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si.r eighths of the population of the globe, to Jehovah, (Prov. xi. 25,) "The liberal soul shall

be made fat, and he that watereth, shall be the fact. In view of this commund and of this watered also bimself," that your coming forth facthow to

would lend 10 promote religion at home, surely I

this have a claim on your perpetual command; and to quicken his disciples in the obedience of it, he gave them the most appears unaccountable, how so many young consoling assurances of assistance, and promises men, by covenant devoted 10 Christ, can delib of unbounded reward. But from century to eralely and prayerfully inquire, whether it is century, so remiss bave been his disciples in their duty to hecome missionaries, and yet so fere obeying the command, so unwilling to go into all seel effectually persuaded that it is their duty to the world, and preach the gospel to every crea come forth to the beathen! It iends greatly to ture, thal, may we uol with propriety, consider the discouragement of those who are already in the Holy Trinity as saying, “Whom shall we the field. While so great a proportion of those, send, and who will go for us?Is it your duty to who examine this point of duly, deliberately dereply, “Here am 1, Lord, send me?" This is the cide ihal it is not their duty to engage in the inquiry. and how simple! What have protract- missionary work, what are we to think? ed researches to do with such a decision? When

In general, those who excuse themselves from the apostles first recejved their commission, was

the work, must do it for general reasons, which it an extensive knowledge of the population, re would be as applicable to others as to themligions, manners and customs of the various pa selves, and which would excuse those who have tions, to whom they were bid to go, which led

gone forib to the work, as well as themselves. them to obey the command? Was it a retro

Therefore, must not those men who ibus excuse spective view of the former success of religion themselves, think either that those who engage in this guilty world, or was it the prospect of an the missionary work do wrong, or that their easy entrance unto the heathen, and a secure selves who decline it, do wrong? and comfortable residence among them, which Here it would ill become the solemnity of the made them so ready to go forth, at the command subject, to cavil and quibble, and say: "What! of their Redeemer? No; it was their love to

shall we all go to the heathen? Then what will Jesus, and their reverence for bis authority, become of our own countrymen?" Let such which forced them to exclaim, "Wo is unto me

quibblers beware how they mock the faithfulness if I preach not the gospel," as I have been com

of God. When thousands have gone forth 10 manded. It is when missionaries form their de.

the heaihen, and God has failed to full his pro. cisions on the same ground, that they eminently mise, that he that watereth, shall he watered glorify Christ, and build upon a foundation

also himself, or when he shall not bave caused which no storms can shake. I have been led to these remarks, from an ap- proportion as they labor for the heathen abroad,

religion to flourish among the people at home, in prehension that there are young men, who are

then, and not till then, let the objection be pursuing missionary inquiries in a too general heard. way, with a kind of indetinite expectation, that by and by something may transpire, some fur

Some seem to speak as though a man must ther knowledge of countries or events may be

have some secret or special call. before he can

decide in favor of being a missionary. If on acquired, or the subject may be presented in some new allilude, which will render their de

rational grounds, he feels persuaded that he

ought 10 he a minister any where, and if he feels cision easy and safe. Any such expectation, it appears 10 me, tends only to darken

the mind, disposed 10 go to the heathen. I should think that

no other call than this, unless in extraordinary and to confuse and enervale its operations. The subject is more plain and easy of deci- doubled whether I ought to be a missionary


cases, can reasonably be required. I bave sion at the present day, if possible, than at any

but it was for the same reasons for which I ought former period. What has been found and ac

to doubt, whether it was right for me to be a knowledged a truth in England, and in some of

minister any where. the other European states, is now found by ex

God has

Brethren, you see that I think there are good periment to be true in America. promised, that he that watereth, shall be watered reasons. why you should become missionaries

to the heathen. and of course good reasons also himself.

why I should desire it. Certainly I do. And This gracious promise he has verified, by uni- || I greatly long to see every one of you stren. formly causing religion to flourish among nations

uonsly exerting himself to diffuse the same sen• at home, in the same proportion in which they timents among all the pious young men in the are active in promoting missions abroad. whole subject, then, is brought into this narrow

Form great plans, and execute them with compass: The great mass of mankind have not yet heard the gospel preached;—the standing created and prayerfulness. Every thing that

can be desired, might be done by exertion. with command of Christ to his disciples is, "go and

God's hlessing. Seize every possible opportu. evangelise all nations;" and 10 prompi them to a

nity for impressing the subject upon the mind of full compliance. he gives the assurance, hoth by

every nions yonth. his promise, and its fulfilment, that by their exer.

(Gordon Hall, to the Society of Inquiry tions for the salvation of the heathen, they do

respecting Missions, Andover. most effectually labor for the salvation of their own countrymen. In this simple form, let it So far as experience goes it proves, that the come to the reason, the conscience, and the feel-greater the number of men who stand pledged to ings of every one, who is looking forward to the gospel ministry. 'How can the conviction be go as missionaries to the heathen, the easier is it resisted? How can the decision be doubtful?

to obtain the means of sending them forth. The Dear hrethren, hear with my freedom. Placed churches of this country have never yet detained as I am, in the midst of so many millions of per- any man at home, by refusing to bear the esishing heathen, and knowing from the promise of il penses of his mission.

The country.

American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions.

11 -1

4 00

The twenty-third annual meeting of the Board

will be held in New York city, on the third of the

FROM AUGUST 16TH, TO 31st, INCLUSIVE. present month, at 10 o'clock, A. M. The Rev. Dr. Alleu preaches the annual sermon before

1. AUXILIARY SOCIETIES. the Board, and three other clergymen have been

Lincoln co. Me. W. Rice, Tr. requested to preach missionary sermons in dif Bath, N. par Gent.

60 00 ferent parts of the city, during the session. The Edgecomb, La.

12 00 Prudential Commillee are of the opinion, alter

New Castle, A chh. member,

2 00 Phipsburg, Non. col.

34 80108 80 making particular inquiry, that the meeting may Somerset co. Me.J. Dinsmore, Tr.

12 00 be attended with little or no personal risk from

Madr-on, Genl.

Taunton and vic, Ms. H. Read, Tr. cholera in the cily.

Rehoboth, La sew. 80.

18 00 Members and honorary members of the Board,

Total from the above Auziliary Societies, $138 80 are requested to call at the office of Mr. G. M. Tracy, agent of the Board, 143 Nassau-street,


where they will learn what arrangements have
been made for their accommodation during the Amherst, Ma. Mon. con. in college,

18 37

Andover, session.

par. Ms. Fein, helicv, circle, for tracis for miss. iw China,

16 00


Athens, O. COL.
Me. l'em. so of inquiry,

12 00 DON HALL.

Bristol, R. 1. fem. 84%. It constitute the
The Rev. Horatio Bardwell, General Agent of

ary Member of the Board,

50 00 the Board for New England, has been requested Chillicothe, 0. Coll.

12 75 by the Prudential Committee, to make a seleco

Cleuveland, O., A friend,

25 Columbus, O. Presb. cbh.

70 00 tion from the writings of the late Gordon Hall, Connecticut, H, E.

70 00 for publication, in a small duodecimo volume. Daytoni, (). Tufant scholurs, to pur, scb.


1 00 It is believed that such a work will be highly use Fruuklin, Jis. Miss V. P. av, or a sch. for ful; and individuals having letters or papers

ed. hea chil. Granville, 0. Alon. con.

12 55 from the pen of Mr. Hall, are respectfully re Hartford, 0, Fem, mish. so.

5 26 quested to forward them to the Missionary

Leominster, Ms. Calvin. so.

40 00

Little Compton, R. I. Fem. benev. 10, 23 79 Rooms, Boston, by private conveyance if prac Machias, die. Mon. con.

10 00

168 40 licable, and as soon as convenient.

Middiesel, N. ric. Ms. Char so.
Middleton, O. By Rev. W. M. T.

1 00
Mississippi, Col. Clairborn,

10 00

Newark, o Mrs. W.25c. a child, 19c.
Mr. King wriles from Athens, under date of for Medit. mise.


6 60 May 4th, that the bishop of 'Talanti had issued a Neubury, Ms. Mon. con. in 2d chh.

Neir Providence, N.J. M18. M. Higgs, 12 00 proclamation, calling upon his people to keep Puris, Ky. By Rev. €. Smith,

12 the Sabbath day holy. This, together with an

Pruspect, Me, fem. mias, co.

28 25

Sault St. Alarie, M. Ter. Miss M. A. order from the municipal authorities at Athens, Johnson, av. of jewelry,

7 00 had caused the greater part of the shops to be

It'orthington, 0. Rev. J. Labaree, 12;

presb. chh. col. 6,40); nion. 61. 5,31; 23 71 closed on the Lord's day, and made that day no Zanesville, 0, Coll, for Medit. miss.

31 17 Jonger, as formerly, the principal market day. Zanesville and tutnam, 0. Fem. sewing

so. for do

15 00 The constitutionalists are said to have tri

Unknown, A friend,

3 00 umphed, and Mavrocordato aud Tricoupis to be

Whole amount of donations acknowledged in the again among the principal ministers of stale.

preceding lists, $808 26. ORDINATION OF A MISSIONARY.

FROM SEPT. 1st, to 15TH, INCLUSIVE, On the 13th of September, Rev. BENJAMIN W.

1. AUXILIARY SOCIETIES. PARKER, of the Andover Seminary, was or

Essez co. Mg. J. Adams, Tr. dained at Reading, Mass. as a missionary to the

Salem, Mart. Con. in l'ab. so.

14 07 heathen. Sermon by Professor Emerson of the

Esser co. N.J., T. Frelinghuysen,

347 16 seminary, consecrating prayer by Mr. Emerson

Murris co. N. J., J. M. King, Tr.

46 47 of Salem, charge by Mr. Emerson of South New_faden city, Ct. C. J. Salter,

Reading, fellowship of the churches by Mr.

Mon. con. in 1st and united
Read of Reading. Mr. Parker is expecting 10

so. July, Aug. and Sept. 18.92;

do. in 3d siy, July and Sept. embark for the Sandwich Islands during the 12,25; do. in Yale College, present month.


145 65

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654 63

18 87

50 00

10 00

5 00

17 43 8 50

New York city and Brooklyn, W.

W. Chester, Tr.
Oneida co. N. Y., A, Thomas, Tr.

Camden, Presb. so.
Haorilton, Mon. con. in Ist cong.

chh. Kingston, U. C., E. S. Ely, New Hartford, Alan. con. in

presb. so. Richland, Mon. con. in presb. so. Russia, Miss M. A. Williams,

dec'd, 7,38; dj. Williams, 5; Sherburne, Fem. char. 80. to

constitute the Rev. ISAAC N. SPRAGUE an Honorary Meinber of the Roard, 50; J. La

throp, 10); 8. S. 1; Taunton and ric. Ms. H. Reed, Tr. Tolland co Ct. J. R. Flynt, Tr.

North Coventry,
South Coventry, I. Boynton,
Tolland, Mon. con.

12 38

Providence, R. I. Benef. fem. for, misg.

SO. to constitute the Rev. JAMES
Wilsin an Honorary Member of the

Saratoga Springs, N. Y, Mr. Taylor, for
Choc. mins.

9 00 Savannah, Ga. G. W. Hanter,

8.00 Schenectady, N. Y. Mon. con. in Union college,

3 94 Stoneham, Ms. La. miss. so.

20 00 Thouston,

Me. Mion. con. in lot cong. 0.

12 00 Underhill, Vt. Gent. and la. asso.

18 56 Upper Bererly, Nis. Females, fur wes. miss.

5 50 Vrbridge, Ms. A lady, av. of a bible,

75 Veryenues, Vt. Gent. asso. 15,32; la. asso. 18,32;

33 Westyurd, Vt. Gent, and la. asso.

22 16 Horthington and Zanesville, 0. Av. of jewelry, 1,12; Mrs. V. l;

2 12 Whole amount of donations acknowledged in the

preceding lists, $2,804 27.

61 00—133 1&

28 00


23 82

1 00
2 20.-27 02

Total from the above Autiliary Societies, $1,396 18



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120 00 9€ (NO 31 501 20 00

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27 00

8 00

168 64 40 00 50 00

Bedford, N. H., A cask, fr. ladies, for
Airs. Worcester, New Ecliota,

110 00 Bristol, R. 1. Twiiquiils, Is. juy. members of fem. niiss. so.

800 Gustarus and Kingscille, O., A box, sr. indiv. rec'd at Alaumee,

26 II Hamp. Chris. Depos. Ms. East Hampton,

a box, for Puysun Williston, in

Choc. na. Kinsman, 0. Flannel, fr. J. Audrews, rec' at Maumee,

19 00 Middlebury, O., A bridle, fr. an indiv. for Green L'ay miss.

100 Monroe, O., A box, fr. fem. asso. for Machinaw,

38 43 Nerbury, 1st par. Ms. A cask, fr. fem. read. so. fur Brainerd,

31 33 Painesvilie, 0. Sundrier, fr. S. Pepoon

and brother, 18; shoes, fr. J. H. Alatthews, 1,75; rec'd ut Slatesburgh, Trenton Villuge, N. Y., A box, fr. la. sew. asso, for Choc. miss.

22 W Upper Beverly, Ms. A box, fr. females, for wes miss.


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Albany, N. Y. 4th presb. chh. 100; 1a. of

2d ref. D. chh. 3 pay. for Surah Do

Witt in Ceylon, 20; Augusta. Me. Mon. con. f12, la. asso. 32; Bedford, N. Y. La. of presb. chh. Bucksport, Me. Mon, con. Caldwell, N. J. Presb. chh. for bibles for

Sandw. Isl. Cheupside, N. J. Mon. con. 5,50; indiv.

2,50; Cincinnati, O. Men. con. in 6th presh.

chh. 23, 14; do. in 2d do. 17,70; 3d prest. chli. 35; 4th dn. 46,50; Lane Sem. 31,75; W. L. Merrill, 12; Mrs. A.

W. 1; Mrs. B. 1; F, W. a child, 25c. Claurrack, N. Y. Evang. sew. so. Cleveland, O. Mont. Cont. Dorset, Vt. Gent. asso. 11; la. 12,72;

mon, con. 7; East White Hall, N. Y. Miss. asso. Flatbusk, N. Y. Aus, sn. Fayetteville, Pa. A friend to Indians, Gcorgia, Vt. Miss P. Blakeley, 3; Miss

R. Blakeley, 1,50; Hookset, N. H. Mon. con. Howard, D. C. Mrs. I. L. Woart, Od pay.

for John Breckenridge in Ceylon, Jericho, Vt. Gent. and la. asso. in 1st chh. Muriotta, O. Coll. Nartinsburgh, Va. Mon. con. 20,38, juv.

fem. cent. 8o. 9,78; Mrs. S. P. 3,65;

Mrs. N. K. !; feni. miss. so, 12 25; Masonxville, N. Y. Mon. cun. in presb.

chh. and cong. Millan, Vt. La. asso. Morganton, Va. Coll. Morristoron. N. J. La. frag. so. Nantucket, Ms. Hon. con. in N. so. New London, Ct. Gent, asso. (of which

fr. ROBERT (Ont, which constitutes hini an Honorary Member of the Board, 1010; ded. ain't ackn. in Jan. 50;) New York cily, A lady, av. of jewelry,

hy D. Niscaynna and Amity, N. Y. Mon. con.

in ref. D. ckt Northbridge, Ms. J. Fletcher, Oxford, O Coll. 64,50; preshylery, 10,55;

for Aledit. miss. Philadelphia, Pa. Juv. sew. so. for fem. schools in Bombay, 61); fem. so. for ed. hen. youth, for the 2d Philadelphia

chh. in Bombay, 100;
Preble co. O. J. Boyce, for Medit. miss.
Prince Eduard co. Va. Mon. con. in

Union sem. 3,50; S. B. 50c.
Princeton, N.). Mon. con. at Nassau

Hall, 3; do. In Theol. sem. 17; miss,
asso. of prof. and students, 18;

47 06

12 00 21 70

1 25 50 (6) 37 00

50 00

2 13

DONATIONS AT THE SANDWICH ISLANDS, THE following donatinns were received by the missionaries at the Sandwich Islands, from foreign residents and visitants, and from the natives, during the year ending April 311,1831. The donations were in various articles for ille use of the mission, and it is the valuation of those articles which appears in the list. J. Hunnewell, 11; S. $. Smith, 4; A. B.

Thompson, 2; T. Shaw, 2; S. Rey. nolds. 1,50; Captains Stetson, of the Ship Enterprise, 20. Bruyton, of the Ann, 17; Rusxell, of the Zone, 10; Lambert, of the Louisa, 7; Baker, of the Mary Milchell, 7; Wood, of the Braganza, 6,75; Little, of the Diana, 6; Deaminis, of the Owhy hee, 4; Morgan, or the sir Charles Price, 3; Howland, of the Lyra, 33; Chase, of the Washing, tan, 2; Gardier, of ihe George and Susan,'%; Clark, of the Timoleon, l; Osborn, or the Columbus, !; Bassett, of the Marcus, l; Barney, or the Sarah, 2; Mr. King, of do. 1; various individ

yale, 42; From the chiefs, and other natives, From friends in Fairhaven, Ms, a barrel

of dried apples.

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of the letter shows the source from which

he learnt the art of epistolary writing, as LETTER FROM BABJEE, A BRAHMINIC CON

well as his ideas of identifying Christians

of the present day with those who lived VERT TO CHRISTIANITY, TO TWO OF HIS

centuries ago. COUNTRYMEN.

"The sisters in Bombay," are several The letter mentioned in the heading is suffi- | poor women, two or three of whom have ciently introduced to the reader by the following the true way of life. To hear a brahmin

received baptism, and others are inquiring remarks from Mr. Read, dated at the new sta

call women sisters, and exhort his friends tion Ahmednuggur, March 22, 1832.

affectionately to instruct them, must sound

wondrously strange in a Hindoo's ear. You have already been apprised of the Believing the above mentioned letter will conversion of Babjee, a brahmin, who has be interesting to the friends of the Bombay for some time been in the employ of our mission, I send you the following translamission as pundit. He has been in my | tion of it. service since our arrival. He was before

I am, dear sir, affectionately yours,
in the service of Mr. Allen. For some

years he had a good knowledge of the doc-
trines of Christianity, and at times mani-

The Letter.
fested some concern for his soul. Though
long ago convinced of the fallacy of Hin “To Moraba and Dajaba, holy and belov-
dooism, his abandoned habits of life kept || cd brethren, and called by the gospel to be
him aloof from Christianity. He was ap- separate from the world, I, Babjee, a ser-
parently an infidel. The truth spoken by vant of Jesus Christ, send many saluta-
Mr. Graves, on his relurn from the Hills, tions, and write a letter of exhortation,
was accompanied with the mighty power of The supreme God has, as we hope, through
God. He was overwhelmed under a sense the shedding of the blood of Jesus Christ,
of sin. After a few days of distressing sanctified and separated us from this wicked
anxiety, the Lord, we believe, had mercy world. In this how great the love of God
on his soul. Shortly after he accompanied appears towards us. How ought ve all, on
us to Ahmednuggur, where he has since whom God has bestowed such matchless
given increasing evidence of a change of compassion, to love our Father and God
heart, and proved a great comfort and as with our whole soul, mind, and strength.
sistance to us in our labors.

This commandment he has given to all his A few days ago, on hearing of the apos servants;—'Love the Lord thy God with all tacy of Appa, a Hindoo Christian in con- thy heart, strength and soul. Hence we nection with the Scottish mission in Bom- ought each one to ask himself, 'O my soul, bay, Babjee wrote the following letter to lovest thou the Lord, thy most gracious Moraba and Dajaba, of the American mis- benefactor, with all that thou hast?" If thus sion church. Appa, having loved the things we examine ourselves, the soul will give of this present world, made shipwreck of || testimony concerning itself, and according the faith. The frequent occurrence in the to this testimony we ought to act;--that is, letter of the exhortation, “Love not the if the soul bear this witness, viz. 'I do not world;" "love one another;" &c. will not

love the Lord with all my faculties,'--then seem surprising or needless to any one,

we must, in the name of God the Son, supwho is acquainted with the Hindoo charac- plicate God the Father, for the wisdom and ter, or who knows the temptations both | guidance of God the Holy Ghost. But if from within and without, to which native the soul witness concerning itself, 'I do, converts are subject. The apostolic dress through faith in the blood of Jesus, love


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God with my whole heart and life,'—then you are. If by any means you forbear to ought we on this account abundantly to examine your hearts, you ought to fear you thank, praise, worship, and glorify God for are of the world and not of God. I most his unspeakable goodness. "Let him that | earnestly desire that you be not worldly. thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.' || minded; but that you may, through the

“Beloved brethren, what think you con power of the Holy Spirit, eradicate from cerning yourselves? Do you love God with your hearts every thing carnal, and cast it all your powers of body and mind? If you from you, Cast away fear, and unbelief, reply, 'Yes, we do thue love him;' then and adultery, and

sorcery, and idolatry, and take her to yourselves. Brethren, if you lying, and theft, and every abominable love the world, you cannot love God. For, Il practice. Flee the abominations of the no one can love the world and at the same heathen, and arm yourselves against the time love God. Therefore I desire that devices of the devil. you continue not in love with the things of “We who are born of the Triune God, this world. For whosoever gets his altec are especially brethren. We ought there. tions on the world, shall assuredly fcel eter

fore the more to love one another. And if nal condemnation. This ought to be un we love one another, we shall exhort and derstood. You have before you the exam

instruct one another. Therefore you must ple of Appa. He once professed to be a affectionately instruct our sisters who are true Christian; but having pluced upon the in Bombay. Brethren, we must do all in things of the world that love which he our power for the instruction of our people. should have placed upon God only, he has

The command of Christ is, that the gospel fallen into sin. He has set at naught the be preached to every creature. In obe. authority of God, despised his Son, and dience to this command the missionaries done despite to the Holy Spirit. For are toiling for our good. From them let us worldly gain he has uttered falsehood, learn the Christian Scriptures. Brethren, practised deceit, and cast off all fear of we have need to study the word of God God.

much. Before I became a Christian I read “How seemeth it to you, brethren;—is the Christian Scriptures, and thought them God pleased with those who love the world | easily comprehended. But now I find in This cannot be. If any man thinks to be them a bottomless, inexhaustible fountain come a Christian while his attections are of wisdom, and many things hard to be unset on worldly good, his heart is full of derstood. Let us never forget to search gross darkness, Now Appa became a

the Scriptures. Christian; but he was not a true Christian. “Finally, brethren, farewell! Be perfect, His mind became darkened thro a love be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in of the world. That your minds may not be

peace, and the God of love and peace shall thus darkened, is my desire and prayer to

be with you. The missionaries at AhmedGod.

nuggur salute
Jesus Christ be with you.

of our Lord

“Brethren, Dajaba and Maraba, how dues
it appear to you? Did Appa ever love God?

Mr. Read adds-
No one will believe that he loves God now.
Let us therefore take heed to ourselves that

I recently visited sixteen of the neigh-
we stand in the true faith. See to this. I boring villages south of this place. Bab-
love you; therefore I desire that you may ll jee was with me.
love God fervently, and stand firm in the The common people heard gladly. The

We preached much. faith. I thus exhort you because God has brahmins in se seral places reviled. given this commandment, that as we love

Happy indeed are we to bear you are ourselves so ought we to love one another. | about to send us a reinforcement. We Loving myself, I pray God again and again want two more in Ahmednuggur and its in the name of Jesus, that I may at the last | vicinity, three at Junnur, and I suppose day stand firm in the faith before the Judge they would say ten at Bombay. We have of the world. As I love myself and ask also received a circular from the American for spiritual things for myself, so I love | Tract Society offering us aid, which we you, and therefore pray that you may ex are glad to accept. amine whether you are in the faith. In my prayer I ask for those things which are needful for the next world. That which is

Sandwich Eslands. altogether of a worldly nature, I ask not; for I know this, that whosoever loves the

EXTRACTS OF A JOINT LETTER FROM HONworld, is of the world, and under the power

OLULU, DATED JAN. 17, 1832.
of satanma willing servant of the devil.
He understands not, that the goodness of Changes in the Mission-Accessions to the
God leadeth to repentance.' The goodness,

the mercy, the forbearance, and authority of
God, he sets at naught. Knowing this, i A few weeks after the general meeting,
desire to cast off all hope of the world, and Mr. Dibble removed with his family to
endeavor to seek and pray for that which is Hilo, the station assigned him in company
spiritual. Try yourselyes, and know what I with Mr. Green. Mr. Tinker remained

you. The

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