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Religious Tract Society.

Formed 1799. OBJECT:-“The circulation of small religious books and treatises, in foreign countries as well as throughout the British dominions.” INCOME, year ending March 31, 1849, including Jubilee Fund

£57,827 128 EXPENDITURE

56,846 8 7 BALANCE, in favour of the society

2,648 14 8 Treasurer, JOHN GUBNEY HOARE, Esq., Hampstead. Honorary Secretaries, Rev. ROBERT MONRO, M.A., and Rev. E. HENDERSON, D.D. Corresponding Secretary and Superintendent, Mr. WILLIAM JONES,

56, Paternoster Row. Assistant Secretary and Cashier, Mr. WILLIAM Tarn, 56, Paternoster Row.

Collector, Mr. EDWARD MARRIOTT, 56, Paternoster Row.

Meekly Tract Society.

Formed, December, 1847. OBJECT :-“

:-"To inculcate religion, and to promote the social and moral improvement of the working classes, by the circulation of appropriate tracts. A new tract is published weekly." RECEIPTS for 1848


237 14 2 BALANCE in hand

5 3 7 Treasurer, WILLIAM GARLICK, Esq., 42, Theobald's Road, Bedford Row. Secretary, Rev. WILLIAM H. ELLIOTT, 12, Wharton Street.

Office, 8, Sl. Ann's Lane, St. Martin's-le-Grand.

English Monthly Tract Society.

Formed 1837. OBJECT :-" The tracts are sent every month, postage free, to subscribers, or to any persons to whom they may wish them to be transmitted, in proportion to their subscriptions, whether in Great Britain, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, or Switzerland." Income, year ending Dec. 31, 1818

£1,440 14 10 EXPENDITURE

1,498 10 5 BALANCE in hand

61 511 Treasurer, Moses POOLE, Esq., Old Square, Lincoln's Inn. Honorary Secretaries, Rev. H. HUGHES, M.A., Rev. J. LEIFCHILD, D.D.

Secretary, Mr. JOHN STABB, 20, Red Lion Square.
Collector, Mr. WADE, 14, Swinton Street, Grays Inn Road.


Sunday School Union.

Formed 1803.

OBJECT :-“ 1st. To stimulate and encourage Sunday school teachers, at home and abroad, to greater exertions in the promotion of religions education. 2nd. By mutual communication, to improve the methods of instruction. 3rd. To ascertain those situations where Sunday schools are most wanted, and promote their establishment. 4th. To supply books and stationery suited for Sunday schools at reduced prices. In carrying these objects into effect, this society shall not in any way interfere with the private concerns of Sunday schools."

INCOME, year ending March 31, 1849, Benevolent Fund Account £1,249 11 8 EXPENDITURE


1,223 10 11 BALANCE in hand

126 09 TRADE ACCOUNT, cash received, debts dae, and stock åt depository 13,559 6 6 CAPITAL

3,000 0 0
President, Right Hon. the Earl RODEN, K.P.
Treasurer, WILLIAM BRODIE GURNEY, Esq., Denmark Hill.




* This is not the minister of the same name, the oditor of the Baptist Magazine, but a relative who has been for many years an active member of the Sunday School Union Committee. Great inconvenience has arisen, even recently, from misapprehension on this subject. Collector, Mr. C. T. HOWSHALL, 34, Margaret Street, Hackney Road.

Offices, 60, Paternoster Row.


British and foreign Bible Society.

Formed 1804. OBJECT :-"To encourage a wider circulation of the Holy Scriptures without note or comment: the only copies in the languages of the United Kingdom to be circulated by the society shall be the authorized version." INCOME, year ending March 31, 1849

£95,933 6 1 EXPENDITURE

88,831 1 2 BALANCE, cash, stock, and exchequer bills, about

25,607 13 7 LIABILITIES, about

67,694 011 President, Right Hon. Lord Bexley. Treasurer, John THORNTON, Esq.

Secretaries. Rev. ANDREW BRANDRAM, A.M., Beckenham; and Rev. GEORGE BROWNE, Clapham.

Superintendent of the Translating and Editorial Department,

Rev. Thomas MELLER, M.A., Rector of Woodbridge.
Accountant and Assistant Secretary, Mr. WILLIAM Hirchin.
Assistant Foreign Secretary, Mr. John Jackson.

Depositary, Mr. RICHARD COCKLE.

Collector, Mr. WILLIAM DAVIES. Bibles issued during the year

458,231 Testaments

649,287 Bibles issued from the commencement of the institution

8,390,821 Testaments Total from 1804

Society's House, 10, Earl Street, Blackfriars.

::::::..... 21,973,266


British and Foreign School Society.

Formed 1808. OBJECT :-“ Promoting the education of the labouring and manufacturing classes of society of every religious persuasion.” INCOME, year ending Dec. 31, 1848


11,711 18 8 Balance, due to the Treasurer

142 3 10 Due to the Bankers

1000 0 0
President, The DUKE OF BEDFORD.
Treasurer, SAMUEL Gurney, Esq., 65, Lombard Street.
Secretary, HENRY Dunn, Esq., Central School, Borough Road.
Collector, Mr. Thomas BOULTON, 31, Westmoreland Place, City Road.

Voluntary School Association.

Formed 1848. OBJECT :-“The promotion of secular and religious education, exclusively of state aid, in the United Kingdom and its dependencies. The Society shall also be at liberty, so far as it may be practicable, consistently with a due attention to its primary object, to render assistance to schools conducted upon similar principles in other countries. The religious instruction in schools connected with the Society, is to be based upon the Holy Scriptures in the authorized version (which shall be read, at least, daily), and shall comprehend the great doctrines of the divinity and atonement of Jesus Christ, and the regenerating influence of the Holy Spirit. It is, however, intended that such parents of children in attendance at the schools as may object to the religious instruction given, shall be at liberty to withdraw their children during such portion of school hours as may be specially devoted to it." INCOME, year ending March 31st, 1849

£1,207 18 11 EXPENDITURE

339 11 4 BALANCE in hand

868 7 7 Treasurer, GEORGE W. ALEXANDER, Esq., 40, Lombard Street.

Honorary Secretaries,
Cedar Lodge, Denmark Hill ; Josepu BARRETT, Lyndhurst Road, Peckham.

Office, 26, New Broad Street, City.
Normal School, 30, Surrey Place, Old Kent Road.

Society for Promoting Female Education in the Bast.

Formed 1834, OBJECT :-" The establishment and superintendence of schools in the East, where favourable opportunities are presented-the selection and preparation, in this country, of pious and well-educated persons to go out as superintendents and the training and encouragement of subordinate native teachers." INCOME, year ending May, 1849

£1,979 3 8 EXPENDITURE

3,873 2 10 BALANCE in hand * .

160 10 0 President, Her Grace the Duchess Dowager of BEAUFORT. Treasurer, John LABOUCHERE, Esq., 20, Birchin Lane.

Hon. Secretaries, Miss ADAM; Miss BRIDGES. Assistant Secretary, Miss WebB, 15, Shaftesbury Crescent, Pimlico, London.

Letters may be addressed to the Secretary, Care of Mr. Suter, 32, Cheapside."

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British and foreign Sailors' Society. OBJECT:- To promote the spiritual interests of seamen ; the society' comprehending "all denominations of Christians holding the essential doctrines of the protestant faith." INCOMB, year ending May, 1849

£3,512 13 7 EXPENDITURE

3,440 18 8 President, Captain C. R. MOORSOM, R.N. Treasurer, Sir John PIRIE, Bart. Sub-Treasurer, GEORGE Gull, Esq.

Honorary Secretary, Rev. Thomas TIMPSON.

Secretary, Hon. EDWARD CURZON.
Travelling Secretary, Mr. Thomas Augustus FIELDWICK.

Bankers, Messrs. HANKEY, Fenchurch Street.
Collector, Mr. E. SHREWSBURY, 16, King's Row, Walworth.

Society's Offices, 2, Jeffrey's Square, St. Mary Axe.

Inland Navigation and Railway Mission.

Formed 1837. OBJECT :-To promote religious instruction among Canalmen, Rivermen, and Railwaylabourers, by boat, barge, and domiciliary visiting, Scripture reading, Bible and religious tract distribution, particularly on Lord's day.” INCOME, year ending October, 1849

£352 7 11 BALANCE in hand

94 0 0 Treasurer, JAMES Nash, Esq., 56, Walcot Place, Lambeth.


Travelling Agent, Mr. H. H. BOURN.

British Society for the Propagation of the Gospel among the


Formed 1842. OBJECT:-The propagation of the gospel among the Jews ; “ the more immediate field of the Society's operations being “ London and the larger towns of the United Kingdom.”

Treasurer, John DEAN Paul, Esq., 217, Strand.
Secretaries, Rev. E. HENDERSON, D.D. ; Rev. JAMES HAMILTON, M.A. ;

Resident Secretary, Mr. G. Yonge, 1, Crescent Place, Blackfriars.

Peace Society.

Formed 1816. OBJECT :-“To print and circulate tracts, and to diffuse information, tending to show that war is inconsistent with the spirit of Christianity and the true interests of mankind, and to point out the means best calculated to maintain permanent and universal peace upon the basis of Christian principles." INCOME, year ending May 21, 1849

£1,171 14 1 EXPENDITURE

1,261 15 0 BALANCE in hand

180 119

President, CHARLES HINDLEY, Esq., M.P. Treasurer, Samuel Gurney, Esq., 65, Lombard Street. Secretary, Rev. Henry RICHARD, 10, Surrey Square, Old Kent Road. Assistant Secretary, Mr. A. BrockwAY, Peace Office, 19, New Broad Street.

Christian Instruction Society.

Formed 1825. Object :-“ Irrespective of the particular denominational opinions held amongst Christians, to advance evangelical religion and Christian charity primarily amongst the inhabitants of the metropolis and its vicinity, by promoting the observance of the Lord's day, the preaching of the gospel, the establishment of prayer-meetings and sabbath schools, the circulation of the Holy Scriptures and religious books and tracts, the systematic visitation of the sick and desti. tate poor in hospitals, workbouses, and prisons, or at their own abodes, with every other work of mercy which the committee may from time to time approve, for the accomplishment of the great objects contemplated by the society.” INCOME, year ending April 27, 1849


410 1 3 BALANCE in favour of the society

149 5 3 Treasurer, Thomas CHALLIS, Esq., Alderman, 32, Wilson Street, Finsbury.

Secretaries, Rev. Robert Ashton, Putney, Surrey ;

Mr. John PITMAN, 9, Grove Place, Hackney.
Collector, Mr. JOHN RIDLER, 3, Normandy Place, Brixton.

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Associations connected with the society

100 Visitors

2,086 Rooms for Prayer-meetings

79 Families visited

52,566 Letters for the Secretaries may be addressed to 60, Paternoster Row.

City Mission.

Formed 1835. OBJECT :-"To extend the knowledge the gospel among the inhabitants of London and its vicinity (especially the poor), without any reference to denominational distinctions, or the peculiarities of church government." INCOME, year ending June 19, 1849

£19,066 39 EXPENDITORE

18,253 9 0 BALANCE in cash

2,713 1 7 Treasurer, Sir EDWARD North Buxton, Bart., M.P. Secretaries, Rev. John GARWOOD, M.A. ; Rev. JOHN ROBINSON.

Examiners of Missionaries.

Rev. H. H. BEAMISH, M.A.


Rev. J. CARVER, M.A.

Rev. J. Morison, D.D.
Rev. J. CHARLESWORTH, B.D. Hon. and Rev. B. W. NOEL, M.A.
Rev. R. W. Dibdin, M.A.

Rev. J. W. REEVE, M.A.
Rev. J. H. Gray, M.A.

Rev. E. STEANE, D.D.

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