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off the more absurd forms of idolatry and couple were married last year, some of the
are perhaps deists, all the labors of Ram members of the church were much im-
Mohun Roy and others of similar views pressed with the solemnity of the transac-
in India and in other countries, have not tion; and, in talking to the people, made
raised any considerable number of these the difference between it and the idle cere-
"enlightened Hindoos" so high as the monies of the heathen an argument in favor
standard of pure theism, according to the of Christianity. The ceremonies being
doctrines of natural religion. But, however concluded, the parties and their friends
easy it may appear for rational heathens to partook of some fruit and cakes; after which
become “rational Christians," this single the bridegrooms, having according to the
step, to be taken by the aid of reason alone, custom of the country presented their brides
is more difficult than that from the depths with a wedding garment, and tied on their
of vice and barbarism to the heights of necks the tuli, (a small gold ornament worn
evangelical Christianity, through the in as a sign of marriage,) went, accompanied
fluence of the cross of Christ. The preach- by their friends, in a kind of procession
ing of Christ and hìm crucified is still the each to the house of his bride's father; or as
wisdom of God and the power of God unto we should here say mother, for the property
salvation unto all, in every situation, generally belongs to the females. It is cus-
whether savage or civilized, ignorant or tomary for the new married couple to re-
learned, bond or free, who receive the truth main with the family of the bride, but in
in the love of it; and though the aids of some cases they form separate establish-
philosophy, by which the preacher's reason ments, or even go to reside with the parents
ing may be apprehended, are not to be or relations of the bridegroom.
despised, yet if' these are not found, he is 27. Held an evening village meeting at
not to wait for them, but as he goes, he is to Inneville, in which was assisted by Messrs.
"preach," and to preach not to the enlight- | Spaulding and Woodward. The attendance
ened only but to "every creature."

was good, but some of the people present Admissions to the Church - Marriages-- school for having become a Christian; and

complained loudly of the teacher of the Meetings.

especially for not letting them know beforeApril 21. Our quarterly communion was

hand that he was going to be baptised, as to-day held at Oodooville, and thirty-four he was at the last quarterly meeting, that natives were received to the church. The ll they might be baptised with him! They congregation was large, about 700 natives had, in fact, intended to prevent his uniting being present, and the exercises of the day with the church, but were taken by sur interesting, particularly those connected prise. On being asked if they had any with the admission of the members. To see

complaints to make against the schoolmas

ter's conduct since he had become a Chris50 many, the largest number received at

tian, they said, “No he is a true man.” any time except once, come forward together and profess the name of Christ; and to see them after having assented to the Early in June, on account of the protracted articles of our church, approach the com illness of one of his children, Mr. Winslow went munion table, one by one, and kneel down with his family to reside at a bungalow on the sea to receive baptism in the name of the shore, a mile east of Jaffnapatam, with the use of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, as a seal of which he was kindly favored by Mr. Roberts of their covenant, was affecting as well as cheering. Some at least could not restrain the Wesleyan Society. He enjoyed good opportheir tears. Though the larger proportion tunities for laboring in the vicinity. of those received were members of the seminary, yet there were several adults, June 29. We are still at the bungalow. schoolmasters and others, and the members | I preached at Oodooville on the Sabbath of the seminary were a few of them very ) and on Monday was there with Messrs. young.

Poor and Woodward, who held various May 3. Celebrated the marriage of two meetings with the children of the native Joanna Lathrop, with two young men who meeting with the schoolmasters, was pargitis of the school, Susan Huntington and free schools, schoolmasters and others. The are Christians by profession; one of them ticularly encouraging. Most of them proa member of the church at Oodooville, and fessed to be resolved to follow Christ. the other connected with the press at Nel To-day, with Messrs. Knight, Roberts, lore. They were married, as is usual here, Spaulding, and Scudder, attended a meetaccording to the forms of the church of ing at Accheragle, where there are two or England, and in presence of a large num three schools, and where special efforts ber of the most respectable people of the have been made to secure the attendance place, who collected to witness the cere of the people; and a temporary slied had mony, and seemed interested in it. After heen erected near a wide branching tamaboth couple were married Mr. Woodward, rind tree. There were many present, and who was with me, delivered an appropriate what was particularly encouraging several address to them, and to the people assem

respectable women.

There was more disbled. On a similar occasion, when two 11 puting with the natives than was pleasant,

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but some important subjects were discussed, || makes Christianity blush for the degeneracy and many solemn truths brought before of multitudes who profess a zeal in her betheir minds. Though the village is several half. It was no pavan superstition, no obmiles from Tillipally, the nearest mission. scene rite of idolatry, that now disgusted ary station, many of the people, in the our eyes as we approached. It was one of course of the discussion, showed that they the holy festivals of the holy Catholic had a good acquaintance with the leading church. For a time we could not imagine truths of Christianity. Indeed this is gen what festival this could be. Passion-week erally the case where there are schools, and had but just passed. The scenes of Geththe difference between a village where a semane, of Calvary, and the resurrection school has been for some time established had all been acted over in the most solemn and one without a school is often something mockery. Ascension-day had not come. like the difference between the land of What the present occasion could be we Goshen and of Eyvpt, when darkness to be knew not. "On recollection, however, we felt rested on the latter, but in the former found it to be the time of the celebration of they had light in their dwellings.

an ancient festival called, “The Invention July 26. On Thursday of last week we of the Cross.” This festival is celebrated on held our quarterly meeting at Batticottathe 3d of May in memory of finding the and received to the church twenty-five na cross of Christ deep in the ground on tives and two children of the inission. We Mount Calvary, by Ste Helena, the mother have thus reason to rejoice in the privilege of Constantine. of gathering in the fruits of the late revi The cross was illuminated by a large val, to some extent; while we still hope number of lamps, and tinselled off in the that more will ripen for an early harvest. most gaudy manner. Before the main cross From ten to twenty at each of our sta stood a small one upon the platform, not tions, express a desire to be received to more than eighteen inches long. On this church privileges; and perhaps a majority was suspended a little image six inches in of them give some evidence of being proper length, representing our Savior. The platsubjects.

forin was covered with flowers, tinsels and It is also peculiarly pleasing that for our whatever would please or attract the eye of congregations lately a larger proportion of the rabble. But what would astonish the females attend than ever before. This is Christian more was the character and denot only an indication of good to the indi-portment of the collection of people which viduals themselves, but an indication that this occasion had brought together. We "knowledge is increased in the country,” should expect in a religious festival, such as it is a change of custom, a breaking down, as the adoration of the cress, to see someas far as it goes, of one of the strong bar- thing of solemnity. But nothing like it riers to the progress of truth. Besides bear Was to be seen. There sat around the cross, gars the number of women who attend forty or filly of the rabble, sinoking, drinkchurch now at Oodooville is generally abouting, joking, singing baudy songs, and revel. twenty.

ling in the most low and disgraceful man-
ner. They resembled more the inmates of

a grog-shop amusing themselves with some

silly shows, than the worshippers of Jesus
Christ through the medium of the cross-
as those pretend who disclaim paying ador-
ation to the wood of the cross.

Thus wretchedly is Christianity exempli-
(Continued from p. 183.)

fied among the heathen. Well may the The Catholics settled in Bombay and other

superstitious Hindoo say, Why should we

forsake our system of idolatry for another? places of India (wo or three centuries

ago, The Hindoo worships his wood and stone, made a large number of converts. These retain and so does the Roman Catholic. nothing more than the forms of the Catholic church, and are as ignorant and debased as the Disgusting and Absurd Account of the pagan Hindoos, and probably more superstitious, Origin of a Hindoo God. and more decidedly hostile to the simple gospel, than they.

Some of the following paragraphs would not

be admitted, were it not to show what amazing Catholic Temples and Superstitions. sottishness and stupidity the human mind can

sink to, even when called to act on religious May 5, 1831. Last evening, while at

subjects. Mr. Allen's, we were much annoyed by the confusion from without. The whole atmo May 11. A few days ago I visited two sphere resounded with outcries of the mul- of the pagodas, (Hindoo temples) in Mahim; titude. We supposed it to be the consu or rather two places of idol worship which sion of idolatry and went out to see. As consist of several temples each. There are we came near the spot from which the frequently a cluster of several temples tonoise proceeded, we beheld a scene which "gether. Sometimes a dozen separate build









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Bombay-Journal of Mr. Read.

213 ings are ranged in a line, six on each side, || This is no common deity, but Siva, one with an open space between, forming a kind person of their trinity. It is nothing more of court. "The first of the reputedly holy than a dark colored stone, wrought in the places above mentioned contains five places shape of a hat block. There was suspended of worship and a large number of gods. As over it an earthen pot of water, perforated, I was permitted to do no more than to as I suppose, at the bottom with very small stand at a respectful distance and look in at holes, so that the water continually filters the door, I know not how many there were through upon the god. I inquired the reawithin. I counted in all twenty. Except son of this, and was told that it is to give the coro which is one of the most sacred and him drink. I asked those standing by if he venerated objects of worship, and a few | drank. They said, “Yes.” As it began to small rude figures of men, I saw none that be dark, the brahmin came round with his could be called an image or likeness of any torch and carefully placed a lamp before thing in "heaven above, or in the earth, or each image. Does your god know, said I, in the waters under the earth."

that the light has come? he surely shows At one of the temples I was permitted to no indication of pleasure or displeasure. ascend the steps upon the virandah, but not They felt quite impatient, as they always to set foot in the holy place, where was the appear to be, when pressed with such quesdwelling of their god. When it was seen tions. They are evidently ashamed of that I stepped upon the virandah without idolatry, though not easily persuaded to pulling off my shoes, they were quite dis- abandon it. pleased and impatient for me to go. Observing a hideous figure at the door that led Numerous Requests for Books. into the habitation of their great god, which had the body of a man (though such a body One advantage which the missionary in India, I have never seen a man have) and the and indeed in all the countries of Southern Asia, head of an elephant, (which by the way fancy the half-reasoning elephant would enjoys, is the circumstance that he finds a considscorn to own.) I inquired who that god erable portion of the people able to read. This was, and what office he held among their opens the way for him, immediately on entering 333,000,000 deities. I was told his name,

upon his work, to bring the press to his aid, and and that he was the guardian of their houses. thus greatly to extend his sphere of action, and Hence his proper place is at the door of the multiply his means of usefulness. The controtemple. That he is fully competent to discharge the duties of his office, I think a Hin

versies respecting Christianity, noticed at p. doo will not deny, if he understands and

127, now prevailing in India, cannot fail to believes the story of his origin. The his

create a demand for Christian books. tory of this clay god is this: A certain woman, in a certain country, known only May 25. For some days past I have had in the silly legends of this superstitious numerous applications for books. I should people, went to the river to bathe. Finding think all the lads in the village of Mahim herself well incrusted with dirt, as thou had by this time paid their salam, and urged sands of others might at any time, she, it their request. Most of these lads belong to seems, determined to collect the dirt as she heathen schools, which are not under the washed it from her body and mould it into || patronage of any mission, but are supported a god. Whether he was not at once fully 1 by the heathen themselves. Christian deified, pr whether his divinity was then books have not to any extent been introasleep, the Hindoo shasters I believe do not duced. What gave the impulse now, or inform us, but her husband, who had been what change of feeling on the subject may absent, returning in the night and meeting have taken place, I know not. But this I some resistance at his door, drew his sword, I know, that more than a hundred lads from and unconscious of the dignity of his an ten to sixteen years old, of different castes, tagonist, thrust at the god and with one and of different origin, Hindoos, Mussulblow severed his head from his body. On mans, Jews, and Catholics, have, since entering his house and relating what he had | vesterday morning, been pressing their redone at the door, the woman exclaimed, quests upon me for books with as much "You have killed my god!" Unwilling to earnestness as a hungry child solicits bread lose her labor and have all her sanguine from a parent. This has enabled me alhopes of usefulness to posterity blasted, she ready to put in circulation about 100 copies New to the relief of her god, and seeing him of the different publications of the mission headless, the god Siva brought him an ele- press, such as, the Gospels, portions of the phant's head, and this he took as a substi Old Testament, Scripture History, the tute for his own.

Thus we see him now Commandments, Catechisms, tracts, &c.
with the body of a man and the head of an
elephant. I should judge, from what I have

Notices of the Seasons.
seen, that any thing which had been con-
secrated by a brahmin might be worshipped

June 9. It rains-it pours down in tor

What a grateful morning is this. As the door of the temple was opened | If you would fully understand how welwhile I stood before it, I saw the god within.

come rain is at this season of the year you

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must place yourselves in our circumstances. || large number of human skulls, formed them There are, you know, in this country three into a necklace, divested himself of his seasons, the wet or rainy, the cool, and the clothes, suspended this hideous necklace dry or hot season. Each continues about from his neck, and in this ridiculous four months. The rains commence gener | shameful plight, danced among the dead in ally about the 10th of June, and continue the place of burying. Again, he appeared till the latter part of September October, at another time before one of their renownI am told, is a hot month. Then succeeded saints, dancing in the same shameless four cool delightful months. In March the

The saint, disgusted at the conweather becomes warm, and in April still duct of the god, cursed him. Let it be sufwarmer, but in May the heat becomes ficient to say that the tendency of the worquite intense. The mercury in the ther ship of this image, which is to be met in mometer does not rise so high as it often | temples, in private families, by the tank, does in New England. Still, the heat there the river, or wherever you go, and is peris much more tolerable than it is here. The formed by persons of both sexes, is most thermometer has no day, as I have obsery corrupting to the mind and most degrading ed, risen above 90 of Fahrenheit in the to humanity, and its history is too obscene shade. But this degree of heat is less com to be uttered by decent lips. fortable than 95, and perhaps I may say 100, The next in order came Ram and Kristin New England. It relaxes the whole Ram we found renowned in fight. frame, and unnerves a person for all kinds Many were the prodigies of his valor; many of business. The earth has been accumu were the thousands of the human race he lating heat for eight months without so has slain in battle; many were the multimuch as the dust laid by rain; brooks and tudes he destroyed for his own gratificastreamlets of water dry up; fields of a tion; but in vain do we search for his clayey soil become baked down as hard as mercy. Not a single expedient did he debrick, and crack open; those of a more vise to save an individual. What a god is loose, sandy soil become as it were a great this! Nor did we find the character of bed of sand. All herbage dies, and all Kristnoo fairer than that of his compeers. vegetation, but such as is deeply rooted in Against him stood recorded, theft, lying, the earth, or such as is artificially watered; adultery, murder, deception, fraud and man and beast and bird and every creeping treachery. Such being ihe acknowledged thing, the hills and the vales, the tree in character of the Hindoo gods, said I, what the forest and the vine upon the wall, all can we expect the people to be? It is not cry aloud for rain.

to be expected that they will view with ab

horrence an action which is achieved and Shameful and Corrupting Character of the commended by the gods which they serve. Gods.

And among the whole catalogue of sins

among men, perhaps there is not one which For the purpose of leading the scholars of a has not the sanction of some one or more of school to reflect on the absurdity and abomina- their gods. tions of the religious systom of their country, Mr. Read requested them in the morning to be

Constantinople. prepared at evening to give him an account of some of the principal Hindoo gods. He also directed them to portions of the Shasters, or Hindoo religious books, where accounts of the

(Continued from p. 186.] character and exploits of the gods might be found.

Circumcision among the Turks. June 13. At evening they gave me in Sept. 19, 1831. Went in company with brief the history of the gods above mention our American friends to the large valley, ed. Brahma the first of these principal called Hajdar Pasha, between Scutari and gods, and as a brahmin informs us, half Kady Keni to witness the ceremony of cir brother to the devil, committed incest with cumcision, performed on the son of the his own daughter. He is their creator. grand signior, a lad about ten years of age. Vishnoo, the preserver, and the second of Not being in time to reach the station, that the three, was found in the shasters fre had been previously assigned us by the quently guilty of lying, fraud, and decep- seraskiar pasha, we were, for nearly an tion of the grossest kind. Siva, to whom hour, surrounded by an innumerable host are applied some pretty hard appellations, l of Turkish ladies, all in their richest which he has inherited from some supposed dresses; their eyebrows and eyelashes trait in his character, or from some achieve painted fresh for the occasion; their fingerment, is called the destroyer. Among his nails of the most approved die from the renowned deeds which have found a place recent Khenna; their

yashmacks white and in their sacred oracles are these two. "One pure as the mountain snow; their coaches day, in a wood, as we should think, ill be the most superb that could be found in the coming the dignity of a god, he gathered all “Refuge of the world;" and their arabas






drawn by white buffaloes, fantastically or where observed. I saw but one man, who namented as was befitting the occasion, and attempted any resistance to the guard; and having, as usual, their tails tied up in the he, although confiding apparently in the best style of proud Stambool. We at length sacredness of his green turban, was immesucceeded in making our way through their diately led away by the soldiers. ranks without receiving the slightest in We took some refreshment at Kady Keni sult, or noticing the least impropriety in -the ancient Chalcedon; and visited what their conduct, and were kindly adinitted by || is said to be the very church, in which the takir pasha into a small inclosure, occupied council assembled in the year 451. The by the tents of the seraskiar and other church belongs to the Greeks; and it has officers of government. Here coffee was recently, as it doubtless has many times served up for us, first in an ordinary way, before, undergone some very considerable by the coffeedgi bashy, and next in silver repairs. cups by order of takir pasha. The religious festival was to continue four days, during

Turkish Police-Cholera. which time the soldiers were to remain encamped. The tents were pitched nearly in

After I had prayed with a poor man, who the form of a semicircle, on a gentle accliv.

was apparently dying with the cholera ity one side of the valley, while those of morbus, on board the Corvette, United the rich and great ones were pitched on a

States, we started at a late hour of the day corresponding elevation on the other; thus

to return to Buyuk-Dere. Night overtook occupying a space of several miles in cir

us before we had gone half the distance; cumference. The crowds in the valley be- and we were at several different times chaltween were immense, being assembled from lenged by those on duty; and once we were The boats, that were the whole morning until after much explanation on our part, quarters to the distance of many miles. stopped, and examined very strictly by the

officers of one of the fortified posts; and not, employed between Constantinople and this valley in conveying the people over the indeed we were at first peremptorily prohib

were we permitted to proceed on our way; majestic Bosphorus, seemed, at a distance ited from going any further. The police, above, like a perfect bridge of boats. They

both in the city and in all the villages on were about a quarter of a mile deep, and in length extended from shore to shore, at

the Bosphorus, have received most positive least three miles; and were so thick that a

orders to take into custody every person

found abroad, without a sufficient reason, ball could hardly pass between them.

after dark. The streets are patroled the All those in the region round about, who whole night; and yet, in spite of every prebad sons of a suitable age (say from eight caution, the conflagrations are frequent to eleven) to be circumcised, carried them and terrible, and the perpetrators in most to have the ceremony performed on this

cases escape detection,

Several suspected memorable occasion. The Moslem priests or convicted persons have, however, been of the different parishes, also, took with recently beheaded, and their bodies, with them all the boys of the parish schools; and their accusation written and labelled upon during the operation, these boys continued their breast, exposed for three days in the shouting, "Afareem Afareem!" an ex- public streets, in order to strike terror into clamation in Turkish of applause and en the guilty. And if any individual is found couragement.

at the fires, looking on as an idle spectator, After this was finished, takir pasha ap- and unable to give a good account of himpointed a soldier to conduct us to the royal self, or a satisfactory reason for his being tent, as the sultan had now retired from it there, his head is without further ceremony to partake of some refreshment. The tent severed from his body. was the most splendid and magnificent

25. Sabbath. Preached as usual at the thing I ever saw. We judged it to be about American minister's. Several of our Gerone hundred and fifty feet long and thirty man, Greek, and papal Armenian friends feet wide, as with heads uncovered we were present to witness the baptism of our stood and surveyed it. The canopy was infant child. His name, Constantine Washsupported by twenty-one pillars, from fifteenington, was given him to commemorate the to twenty feet high, all wreathed with gold. || fact of his being the first child of American Near the farther extremity was a majestic parents ever born in this country. throne, and at the back of it was a repre 27. During the whole month past, there sentation of the sun, made of pure gold, has been plague or cholera in some or other and weighing twenty-two English pounds; \ of the villages about us. We have had silver seemed to be, as in the days of Solo- || alarms, now of one, now of the other; now mon, not any thing accounted of." But in this village, now in that; sometimes one gold, diamonds, brilliants, and other gems, appearing to be subsiding and the other on were used in the richest profusion, and the

the increase; and then vice versa,

Last whole was truly an oriental display of week a sailor, mentioned under date of the wealth and magnificence, surpassing de 19th died on board the corvette, United scription either of the pen or pencil.

States; but it was not agreed whether it Notwithstanding the immense concourse

was from the real cholera, or something of people, the most perfect order was every || akin to it. But early yesterday morning å

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