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sons, no matter whether they be soldiers or The press sent to this mission inore than a priests, the privilege of going to reside in

year since has not been put into operation owing the provincial city.” A missionary if he

to a deficiency in respect to the type, and the goes under such circumstances, is recogmized probably, only as a merchant, or a

want of a competent printer. The deficiency merchant's clerk. And such, I believe, was

will speedily be supplied, and it is hoped that a the case with the officers of the Vincennes, 1 suitable person may be found to proceed to that two years ago. One may not altogether station as a printer within a few months. like this; but there is no help for it, only by smuguling, or by leaving the country. Nov. 26. During the present season

20. One day and two nights brought us have had the pleasure of making the acsafely to Canton early on Thursday morn quaintance of several English gentlemen of ing the 22d, just in time to escape one of very decided Christian characier. Some of the severest stornis, with which the coast them have been for a long time residents in of China is visited.

India, and gave most pleasing intelligence, Canton and Wampoa are so far from the not only in regard to the labors, but also of open sea, that they are quite secure in such the success of the missionaries. They seasons, and at neither place was any very stated what they had seen with their own considerable damage sustained. But at and eyes. Others of the gentlemen were masoff Macao it was most emphatically a ters of ships, and one of them was truly a "la fung," a great wind. The greatest | burning and shining light. He took from force of the wind was at the highest point our little depository forty copies of the holy of one of the highest tides. Such a scene || scriptures, in the English, Dutch, Spanish, of desolation has not been presented by any and Chinese languages; all of which he gale that has occurred the last twenty distributed: and besides these, he also took years. Houses were unroofed, walls were and distributed several thousand pages of thro yn down, crope of rice were swept tracts in English and Chinese. Similar away, and great numbers of fishing and pas- efforts have been made by an American sage boats were overwhelmed in the waves gentleman in the same capacity. and dashed on the shore. An official document from Macao states that 4,005 dead bodies were picked up along the coast.

Ceylon. Great injury has been sustained by the foreign shipping:

MEIGS, AT BATTICOTTA. Oct. 2. Last evening Aking, my former teacher, came and brought with him

(Continued from p. 179.] Ajoo to read the Scriptures. It was the first time the latter had ever read the word

April 7, 1831. Attended a meeting of of God. I gave him a New Testainent. I the committee of the Bible Society in JaffOh Lord sanctify him through thy truth; || napatan. The third volume of the Old thy word is truth? Nov. 5. Procured a thousand copies of led from Madras. This society receives

Testament in Tamul has lately been receivMilner's tract on gambling, it contains thir- ||1,000 copies of this edition. Five hundred teen leaves; and cost, including the blocks, 1 copies were distributed to-day, 200 of which paper, printing, and all $15. The Chinese do not count the pages, but the leaves of mul association at this place, which con,

come to this station, principally to the Ta. their books. We have then 26,000 pages tributed during the past year one hundred of tracts for $25, or better than 10 pages for and fifty rix dollars to the fun of the soone cent.

Besides, the blocks are pre- || ciety. We have abundant reason to rejoice served and subsequent editions will come

in so large a supply of the Tamul scriptures. cheaper.

The Old Testament is printed in four 11. In the afternoon conversed with octavo volumes, with beautiful type and Afa. He had not finished the autobiogra- | paper, and put up in strong binding. The phy, which sometime before I had request. edition is very acceptable to the native ed; said he had much work to do; wished | Christians, and to all who are desirous of to prepare and publish many books; and to reading the scriptures. The society have plant the good seed, so that if he should die an edition in progress with a very small it might live after him. He made many type, in which the whole Old Testament is other such like remarks, showing, and it is to be comprised in one octavo volume. pleasing to see,

how much his heart is fixed 20. Held a meeting this afternoon at the on propagating the gospel of God "in every house of Gabriel Tissera for all the families direction." He has now on hand, written by of native Christians connected with this himself, and unpublished, nine tracts, some station, of which there are four living of them containing thirty leaves and up- / within a few rods of each other. The wards; and none, I believe, less than ten meeting on the premises for members of the leaves. Dr. M. 'stated, also, in his letter, church, except on Sabbath noon, being that he now has lying in manuscript (Chi- principally confined to members of the nese) Notes on the epistles of Peter,” be- seminary, the female members are unwilcause lie has no means to print them. ling to attend. We therefore appointed


this meeting among themselves as families. 1 conduct towards him, and in her feelings
Mr. Poor and myself explained to them upon this subject. She promises to accom-
briefly their duties to each other, to the puny him to church the next Sabbath. He
church, and to the heathen around them. said, with much feeling, “This change has

5. Yesterday spent the Sabbath at the not been effected by what I have done. It
island of Caradive. The children belonging is all the doings of my son, who reads the
to three schools assembled at our Bunga- scriptures and tracts every evening to his
low, to the number of 117. Eighteen other mother, and then kneels down and prays."
people were present to witness the exami- Thus we see how children by receiving
nation of the boys in their Christian lessons, good impressions in the schools, may be-
and to hear the serinons. The children come blessings to their parents and neigh-
recited their catechisms and scripture les bors.
sons remarkably well, and gave me much 15. Azel Backus was the first boy taken
pleasure by their good appearance. Alex. into our charity school at Batticotta. It
ander Lovell attends them every Sabbath may be recollected by his supporters in
as a catechist, and has a fine field of labor. America that many years ago he was turn-

28. The quarterly meeting of our school- ed out of the school and punished by the
masters was at Batticotta to-day. About magistrate for stealing and other bad con-
200 persons were present in the chamber of duct. He is now living in the family of
Ottley Hall. The subject chosen for the J. N. Mooyart, Esq. in the south part of
occasion was the value of the soul. After the island, conducts himself remarkably
the general meeting we separated them well, and gives very satisfactory evidence
into three companies. 1. The members of piety. He lately gave fifteen shillings
of the church, who held a prayer meeting out of his wages towards repairing the loss
for a blessing upon the word. 2. A meets by fire at Manepy.
ing of those who express a desire to unite
with the church at the expiration of three

"Though secd lie buried long in dust,

It sha'nt deceive their hope.” months. 3. All the remainder met in another room and received instruction and His case strikingly illustrates this sentiexhortations suited to their circumstances. ment. For many years he was one of the Very salutary impressions appear to have most profligate youths we ever had in the been made upon the minds of many present. school. But now how changed by divine These meetings have been greatly blessed grace! to our schoolmasters.

There is another

pious youth in our misa May 10. My school and schoolmasters sion named Azel Backus, who is a helper were present here at their weekly meeting at Tillipally. It is indeed delightful to witness the ad 22. The wife of the Moolai schoolmastes vancement in Christian knowledge that is attended church on the Sabbath. She is a made by many of the larger children of woman of decent appearance, of good caste, both sexes

. They appear to have very few and well behaved. May this prove an exprejudices against Christianity. Several of ample to stimulate the other schoolmasters them read the scriptures and daily pray in to bring their wives to church also. This secret; and many read the scriptures and is an object that we have much at heart. tracts to their parents.

Our friends at home can hardly conceive 11. For some weeks past we have had how strong the prejudices of this people are an evening meeting in Moolai. Many peo- against females attending church. This, ple attended and heard the gospel with however, as well as many other prejudices, much attention. This eve

will melt away and disappear before the menced in Potter's Village near Changany; cheering influence of the rays of gospel The children from two large schools and light. many of the neighboring men and a few 29. Our audience has become so large women were present.

that we have not room to accommodate it 12. The Moolai schoolmaster has long in the seminary chapel. We have, theremanifested a more than usual attention to fore, enlarged it by removing the moveable the concerns of his soul, has been in the li pulpit and clearing the room north of the habit of praying in his school and of teach- | chapel, for our families and the native ing his children to pray. He informs me females who attend. The preacher, by that while he was praying in his school standing the door-way, is easily heard by to-day two drunken men of low caste, in- all. I preached here to-day to about five stigated by some of his relations, came in hundred persons. while he was on his knees, pulled him over backwards, and insulted him with very received from different parts of India, it abusive language. He bore it all very pa- | appears that our friends are exerting themtiently, and manifested much of the spirit selves much on our account, that the severe of a Christian.

losses at Manepy may be made good to Mr. 14. The Moolai schoolmaster informs Woodward and the mission. The Lord me that his wife, who for a long time has Bishop of Calcutta is exerting himself been very much opposed to his becoming a much in our favor both at Madras and Christian, is now greatly altered in her | Bombay.

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er 30. By letters which have been lately







June 5. Sabbath. To-day in addition to || When the people see that we are in earnest the Moolai schoolmaster's wife, the Chan- || in our addresses to them, their ears are gany schoolmaster brought his wife and opened to bear. Truth coming warın from sister and seven other females with them to the heart can scarcely fail to make an imchurch. We had twenty females of good pression. caste, and eighty girls from the schools. 30. At our weekly prayer-meeting read The audience consisted of at least five hun- the following passage from Foster: "The dred persons. If we can succeed in so far individual who should solemnly resolve to breaking down the prejudices of this people try the best and last possible efficacy of as to induce many females to attend church, prayer, and unalterably determine that it will be indeed a great conquest over heaven should not withhold a single inhcathenism.

fluence which the utmost effort of perse. 6. The monthly missionary prayer-meet- |vering prayer could bring down, would ing was at Batticotta to-day. The meeting probably feel himself becoming a much was highly interesting and profitable. We more successful agent in his little sphere." agreed to observe next Friday morning as This is not only probable but certain. a season of special prayer for the out-pour-“Prayer ardent opens heaven," and the ing of the Holy Spirit upon this people. great reason why there is so little success After this we propose to go in turn two and

among us is, that we pray so little for it. two to all our stations, also to Jaffna, Nel

June 12. Administered the Lord's suplore, and Print Pedro. May the Lord prepare our hearts for this labor, and speedily hold every Sabbath with a select class of

per at this place. In a meeting which I revive his work.

boys and girls from my native free schools, I asked how many of them were willing, if

permitted, to receive the Lord's supper. SCUDDER, AT PANDITERIPO.

About twenty expressed their willingness.

May the great Head of the Church take April 10, 1831. To-day I gave the Garut them up in his arms and bless them. ree, (a verse of the vedoo which is consider This people have a scape-goat. Someed very sacred, and is known only by times when they are sick they vow that if priests and brahmins,) together with some they get well, they will send away one of of the muntrums or prayers which are com their goals. They tie a string (generally municated privately by them to particular yellow) around its neck, or cut out a piece classes of people, to a number of the read of ils ear, and dismiss it. All who see it ers in my native free schools to commit to

know it is sacred and will not molest it. memory. Though in the Tamul character, If a man has committed a great crime, he they are in the Sanscrit language. Those difinisses a goat in order that his sin may who recite them correctly are to receive a be taken away. Before this is done it is small reward. It is considered the height sprinkled with water and the individual of impiety to repeat them aloud The puts his hands on its head and prays to his mouths of those who do so, it is said, will god for forgiveness. become worm-eaten. The little boys and 16. Went to Jaffna to assist in laboring "girls, however, are so totally regardless of with Mr. Poor, among Mr. Roberts' people

. what is said, that they have no hesitation | In the afternoon visited the Roman Catho. in doing it. The brahmins have been lic priest at that place. This is the first thrown into great consternation by our Catholic priest to whom I have had access printing them, and threaten to execute since the commencement of 1829. Had a vengeance upon those who gave them to long conversation with him. As I wished us, if discovered. By our circulating them to talk with him as much as possible on a great blow has been given to heathenism. I experimental religion, I requested to see

17. Mr. Spaulding came here and labor him alone. I dwelt much upon the great ed with a select class of children from my doctrine of justification by the blood of native free schools and schoolmasters. | Christ alone. In this, of course, he did not Twenty-four of the children declare that agree with me. He was much disposed to they observe the Sabbath. In the evening dispute on points foreign to this great subMr. Poor came and united with Mr. Spauld lject, and I as much to contend with him on ing in holding a meeting in a neighboring this point only. Catholic village.

19. To-day I endeavored to get at the 20. Spent the day at Tillipally with Mr. feelings of the boys and girls in my native Winslow in laboring with the children from free schools in regard to making offerings the native free schools with schoolmasters to idols. As I have the images of several and women and with the children belong-1 of their gods, and as a feast of Pulliar has ing to the boarding school. Mrs. Spaulding just been commenced at a temple near me has a very interesting meeting for females I presented his image before them, and on Friday afternoon, which we attended. asked who had a mind to make an offering

21. Held our weekly conference at this to him, of the fruit they had just received place as usual this evening. A remark from me. Of about 200 who were present made by one of my native members is big a dozen only could be found who were wil. with importance. The substance of it was, I ling to make such an offering. I then took

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the opportunity to show the vanity of giv- !' who had confidence in the idol expressed ing their property to Pulliar, and eventually his belief to the contrary. A day was apto the brahmins. Truth has made such an pointed to make the trial. At the appointed impression upon the minds of must of the time Virava descended from his place of children, thai when they grow up the brah-abode, entered into one of his votaries, and mins will have a poor dependence, if they declared that what the young man had look to them for support.

brought was a jewel. It appeared that he 23. Attended the meeting of the Bible was mistaken. It proved to be a small and tract societies at Jaffna. It appears green mango

As Virava did not exert his from the annual report of the latter that we power on Saturday in saving the man's life, have printed nearly 300,000 tracts during I hope it will have a tendency to open the the last eight years. We are under very

eyes of the people still farther. One would great obligations to the parent society in

suppose that the wife of the man had seen England for their constant supply of paper. enough of the folly of making offerings at It may well be asked, what could we have such temples. This is the third instance in done without it. We also feel under great which they have been tried in her family obligations to the American Tract Society since I came here. Death followed in each for their continued liberality. 25. This morning the car of Pulliar was

As far as I can learn the image of Virava drawn at a temple near me.

Went with

is not put in the temples in this island. An

iron or silver trident is erected and worseveral helpers to distribute tracts. The scene was beyond description heart-rend- shipped in its stead. The people have a ing. Several small stones were thrown, and

very great idea of the power of this imagihooting and ridicule were heaped upon us

nary being. If a person charged with any without measure. A tract which had been great crime will go to his temple and take

an oath that he is innocent, the one who torn up was thrown in pieces at my feet. People who have an idea that the heathen brings the accusation has nothing more to may be saved without the gospel should say: In a word, taking an oath in his temhave been present. It appears to me that ple puts an end to all disputes. Last week, they would have returned, smiting on

as I was returning home from visiting a their breasts, saying the heathen are with

sick woman, I went into one of the temples out God and wiihout hope in the world.

and took the trident in my hand. I learn

that it has excited much wonder that I was The car was very beautiful. Several de

not destroyed. It was remarked by some luded human beings rolled after it. The feast of Pulliar lasts about ten days. Every

one that Virava probalily ran off in consenight there are ceremonies. In general a

quence of seeing my white jacket.
number of people club together to bear the
expenses. As I had understood an Odijar EXTRACTS
of one of the villages of Changany, at
whose house I have held meetings, was the
person who intended to bear the expense

The first entry was made a few days after the
of the ceremonies on Wednesday night. burning of the mission premises at Manepy.
I went to his house on the preceding Sab-
bath afternoon and had a long conversation

Superstition of the People. with him. I pointed out to him fully the vanity of what he was about to do, and told April 3, 1831. I preached for Mr. Woodhim that he was preparing the way for the ward at Manepy to-day, at a school bungacurses of God to fall upori him. The only low near the church, in front of which a reason he gave for engaging in such temporary shed had been erected for the things was that his ancestors did so. My accommodation of such as could not be native helpers have repeatedly attended the seated in the bungalow. My text was, “Is ceremonies to make known Christ to the there evil in the city and the Lord hath not people.

done it." The subject appeared to be time%. I understand that a cow and a silver ly, as the general opinion among the heatrident were promised to Virava's temple, then around is said to be, that Ganesa, in case he would save the life of a man who whose temple (as has been often mentioned) died of the cholera on Saturday. Thus it is on the church lands at Manepy, sent fire appears that he clung to his idols, even to from heaven to consume the premises occuthe last. This temple is in the same garden pied so much to his detriment. One man* where he lived. Of late it has been desert- affirms that he saw the fire fall from the ed by several of the people in its vicinity. sky, that it was like lightning, and that It was brought into disrepute several years there was one clap of thunder! If the more ago in consequence of Virava's inability to learned or sensible of the natives do not reveal a secret. The circumstances are as

believe that the idol sent this judgment follows. A young man, who had heard upon the missionary, yet they are willing much of Christianity and was speculatively to have others believe it, for the honor of convinced of its truth, expressed his belief that Virava could not tell what it was that . Since arrested for stealing at the time of the he would hold concealed in his hand. One fire, and committed to prison.






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their religion; and they therefore talk in! Bishop Turner has evidently the success the same way as the more ignorant; and a of missions deeply at heart; and considerseries of adverse events, which have occur ing the short time he has been in India, his red to Mr. Woodward since he gave some views of the venality and duplicity of the countenance to the pulling down and re native character, of the danger of missionamoving the temple of this idol, soon afterries and others being imposed upon by the he first went to Manepy, have afforded to hypocrisy of false converts of the comparthose who wish to boast themselves in the latively little use of giving the natives mere god, some apparent reason for doing so. | worldly learning without Christian instrucThe ignorant heathen, whose religion con tion-of the importance of having Christian sists principally in fear, look upon a god of teachers, if possible in all the native free so much power with awe, and cry out, schools-of the superior advantages of con"Great is Garesa of the Hindoos." When centrated effort, on a small field, over dewe tell them you cannot, certainly, consider sultory operations on a larger scale-and of him to be a good god, if he destroys build the value of the English language, and the ings erected for such charitable purposes as sciences, when taught in connection with you acknowledge these to have been, or in- | Christianity, as a means of overturning the jures so good a man as Mr. Woodward, who / system of idolatry in these strong holds, not only instructs your children, but feeds seem remarkably clear and correct. On the poor and gives medicine to the sick, learning that, though many of our schools they say, “No matter, he is a pelluttavan, are still taught by heathen masters, for (mighty one) “and therefore is to be wor want of better to supply their places, they shipped." Even the members of the church are required to leave off all leathenish cereare troubled with the boastings of the peo- monies, to attend divine worship on the ple, and find it difficult to bear them. Sabbath, and to learn and recite stated

The congregation in the bungalow was scripture lessons weekly; and that they and nearly a3 large as it used to be in the the children are under constant Christian suchurch. Many seemed gratified with the perintendence, he observed, that the system view given of the universal providence of is very different from that pursued in most God, and some were surprised when it was other places which he had visited, where intimated that we should again repair the the schools are taught by heathen masters; church and other buildings which had been as, in general, he had found that they not burned, which they thought would now only have no love for Christianity, but no certainly be deserted.

knowledge of its truths. Such schools are the idol mentioned above, on the principal | little better than useless. “Men do not

12. It being the annual procession of indeed to all judicious Christians, acquaintcar of the temple at Manepy, which closes the ceremonies of several preceding nights, gather grapes of thorns, nor figs of thistles;" and always takes place on the first day of and if the school system ever does much for the Tamul year, I went to distribute tracts

India, it will be by means of Bible instructo the people who were collected together. tion, and in the end mainly by Christian On my first appearance among them they

teachers. After all the talk there is about seeixed inclined to be riotous. Some of them civilization paving the way for Christianity, had been talking hard against the native it would be much more proper to reverse assistants at the station, who were there

the order, and say that Christianity predistributing tracts to them, saying, “You pares the way for civilization. However need not come among us, our god has de- || itsell, and especially when connected


many blessings civilization may bring of stroyed your church, and driven away your padre, so that he dare not come here, and Christianity, it never makes men Chriswhy do you come?” When, however, they

lians, nor prepares them to worship accep; saw me, and learned that Mr. Woodward | tably the only true God. The civilized

Hindoos are farther from the kingdom of was not well, they became quiet, and received the tracts very cheerfully. Many heaven, than the untutored negroes of Afrisaid, it is very foolish to believe that our

ca, the naked islanders of the South Seas, gods have become angry, and have burned

or the wandering savages of the western

wilds of America. Of these, so degraded the church.

in the scale of civilization, hundreds and

thousands have received the tidings of the Intercourse with Bishop Turner. gospel with great joy, but of those,


dreds, if not thousands, in a single city, after The visit of this prelate to the mission and his having been educated, to a considerable ex.

tent in the literature and science of the examination of the schools shortly before his death were noticed at p. 103. At that time the opposed to the gospel, and grovelling in all

west, and risen high in civilization, are still missionaries had free intercourse with him re

the low idolatry of the east. The light of specting the method of conducting missions in reason has dawned upon them, and they India, and obtained a full expression of his prefer it to the light of revelation; but it has views on many points of much importance. Mr. they ought not to worship the work of their

not been clear enough for them to see that Winslow remarks

own hands. And though some have cast

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