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standing my making brothers with the great rajah, I always entertained an impression that I should be murdered if by mischance I should happen to shoot one of these birds. It is evidently a superstitious feeling, this particular bird being looked upon as an evil genius.

In the continuation of the account, Mr. Dalton mentions his belief that Europeans would be well received, and the effect of the intercourse most desirable. “I once took occasion to mention to Selgie,” he remarks, "that he could not hope to become friends with white men, whilst his countrymen persevered in the practice of culling off heads. "He replied, they would immediately leave it off, and obey the Europeans in all things if they had the opportunity of coming in contact with them, bringing them the produce of the country, and receiving in return such articles as they require. I have heard the same from other rajahs, particularly from Segden, with whom I could converse in the Malay language."


INDIA. Presses and Periodicals. A parlinmentary paper has been published, containing the number of periodical publications and printing presses under the license or sanction of the British Government at ihe several presidences:---Bengal: European publications, in 1814, 1; 1820, 5; and 1830, 31; Native publications, in 1814, not any; 1820, not any; 1830, 8. Fort St. George-European, 1814, 5; 1820, 8; 1830, 8; Native, not any. Bombay-European, 1814, 4; 1820, 4; 1830, 12; Native, 1814, not any; 1820, 2; 1830, 4. Bengal-European printing presses, 1830, 5; Native printing presses, 1830, I. Fort St. George-European, 1830, 2; Native, not any. Bombay--Furopean, 1830, 2; Native, 6.

FRANCE THE British and Foreign Bible Society is by special request sending out 10,000 New Testaments to Lyons, under the sanction of the French minister of instruction, lo be put into circulation among the poor.

CHINA. More than 10,000 volumes of books of Chinese literature have been brought from China by prefessor Newman, of Germany.

ABYSSINIA. The late accounts from lhe mission to Abyssinia state ihat Mr. Kugler died Dec. 29, 1830. Segabadis, the friend of the missionaries from the beginning, was slain in battle with the Galla, Feb. 4, 1831. Mr. Gubat, the surviving missionary, had left Adowa and was residing at Bahali among a strange and savage people. It was hoped that a son of Segabadis, favorable to the mission, would ultimalely get the power into his hands.

LIBEBIA. The James: Perkins, 35 days from Norfolk, arrived at Monrovia on the 14th of January with 342 ensigrants, all in good health.

These people seem to have sunk to the very lowest depth of brutishness and sin, of which human nature is capable. It can hardly be conceived that men made in the image of God could exhibit so much of the brute combined with so much of the fiend. This is human nature uncultivated and unrestrained. Never was there a class of men that ought to awaken more of Christian sympathy; and never was there a nobler field in which to show what the gospel of Christ can do to improve, or rather re-create and re-model the human character.

American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions.


Acts xxii, 21. If Providence permit, Mr. Boggs

will embark for Bombay within a month or two, The American Tract Society has granted to join the mission there under the care of the $2,100 to be expended by the missionaries of

Board. the Board in printing and circulating tracts among the unevangelized nations: 8600 at Bombay, $500 at Ceylon, $500 at the Medi

Donations. terranean missions, and $500 at the Sandwich Islands.







1,700 00

Mrs. Garrett, widow of the late Mr. James Garrett, superintendent of the mission press at Bombay, whose decease was noticed at page 38, left Bombay on her return to America, Oct. 29, in the brig Nereus, Captain Endicott, and arrived at Salem on the 9th of March. Her two children accompany her.

21 50 6 50

Boston and vic. Ms. C. Stoddard,

Cheshire co. N. H., C. H. Jaquith,

Jaffrey, Gent. and la.
Keene, Mon. con.
Swanzy, Gent., la., and mon.

con. to constitute the Rev.

orary Member of the Board, Troy, Rev. E. Rich, Columbia co, N, Y., 1. Platt, Tr. Esses co. Ms. J. Adams, T. Beverly, Mon. con. in Rey. Mr.

Oliphant's $0. 81,43; gent.

82,37; 1a. 48,06; Danvers, N. par. Gent. Salem, Tab. so. Gent. 139,75; Ja.

190,24; mon. con. 6,11;
S. so.'Mop. con. 9,31; gent.

50 00 5 00-8300

78 00


211 86 80 00

Mr. George W. Boggs, of South Carolina, and Jately a member of the Princeton Theological Seminary, was ordained a missionary at Charleston, S.C. by the Union Presbytery, March 14th. The Rev. Dr. Leland preached the sermon from

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Howard-st. chh. Mon. con.

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718 59 Ded. expenses paid by aus. 80. 20 00—698 59 Essez co. N.J., T. Frelinghuysen, Tr.

246 57 Hartford co. Ct. J. R. Woodbridge, East Windsor, N., Gent.

20 00 Enfield, Mon. con.

3 75 Hartford, A friend,

3 00 Ist so. Mon. con.

23 23
N. 80. Alon. con.

8 16
Hartland, East, L. and P, Case, 10 00
Wethersfield, F. mite so. 9th
pay for Bombay miss.

20 00---88 14 Merrimack co. N. A., S. Evans, Tr. Boscawen, E. par. Gent.

3 85
W. par. Geni. 19,78; la. 17,35; 37 13
Concord, Gent. 67,52; la. 100,63; 168 15
E. Village, Gent.

9 60
Dunbarwn, Gent. 38; IA. 33; (of

which lo constitute the Rev.
ren, an Honorary Member of
the Board, 50;)

71 00
Heniker, A gent.

1 20 Pembroke, Gent. 10,03; Ja. 12,38; 22 41 Warner, Gent. 9; 1a. 6;

15 00-328 34 Middleser co. Ms. C. Davis, Tr. Bedford, Mon. con.

28 47 Monroe co. N. Y. By E. Ely, Riga, Fem. Diss. so. (of which

to constitute the Rev, E.
Mead an Honorary Member
of the Board, 50;)

56 53 New York city and Brooklyn, W.

W. Chester, Tr. (of which fr.
W. S. his ann, mite, 10;)

264 53 Oneida co. N. Y., A. Thomas, 'Tr. Augusta, Miss B. C.

5 00
Hamilton, 20 cong. chh. 6,50;

1st cong. so. Mrs.S. P. av. of
beads, 5; Mrs. E. G. 50c.

12 00

4 50
Marshall, Mon. con.

7 35
Mexico, Mon. con. 13,44; fem.
miss. so.7,06;

20 50
New Hartford, Mon. con. in
presb. so.

17 03
Oneida, Mon. con.

5 16 Potsdam, Scholars, for Sandw.

2 50 Rome, Ist cong. chh.

42 00 Trenton, Mrs. L. Y. av. of bed, 13 14--129 18 Rockingham co. East, N. H., D.

Knight, Tr.
Portsmouth, La. 20,03; mon.
con. 6,72;

26 75 Somersẹt co. Me. J. Dinsmore, Tr. Industry, Asso.

12 50 Taunton and vic. Ms. H. Reed, Tr. Fall River, Gent. 101; la. 76;

177 00
Middleboro' and Taunton Pre-
cinct, Gent. and la.

26 42
Rehoboth, Gent, and la.

40 00
Sekonk, Gent, and la.

29 47
Taunton, Ed. so. for Diana
Isham in Ceylon,

12 00--284 89 Washington co. N. Y., M. Free

man, T.
East Hebron, Asso.

7 00
Salem, M. Freeman,

1 50 South Granville, Asso.

10 00 West Granville, Asso.

18 14

36.64 Ded. expenses paid by aux. so.

1 1435 50 Windsor co. VL. D. Peirce, Tr. Woodetock, N. par. Mon. con.

12 38 Barnard, Gent.

10 65_-23 03 Windham co. South, Ct. Z. Storrs,

Hampton, Gent, and la. 18; a
(riend, 1;

19 00
Scotland, Gent. 12,54; 1a. 9,46;

22 0041 00 Total from the above Auxiliary Societies, $4,125 02

Abbeville, S. C. Rev. H. Dickson,
Albany, N. Y. 4th presb.chh.
Albemarle co. Va. Mrs. R.
Amherst college, Ms. Mon. con.
Andes, N. Y. Mon. con.
Altleboro', Ms. Mon. con. in 1st cong.

Auburn, N. Y. Mon. con, in theol, sem.
Augusta, Va. Chh.
Augusta co. Va, New Providence chh.
Barn-table, Ys. WALTER CROCKER,

which constitutes him an Honorary

Member of the Board,
Bedford, Pa. Mon. con.
Bedfurd, Va. Mrs. M. and la. of Pisgah

Belchertoicn, Ms.J. Walker,
Bethel, Vt. Mon. con.
Blountsville, Ten. S. Rhea,
Boston, Ms. B. D. M.5; av.offancywork, 1;
Bound Brook, N. J. La benev. so, to

constitute the Rev. R. K. ROGERS an

Honorary Member of the Board,
Briery, An indiv. by G. W. B.
Brooklyn, N. Y, Mrs. S. 1; dona. 5;
Buenos Ayres, S. Anier. Mon. con. (of

which für the Jews, 3,50;)
Cambria, N. Y. Cong. chh.
Candon, S. C. By G. W. B.
Canton, Ct. Mrs. Everest,
Cunton, China, A friend,
Champlain, N. Y. Benev. so. of presb.

chu. to constitute the Rev. Ezra D.
KINNEY an Honorary Member of the

Board, Chatham Village, N. J. Four chh. mem

bers, Chazy, N. Y., J. C. H. 2; Miss M. A.

H.?; Cheraw, s. C., J.C. Coit, Cinciunati, O. Coll. in let and 2d presb.

chhs. for Choc, mies, 36,50; Capt. G. 2; Columbia, S. C. By G. W. B. Conway, Als. Mon. con. Constantinople, Turkey, Com. Porter, for

schools, 200 piastres, Farmville, Va. By G. W. B. Forcroft and Dover, Me. For. miss. 80. Framingham, Ms. Rev. Mr. Trask's so. Franklin, N. H. Mon. con. German Valley and Fox Hill, N, J.

Presb. cong. Gilsum, N. H. Mrs. M. Webster, Good Hope, S. C. By G. W. B. Green Brier co. Va. B. F. Renick, Greenwich, Ct. Rev. Dr. Lewis, Hamilton, Ms. Gent. and la. asso. Hampden Sydney, Va. By G. W. B. Hanover, N, H. Students in Dartmouth

college, for Rev. B. Woodward in Ceylon, 13,14; fem. so, for do. 16,86; Hanover, Va. T. W.2,50; Mrs. R. P. 2; Harmony, S.C. By G W. B. Henrico, Va. Mrs. E. M. A. Iudian Town, S. C. By G. W. B. Ipswich, Ms. Teachers and pupils of fem.

sem. 300; a young lady, 1;
Ithaca, N. Y. Mon. con. in presb. cbh.
Jaffrey, N. H. La. asso. for Henry Mar-

Lyn in Ceylon,
King's Creek, s. C. By G. W. B.
Kingston, Ms. Mon. con. in evang. 80.
Kingston, N. J. Fem. and sunday sch.

miss. ro, for ed. of females under the

care of Mr. Woodward, at Manepy, Lexington, Va. Mon. con. &c. 22,04;

mon. coll. in presb. ch. 2; J. C. 5; L.
C. G.5; J. A. 5; S. S. B. 5; A. L. 5; A.
T. B. 5; E. G. C. 3; Miss P. C. 1; gab.
sch 4,18; J. C. 500, A. A. 13c. E. A. 10c.

A. A. 6c.
Lexington presb. Va. A clergyman and

Liberty Spring, s.c. By G. W. B.
Lockport, N. Y. Ist presb. chh.

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8 76 42 00 12 00

Isl. miss.

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Lynchburgh, Va. Members of Ist presb.

Stratham, N. H. La. asso. 12,75; la. circle chh.

10 00 of industry, for Medit. miss. 6; mon. Marlboro', Ms. David GOODALE, which

con. 7;

25 75 constitutes him an Honorary Member

Sumpterville, S. C. By G. W. B.

23 37 of the Board, 100 00 Sutton, Ms. Mrs. Morse,

2 00 Marietta, 0. La. miss. asso. 10,25; mon.

Swatara, Pa. Coll. by Rev. J. R. S.

25 50 con. in cong. so. 28,75; 39 00 Tewksbury, Ms. A gent.

5 00 Matanzas, Cuba, Mrs. Echevaire, 8 35 Varrenncs, S.C. By G. W. B.

6 50 Medway, S. C. By G. W. B.

12 00 Wantage, N. J. Sab. schol. of Miss M. G. 2 00 Meredith, N. Y. Benev. so.

2 97
Warm Spring, Va. Chh, coll,

900 Middleboro', Ms. Indiv. by N. Eddy, to

Watertoron Presbytery, N. Y. Towards repair loss by tire at Manepy,

26 00 the support of a in issionary at the east, Mofill's Store, N. Y., P. Roberts,

5 00 313,03; Brownville, presb. club. for Montgomery co. Va. Mon, con. in presb.

Choctaws, 13,08;

326 11 chih. 2 75 Westfield, N. Y. Mon. con.

20 00 Mount Zion, s. C. By G. W. B.

47 63 West Newbury, Ms. Mrs. E, L. B. W. Nelson, N. H., A friend, (of which for

av. of thimble, for transla, of scrip.

200 wes. miss, 5;)

15 00
West Stockholm, N. Y. By I. H.S.

2 50 Nor Albany, Indi. Mon. con. 20; indiv.

White Bluff, Ga. Fem. miss. 80.

28 32 34,04;

54 04 White Hall, N. Y. Young la. for Samuel New Brunswick, N. J. Mon. con. in ref.

W'. May in Ceylon,

15 00 D. chh. 29 63 Williamsburg, 8. C. By G, W. B.

23 68 Nei Burgh, N. Y, Ladies of Mr. John

Wilington, S. C. By do.

17 06 son's chh.

30 00
W--, Ms.

10 00 New Canaan, Ct. A poor man's two

Unknown, A friend, By Rev. A. Bullard, 10 00 mites,

2 00 Nero Chester, N. H. Mon. con.

7 00 Whole amount of donations acknowledged in the New Harmony, S. C. By G. W. B.

8 22 N. Hope, S.C. An indiv.

1 00

preceding lists, $8,077 18. New Ipsich, N. H. Mon. con.

18 54 Neu Lebanon, N. Y., R. Wondworth, 10 00 Neu Monmouth, Va. Chh coll.

5 75

II. LEGACIES. Newton, N. J. Mies N. Howell,

3 00
New York city, Spring sch. so. in brick
chh. 108; dona. 2,50; a fem. friend, I; 111 50

Gustavus, O. Mrs, Rachel Humphreys,
dec'd, by J. R. Woodbridge,

25 00
New York state, A counsellor, a thank
off. for success in an arduous and just

Salem, Ms. John B. Lawrence, dec'd, cause,

30 00
amount of a note and interest, by C.

546 41 North East, N. Y.

Lawrence, Ex'r,

6 00 Northwood, N. H. Gent. asso. 14,55; la.

Mrs. Anna Dodge, dec'd, ($609 having asso. 12; mon. con. 8,07;

34 62
been received previously,) by M. New-

200 00 Orville, Pa. Coll. in presb. chh.

13 41 man, Ex'r, Pendleton, 8. C. By G. W. B.

69 28
Sterling, Ms. Mrs. Abigail Molcomb,

400 00

dec'd, by Rev. S. Russell, Ex'r, Petersburgh, Va. Gent. asso. 29,50; la. asso. 18,25;

Pkiladelphia, Pa. Mon. con. in 1st ref. D.
chh. in Crown-st. to constitute the

Amenia, N. Y. and the Rev. HENRY
HERMANCE Honorary Members of the

Baltimore, Md. A box, fr. F. Hall, for
Boord, 100; mon. con. in lith presb.

Rev. M' Winslow, Ceylon. chh. to purchase infant sch. apparatus

Brighton, N, Y., A box, fr. ladies, rec'd for Bombay miss. 50; sem. en. for ed.

at Tuscarora. hea. youth, for first Philadelphia sch.

Esser, N. Y., A box, fr. fem. miss. 80. in Bombay, 150); JOHN STILLE, which

Hamp. Chris. Depas. Ms. Amherst, 20 constitutes him an Honorary diember

par. A box, fr. Jadies,

24 00 of the Board, 100; J. M. Alwood, 25; 425 00 Hartwick and Fly Creek, N. Y., A box, Pittsburgh, Pa Indiv. of 2d presb. chih. 3 00

fr. benev. so, for Choc. miss. in Arkan. Pittsfield, Me. A thank off. for the con


59 00 version of children,

50 00 Jaffrey, N. H., A set of Scott's bíble, fr. Portland, Me. Mater. asso. for Esther

ia. asso. for Ceylon,

12 00 Tyler and Amelia Jenkins in Ceylon, 60 00 Jewett city and Lisbon, Cl. A barrel, for Prince Edward co. Va. Mon. con. of stu

Creek Parh. dents in theol. sem.

10 00 Livonia, N. Y. Two boxes, fr. fem. mite Princeton, N. J. Mon. con. in presb. chh.

so. for Mackinaw. 40; fam. m. box, 5; Edge Hill sem. 10; 55 00 Lowville Village, N. Y., A box, fr. Reading, s par. Ms. Fem. miss. asso.

26 80

young ladies, Richmond, Va. Members of presb. chh.

Mariella, O., A box, fr. la. miss. asso.

19 00 on Shocko Hill, 147,40; by G. W. B.

for Yoknokchaya, 57,43; Mrs. T. B.C. 5; Mrs. R. M. 1,50;

Merico, N. Y. Flannel, 10 yds. ff. E. a friend, 54c. M. P. a little girl, 25c. 212 08 Smith. Rochester, Michi. Ter. Mon. con. 4,50; a

Taunton, Ms. A box, fr. ed. so. sem, sab, ech. schel. dec'd, 50c.

5 00 Rocky Rider, 8. C By G. W. B.

6 63 sag Harbor, N. Y., 8. T. Dering,

10 00 The

following articles are respectfully solicited from Salem, Ms. A friend, on hearing of Dr.

Manufacturers and others.
Cornelius' death, 10; a friend, 2,50; 12 50
Salem, S. C, By G. W. B.

33 35 Savannah, Ga. 1st presb. chh.

33 80 Printing paper, to be used in publishing portions Schenectady, N. Y. Mou. con, in Union

of the Scriptures, school books, Practs, &c. at Boncollege,

1 68 bay, and at the Sandwich Islands, Scipio, N.' Y. 20 presb. so. 7; an indiv. 3;

10 00 Writing paper, writing hooks, blank books,quilla, Scottsville, VA. É. H. M.

1 59 slates, &c. for all the missions and mission schools: Shawangunk, N. Y., A female,

2 00 especially for the Sandwich Islands. Shelby, N. Y, Chh.

200 Shoes of a good quality, of all sizes, før Springfield, Vt. Alon. con. in cong. chh. 14 00 Staunton, Va. I. B. 5;

of both sexes; principally for the lodian missiops. friend, av. of

Blankets, coverlers, sheets, &c. jewelry, 1,50;

6 50 Fulled cloth, and domestic cottons of all kinds.

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The biographical sketch of Mrs. Hervey here given is intended rather to present a view of her religious character and feelings, than a detail of the incidents of her life. It is copied, with considerable abridgment, from the Oriental Christian Spectator.

Mrs. Elizabeth H. S. Hervey was the eldest | education was strictly religious and her characdaughter of Deacon Jacob and Mrs. Martha ter irreproachable in the view of those who look Smith. She was boru in Hadley, Mass. Jan. 1) only “on the outward appearance," she was far 26th, 1798. Her ancestors the line of both her from the "righteousness of God," till some time parents were all prolessors of religion as far back in the winter of 1817; when it pleased the Lord as her information concerning them extended. 10 convince her of the native enmity of her heart Most of them were distinguished for their intel- || against himself, and to bring her off from all lectual and moral worth; but all that will be reliance on her own works to a simple trust in given concerning any of them bere is a remark the merits of Christ for justification. She was or two respecting her paternal grandmother. ) among the first fruits of a religious revival that She was a woman of superior intellect and ex took place in Hadley in the winter of that year. traordinary piery-was a devoted member of the In the ensuing autumn she made a public prochurch for seveny years, and died in the full session of her faith in the Redeemer, by uniling possession of her mental faculties and ot'a lively with the Congregational church in her native faith in Christ in the 1024 year of her age. Be- || place. About this time she commenced a jourfore her decease, the writer of this sketch has pal in which, from time to time, she wrote the heard it said, she could reckon, besides one son,

exercises of her heart till within a few days of more than twenty of her descendants who were

her embarkation for India. Soon after her union ministers of the gospel. Mrs. H. was the fifth of

with the church, she began to be disciplined in her descendants who had devoted their lives to

the school of affliction. For about a year and the service of Christ among the heathen.

a half shie was deprived of health, and more than Mrs. Hervey received her education in her once was brought so low that all hope of her nalive village, where she enjoyed the advan recovery was given up both by herself and her lages of a respectable academy. In infancy she

friends. From this sickness Mrs. Hervey never was dedicated to God in the ordinance of bap- | entirely recovered; and it probably ended in a dism by her parents. But they were not among chroic disease which terminated her life. Some those who believe baptism to be regeneration. extracts from her journal, written about this peHence she was early laught that a radical

riod will show bow deep were her convictions change of heart was essential to salvation; and

of sin, and how severe was the Christian Warfare that she must experience this before she could which she maintained against it, perform any service acceptable to God. She April 2, 1818. This day is set apart by was the subject of frequent serious impressions our rulers as a day of fasting, humiliation, in her earlier years, and habitually maintained and prayer. An important day to the peo? the practice of secret prayer. But though her 'ple of God. All have cause to bow how VOL. XXVIII.


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before the Lord, and with penitent hearts || in the path of duty. The world allures and implore his mercy. But among all his smiles, and my inward corruptions concur offi·nding rebels, no one has more abundant to draw aside my wandering feet. reason for deep humiliation than myself. When I look back on the many and aggra During the winter of 1923, there was an outvated offences that I have committed since

pouring of the Spirit upon the parish in Hadley. I professed the name of Christ, I blush in confusion, and wonder why my life is pro

Some of the church were greatly quickened and longed. Yet mercy still crowns my days. refreshed, and a considerable number of converBut Oh! I am a rebellious, ungrateful sin sions from among the impenitent took place. ner; and if there is any other name more At this time the subject of this memoir set apart vile, that is mine. The Lord has, in kind

several days for self-examination. As her feelness, chastened me and caused me to drink deep of affliction's bitter cup. He took ings at this period will evince the same truth away my health, and all my earthly com

brought into view in the extracts above, and at forts died. He led me to the brink of the the same time show with what scrupulous exactgrave, which, to human view, was soon to ness, she watched over her beart, and pried be my house. He rebuked my pains, and into its deep recesses to know ils secret springs, said to my apparently fatal disease, “thus

some entries in her journal for three or four days far shalt thou come, and no farther." He

will be given. is now giving me the prospect of returning health. But strange to tell, this ungrateful, Fch. 19. Plave resolved to spend a numrebellious heart remains almost wholly | ber of days in solemn self-examination and unaffected.

prayer, in order to decide, if possible, this July 3. Have been for some time past important question, “Am I indeed a Chrislaboring under a mental de pression. My litian?” I find it a difficult work to examine spirits are weighed down, not because my impartially my own heart. I feel a great earthly wishes are not gratified, nor because disinclination to turn my eyes inward upon disease is wasting away my frame. No; such a deformed and hateful picture. Often but I mourn an absent God. “He whom when attempting this duty, difficulties have my soul loveth" has hid his face, and I am arisen, and I have become irresolute and troubled. My sins have provoked him to dropped the task. But it shall be so no withdraw and leave my soul in darkness longer. This question must one day be ten times more dreadful than the deepest decided. And why may I not come to a midnight gloom. O base ingratitude that settled conclusion now? It is high time for could drive from my heart so sweet a guest! me to know on what foundation I am buildO that I could vent these unavailing sighs ing my hopes of heaven-whether Christ is in tears of deep and true repentance! But "the chief corner stone," or whether I am these eyes reliuse to weep, and this heart depending on my own works or feelings for will not relent. Sooner would the adamant justification and eternal life. Blessed Jesus, melt and the flinty rocks dissolve, than this 1 come to thee. Thou knowest them that harder heart, without a view of the cross. are thine. O show me! “Am I thine, or Blessed Jesus, one look from thee will melt

am I not?" May thy Spirit enable me to the rebel down. Here Lord, I cast myself look at my heart just as it is. Though it at thy feet, and roll all my sorrows and be deformed and black, let me see the sins, as a heavy burden on thee. Thou hast hideous sight. I do indeed see myself said, “Cast thy burden on the Lord, and he

most vile; but I desire, yea I long to reshall sustain thee.", I plead thy promise, nounce myself and receive thee, as my and though thou slay me, yet will I trust Lord and Savior. If I am not mistaken, in thee.' Resignation sliall sooth my these are the present real feelings of my

heart. April 13, 1819. what a "cage of un 22. I think I can see as I proceed that clean birds" is my heart! Without every l my evidences of grace brighten. I do prething is pleasant. All nature smiles. I turn fer my Savior to every other good. In my my eyes within and all is dark and com

closet this morning I was permitted to ap, fortless. Can a heart so vile as mine beproach and lean my head on his bosom; and the temple of the Holy Ghost? But should found it inexpressibly sweet to cast all img I see my sins if the Spirit did not reveal burdens on his arm. O how delightful and them to my view? The only present evi-soul satisfying it is to hold communion with dence I have that I am a Christian is the Jesus! I am lost in wonder at his condewarfare that I find within my breast. Once scension in noticing so vile and worthless a I verily thought I had some "good thing”

worm, and making me an object of his love. in me. Then “I was alive without the And can it be that my feet shall one day law." But the "commandment has come, stand on the heavenly hills? Shall I join and I am sure I am "dead"--dead to all in the song, "Unto him that loved us, and hope of salvation by my own righteousness. I washed us from our sins in his own blood "I find a law, that when I would do good, and hath made us kings and priests unto evil is present with me." Many and various God and his father, to him be glory, and are the obstacles that impede my progress || dominion, forever and ever?" 5 it is al

aching heart.

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