike, Rev. J. G., Secretary to the General Baptist Missionary Society.
Trestrail, Rev. F., Secretary to the Baptist Missionary Society.
Underhill, Mr. E. B., Secretary to the Hanserd Knollys Society.

Elected Members.
Allen, Mr. J. H., Brixton.

Hoby, Rev. James, D.D., London.
Bigwood, Rev. J., London.

Leechman, Rey, J., M.A., Hammersmith.
Birrell, Rev. C. M., Liverpool.

Low, Mr. James, London.
Birt, Rev. C. E., M.A., Wantage.

Murch, Rev. W. H., D.D., Watford.
Bowser, Mr. W., London.

Overbury, Rev. R. W., London.
Brock, Rev. W., London,

Penny, Mr. John, London.
Burns, Rev. J., D.D., London.

Roff, Rev. R., Cambridge.
Burls, Mr. Charles, London.

Smith, Rev. James, London.
Cox, F. A., D.D., LL.D., Hackney.

Stevenson, Rev. J., Walworth.
Godwin, Rev. B., D.D., Bradford.

Stovel, Rev. C., London,
Green, Rev. S., Walworth.

Wallace, Rev. R., Tottenham.
Haddon, Mr. John, London.

Watson, Mr. W. H., Walworth.
Hare, Mr. J. M., London.

Winks, Rev. J. F., Leicester.

Corresponding Members.
In England and Wales, the Secretaries of Baptist Associations.
In Scotland, the Secretary of the Baptist Union for Scotland.
In Ireland, the Secretary of the Baptist Union for Ireland.
In Hamburgh, the Rev. J. G. Oncken.
In Prussia, the Rev. G. W. Lehmann, Berlin.
In Canada, the Secretaries of the Canada Baptist Union.
In New Brunswick, Committee of Correspondence of New Brunswick Association.
In United States, the Rev. Baron Stow, M.A., Boston.
In West Indies, the Rev. John Clark, Brown's Town, Jamaica.
In East Indies, the Secretaries of the Bengal Baptist Association.
In Australia, the Rev. John Ham, Sydney.

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Bath Society for Aged Ministers.

Formed 1816. OBJECT:—"The relief of those Baptist Ministers who have become Beneficiary Members in conformity with the Rules, when they appear to be permanently incapacitated for pastoral or ministerial duties by reason of age or infirmity." INCOME, year ending June 8, 1849


253 15 6 Capital, £4600 new 34 per cent. Stock, £1000 3 per cent. Consols, 100 3 per

cent Reduced. Claimants receiving aid

27 Number of Beneficiary Members

108 Treasurer, John LEDYARD PAILLIPS, Esq., Melksham, Wilts. Secretary, Rev. CHARLES DANIELL, Melksham.

Kelsall, Henry, Esq., Rochdale.

Phillips, J. L., Esq., Melksbam.
Leonard, R., Esq., Bristol.

Smith, W. L., Esq., Denmark Hill.

Anstie, Mr. G. W., Devizes.

Rodway, Rev. G. W., Bingley.
Barnes, Rev. W., Trowbridge.

Russell, Rev. J., Blackheath.
Cary, Mr. S., Bristol.

Salter, Mr. S., Trowbridge.
Cater, Rev. P., Chelsea.

Sherring, Mr. R. B., Bristol.
Clarke, Rev. T., Ashford.

Shoard, Mr. John, Bristol.
Dobney, Roy. J.T., Oxford.

Smith, Mr. J. G., Bath.
Fowler, Mr. W., Trowbridge.

Smith, Mr. W. L., Denmark Hill.
Hanson, Mr. J., Brixton Hill.

Steane, Rev. E, D.D., Camberwell.
Hinton, Rev. J. H., M.A , London.

Trotman, Rey, D., Frome.
Howe, Rev. G., Warminster.

Tucker, Mr. E., Bath.
Jackson, Rev. John, Coate.

Wassell, Rev. D., Bath.
Kelsall, Mr. H., Rochdale,

Webb, Rev. E., Tiverton.
Leonard, Mr. R., Bristol.

West, Mr. G., Bath.
Phillips, Mr. J. L., Melksham,

Winter, Rev. T., Bristol.
Pryce, Rev. E. S., A.B., Gravesend.

Yates, Rev. W., Stroud.

Baptist Magazine.

Commenced 1809. PROFITS :-"The Profits arising from the sale of this work are given to the Widows of Baptist Ministers, at the recommendation of the contributors.” Grants for the year ending June 25, 1849

£93 Grants to Widows from the commencement to Midsummer last

5647 Editor, Rev. WILLIAM GRoser, 11, Smith Street, Chelsea.

Treasurer, Joun Penny, Esq., 33, Moorgate Street.
Secretary, Simon WILKIN, Esq., Cossey Cottage, Hampstead.
Publishers, Messrs. Houlston and STONEMAN, 65, Paternoster Row.


Selection of Hymns.

First published in 1828. PROFITS :—"The entire Profits to be given to the Widows and Orphans of Baptist Ministers and Missionaries." Grants for the year ending June 27, 1849

£188 Grants from the commencement

2763 Treasurer, Rev. Dr. MURCH, Watford, Herts, or 33, Moorgate Street.

Publisher, Mr. HADDON, Castle Street, Finsbury.

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