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rest, the office is not regarded as permanent, ll quire in different languages for the word of and not supported by its transient incum. God. It reminds us of the blessed period bents. It leaves them at liberty to attend when all nations and languages shall serve to any thing which suits their predilection, Him. An event witnessed to-day, shews however inconsistent with their assumed us, however, that the hope of the proximity faith. This is doubtless one reason why of this period must rest upon the almighty we have so numerous applications from this power, which nothing on earth or in hell quarter. The intercourse which we fre can resist. The Catholics have been disquently have with them connected with the playing one of their feats of gross idolatry, conviction of their dreadful state in the to the gaze of the wondering heathen. An sight of God, calls forth our compassion image of the virgin was exalted in a and prayers in their behalf. We have splendid sedan chair, and carried in prothought that perhaps the Lord had brought cession around the church, while the chantthem under these circumstances, and awak. King of the priests, the clangor of the bells, ened in them these desires for the books, to and the roar of guns produced an effect as commence the work at the very fountain of congenial with paganism, and as revolting corruption, and with the mere admittance to Christianity, as any of the pompous of such a thought in the mind, how is it pageants of Brahminical or Buddhistic possible not to be awakened to deep in rites. After this scene closes, a feast is terest.

spread, and a scene of debauchery in honor 13. A disclosure of facts derogatory to

of the virgin's assumption ensues. A party the character of the old man, our teacher, stopped at our premises in such a condition constrained us to dismiss him; and as the as convinced us that we had not been misformer teacher was discharged because less informed. promising in qualifications, we have been 20. For four successive evenings we for a few days, without Chinese assistance. I have been visited by young men of distincAs the circumstance is one of great impor- tion. The first was a young prince whom tance, considered in its effects upon the

Mr. Tomlin recognized as the person to parties engaged and the multitudes to be whom he had given an English Bible, on taught, we endeavored to leave the matter

his first visit to Siam. He is one-andto the Lord's direction. On Monday, the twenty years of age, of a very amiable very day that our minds had been much countenance and pleasing address, but, like interested in prayer on this subject, the first all his countryinen, is exceedingly inquisiteacher, uncalled, returned, and with a mind tive, and fond of examining with a childish entirely disposed to recommence his labors. curiosity every foreign article. He too apWhen the weather would admit, we have pears very partial to Europeans, and Amerspent an hour or two before breakfast in icans, and has paid some trifling attention teaching the people from house to house. to the language. He took the last bound We consider it as a very important part of book on the table. We endeavored to direct our duties, and nothing but the frequent his attention to the only Sovereign and rains and bad state of roads has prevented. Şavior of sinners, and were happy after his This is the rainy season, commencing in departure to make special intercession at June or July, and continuing until Novem our Father's throne for his conversion. ber or December. It is gratifying, in these “Princes also shall worship.” The second visits among the Chinamen, to find that the evening two of the Prah Klang's sons callbooks have been widely distributed, and ed. The elder was inquisitive about the that their minds are receiving a little light books; whether they were not written by on these important subjects. Last night we Siamese; if not, whether they were not were visited by two priests who knew Mr. printed by them, and who had taught the Gutziaff

, and had been taught something of missionaries the language; questions, no the Sovior. The name of Jesus from their doubt, originating with the father. The lips was like music to the ear. May it young man took an unbound volume with soon thrill their own souls with exceeding him, which we hope he may be led to esjoy.

amine as minutely and much more profita15. A few of the unbound books were

bly than the when, why, and where of its taken by a native to be prepared for distri- production. Last evening one of the bution, and were returned a short time prince's companions and this evening the sizice. Not one is left. The excitement for prince himself repeated their visit. The books has spread among those of other lan- former was much less modest than his guages, and Burmans and Malays have superior, and asked for whatever he fancied been requesting them at our hands. Hith

and thought attainable. I mention it beerto we have been able to meet the demands character, and often renders our visitors

cause it is a prominent trait in the Siamese from the followers of the prophet; but our stock of Malay Testaments is now exhaust

very troublesome. ed, and the tracts considerably diminished.

An interesting Inquirer. Two Hadjees, from the Malayan peninsula, called and received the books with grati Aug. 22. Our minds have been animated tude. It is truly animating to have men of by an event of the day. A priest, of a very different nations and religions come and in- Il respectable appearance and train, sent å

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messenger to inform us that he had read || sity is greatest. Should as many men as the book with approbation, and being una you could send, come to the different stable to comprehend some of the doctrines, tions, and while they are studying the most would be grateful to receive from our lips a current languages, be looking around them solution of his difficulties. He waited a for scenes of the greatest promise, not a short distance from us till the messenger moment of time would be lost. The Chi. returned him a favorable answer.

He re

nese and Malayan languages are indispenmained a long time and plied us with such sable to almost every place in these counquestions as convinced us that he had tries, and under no circumstances can they thought deeply on the subjects. The be sooner acquired than with the help of Savior of sinners was the burden of his in- l those who have mastered them. This may quiries;--who he was?--what was the dis- be done while they accompany the missiontinction between him and the Father?-how aries in their active labors, and thus acquire he expiated the sins of the guilty:-wliether as their own groundwork the experience of his love extended to men of all nations- years. As Bankok is a new station, and one whether God the Father bore an equal af which should by all means be retained; and fection to the world?-and how a sinner as it is probable the same bold and persecould become interested in his redemption vering spirit displayed in gaining its pos-He was particular in inquiring about the session, might open scenes of equal promise nature of sin-the means and process of in the surrounding countries, it appears sanctification--and the manner of divine highly important that at least two or three worship. Such was the earnestness of the men should be sent to this place as soon as man, that, when he thought his questions possible. Mír. Tomlin and myself expect to not perfectly understood, he would turn to visit Juthya, the ancient capital, Chautibou, a Chinese youth and ask him to put the l (an important settlement of Chinese and question in his language. Mr. Tomlin en others, on the coast,) and perhaps Cambodeavored to satisfy his inquiries, and at the dia, in the course of a few months. Our same time suggested such truths as he il object is, to scatter the good seed over as thought most suitable to his case, The wide a tract of country as possible; and at Lord in his rich grace bring him and mul- the same time explore the land. We have titudes more to a saving knowledge of his Chinese books in great abundance, and exSon.

pect seven hundred more of the Siamese 23. A greater crowd of priests to-day tract, by the first opportunity. The thought than ever. My fellow-laborer, whose ac is far from being pleasant to our minds, that quaintance with the language renders him from the paucity of missionaries, we canthe "Mercurius," has scarcely had a mo not take a step without some evident disment's leisure. The name of Jesus is be- || advantages. It appears like invading an coming familiar to many of them, and the enemy's country, with such a small force, book of Prah Chow Yas-soo" is a common that if we proceed, we cannot secure what inquiry. Prah Chow is a respectful title has been taken, and if we garrison, none implying Lord.

will be left to extend the conquests. On 25. All the unbound volumes of the this account the claims of Siam are, pertract are now disposed of. We did intend haps, of more immediate urgency than any to have backs put to them, and for that rea other place in these regions. Leside this, son refused to give them for awhile, but the my fellow laborer is not likely to continue demand has recently been too pressing to very long in Siam. He has left Singapore admit of delay. There has been no neces now without a Chinese missionary: his şity to go abroad to preach the gospel. Wel family is there; and his health, which is have had difficulty at times to go out for an much impaired, is better there than here. hour's active exercise.

He was obliged to leave Siam on account

of illness before.
Openings for Missionary Labor.
Thas you perceive that we have much to

The readers of this work have seen by the
encourage us in the work of the Lord, fl statement of the Committee, inserted in the num-
among this people. We regard it as the ber for April, that the Board intend, if the mis-
seed time, and if not permitted to reap our sionaries and the means can be obtained, as it is
selves we expect to "rejoice together with believed they can be, to send not less than seven
them that do. One thing I feel anxious to
htge, and that is, the importance of imme. missionaries, during the present year, into this
diate assistance. A host of missionaries, wide field, which God seems in so remarkable, a
with the spirit that can hazard their lives manner to have opened and prepared for them,
for their Lord and Master, would have lit. Some of these may immediately cstablisb them-
tle difficulty in finding stations and employselves as missionaries in Siam and at Camon,
ments. A number, who, according to while others may proceed on exploring tours in
present appearances need hazard nothing, the adjacent parts of the continent or in the
hands. There is not a place that I have islands of those seas. The spirit of inquiry that
visited, where laborers are not wanted, and exists and the fact thal-so large a portion of the
it is difficult to determine where the neces-

people can read, render Siam a promising field.

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accompany him to the church. She says

there is no such custom among females in
this country. I hope, however, by visiting
the family, preaching to them, &c., ulti-
mately to induce her to come. It may seem
singular that a Tamul man is not able to

cominand his own household, especially It was stated at page 105 that Niles, with one

when the condition of females is so degrador two other native converts educaied at the

ed here. But the fact in most cases is, that seminary, were licensed to preach the gospel on

the parents and brothers of the wife have the 20th of January, One or two others had much more authority over her and her been licensed previously, who were educated by children, than the husband has. The the missionaries before the seminary was estab- property here in most cases belongs to the lished.

wife. Hence parents in this distriel, seeking

husbands for their daughters, make it their Jan. 20, 1831. Niles preached a sermon

great object to get those who will take good from Jeremiah i, 6 and 7. “Then said I,

care of the property that is given in dowry. Ah, Lord God, behold I cannot speak for I

Hence it is much more common for the am a child. But the Lord said unto me,

husband to go and live with his wife's Say not I am a child, for thou shalt go to

parents, than for the wife to be taken to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I

him with his parents. command thee thou shalt speak." It was a

11. Messrs. Winslow and Spaulding season of great interest. Niles preached spent the day here in laboring in the semiwith great propriety, energy, and feeling. We had preaching in the chapel Nearly all the congregation were in tears.


parts of the day, besides other religious These are both young men of great promise meetings. both as to piety and talents. They are the 25. At Ondooville. After breakfast we first young men from our seminary who had all the larger boys and schoolmasters have received license to preach the gospel of the native free schools together, connectThe object of raising up native preachers is ed with that station, and spent about two one of vast importance, and one which lies hours in exhortation and prayer. It was a very near our hearts. Indeed, it may with very pleasing eight, and a very encourag. truth be said that it is the principal objecting audience to speak to. Many of them for which our seminary was established and appeared to liave a very good knowledge of for which it is continued. But while it is the first principles of Christianity, and a one of vast importance, it is also nne of considerable number professed to be anxgreat difficulty. The history of missionary | iously seeking the salvation of their souls. efforts in Southern India illustrates this The communion of the church at that stapoint in a very melancholy manner. May tion being appointed for the next Sabbath, the time soon come when a great company

in the afternoon preached a preparatory of learned, pious, and zealous young men

lecture from the words of Moses "Who is shall go forth as preachers of the everlast on the Lord's side?" ing gospel to this great people.

26. Spent some time this evening in 22. Held a meeting this morning with observing the eclipse of the moon. As the all those in the seminary who wish to be account of the commencement and the considered as candidates for uniting with ending of the eclipse in the native almanac the church in April next. Fifty-three at differs considerably from ours, many were tended this meeting. It is not to be expect- | very anxious to witness the result. "I took ed, however, that all, or perhaps even half pains at noon to let them see that the clocks of these will come forward on that occa and dial agreed. Many were present at the sion.

time when it was expected to commence, 23. Sabbath. Two daughters of the land anong them some strong heathens, Changany schoolmaster were this day pub- / who were anxiously hoping to witness our licly baptised in the chapel. He has been defeat. But when they saw it commence hopefully pious several years, and was ad at the very inoment that we had told them, mitted to the church about seven months they were evidently much mortified and ago.

disappointed. This is the third defeat of Feb. 2. Went this afternoon to the house the kind that they have experienced in of the Changany schoolmaster to bold a meeting with his family and neighbors. March 15. Have been much encouraged About thirty females and forty males were for many weeks past by the appearance and present. Had an interesting meeting with progress of the larger chi]dren in the native them. My principal object was to point out free schools, who assemble here not only on to them the importance of female education the Sabbath, but also on the forenoon of in this district. This I did by giving them every Tuesday, to be exercised in reading at some length an account of the condition the Scriptures, and repeating their cate: of females in my own country. Though chisms and prayers. After this I spent the schoolmaster is a member of the church, some time in questioning them, and in es: he has not been able to induce his wife to || hortation and prayer. Poften derive great

three years.

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assistance on these occasions from Niles. // We have held several meetings in a new
The children manifest an increasing knowl- bungalow that has lately been erected in
edge of divine things. Some of them assure this village.
me that they are in the daily habit of secret

On Saturday evening I hold a meeting prayer. A few of the schoolmasters appear either with the members of the church, or to be considerably awakened and anxious

with those who prosess a desire to be adto obtain the salvation of their souls. All i mitted to its privileges. Mr. Poor meets of them have evidently received a severe with one of these classes of persons for six shock during the progress of the revival. weeks, and I with the other. We then exThe schoolniaster who teaches in Moolai, change classes for the next six weeks. a village in the west part of Changany, gives me reason to hope that he has passed Bible class in the seminary, who recite

On Sabbath evening I regularly meet a from death unto life. His eldest son, a boy from the English Bible two chapters from of about twelve years of age, also appears the Old Testament in course. They have very well. He is in the habit of reading the Scriptures at home, in the evening, to proceeded as far as the first book of Samuel. his mother and the other members of the They recite it in English rather than in family, and of saying all that he is able in Tamul for the sake of becoming familiar favor of the Christian religion. After I had with the English Bible. finished my exhortation to-day, and was

I also continue the practice of holding a about to pray with the children and school- short meeting every day, (Sundays exceptmasters, the little boy above mentioned, ed,) at 12 o'clock with our workmen and unasked, kneeled down, and in the presence

domestics. I coinmonly read a few verses of all, offered up a short but very appro

from the Bible, give them some appropriate priate and devout prayer; after which I instruction and exhortation, and then conprayed with them. As it was quite unex

clude with prayer. pected my mind was very pleasantly affect On Sabbath morning at 8 o'clock all the ed by the circumstance. I was forcibly children from the native free schools are reminded of that saying of our blessed required to be present in the chapel to comSavior, quoted from the 8th Psalm, "Out mence the Sabbath school. They are then of the mouths of babes and sucklings thou divided into classes, each superintended by hast perfected praise.".

one of the members of the church belongAfter the boys and girls are dismissed, || ing to the seminary, who hears them read the several teachers read a chapter in the the Scriptures and tracts, repeat their cateOld Testament and another in the New, | chisms and Scripture history, questioning and receive appropriate explanation and in-them, as they proceed with their lessons, struction. In this way they are fast ac to see if they understand them, and giving quiring a knowledge both of the Old and them such instructions as their circumNew Testaments. None of them will ac stances require. It is indeed a pleasing knowledge themselves heathen, but profess sight, to behold the ten small rooins for to believe the Scriptures to be the word of prayer, filled each with a class, besides God and Jesus Christ to be the only Savior. other classes in different places, all learning Some of them are undoubtedly sincere, and lessons of heavenly wisdom, which may, all are probably convinced that idolatry is by the divine blessing, prepare some of vain, and that there is no salvation in the them, at least, for the holy enjoyments of Tamul religion, though their proud hearts the eternal Sabbath. may rise in rebellion against the humbling The following instance of superstition is doctrines of the cross.

one among thousands that might be men27. Sabbath. Our congregations are tioned to show that this people are slaves to becoming larger since the harvest, and our their superstitious fears; and that they need chapel will hardly accommodate those who the gospel as the only means of deliverance attend. We can scarcely say to the people from their bondage. "And yet there is room.'

At our afternoon service, for some weeks past, about eighteen along the road just north of the old church,

A few months ago, as I was passing or twenty females have attended. But it is very uncertain how long they will con

I saw one of my nearest neighbors pulling tinue to attend.

down his house, that was almost new, for

the 29. For two weeks past Mrs. M., accom



rebuilding it about four rods panied by Niles, has held very encouraging

distant.' On asking him the reason, he meetings for females at the house of the

was unwilling to inform me. Changany schoolmaster.

ascertained hy inquiring of others, that he

About twentyfive attended and heard very attentively;

was putting himself to all this trouble and still , their prejudices are strong and they lighted upon it

. This was considered a bad

expense merely because a sereech owl had cannot yet be persuaded to attend public omen; and he expected that some great worship on the Sabbath at the station.

evil would soon befall either himself or Miscellaneous Notices,

family, if he suffered his house to remain in

that place. He was therefore at the trouble Mr. Poor and myself have appropriated and expense of removing it to avoid the Wednesday evening to village preaching. I impending danger.

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But I soon


The loss of the inission premises at Manepy the church; but, a small part of them only by fire, was mentioned at p. 369 of the last can be considered as candidates. Some volume. The friends of Christianity in India, of will, we trust, so approve themselves as to various denominations, have contributed liberally

be admitted at the next quarterly com

munion. Cases of serious discipline in our themselves towards re-building them, and have

church have not of late been frequent; and solicited contributions from others. Among these of the 200 individuals received to comwas the late bisbop Turner.

munion since the mission commenced only

six or eight have been excommunicated, Manepy is already so far repaired that though a much larger number have been Mr. and Mrs. Woodward have taken up from time to time suspended from church their abode there. They will proceed with privileges. Several are now under this the repairs as fast as possible. We have a discipline. In general we have great reaprospect of collecting considerable sums in son for thankfulness that church discipline India towards repairing the loss. Many has been allended with very pleasing rekind friends tenderly sympathize in our sults. For the greater convenience of exaffliction and loss, and will do much for ercising necessary discipline we have lately Mr. and Mrs. W. and of course for the formed separate churches, one at each stamission.

tion, and divided the members accordingly, Our quarterly season of communion at forening ourselves at the same time into an Oodooville in April was one of great inter association on the plan of a presbytery, for est. Thirty-four new members were re mutual aid in regulating the concerns of ceived to the communion. There were be the different churches. We shall, as before, tween seven and eight hundred spectators hold our quarterly communions together. present on that joyful occasion.

Not less ihan 150 communicants united in com Condition and Prospects of Idolatry. memorating the dying love of our Redeemer. The exercises of the day were very in It is just now a time of great processions teresting and we may reasonably hope that at the temples. In some cases the assema few more stones have been loosened, at blage of persons at temples of interior note least, if not pulled out from near the foun has been less than usual this season, and dation of heathenism in this region. We the offerings at them are said to have fallen have the prospect also of receiving a con-: off' considerably; but it may be owing in a siderable number at

next quarterly great measure to the poverty of the people, communion which will be, God willing, in in consequence of failure in their crops of July, at this place. Though the revival has grain, and want of market for their tobacco. partially subsided we have still great en There is, however, evidently a gradual decouragement to labor. Our congregations crease of zeal for idolatry, and considerable are now larger at this place than I have numbers have probably relinquished it, who ever known them. Tadeed there is not have not as yet becoine Christians. The room to accommodate the people in our principal temple of Siva, which is near seminary chapel which is 60 feet by 30. Jaffna, is sutiering in consequence of one of We greatly need the old church and could the managers having pawned a gold crown we command funds for the purpose, we of the god Siva and several ornaments of should feel it very desirable to prepare it his wife Parvutee for money to a considerafor public worship as speedily as possible. i ble amount; and the inability of those conIt is indeed a noble building and would cerned to redeem them. The usual public accommodate two or three thousand peo processions of the idols at their temple are, ple. May the time soon arrive when we therefore, suspended, as the god cannot ap. shall see it filled with humble and atten pear without his crown, or his wife without tive worshippers of the true God.

At the principal temple to I hope soon to send you a list of all the Skundun, in Nellore, the ceremonies, which members of our church which I am prepar are to conclude by drawing the great car ing for that purpose.

tomorrow night and the ornamented one

the next morning, go on more prosperThis list has since been received and will ously. A man from this neighborhood yesshortly be published.

terday cut off his tongue in honor of the idol. The amputated part is put in a leaf

under a vessel of water, so that the water is LOW, DATED AUG. 4, 1831.

continually dropping upon it. As it drops,

the tongue is to waste away in the water Discipline and Government of the Church. and grow in the man's mouth! At a tem

ple called Kathergaman, south of Kandy, AFTER giving an account of the late admissions

in the interior, devotees often cut off parts to the church, wbich have been noticed in the of their tongues, which are said to grow preceding numbers of this work, Mr. Winslow again; and sometimes they cut their throats proceeds

and obtain grace from the idol to have them

again healed. A inan, however, a year or As many as have been received, and per. two ago, from Jaffna, cut his throat so as to haps more, profess a desire to unite with die.

her ornaments.





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