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watchful unto prayer.

all be at 29

most too much to believe. Blessed Savior, 1 cerns, and seem to be absorbed in God.
for this heavenly hope, I am indebted to This evening I feel much exhausted. O I
thee. Then, while I linger here, "O let would gladly sacrifice strength and life for
me feel an ardent, constant, unconquerable such views of the glorious God.
desire for the prosperity of thy kingdom,
and for the advancement of thy glory. Let The Sabbath was a day of great delight to
me omit no opportunity of doing good. || Mrs. Hervey, and she often recorded her feel-
Use me as an instrument in promoting thy lings.
cause, and let me not devote in the world
any of those talents which ought to be con Feb. 14, 1820. Communion yesterday.
secrated to thee.

To me it was a solemn and delightful seaDec. 7, 1823. Seldom have I felt more While sitting at that consecrated tadistrcssed and harassed by temptation than ble, I was enabled to raise the eye of faith this morning. It seemed as if the “chan to Jesus. I beheld him interceding for all nels of the great deep” of inward pollution whom the Father hath given him. The were all broken up. For a while I strug- view was most animating. By, his wongled, but in vain, against the resistless tide. derous love manifested in what he did and

thought I, how can I appear at the table suffered on earth, and is now doing in of the Lord?' Dare I go? But, by leaving heaven, I was sweetly.constrained to conmy seat vacant, shall I make myself better? secrate myself anew to his service. How No: but worse. Then, said I, I will go amiable does the Savior appear! Well may with the le per's prayer in my mouth, and he be called, "the chiefest among ten cast myself at Jesus' feet. Perhaps he will thousand, and altogether lovely.” Lord, say "I will. Be thou clean." I went and I am thine, forever thine. found no joy, but the joy of grief. I wept

April 22 and tears were not "iny sorrowful meat.

"Welcome sweet day of rest, They were my only joy. As I beheld the

That saw the Lord arise." sacred symbols of a Savior's body and blood, sin appeared a great and dreadful The return of the Sabbath is a joyful evil

. It appeared more hateful than ever event to the true child of God. He hails it before. I love to cherish these feelings that with feelings which the worldling never I may be more afraid of sin and more knew. On this sacred day he contemplates

with rapture the astonishing plan of man's

redemption. The Lord of glory descends From the preceding pages it will be perceived

to earth-takes human flesh in the form of that the subject of this memoir was deeply sensi

a servant-toils and spends his life in acts

of benevolence-yields himiself to his ene. ble of the exceeding sinfulness of her heart by mies—is crucified-entombed in Joseph's nature and practice. She found within her sepulchrema stone is rolled upon it-a breast, as every one that is quickened by the guard set to watch it. It is an awful moSpirit of God does, a severe warfare the flesh ment!--the powers of darkness triumph. striving against the spirit, and the spirit against dawn of the third day coines-an angel de

But their triumphing, 0 how short! The the flesh.” But though she had such deep con scends from heaven-rolls away the stone victions of sin, condemned herself so severely, the earth trembles the soldiers flee in and abased herself so low before the Lord, she consternation--the powers of hell are was still by no means destitute of high religious shaken and confounded-they lose their enjoyinent. Sometimes she could hardly con mighty captive. tain her emotions. While absent from home “The rising God forsakes the tomb; employed in teaching a school, during the sum

Up to his Father's counts he flies;

Cherubic legions guard him home, mer of 1824, she writes-

Aud shout him welcome to the skies?" June 30. Arose early and walked some Death is vanquished—the sufferer of distance to enjoy the freshness of the air. Calvary is crowned "King of kings, and The purity and fragrance of the morning Lord of lords."—He takes the mediatorial were indeed sweet; but sweeter, far sweeter throne---reigns and intercedes at his to my soul were the visions of my Emman- Father's right hand for his ransomed peouel's face. Never did I look abroad upon ple, and they shall reign with him forever the face of nature with such intense delight and ever. Such are the themes of the as now. Every leaf and every flower beam- Christian's meditation on this sacred day. ed with its Maker's glory." Wherever I Must he not then, when by faith he is turned, I saw the impress of Jehovah's assured of his personal interest in Christ, hand. I felt surrounded by God, and that have very different feelings from the unI would willingly lose myself in him. believer?" the man whose views, are all During the day I found it extremely diffi- earthly, whose feelings are all sensual, cult to confine my attention, even so far as and whose hopes are all bounded by the appeared necessary, to the concerns of the contracted limits of time? But such a one school. My mind' would rise, and that and there are many such) has his choice, spontaneously, above earth and all its con- ll and I have mine?

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Mrs. Hervey's standard of religious character | heathen. The contrast between the greater was obviously very high; and though she seems part of the globe and the favored land in to have been uncommonly circumspect in her

which I dwell, strikes me with peculiar

force. How different is my condition from deportment, and active in doing good, yet in

that of millions and hundreds of millions of these respects, and especially in the tone of her

my species! And why this difference? religious feeling, she fell far below the mark Why was I not born amidst the gloomy which she found set for her in the Scriptures. superstitions, the bloody rites, and the numThis often filled ber with great distress. In the berless abominations of paganism? It was autumn of 1826, about the time that a revival the sovereign goodness of God alone, that of religion commenced in her native place, she i placed me in this land of Christian light.

O why are we, who have the precious goswrites

pel, and who profess to love it, so forgetful

of our obligations to God, and so indifferOct. 8. Arose this morning unrefreshed

ent to the welfare of our fellow beings? after a night of distress and agony. My Eighteen hundred years, have rulled away feelings have quite overcome me. Unfit since the command was given, "Go ye for business or society, I have retired to

into all the world and preach the gospel to mourn in secret. I cannot live so. Have

every creature.” And still the greatest part resolved to throw myself at Jesus' feet, and

of ihe human race are ignorant of the way there weep my life away. If I cannot have

of salvation. Poor, unhippy beings! How the blessing of the Holy Spirit, I want

many thousands of them are every day nothing If the kingdom of Christ cannot

passing into the eternal world unpardoned, be advanced, and souls saved I wan! no

unsanctified. Of course they enter the peace nor joy on earth.

realms of never ending darkness and desEvening. My mind has now settled into

pair. a calm. This has been a day of anguish enjoyed the privileges of you, Christians,

Methinks I hear them say, "Had we and distress, such as I never experienced

we had not been here. You possessed the before. The agony of my breast was truly Bible, you professed to believe it true; you unutterable. I wept and prayed till my knew our wretched state; and yet you testrength was literally exhausted, and I was fused to send us that word of God that we obliged to repair to bed. But the Savior might learn the way of life." How cutting has smiled upon me and hushed my soul would be such a reproof! That it may not to peace. Now I can give my friends and fall on me, let me be more instant and the cause of Zion, into his dear precious earnest at the throne of grace in their behands. Now my prayer is, “Father glo- half, and do all in my power to send them rify thyself.”

the word of life. During the course of this revival she writes May 1, 1820. Monday evening. The

pleasant month of May, again returns and Nov. 19. The past week has been a week

all nature seems to rejoice in its approach. of wonders. My heart is full and I liardly But the return of May is not so grateful to know what to say or think. I rejoice, and the opening flowers, as is the return of this yet I tremble. Within four or five days, consecrated evening to one who loves to ihree in our house hope they have subnuitpray, "Lord, thy kingdom coine." While ted to the Savior. I tremble lest they are

he stands on the hill of Zion, and rejoices deceived and may lose their souls at last. in the light of the Sun of Righteousness, If they are indeed subjects of grace,

he sees the clouds of superstition and idolwork is marvellous in our eyes. I am now atry which darken the horizon all around. surrounded by seven young converts, all

His bosom heaves with compassion for his pertaining to our family. I am now more perishing fellow creatures, and he cries, thoroughly convinced than ever, that God/, "Lord, how long?" But he can already see is a hearer of prayer. I never more can some gleams of light penetrating the doubt this. Within a few weeks, I have gloom. Animated by this and encouraged learned many lessons, which, I hope, i by the promises of God, he approaches never shall forget. I long to hide wyself with boldness to the throne of grace, bearin the dust forever, and adore that grace ing in his arms a fallen world. There he which stoops so low as to save rebellious meets “in concert sweet" thousands, and

hundreds of thousands, like-minded with

himself, whose united prayers, like ming. To one whose joy at the conversion of sinners ling flames in sacrifice," ascend to heaven in her own family was so great, the state of the

and enter into the ears of the Lord of heathen could not be a subject of small interest. rejoice! Your labors will not be in vain

Sabbaoth. Cheering sight! Missionaries She sighed over their staie and prospects long in the Lord, "Faithful is he who has before she ever thought of consecrating herself promised." The whole Christian world to missionary service among them.

strive together for your success, and soon March 24, 1819. Never before have I ing with tears, will spring up, and yield an

the seed, which you are sowing and waterfelt such anxiety for the salvation of the abundant harvest.



In October, 1829, Mrs. Hervey was invited to sequence of this decision? Be it so. The go in person and assist in dillusing the knowl shorter is the step to my Father's house, edge of Christ among the heathen. She was my heavenly home. then employed in leaching a school in a neighboring town. A record made in her journal

Mrs. Hervey, with her husband, the Rev. the day of her return shows how she viewed this

William Hervey, and the Rev. Messrs. Read subject.

and Ramsey and iheir wives, embarked at Bos

ton for Calcutta, August 2, 1830; where they Dec. 10. Left H. yesterday, and to-day arrived after a passage of 145 days, on the 25th have reached home. Many affecting of December. After remaining in Calcutta thoughts rushed into my mind, as I entered this dwelling made dear to me by ten thou

twenty-seven days, and being forty-five day's on

the sand interesting associations. My pros

passage from Calcutta, they reached Bompects since I left it, o how changed! 'We bay March 7th, 1831. Mrs. Hervey lived less conversed together on the subject so inter than two months after arriving at the scene of esting to us all; and we were calm. I now her anticipated labors, and during much of this feel more than ever satisfied with the de

time she was afflicted with sickness. She died cision I have made. I did not make it with

in a most peaceful and triumphant manner on out severe struggles, many tears, and much prayer. My mind has since been tranquil.

the 2d of May. A full account of her sickness at times, filled with heavenly joy and

and death, was inserted in the number of this peace. Various opinions exist among my work for December of last year, p. 378, and friends in H. in regard to the propriety of should be perused agaia in connection with this my conduct. But their opinions do not ll notice, in order to form a correct estimate of the affect me. Let me have the approbation of my conscience and my God, and it is strength of Mrs. Hervey's faith and the elevation enough. What if life be shortened in con

of her Christian character.


American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions.


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without application from a number of invalids. Our eyes are directed to the Great Physician of soul and body for such direc

tion as shall glorify his own name and (Continued from p. 142.1

benefit his perishing creatures. To-day

Lieut. D., our fellow passenger to this The extracts from Mr. Abeel's journal inserted place and fellow traveller to a better, left in the last vumber, gave an account of his us for Macao, voyage from Singapore to Bankok, and of his 11. A number of calls, principally for introduction to the chief ruler of the place.

medicine. Among the applicants, was a

Siainese of considerable distinction. He Labors in distributing Books and Tracts.

evinced much confidence in our prescrip

tions, and could scarcely be prevented from July 9, 1831. Early in the weck we paying us. The principal grounds of our transferred our residence to the small house refusal to accept remuneration for mediallotted the missionaries by our hospitable cine, are, the importance of having this friend. It stands upon poles, beneath which strong argument against the devices of the the waters constantly how, and not unfre enemy and the suspicions of the people, quently receives a shock from the contact and the little importance of the sum which of passing boats. Its situation and numerous would probably be received. The utmost crevices render it delightfully airy, and no caution is necessary to secure the confiobject is of equal importance in the summer dence of the natives, and we know of no of these tropical regions. The associations means by which our motives and object of the place are solemn and awakening. may be so strongly commended, as by But a year and a half has passed since its proving to them that while we have no fear doors were opened to receive our brother of their threats, we have no wish for their and sister in this nuission. Now the latter money. A bold attempt was made this lies sleeping in death, but a short distance morning by the enemy of God and man, to from us; and our fellow-laborer has been ruin our character and bring our work to

away to other scenes of exertion. nought. We feel impressed with the admonition One of the chief princes spent this eve“what thy hand findeth to do, do it with ning with us. His father preceded the

reigning monarch, and he and an elder During the week we have engaged brother are the only children of the queen. teachers for the Chinese and Siamese lan-It was by a collusion of the illegitimate guages, and opened our house for the re sons of the king, that one of their number ception of the sick. Not a day has passed," was raised to the throne, in the place of VOL. XXVIII.


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thy might."

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the brother of this young man, the lawful evening. He says he is anxions to learn successor. Our visitor is three-and-twenty | English, and will bring his “spelling book" years of age, appears very partial to for- the next time. We feel willing 10 allot him eigners, and has acquired a smattering of some of our time, though every moment is the English language. It is our strong de- exceedingly important to our present obsire to instruct him in the great principles jects, in hopes that we may benefit his own of the gospel, and by the almighty aid of soul, and throw his influence into the scale God's Spirit, to bring him to the Savior. | of religion. The Lord grant it for his own We are animated by the mere possibility name's sake. that he may be preparing to exert an ex 24. Sabbath. This morning five Chinatensive influence in favor of Christianity, and that perhaps he is kept from the throne Scriptures and worshipping the God of

men came in and joined us in reading the only until qualified to fill it as a nursing heaven. One of them had been in Mr. father to the church.

Gutzlaff's service, and acted as expositor. 16. Nothing important through the week. We were pleased with the extent and acNumber of patients increasing. Prescripcuracy of his knowledge, but alas! it aptions simple and generally effective. Wiih pears only to float in the brain. To see no object but the promotion of God's glory, even this small number, who, with one exthe conversion of his perishing creatures, ception, had never united with us before, we have confidence in looking for his bow before the only living and true God, special blessing on the means employed. was truly animating. May our prayers be

17. Sabbatli. Part of the morning was answered, and they and myriads of their spent in reading the Scriptures with two countrymen be numbered with the flock of Chinamen, and in prayer. Mr. Tomlin the Great Shepherd. After this service the often allows them to offer their own re old man who prayed last Sabbath came marks on the chapter, at the same time cor and proposed a season of worship. His recting their misapprehensions, and en prayer was comprehensive, including belarging on the subject. One of them is an

sides personal requests, intercessions for the old man who has been much employed by conversion of the heathen, and especially the missionaries as an interpreter, being for the preservation and success of our abacquainted with the principal dialects of sent brother and ourselves. It is, alas, the Chinese, and with the Siamese. He painfully evident that, with an understandappears well acquainted with the doctrines

ing considerably enlightened, his heart is of Christianity; but gives no evidence of bent upon worldly objects. May he be led their transforming intluence upon his heart. to see the incomparable importance of the We kneeded to pray, and before Mr. Tom- | truth, and devote himself to its disseminalin could commence, the old man began tion. and offered a short and appropriate peti

28. To-day many Siamese patients, and tion. Among the applicants for medicine to-day I have had no difficulty in distributing them,

some applicants for books. Thus far we was a respectable Siamese, who said that and that principally to the higher classes. he was sent by one of the princes, whom | Some of the number were priests, and one we had not seen. In return, we sent the prince a work published by Mr. Gutzlaff, || times with different friends for a supply.

of them a physician who has been three giving a lucid exposition of Bible history | There are a few Portuguese in the service and of the plan of redemption. Three hun- 1 of the king, and some of them in high and dred of these books were brought with us.

important stations who have received the 23. Work and prospects increasing. books, either at our hands, or through our Among the patients of the closing week kind friend, Mr. Silviera. To-day one of was a man of high rank, who sent his ser

them was sent to the man who holds the vant for medicine to complete a recovery first rank in Bankok for learning and has from the habits and effects of opium smok- been much employed in teaching the ing. He had been in the hands of Mr. priests. We are encouraged by the favor Gutzlaff, and experienced much benefit. the Lord is giving us among the influential

, He wrote a very polite note, expressive of and pray that their conversion may speedhis gratitude for the medicine, and assuring ily ensue. us ibat the love he bore to our absent 30. The Lord has graciously blessed us brother should be cherished to us. Four with a spirit of earnest wrestling for the priests called to-day, and were presented salvation of this people, and we have reason with books. They received them with evi. to believe, that "He who knoweth what is dent pleasure, and appeared to regard them the mind of the Spirit” is answering our as important. What sent them we cannot

prayers. To-day the number of applicants tell, but pray that their eyes may be en- for books has been greater than ever. They lightened and their souls delivered from

come in companies, and are never satisfied their deep degradation. Beside our own until each obtains a tract. Many priests servants, who are Chinese, we have two are among the number. Such is the exneighbors who frequently come in and joincitement that the boys, seeing the estimate us in our evening worship. The young we place upon the books, refusing them to prince spoken of gave us another call this | some who cannot read intelligibly and en

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deavoring (thus far without effect) to put || but whether sent as spies or not, they are
off two or three of a party with one volume; well behaved, and receive the books with
entered, in our absence, and stole a number. gratitude. To-day, as we passed one of the
The success which the Great Physician pagodas, the priests cried after us for books.
grants to our simple prescriptions, also, Many of these monuments of idolatry are
awakens the attention of the heathen. crumbling, in ruins, and we sincerely hope
To-day my teacher was telling a fellow- that the night of paganism is too far spent
countryman of a speedy recovery I have for their re-erection."
experienced from rather a violent attack of Among the patients of the day was one
disease. Yesterday afternoon, said he, he poor man shockingly mangled by the
could not sit up, and to-day is capable of weapon of a murderer, with his young
attending to his ordinary duties. This is daughter whose limbs were almost covered
because he is a disciple of Jesus and is pro- with ulcers. They said that they had come
tected by him. He himself had also been from the distance of three days' journey.
speedily relieved from rather a lingering Their disease reminded us of the days of
indisposition, which he felt inclined to the Savior, and led us to pray that the same
ascribe to the same power. It had taken healing power may be exerted, and that
place, he said, since he had been reading many may be found to give thanks to their
the sacred books of Jesus.

heavenly Benefactor.
31. Sabbath. A busy though peaceful

2. This morning the old man who prayed day, as though it were known that the

at our Sabbath service, and whose acquaintclamor of yesterday was not befitting the

ance with the most important languages of Sabbath of the Lord. Greater numbers the place induced us to engage him as than ever for books. Siamese, country- teacher, was called out professedly to attend born Chinese, Malays, Burmans, all read the summons of the principal Chinaman in ing men. Some of them express their authority: He returned this evening with reverence for the work by putting it upon

a mournful countenance and a sad tale. their heads, which is done only to their The mandarin, he states, has warned him sacred books. The priests still bear a large against living with us, and he cannot reproportion.

main. For some

we have been It has been a matter of grateful surprise constrained to suspect the old man's integto us to find such crowds of reading men in rity. He evidently fears his fellows more this place. Education, at least to the ability than his God, and that with a degree of of intelligible reading, we are informed, is

knowledge which leaves no palliation, and widely prevalent. Neither is it restricted

proves the complete triumph of sense over exclusively to the men.

We have had

faith. messages from ladies, requesting copies for

We are not unfrequently struck with their own perusal. As the work is an epi- special interpositions of Providence, and tome of God's word, and illustrates espe

made to see and acknowledge that God is cially the redemption of the Savior, we are

with us. This evening the chapter which encouraged to believe it will come under occurred in course in our Chinese worship, the promise of not returning void. It will contained the consequences of confessing prove at least a star amid the gloom, and

and of denying Christ beiore men. God in mercy grant that, like the star singularly adapted to the old man, as liig which once appeared in these eastern

fearful spirit had led him to the very exheavens, it


treme of denying the God of heaven.

many to the blessed Redeemer.

Mr. Tomlin took occasion to apply it point-
Aug. 1. The crowd of visitors has con-

edly to him.
tinued through the day, and with the ex-
ception of about fifty unbound volumes, and

Priests and other Persons of Distinction.
a few reserved for special applicants, our
stock is exhausted. High and low, priest

Aug. 6. Since the books have been disand people, men and women, old and tributed we have had numerous calls from young, natives and foreigners, have throng-1 almost all classes. The priests evince no ed our cottage and urged their suit with an disposition to oppose the dissemination of a eloquence which could scarcely be resisted. faith so opposite and destructive to their The inadequate number of the books for the own. It is a peculiar feature in the religion wants of the people makes us cautious in of Siam, professedly, Buddhist, that the their distribution, and them earnest in their priesthood is supplied by multitudes enrequests. We cannot determine their mo tirely against their will. It is said to be the tives, but we do know that their hearts are only means of obtaining an education, and in the Lord's band, and that the heathen a young man is not eligible to any station are the purchase and inheritance of the of responsibility or entitled to respect, who Savior. Upon these truths we #st, and are

has not first served an apprenticeship in a us perfectly convinced of the approaching | pagoda. Many, if not all, of the lower before our eyes. Thus far there has been robes and for a time attend to the no ostensible opposition. We are told that monies. The consequence is, that while some of our visitors are from the palace; ll this class bears an undue proportion to the

It was


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