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Bath Society for Aged Ministers.

Formed 1816. OBJECT:—“The relief of those Baptist Ministers who have become Beneficiary Members in conformity with the Rules, when they appear to be permanently incapacitated for pastoral or ministerial duties by reason of age or infirmity." INCOME, year ending June 8, 1849


253 15 6 Capital, £4600 new 34 per cent. Stock, £1000 3 per cent. Consols, 100 3 per

cent Reduced. Claimants receiving aid

27 Number of Beneficiary Members

108 Treasurer, John LEDYARD PHILLIPS, Esq., Melksham, Wilts.

Secretary, Rev. CHARLES DANIELL, Melksham.





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Kelsall, Henry, Esq., Rochdale.
Leonard, R., Esq., Bristol.

Phillips, J. L., Esq., Melksham.
Smith, W. L., Esq., Denmark Hill.


Anstie, Mr. G. W., Devizeg.
Barnes, Rev. W., Trowbridge.
Cary, Mr. S, Bristol.
Cater, Rev. P., Chelsea.
Clarke, Rev. T., Ashford.
Dobney, Roy. J. T., Oxford.
Fowler, Mr. W., Trowbridge.
Hanson, Mr. J., Brixton Hill.
Hinton, Rev. J. H., M.A, London,
Howe, Rev. G., Warminster.
Jackson, Rev. John, Coate.
Kelsall, Mr. H., Rochdalo,
Leonard, Mr. R., Bristol.
Phillips, Mr. J. L., Melksham.
Pryce, Rey, E. S., A.B., Gravesend.

Rodway, Rev. G. W., Bingley.
Russell, Rev. J., Blackheath.
Salter, Mr. S., Trowbridge.
Sherring, Mr. R. B., Bristol.
Shoard, Mr. John, Bristol.
Smith, Mr. J. G., Bath.
Smith, Mr. W. L., Denmark Hill.
Steane, Rev. E., D.D., Camberwell.
Trotman, Rev. D., Frome.
Tucker, Mr. E., Bath. +
Wassell, Rev. D., Bath.
Webb, Rev. E., Tiverton.
West, Mr. G., Bath.
Winter, Rev. T., Bristol.
Yates, Rev. W., Stroud.


Baptist Magazine.

Commenced 1809.
Profits :-"The Profits arising from the sale of this work are given to the Widows of
Baptist Ministers, at the recommendation of the contributors."

Grants for the year ending June 25, 1849
Grants to Widows from the commencement to Midsummer last

5647 Editor, Rev. WILLIAM GROSER, 11, Smith Street, Chelsea.

Treasurer, John Penny, Esq., 33, Moorgate Street.
Secretary, Simon WILKIN, Esq., Cossey Cottage, Hampstead.
Publishers, Messrs. Houlston and STONEMAN, 65, Paternoster Row.

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Selection of Hymns.

First published in 1828. PROFITS :—"The entire Profits to be given to the Widows and Orphans of Baptist Ministers and Missionaries." Grants for the year ending June 27, 1819

£188 Grants from the commencement .

2763 Treasurer, Rev. Dr. Murci, Watford, Ilerts, or 33, Moorgate Street.

Publisher, Mr. HADDON, Castle Street, Finsbury.

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Bartlett, W. P., Esq.
Birt, Rev. C. E., A.N.
Birt, Rev. Isaiah, deceased.
Beddonie, W., Esq.
Bosworth, Newton, Esq., deceased.
Cort, James, Esq.
Groser, Rev. William.
Jackson, Samuel, Esq.
Mann, Rev. Isaac, A.M., deceased.
Millard, P., Esq.

Morgan, Rev. Thomas.
Murch, Rov. W. H., D.D.
Prico, Thomas, D.D., LL.D.
Saunders, Alexander Esq., deceased.
Smith, Edward, Esq.
Smith, W. L., Esq.
Steadman, Rev. W., D.D., deceased.
Steune, Rev. E., D.D.
Summers, Rev. S., deceased.

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Baptist Tract Society.

Formed 1841. OBJECT :-"To disseminate the truths of the gospel by mcans of small treatises or tracts, in accordance with " the subscribers' “ views, as Calvinistic and Strict Communion Baptists.” Income, year ending December 31, 1848

£171 10 10 EXPENDITURE

165 6 11 BALANCE due to the Treasurer

78 111
Editor, Rev. W. Norton.
Treasurer, Mr. JAMES OLIVER, 3, Newington Causeway.
Secretaries, Rev. R. W. OVERBURY, 5, Wakefield Street, Regent Square ; Rev.
C. WOOLLACOTT, 4, Compton Street East, Brunswick Square.

Betts, Rev. H. J.

Peacock, Rev. J.
Bowser, Mr. W.

Penny, Mr. J.
Kevan, Mr. N

Rothery, Rey. J.
Lewis, Rev. B.

Swinstead, Mr. W.
Lowe, Mr. G.

Price, Mr. T.
Lush, Mr. R.

Whorlow, Mr.
Merrett, Mr. T.

Wilkin, Mr. S.

Wyard, Rev. G. Collector, Mr. J. C. WOOLLACOTT, 4, Thorney Place, Oakley Sq., Camden Town.

Tract Depository, Messrs. Houlston and Stoneman’s, 65, Paternoster Row.

The Hansero Knollys Society.

Formed 1844.
OBJECT: -“The publication of the works of early English and other baptist writers.”

Treasurer, CHARLES JONES, Esq.
Honorary Secretaries, E. B. UNDERHILL, Esq., Rev. JAMES HOBY, D.D.

Secretary, Mr. GEORGE OFFor, junior.
Communications may be addressed to 33, Moorgate Street.

Acworth, Rev. J., LL.D.

Lowe, George, Esq., F.R.S.
Angus, Rev. Joseph, M.A.

Morgan, Rev. T.
Birrell, Rev. C. M.

Murch, Rev. W. H., D.D.
Birt, Rey. Caleb Evans, M.A.

Mursell, Rev. J. P.
Black, Rev. William Henry.

Newman, Rev. Thomas Fox.
Brock, Rev. William.

Offor, G , Esq.
Burditt, Rev. Thomas.

Orchard, Rev. G. H.
Burns, Rev. Jabez, D.D.

Owen, Rev. J. J.
Cox, Rev. F. A., D.D., LL.D.

Pottenger, Rev. T.
Crisp, Rey. T. s.

Price, Thomas, D.D., LL.D.
Davies, Rev. B., Ph.D.

Read, James, Esq.
Evans, Rey. B.

Overbury, Rev. R. W.
Godwin, Rev. B., D.D.

Roff, Rev. Robert.
Gotch, Rev. F. W., M.A.

Russell, Rov. Joshua.
Green, Rev. Samuel.

Sprigg, Rev. James, M.A.
Groser, Rev. William.

Steane, Rev. Edward, D.D.
Hinton, Rev. J. H., M.A.

Stovel, Rev. Charles.
Jones, Charles Theodore, Esq.

Thomas, Rev. T.
Kemp, G. T., Esq.

Trestrail, Rev. Frederick.
RECEIPTS, 1848–9

£482 16 2 PAYMENTS

335 3




Instituted 1770.

INCOME, year ending June 26, 1849
BALANCE due to the Treasurer

Present number of Students, 21.

£2,042 18 3 2,270 14 3

232 2 4

President, Rev. T. S. CRISP.
Classical and Mathematical Tutor, Rey. F. W. Gotch, M.A.
Treasurer, ROBERT LEONARD, Esq.

Secretary, GEORGE ASHXEAD, Esq.


Anstie, Mr. G. W.
Cary, Mr. S.
Chandler, Mr. J.M. '
Crisp, Rev. T. S.
Cross, Mr. W.
Cross, Rev. W. J.
Daniel, Mr. G. C.
Davis, Rev. G. H.
Gotch, Rev. F. W., M.A.
Hawkins, Rev. W.
Haycroft, Rey. N., M.A.
Jones, Mr. R.
Leonard, Mr. S.

Livett, Mr. A.
Livett, Mr. J.
Phillips, Mr. J. L.
Ransford, Mr. 0.
Reed, Mr. C.
Ryland, Mr. J. E.
Sheppard, Mr. John.
Sherring, Mr. R. B.
Shoard, Mr. John.
Smith, Mr. J. G.
Steane, Rev. E., D.D.
Whittuck, Mr. C. J.
Winter, Rev. T.


Instituted 1810. ! Income, year ending September 11, 1849

BALANCE due to the Treasurer and others

Present number of Students, 20.

£1,251 91 1,191 10 8 200 0 0

Theological Tutor, Rev. JOSEPI Angus, M.A.

Treasurer, GEORGE T. KEMP, Esq., Spital Square. Secretaries, Rev. Dr. Hoby, Great Coram Street; Rev. S. GREEN, Walworth.

Consulting Surgeon, WILLIAM COOKE, Esq., M.D.

Allen, Mr. J. H.

Murch, Rev. W. H., D.D.
Beddome, Mr. William.

Overbury, Rev. R. W.
Benham, Mr. J.

Penny, Mr. John.
Brawn, Rev. Samuel.

Pryce, Rev. E. S., A.B.
Brock, Rev. William.

Russell, Rev. Joshua.
Burls, Mr. Charles.

Salter, Rev. W.A.
Cox, Rev. F. A., D.D., LL.D.

Smith, Rev. Thomas.
Danford, Mr. John.

Smith, Mr. W. Lepard.
East, Rev. David Jonathan.

Soule, Rey. Israel May.
Eastty, Mr. Nathaniel.

Steane, Rev. Edward, D.D.
Fishbourne, Rev. George W.

Stevenson, G., Esq.
Foster, C. J., Esq.

Stovel, Rev. Charles.
Groser, Rev. William.

Trestrail, Rev. Frederick.
Gurney, Mr. William B.

Warmington, Mr. J.
Leechman, Rev. John, MA.

Wood, F. J., LL.D.
Lowe, Mr. George, F.R.S.

Auditors, Mr. CHARLES JONES; Mr. Thomas HAWKINS.


Instituted 1804.


INCOME, year ending August 1, 1849
ANCE due to the Treasurer

Number of students in the session 1848–9, sixteen.

£971 10 24 998 17 9 86 4 99

President and Theological Tutor, Rev. James AcwoRTH, LL.D., Horton College.

Classical Tutor, Rev. FRANCIS CLOWES.
Treasurer, WILLIAM MURGATROYD, Esq., Bradford.

Secretaries, Rev. H. Dowson ; T. AKED, Esq., Bradford. Corresponding Secretaries, Joseph Hanson, Esq., and Rev. Joun Aldis, London.

Committee. Bickham, T. Esq., Manchester.

Gresham, Mr., Leeds. Bilborough, Mr., Gildersome.

Hainsworth, Mr. P., Farsley. Brook, Mr. John, Salendine Nook.

Hepper, Mr., Shipley. Burras, Mr., Leeds.

Illingworth, Miles, Esq., Bradford. Chapman, Mr. Sheffield.

Kelsall, Henry, Esq., Rochdale. Cheetham, James, Esq., Oldham.

Lawden, Mr. A., Birmingham. Coward, John, Esq., Liverpool.

Shaw, Mr., Salendine Nook.. Fawcett, James, Esq., Hebden Bridge.

Swindel, Mr. S., Halifax. Foster, G., Esq., Sabden.

Town, Mr. John, Keighley. George, W., Esq., Bradford.

Town, Mr. Joseph, Leeds. Goodman, G., Esq., Leeds.

Vickers, W., Esq., Nottingham.
Greenwood, Mr., Melmerby.

Wheldon, Mr. John, Scarborough.
And ministers who subscribe or make an annual collection.

£683 12 2 682 4 8 184 0 3

Instituted at Abergavenny, 1807.

Removed to Pontypoo!, 1836.
INCOME, from May 25, 1848, to May 22, 1849
BALANCE due to the Treasurer

Number of students, 12.

President, Rev. T. THOMAS.
Classical Tutor, Rev. GEORGE THOMAS.

Treasurer, W. W. Paillips, Esq.
Secretaries, Rev. S. PRICE, and I. HILEY, Esq.


Bevan, Rev. T., Nantyglo.
Conway, B., Esq., Pontrhydyryn.
Conway, C., Esq., Pontnewydd.
Conway, J., Esq., Ponirhydyryn.
Conway, Mr. W., Pontypool.
Davies, Mr. C., Pontypoul.
Davies, Rev. D., Llanelly.
Davies, Mr. W., Talywaun.
Edwards, Rev. D., Newport.
Evans, Rev. D. D., Pontrhydyryn.
Evans, Rev. J., Caerleon.
Evans, Rev. T., Beulah.
Griffiths, Rev. Rees, Zion Chapel.
Hiley, Rev. F., Llanwanarth.
Isaac, Rev. D. L., Trosnant.

James, W. C., Esq., Pontnewydd.
Jenkins, J., Esq., Caerleon.
Jenkins, Mr. W., Caerleon.
Jenkins, W., Esq., Ponthir.
Lawrence, D., Esq., Pontypool.
Lewis, Mr. H., Abersychan.
Michael, Rev. J., Zion Chapel.
Rowe, Rev. J., Risca.
Thomas, Rev. M., Abergavel ny
Thomas, Rev. T., Bethesda.
Thomas, Rev. W., Newpor.
Thomas, Rev. W., Pisgah.
Tombs, Mr. D., Newport.
Williams, Rer. S., Vantyglo.


Haberford West.

Instituted 1839.
INCOME, year ending August 1, 1847
BALANCE, due by the Treasurer

£285 57 276 2 9 61 11 101

President, Rev. D. Davies, Haverford West.
Classical Tutor, Rev. T. D. Jones, Beulah, near Haverford West.

Treasurer, WILLIAM REES, Esq., Haverford West.
Secretaries, Rev. HENRY DAVIES, Llangloffan, Pembrokeshire ; Rev. T. E.

THOMAS, Trehale, Pembrokeshire.


Removed to Leicester 1843.

Tutor, Rev. Joseph WALLIS.

Treasurer, W. BENNETT, Esq., Sawley. Secretaries, Rev. J. GOADBY, Leicester, and Rev. J. F. WINKS, Leicester.


Anderson, Mr. C., Long Sutton.
Clarke, Mr. R., Wisbeach.
Crofts, Mr. W., Wolvey.
Fielding, Mr. T., Cosby.
Gray, Mr., Loughborough.
Heard, Mr. J., Nottingham.
Hill, Mr. T., Nottingham.
Noble, Mr. J., Belgrave.

Pegg, Mr. R., Derby.
Roberts, Mr. C., Bourne.
Seals, M

R., Nottingham.
Soar, Mr. T., Castle Donnington.
Stevenson, Mr. G., Derby.
Stevenson, Mr. W., Long-Eaton.
Wherry, Mr. W., Bourne.

Baptist Theological Education Society.

Instituted 1843. Total amount of donations and subscriptions Expended

See page 446.

£1,267 99

1,267 99

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Treasurer, JOSEPH FLETCHER, Esq., Lordship Lodge, Tottenham.
Secretary, Rev. John Cox, Woolwich.

Aldis, Rev. John, Mazo Pond.

Gurney, H., Esq., Denmark Hill.
Allen, J. H., Esq. Brixton Hill.

Miall, Rev. William, Dalston,
Bayley, George, Esq., Camberwell.

Nicholson, Rev. S., Plymouth.
Bowes, Rev. W. B., London.

Phillips, J. L. Esq., Melksham.
Branch, Rev. J. London.

Price, Thomas, LL.D., Highbury.
Brock, Rev. W., London.

Roff, Rev. R., Cambridge.
Davis, Rev. E., Romford.

Russell, Rev. J., Blackheath Hill.
Davis, Rev. S. J., London,

Smith, Rev. James, London.
Eastty, N., Esq., London.

Soule, Rev. I. M., Battersea.
Fuller, Rev. A. G., Evesham.

Statham, Rev. J., Cheltenham.
Godwin, Rev. B., D.D., Bradford.

Trend, Rev. H., Bridgewater.
Groser, Rev. W., London.

Tritton, Joseph, Esq., Streatham.

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