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Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing But our lamentation cannot alter the destiny them in the name of the Father and of the Son of those who have already entered on the retri. and of the Holy Ghost?

butions of eternity. No, the 20,000,000 who fled No, brethren, the whole world lieth in wicked last year with never be the better for our present ness, and without Christ must sink into bell. I lears. But there are other millions who are do not say that there are no exceptions. It is rapidly following them. Let us hasten to their the appalling truth on this subject, that renders relief.' Shall not the churches of this favored the text appropriate.

land now come forward to this work with new It may be useful to state some of the grounds energy? Shall they pot now show the heathen of this lamentation as applied to the heathen. that they are in earnest? Men are coming for

The ruin is unspeakably great. Estimate it ward for this service in greater numbers than
by the worth of only one soul. Some of the ever before, and more will come if the church
considerations which show this are, its elevated prays and labors. But I must not close without
rank in creation; capacities for enjoyment and reducing what is proposed to distinct heads.
suffering; capacity for progressive happiness and Resolve that you will live in reference to this
woe; endless duration; price paid for its redemp- end.
tion. Ask the Savior in the garden, on the Increase in holiness. Every advance you
cross, how much one soul is worth. Sach the make will benefit the heathen.
worth of one soul. Measure now its loss.

Make conscience of informing yourself fully in
But again;-his ruin, vast as it is, is extended | respect 10 the wants of heathen.
and multiplied in regard to the heathen, almost Be willing to make sacrifices.
beyond calculation. Consider their pumher

Do what you can to get every man,

woman, almost 500,000,000. All these die in 30 years.

and child to give something, at least once in a Follow them, my brethren, and ask where do year. they go? But this is not all. We have spoken Pray more. of one generation. Sixty generations have fled

Encouragements many.-Word of God. since the Savior's command was given. Oh! Signs of the times.-Facilities.--Success. who can think of it without dismay! Who can

Motives.-Life short.--Eternity near. compute the souls lost! The very greatness of

One thought

take care not lo lose your own the ruin prevents our minds from receiving dis- soul. tinct impressions. We must descend to particulars. Think, then, how many heathen die in one year. Were every inhabitant of the United States to be struck dead this year, it would not

New Bishop of Calcutta.-The Rev. Daniel be as great a mortality as will take place in the Wilson, of Islington, author of Lectures on the heathen world this year. When you leave this Evidences of Christianity, and on the Christian house, and when you awake in the morning, | Sabbath, has been appointed to the see of Cal. when you come to the table of

your Redeemer, and commemorate his dying love, what if at all cutta, recently made vacant by the lamented these seasons you had witnessed ihe long funeral death of bishop Turner, mentioned at p. 183. procession 3,000, 50,000, or 1,500,000 souls, and remembered that they died without the gospel?

The new prelate is a man of evangelical sentiWould you not cry out in agony, “Oh! that

ments and devoted piety; catholic in his feelings my bead were waters and mine eyes a fountain towards other denominations of Christians, and of tears."

an eminent friend of missions and other religious Another ground of lamentation is, that their ruin, great as it is, is unnecessary. 'Were this

and benevolent institutions. The missionaries city to be laid in ashes in consequence of some

and churches in India may expect a bishop of a great neglect to extinguish the flames when they truly apostolical character; and all the friends of were under control, how would it aggravate the Christianity there will unite in praying that he calamity! Were a remedy known and provided for that raging pestilence which bas swept may not speedily sink under his labors, as his 50,000,000 of human beings from the earth in predecessors have done. ten years, how it would aggravate all our feelings! So of the heathen. A remedy is provided for them as well as for us.

Christ has tasted death for every man.

His blood cleanseth The first number of a work entitled The Origin from all sin. Christ is the propitiation for our sin, and not for ours only, but for the sins of the

and History of Missions has recently issued chole world. Bread enough. Room enough.

from the press. A bistory of missions by the Another ground of lamentation is, that the Rev. Thomas Smith, of London, published eight church has this remedy in her hand, and has the

or ten years ago, is made the basis of the work. necessary means of applying it; but hitherto has neglected to do it effectually. The remedy is

This has been corrected and enlarged, and the the gospel. To spread it over the earth, nothing accounts of the several missions continued to the is wanting but the spirit of the primitive church. Il present time by the Rev. John O. Choules, of Where this spirit exists, all means are forthwith | Newport, R. I. The articles relating to the provided. No lack of men nor money.

several missions conducted by the American Another ground of lamentation is, that this neglect to apply the remedy, is in disobedience churches are to be wholly written anew. to the command of Christ. Had the command

The work is to be published in twelve or been obeyed, what a difference in the state and fourteen numbers, at one dollar each, constiprospects of millions of souls for eternity! Oh! tuting, in the whole, two quarto volumes. Not how many had been lifting their voices before the throne of glory, who are now lifting them up

less than thirty engravings and maps will embellish the work.


in despair!

American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions,

50 54
62 11
19 00

10 00
62 00

118 23--321 88


45 90

Ja, 26;

48 25
84 75

6 97
17 25
22 51

114 00

ANNIVERSARIES OF AUXILIARIES. MASSACHUSETTS. The third annual meeting of The Auxiliary of Plymouth County was held at Kingston, April 241. Besides the transaction of the usual business, addresses were delivered by the Rev. H. Bardwell, General Agent of the Board for New England, and Mr. Samuel Munson, an appointed missionary, who attended as a deputation from the Board.

George Russell, Kingston, Secretary; William Nelson, Plymoulli

, Treasurer. The Old Colony Auriliary held its seventh annual meeting at New Bedford, (Head of the River,) April 25th. The usual reports were read, and the ineuing was addressed by the Rev. Mr. Nott, member of the auxiliary, and by the Rev. Mr. Bardwell and Mr. Munson, who attended as a deputation from the Board.

Rev. Samual Nott, Jr. Wareham, Secretary; Haydon Coggeshall, New Bedford, Treasurer.

The Northern Auxiliary in Esser County held its sixth annual meeting, (the first since the division of the auxiliary embracing the whole county,) at East Bradford, May 2u. The usual business was transacted, and the meeting was addressed by Rev. Mr Phelps, of Haverbill. Rev. L. F. Dimmick, Newburyport, Secrelary.

FORMATION OF ASSOCIATIONS. NEW JERSEY. Essez co, Orange, 2d Pres, chh. Gent. Asso. Rev. George Pierson, Pres. Moses Harrison, Sec. Amog N. Condit, Treas.- Lad. Asso. Mrs. Harriet Pierson, Pres. Eliza Pierson, Sec. Mary Dadd, Treas. Nov. 8.

Soutb Orange. Gent, and Lad. Asso. John Ball, Pres. Peter Peck, V. Pres. Daniel Beach, Sec. James W. Hughes, Treas. Nov. 15.

PExNSYLVANIA. Washington co. Canonsburg. Lad. Asso. Mrs. Riddle, Pres. Mrs. Canon, V. Pres. Mrs. Bunyan, Treas. Mrs. Brown, Sec. 4 coll.

VERMONT. Essex ca. Lad. Asso. Mrs. Mary Cutler, Pres. Mrs. Betsey Howe, V. Pres. Miss Re. becca Paine, Sec. Mrs. Betsey Cutler, Treas. 4 coll. April 1.

34 15-373 78

76 66

600 6 00 13 0025 00

1 20 900 16 80-27 00

Danyers, N. par. La, for ed. hea.

Essex, Gent. 33,50; la. 28,61;
Lynn, Mon. con.
Salem, Mon, con. in Howard-st.


S. so. La
Topsfield, Gent. 43.15; la. 53;

mon. con. 17,78; a new year's

off, 3; a friend, 1; Essez co. North, Als. J.S. Pearson, Amesbury, W. par.

Gent. 21,64;
Ja, 24,26;
llaverhill, Ist par. Gent. 22,25;
Ipswich, 1st par. For, miss. 60.

Lynebrock par. Fem, asso.
Newbury, Belleville, La.

Byfield par. Mon. con.
Rowley, Ist par. Geni. 64,27; la.

31,09; fein. char. so. 5; mon. con. 10,64; West Newbury, La, in 2d par.

(of which 14th pay, for John

Kirby in Ceylon, 14;)
Esser co. N.J., T. I'relinghuysen,

Franklin co. Vt. H. Janes, Tr.

Berkshire, Dea. Samson,
Enosburgh, S. Todd,
St. Albans, Gent.
Grafton co, N. H., W. Green, Tr.

Campton, La
Groton, Gent, and la.

Lime, Cent, and la.
Hillsboro' co. N. H., R. Boylston,

Amherst, Gent. 4; c. box, 84c.
Antriin, La.
Dublin, Mon. con.
Hancock, Gent. 16; mon. con.

44; (of which to constitute
the Rev. A. BURGESs an Hon-
orary Member of the Board,

50;) la. 22, Lyndeboro', Gent. 97,10; la.

37,34; Mason, Gent. Alont Vernon, Gent. 23,95; la.

14,56; mon, con. 12,96;
New Boston, Mon. con.

Wilton, Geni.
Litchfield co. Ct, F. Deming, Tr.
Middlesex co. Ms. C. Davis, Tr.

Acton, La.

Sudbury, Gent, and la. Middletoron and vic. Ct. R. Jub

burd, Tr. Chathain, ist so. Gent. 20; la.

18,64; Middletown, Ist so. Gent. New Haven city, Ct. C. J. Salter,

Mon. con. Apri) in three cong: so's, 31,16; do. May in ist and united so's, 32,07; do. in 3d cong. so. 3,01; do, in Yale col

Jege, 35; New York city and Brooklyn, W.

W. Chester, Tr. (of which fr.

asso. in Spring-st. cih. 5;). New London and vie. Ct. W. P.

Cleaveland, Tr. New London, Moni. con. 50;

fem. so. 100; N. Groton, Asso. 21; Mrs. E. El

dridge, av, of beads, 6; Oneida co. N. Y., A. Thomas, Tr.

Clinton, O. Marvin,
Morrisville, Mon. con. in cong.


4 84 20 27 3 37

82 00

134 44
32 25


51 47

4 18 900-311 82

150 00

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Central aur. $o. of Western Nerd

York, Rey. A. D. Eddy, Tr. Gorham, Pratteburgh, Mon. con. 26; asso.

3,25; a widow's mite, 2; Cheshire co. N. H., C. H. Jaquith,

Tr. Marlboro', Mon. con. Chittenden co. Vt. W. I. Seymour,

Tr. Burlington, Young la. so. av. of a fair, (of which to constitute the Rev. JAMES MARSH an Honorary Memher of the Board, 50;) 200; young gent.

20; mon, con. 35; Columbia co. N. Y., 1. Platt, Tr. Cumberland co. Me. w. c. Mitch

ell, Tr.
Bridgeton, S. par. Mon. con.
Gorham, Juv. hea. sch. so.

North Yarmouth, 1st chh.
Essez co. Ms. J. Adams, Tz.

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10 50

522 50 50 00 50 00 50 00 5 00

60 00 4 00

14 00 1 00 9 00

225 00

8 00 12 00 9 19

New Hartford, Mon. con.
Rome, J. W. Bloomfield, (of

which to constitute the Rev.
Moses GILLET an Honorary

Member of the Board, 50;) Sangerstield, Mrs. S. Kellogg, Vernon Village, Presb. cbh, and

cong. Verona, G, Allen, Volney, Mon. con. in cong. chh. Walton, of $40 ack. in June,

1831, as fr. Norwich, $25 were

fr. Walton. Whitesboro', Aux.' 80. 41,70;

fem. miss. So. 60; Orange co. Vt. d. W. Smith, Tr.

Thetford, Mon, con.
Williamstowli, Gent. and la.
Rutland co. Vt. J. D, Butler, Tr.

Hubbardston, Gent.
Orwell, La.
Pawlet, Aux. so.
Poultney, Fem. cent. so.
Rutland, La.
Sudbury, Mon. con.

Tinmouth, Mon. con.
Strafford co.N, H., A. Freeman,

101 70-230 20

14 46 20 54-35 00

83 62 4 (10 5 00

26 00 5 00

9 00 16 26 18 00 18 00 11 56 4 68 300--80 50

125 50

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Barnstead, Asso.

12 00 Dover, Mon. con. in Ist chh. 3 17 Gilmanton East, Gent. 5,60; la. 6,83;

12 43 Iron works, Asso.

6 31 Meredith Bridge, Asso. 21,50; mon. con, 12;

33 50_67 41 Windham co. North, Ct. E. New

bury, Tr. North Killingly, La. 23,54; mon. con. 5,28;

28 82 North Woodstock, Mon. con. in Ist chh.

9 86—-38 68 Windsor co. VI. W. Tileston, Tr. Coventry, L. Frost,

1 37 Hanford, Ceni. 22; la. 12;

34 00 Hartland, Mon. con.

12 10 Windsor, Gent.

11 254 58 62 Total from the above Auxiliary Societies, $2,956 40

50;) 500; mon, con. in 8. par. 22; &

little girl, for bible for Ind. chi). 50c. Brandon, Vt. Coll. Bruttleboro', Vt. Non. con, in E. par. Bridgetown, N. J., L. Q. C. Elmer, Brooklyn, Pa. Mon. con. in presb. chh. Buffalo, N. Y. Dlon. con, in Mr. Eaton's

chb. Caldwell, N. J. Mon. con. in presb. chh. Canton, N. Y. Contrib. in 1st presb. so. Castleton, N. Y. Presb. chh. Charleston, s. C. 2d presb. chh, to con

stitute the Rev. G. D. ABBOTT an Honorary Memler of the Board, 50; mon. con. in Dr. Palmer's chh. 23,62;

Mrs. McElhenny, 10; Charlton, N. Y. Chazy, N. Y., D. Douglas, 3; J. Willis, 2; Chester, Vt. Mon. con. 16; a death bed

off. of Mrs. Mary Burnap, 10; Chester, S. C. Mrs. Davies, Cincinnati, O. Lane spin. 91; 6th chh.

17; C. Kemper, 15; Mrs. B. 2; Rev. D.

B. 511c. Cincinnati and vic. O. By J. Mahard, Athens, Gent. asxo, and Watcrtown

m. asso. 20,57; Cinc uati, Mon. con. in Ist. presb. chh. 05,71; fem. asso. in do. 46,31; man. con. in 2d do. 4,94; fem. asso. in do. 34,75; men. con. in 3d do. 42; do, in 6th do. 6,32; R. Lloyd, 3; Columbus, Chh. 40; Dayton, Asso. 71 Granville, Male asso. 73; fem. asso. 65; Miss L. L. Irville, 2; Greenfeld, Asso. 5; Indian Creek, do. 6,75; Lebanon, do. 7, 66; Maysville, 5; New Jersey, Asso. 16,25; Oxford, do. 27,50; Putnam, Fem. miss. s«. 24,50; Redoah, Asso. 28,75; Ripley, do. 4,43; Rocky Spring, do. 3,54; Ross co. do.); Springfield, do. 14,37; Venice, Chh. 20; Walnut Hills, Mon. con. in Ist presb. chli. 11,15, Washing!on, Asso. 23,50; Worthington, J. Smith, 4,50, Zanesville, Asso. 33,81; Unknown,

6,50; Cohoctur, N. Y., 11. Fowler, Crawfordsville, Inili. Presbytery, Creek Path, Cher, na. Fem. benev. so. Dayton, 0. Coll. hy W. M, T. Decatur, Ga. Coll. Dracut, Ms. Miss. nsso. in W. par. East Alieboro', Ms. Coll, in Mr. Fer

guson's chh. East Lyme, Ct. A fem. friend, East Stockholm, N. Y. Fem benev. so. Fuitfield, N. J. Fem. mite so. (of which

for Union, 30;) Fairfield, S. C., S. Douglas, Formington, Me. For. Alise, asso, Franklin, 0. Coll. by W. M. T. Frederick city, Md. Mon. con. 20; la.

work. sa. 30; Goneva, N. Y. Mon. con. 57,25; C. But

ler, 20; M. and J. B. Hall, 12; D. Cook, 12; A. B. Hall, 12; P. Hastings, 10; M. P. Squier,

10; R. R. &; S. G. 6; W. B. 6; W. H.C. 5; G. H H. 5; L. J. 5; W. M. 2; W. K.2; L. G. 1,06; H. H.l; Grorgia, A fem. friend, Gulmunton Center, N. H. Mon, con. Gloucester, S. Bay, Ms. Mon. con. Goffstoun, N. H. Mon. con. Greensboro', Vt. Dona. Greenwich, Ct. Mon. con. in 2d cong.

chh. Hamp. Chris. Depos. Ms. Williams

burgh, Miss E. Pomeroy, av. of socks, 1,46; West Hampton, fem. asso. av. of

do. 5,57; Hanorer, N. J. Gent, and fa, asso. (of

which to constitute the Rev. WILLIAM
TBEY an Honorary Member of the
Board, 50;) 5:3; fem. mite so. for Aaron

Condit in Ceylon, 11;
Hanover, Indi, Colí. by W. M.T.
Hardwick, Vt. A revol. officer,
Huntsville, Ala. Mon. con.

658 77

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Abingdon, Va. J. Smith,
Abington, Ms. Mon. con. 34; a friend, 1;
Albany, N. Y. Mon. con, in N, and 2d

ref. prot. D. chlis, and Ist, 2d and 3d presb.chhs. 115,24; 4th presb. chh. 50; Amsterdain Village, N. Y, Mon. con. in

presb. chh. Anderson Dist. S.C. Rev. D. Humphrey, Ancorer, W. par. Ms. Gent. and la.

60,71; mon. con. S; Auburn, N. Y., I. Darrow, Bernbridge, N.' Y. Mon. con. Baltimore Presbytery, Md. Av. of la.

sew. so. of 1st presb. clih. Baltimore, 330; mon. con. in do. 150; Taneytown, ha. sewing so, 20; av. of work by sab. sch. teachers in Frederic co. 40; for support of Rev. Richard Armstrong, missionary, Barnet, V1. Mon. con. in lst cong, chl. Barre, Ms. Mon. con. Beverly, Ms. A lady in Mr. Oliphant's so. Binghamton, N. Y. Mon. con. in presb. Blaunburgh, N. J. Mon. con. Bloomingsburgh, N. Y. Coll. in Mr. Van

Vechten's chb. for families of impris. missionaries, Boston, Ms. Young la. sewing circle in

Balem chh. for Justin Edwards, in Ceylon, 20; A. F. 15; Braintret, Ms. JONATHAN NEWCOMB,

which constitutes him an Honorary Member of the Board, (and of which to constitute the Rev. JONAS PERKINS an Honorary Member of the Board,

540 00 18 00 27 76 2 00

174 31

5 00 8 18 50 00 16 82 1 00

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24 24 12 V

10 00

500 00

6 42 5 00 5 50 1 06 3 50

25 00

St. Johnsbury, Vt. 24 cong. chh. for Ceylon in iss,

57 50 Topsham, Me. Mon. con.

10 00 Trenton, N. J. La, frag. so. to constitute

the Rev. JAMES W. ALEXANDER an Honorary Member of the Board,

50 00 Troy, N. Y. Ist presb, chh. towards sup port of a missionary,

200 00 Ulysses, N. Y. Ist presb chh.

100 00 Waldoboro', Me. S. Norse,

50 00 Walton, N.'Y. Fem. miss. sc. in Colum. bia so. 16; benev. so. 35,21;

51 21 Warwick, N. Y. Fem, miss, so.

12 13 Waterford, Vt. miss. so.

10 00 Weathersfield, Vt. Mon. con. 4,43; coll. for Sandw. Isl. miss. 56c.

4 99 Benham, Ms. By Rev. E. P. Sperry,

21 25 Westfield, N. J. Gent, and la. asso.

49 53 Wes' ford, N, Y. Rev. W. Evans,

4 00 Weston, Vi. Rev. I. Parsons,

20 00 West Randolph, Vt, Mon. con.

8 30 Wilkesbarre, Pa. Mon. con.

56 0 Winchester, Ten. Mon. con.

30 00 Windham, Vt. Fem. asso.

9 00 Woodstock, Ct. Mon. con. in 3d so.

20 00 Worcester, Ms. Mrs. R. Richards,

50 00 Wyson, Pa. Mon. con. in presb. cbh.

5 00 W-, Ms.

500 Whole amount of donations acknowledged in the

preceding lists, $9,206 64.

10 00 40 20 3 50 5 00 5 00 50 00

50 00 16 00 10 00

20 00 3 71

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32 22 4 00 3 00 12 00 12 00 20 00 100 00

Ithaca, N. Y., D. chh.
Jamaica, Vi. Mon. con.
Jemestoron, N. Y. Mon. con. in presb.

chh. Killingworth, Ct. Rev. A. Nettleton, av.

of Village Hymns, by Rev. D. Chapin,
Kirby, Vt. Chh.
La Fayette, Indi. J. 8. Hanna,
Lebanon, N. A., I. Allen,
Leverett, Ms. C. box of B. Ball,
Lewis, N. Y. Mon. con. in presb. chh.
Lerington, N. Y. Rev. GEORGE STE-

PHENSON, which constitutes him an
Honorary Meniber of the Board, 50;

ded. am't ack. in No. for August, 25, Lexington Flats, N. Y. Mon. con. in

presb. chh. Limerick, Me. Mon. con. London, O., A missionary in the west, Longmeadow, Ms. W. White, Lowndes co. Alissi. W. H, Craven, Madison, Indi. Coll. by W. M. T. Manchester, Vt. Mon. con, in cong. chh.

20; fem, benev. so. for Susan Howe

Bennet in Ceylon, 30; Marbletown, N. Y. Mon. con. Marshfield, Ms. A. Ames, Maysville, N. Y. Presb, chh. Middle Island, N. Y. Rev. E. King, Middletown. 0, Col. by W. M. T. Morristown, N. J. Ladies, to constitute

the Rev. CHARLES HOver an Honorary Meinber of the Board, 50; an unknown

friend, 13,50; Newark, N. J. Fem. aux. so. in 2d chh, Nero Brunswick, N. J. Mon, con. 22,22;

T. Strong, 10; New Orleans, Lou. Coll. 3; D. P. Ruff, 1; North Hanerhill, N, H., U. Worthen, Norwich, Vt. Mon. con. Painesville, O., L. Martindale, Parsippany, N. J. Read, and sewing so. Philadelphia, Pa. E. F. Backus, Pittsburgh, Po. A friend, to pur. New

Testaments for Jews in Palestine, 5;

for Bumbay miss. 5; by Rev. E. P. S.
Pittsfield, Vi. Mon. con.
Plattsburgh. N. Y. Aux. so.
Pleasant Ridge, 0. Chh. by W. M. T.
Port Gibson, Missi. Mon. con. in presb.

Portsmouth, N. H. Fem. miss. asso. in
Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Mon. con.
Princeton, N.J. Students of Nassau Hall,

to constitute the Rev. JOHN MCLEAN an Panorary Member of the Board, 50;

theol. sem. 41,54); m. box, 8,50; Providence, R. I. By Rev. T. T. Water

inan, Putney, Vt. Mon, con, and indiv. to con

stitute the Rev, BENJAMIN HENRY PITMAN an Honorary Member of the

Board, Richmond, N. Y. Coll. Rochester, N. Y., E. Peck, for Tuscarora

miss. Rockaway, N. J. Presb. chh. Rupert, Vt. Mon. con

12,03; an unknown friend, 5; Rev. D. Wilson, 2,97; Sag Harbor, N. Y. Presb. chh. 10; J.

Hedge, 5;
Salem, S. C. Coll. by G, W. B.
Sand Lake, N, Y. Mon. con. in presb.

chh. 16; Rev. T. S. Wickes and wife, Sand Spring, O., A friend, towards re

pairing loss by fire at Manepy, Schenectady, N. Y. Fem. iniss. sew. so.

70; mon. con. in Dutch and presb.

chhs. 38;
Shepherdstoron, Va. La. asso. to consti.

tite the Rev. E. O. HUTCHINSON an
Honorary Meinber of the Board, 50;

la, asso. in Germ. ref chh, 12;
Shrewsbury, N. Y. Presb. chh.
Starkley, N.Y.
St. Augustine, E. Flor. O. Conger,

10 00

2 29 43 00 11 25

52 00

N. par.

43 73 16 25

100 00

3 00

50 00 4 62

IV. DONATIONS IN CLOTHING, &c. Barre, Ms. A box, fr. fem. benev. so.

34 74 Catskill, N. Y., A box, fr. ladies in

Mr. Wyckoft's cong, for Markinaw, 150 00 Charleston, 8. C., A box, fr. ladies, for

Rev. G. W. Boggs.
Cincinnati and vic. 1. Sundries, fr. asso.

viz. Oxford, 1,50; Daylon, 13,34;
Springfield, 3,50; Redruk, 91,81; Rip-
ley, 46,66; Washington, 5,12; Zanes-
ville, 22,01; New Jersey, 6,25; Leoa-
non, 10; Greenfield, 7,87; Indian Creek,
4,19; Ross co. 23, Rucky Spring, 13, 34;
fem. asso

in Putnam, 67,12; fr. c.
Johnson, of Franklin, two barrels
flour and dried apples, for Chicknsaw

miss.; a box, fr. la. iu Granville, 53,41. Hunder, N.A., A box, fr. B. Wood.

ward, for Rev. II. Woodward, Ceylon North Wilbraham, Ms. A bundle, fr.

fem. asso. Paris Hill, N. Y., A barrel, for Dr. G. P.

Judd, Sandw. Isl. Peacham, Vt. A box. fr. young la. sew. 80. for Mrs. Worcester, New Echota,

27 00 Pittsfield, Ms. A box, fr. ladies, for

Sandw. Isl, miss.
Putncy, Vt. A box, fr. Dorcas so. for wes.

Uzbridge, Ms. A box, fr. la. asso,
Heathersfield, Vt. A box, fr. gent. and

la. for Rev. S. Hall. Western, Ms. A box, fr. fem. Dorcas $0.

40 70 Unknown, A box, for Rev. H. Read,

Bombay. The following articles are respectfully solicited from

Manufacturers and others, Printing paper, to be used in publishing portions of the Scriptures, school buoks, tracts, &c. at Bombay, and at the Sandwich Islands.

Writing paper, wriling books, blank books, quills, slates, &c. for all the missions and mission schools: especially for the Sandwich Islands.

shoes of a good quality, of all sizes, for persons of both sexes; principally for the Indian missions.

Blankets, coverlets, sheets, &c.
Fulled cloth, and domestic cottons of all kinds.

15 00 56 31

20 00 25 00

20 00

15 00 1 79

36 00

5 00

108 00

62 00
2 50
3 00
10 00

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in this land of darkness it is inspiriting to hear of such a wonderful and gracious visitation from on high. So it shall be here for the Lord has promised it. But now, oh

how different! It makes the heart ache (Continued from p. 139.)

even to contemplate the scene. Superadded

to paganism, are seen and felt the withering The last published extracts from the journal of effects of a Christianity which is not ChrisMr. Bridgman were written about the time of his tianity. But still it is a system which great arrival at Macao from Canton in June of last efforts are made to extend. The number of

Romanists in these regions has been much year.

increased of late. Six Catholic priests Journal at Macao.

from France, young and zealous, and eight

Chinese youth, educated, I believe, in July 25, 1831. Gambling among the Italy, have within a few days arrived here Chinese is a favorite amusement, and in its

to propagate the faith. effects is most destructive to the wellbeing We observed the monthly concert for of society. When once commenced, it eats prayer this evening. Three persons only, as doth a canker. Though perhaps the besides Dr. Morrison and family, in whose most common among the lower orders of house we met, attended. We have great society, yet there is reason enough to be need of faith, and great need of the conlieve it prevails, and to no small extent, stant and fervent intercessions of all our through all the grades, from the imperial Christian friends. Three or four native palaces to the meanest hovels. They have Christians in China, Mr. Gutzlaff on the a considerable variety of games in which coast bound in the spirit to Pekin, six or cards are commonly used. There are few, eight missionaries at the Straits and at if any, times or places, when or in which Bankok, and ourselves here, constitute but the Chinese will not gamble.

a feeble band, ridiculous in the world's eye, The more serious-minded Chinese whom going to convert China. I have conversed with on the subject have

Sept. 5.

Commenced the Scripture many very correct ideas of the evils of this references; copying from Bagster's Polypractice, so far as they affect temporal in- | glott Bible, rendering the references into terests. Moralists and teachers of youth Chinese, by the help of my boys, and for will sometimes use words to dissuade from the help of Chinese disciples in years and the practice. But even in these cases, few ages to come. as they are, the conduct does not agree with the counsels.

Return to Canton. 27. This afternoon followed to the grave the remains of Robert Williams a sailor be Sept. 20. All the circumstances of a longing to the American ship Panther. residence in China are well calculated to Death came upon this man like a thief in make one feel that he is a pilgrim and the night. He fell from aloft on the deck, stranger here, having no continuing city. and expired in a few hours. Watch and My little stock of furniture is packed this pray, therefore, for ye know not the hour morning, expecting in the evening to set when the Son of Man cometh.

off in a chop boat for Canton. A chop boat Aug: 1. Last evening received letters, is one which has a "chop" or permit from pamphlets, and papers, giving detailed ac government, and makes it unlawful for the counts of the effusion of the Holy Spirit on pirates to seize and rob or murder you. the churches of Christ in the United States. ll Besides it gives a specified number of perVOL. XXVIII.


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