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In entering upon the responsible and arduous || pected to join Mr. and Mrs. Bliss at Cattarau. work thus devolved upon them, the Secretaries gus, as teacher of the school. Miss Smith and are sustained and encouraged by the assurance Miss Johnson, are expected to stop, one that they will be remembered continually in the Dwight and the other at Fairfield, among the prayers, and have the active co-operation, of the Arkansas Cherokees; and Mr. and Mrs. Joslyn patrons and friends of the Board of every class are expected to proceed to the Union mission to and name.

With these aids, and abstaining take charge of the schools at that place. Mr. from other engagements incompatible with the Joslyn was formerly teacher of the boys' school faithful discharge of their trust, and keeping aloof al Mayhew, among the Choclaws. from the divisions of every kind that may exist Rev. Henry R. Wilson, of Shippensburg, Pa., among those evangelical Christians by whom recently of the Theological Seminary, Princeton, the missions of the Board are sustained, and de embarked at New York, November 1st, for New voting themselves, as health and strength shall Orleans, whence be will proceed up the Missisadmit, to the prosecution of the great work 10

sippi and Arkansas rivers, 1o join the missionawhich they are set apart, they indulge the hope ries among the Arkansas Cherokees. that they will be permitted to share, with their

Rev. John Fleming, of Brown's Mills, Mifflin revered predecessors, and others similarly em

county, Pa., lately of the Princeton Theological ployed, the blessedness of contributing directly / Seminary, embarked at New York for New Orand efficiently to the spread of civilization and leans, November 6th, whicnce he will proceed by Christianity through the world.

the same route with Mr. Wilson to the settle.

ments of the Creek Indians, between the ArkanORDINATIONS OF MISSIONARIES.

sas and Verdigris rivers.
Mr. Johu Fleming, lately of the Theological

For the Mediterranean.
Seminary, Princeton, was ordained as a mis-
sionary by the Huntingdon Presbytery, at Lew-

Rev. William M. Thomson, Rev. Elias Riggs, istown, Pa. October 24th. The sermon was

and Asa Dodge, M. D., with their wives, sailed preached hy Rev. Robert McCachren, from

from Boston, on the 30th of October, in the brig Isaiah lxii. 2.

Garnet, for the Mediterraneaa mission. Doct. Mr. Henry R. Wilson, recently of the Theo- Dodge is a graduate of Bowdoin college, and a logical Seminary, Princeton, was ordained as a

licensed preacher, and is a native of Newcastle, missionary, at Shippensburg, Pa, by the Pres

Me. Mr. Thomson is from Springdale, Ohio, bytery of Carlisle, October 9th. The sermon

and received his theological education at the was preached by Rev. Mr. DeWill, of Harris

Princeton Theological Seminary. He and Doct.
Dodge will join the mission in Syria. Mr. Riggs

is from Mendon, N. J., and the Andover TheoDEPARTURE OF MISSIONARIES.

logical Seminary, and is destined to the mission

in Greece. For Missions among the Indians.

The Instructions of the Prudential Committee
Rev. Asher Bliss, of Thetford, Vi., receptly from were delivered to them by Ms. Anderson on the
the Andover Theological Seminary, with his evening of October 24th, in presence of a large
wife of the same place, commenced their journey | congregation in Park-streel church, accompanied
for the Cattaraugus mission iu the western part with appropriate religious exercises, and an ad-
of the state of New York, about the 10th of Oc dress to the missionaries by the Rev. Eli Smith,
tober, where they will take the place of Mr. a member of the mission now in this country. The
Thayer, former teacber and catechist at that subject of Mr. Smith's address was, The trials of
place, who, owing to his health and the circum-missionaries. It has since been published,
stances of his family, has asked to be released
from service next spring.

For the Sandwich Islands.
Mr. Matthias Joslyn, of Waitsfield, Vt., and

Rev. Lowell Smith, of Heath, Mass., from the Mrs. Joslyn and Miss Relief Thayer of Thetford, Auburn Seminary, Rev. Benjamia W. Parker, Miss Esther Smith of Royalton, and Miss Jeru of Reading. Mass., from the Andover Seminary, sla Jobason of Albany, N. Y., commenced their and Mr. Lemuel Fuller, printer, of Atleborough, journey, by the way of Lake Erie and the Ohio

Mass., having been designated, with the wives river, for different missions among the Indians, ll of the two former, to the Sandwich Islands misabout the 15th of October. Miss Thayer is ex

sion, a passage was engaged for them in the ship

Mentor, lo sail from New London about the middepartment. The cares and labors of the last two

dle of November. The Instructions of the Proyenin (for Dr. Cornelius did not live to enter upon the discharge of his duties at the Missionary Rooms,) dential Committee were delivered by Mr. Anhave been greater than two persons can possibly

derson, on Sabbath evening, November Ilth, Bustaig,

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in the congregational church of New London. // ries of the Board at the Sandwich Islands among
The audience was one of the largest ever con seamen and other proper persons. These will
vened in that city, and the season one of sleep be placed at the disposal of the mission, in con-
interest. Besides appropriate religious exercises, nection with Mr. Diell, chaplain to the seamen,
in which the Rev. Mr. Diell, who was to embark now on bis way io the islands in the ship Mentor.
in the same ship as chaplain to the seamen at the
Sandwich Islands, and the Rev. Ms. Vaill, of
East Lyine, took part, the missionaries were ad- The Rev. W. F. Vaill, of the Union mission,
dressed by the Rer. Mr. McEwen of New Lon- / under late of July 22d, writes:
don, and the choir sang the following missionary
hymn-composed hy a young gentleman recently || Creeks. The second Sabbath in July I admitted

"The good work still continues among the connected with the Theological Seminary at eighteen more to our cominunion; making in all Andover, and set to music by a gentleman of more than eighty communicants. Greas is God's Boston.

mercy lo that people. Let us praise bim for

these signal favors to the Indians. The work Yes, my native land, I love thee,

still continues' among the Cherokees. Doct. All thy scenes I love them well;

Weed has opened a Sabbath school among his Friends, connections, happy country!

people, and is doing good." Can I bid you all farewell?

Can I leave you
Far in heathen lands to dwell?

Home! thy joys are passing lovely;

At p. 327 of the number for October, first
Joys no stranger heart can tell!
Happy home! 'l is sllre I love thee!

column, near the bottom, for "11, Sabbath," read Can can I say --Farewell?

“10, Saturday.The transactions are entered in Can I leave thee Far in heathen lands to dwell?

Mr. Goodell’s jourual as occurring on Saturday, Scenes of sacred pe:ine and pleasure,

and not on the Sabbath. The error was made Holy days and Sabbath bell,

by the person employed in copying extracts for Richest, brightest, sweetest treasure! Can I say a last farewell?

the press, and was not perceived by the editor.
Can I leave you-
Far in heathen lands to dwell?

Yes, I hasten from yon gladly,
From the scenes I loved so well!

MASSACHUSETTS.-The Auxiliary of Brook-
Far away, ye billows, hear me;

feld and Vicinity held its annual meeting al Lovely native land, Arewell!

Ware, October 16th. The report was read; after
Plensed I leave thee-

which addresses were delivered by Rev. Daniel Far in heathen lands to dwell.

Crosby, deputation from the Board, Rev. Mr. In the deserts let me labor,

Horlon, and Rev. R. S. Storrs. Rev. Micah On the mountains let me tell

Stone, Secretary; Allen Newell, Esq. Treasurer, How He died-The blessed Savior

CONNECTICUT.-The Western Auriliary of
To redeem a world from hell!

Fairfeld County held its 8th annual meeting
Let me hasten,
Far in heathen lands to dwell.

at New Canaan, October 9th. A report was

read by the Treasurer and another by the Secre. Bear me on, thou restless ocean;

tary. Addresses were delivered by Rev, Joel Let the winds my ranvass swell

Mann, Rev. Samuel Merwin, and other gentle-
Heaves my heart with wajin emotion,
While I go far hence to dwell,

men, members of the auxiliary. The following
Glad hid thee,

resolution was adopted unanimously: Native land!-FAREWELL-FAREWELL!

Resolred, Thai this society in humble re

liance upon God's blessing, do pledge to the On Tuesday evening, the missionaries and Mr. cause of foreign missions, for ihe year ensuing, a Diell were present and assisted at a numerous

sum not less than one thousand dollars."

This is nearly twice the sum raised by the missionary meeting in one of the churches of auxiliary the present year.-Rev. Theophilus Norwich. Addresses were made by Mr. Ander- | Smith, New Canaan, Secretary; Matthew Marson, Mr. Diell, and the Rev. Mr. Hyde of that

vin, Esq. Willon, Treasurer.

Maine.-- The Auxiliary Foreign Mission city, and the interest of the occasion was height

Society of Lincoln County held its last annual ened by appropriate music.

meeting at Thomasion, on the 21st of August. Much gratitude is due to friends of the cause

Rev. Mr. Clark, of Wells, was present as a delein both these cities for the hospitality and kind- gation from the Board. The following resolation

was submitted, and unanimously adopted by the
ness shown to this mission family. The embar- society:
kation was expected to take place on the follow "Resolred, That this auxiliary deem it expe-
ing Monday.

dient and desirable that foreign missionary aseo.
ciations, male and female, be organized in the
several congregational societies, in this county,
within the present year, and that the clergymen

connected with this auxiliary be responsible for The directing committee of the Connecticut carrying this resolution into effect, in their respec

live societies, within the time specified." Bible Society have made a second appropriation

Rev. D. M. Mitchell, Secretary; Warren Rice, of 520 Bibles, to be distributed by the missiona- 1) Esq. Treasurer.

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0810.-The Auxiliary of Geauga County Canaan, Gent. and la.

9 85 held its first anniversary at Claridon, October Dartmouth College and Hanover

Plain, Gent. 37,12; la. 68,16; 16th. The report of the executive committee

142 62 was read, and addresses delivered by several

mon. col. 37,334; Dorchester, Gent, and la.

5 00 clergymes. -Rev. Myron Tracy, Claridon,

Grotoni, Gent, and la.

3 00 Secretary; Doct. John H. Matthews, Painesville, Haverhill, Gent. 12; la. 6,44; I'reasurer.

mon. con. 24;

42 44 Hebroni, Gent, and la.

7 00

Lebanon, Gent. 12,33; Ja. 24;
mon. con. 511;

86 33 New YORK.- The Central Society Auxiliary Orfurol, Man, con.

3 70 to the A. B. C. F. M., for Western New York, Orford West, J. B. Wheeler,

5 00 was organized on the first Tuesday of February

Piernout, Mon. cun. 5,45; X last

friend, 2;

7 45

Plymouth, Gent. 12; la. 37,87; Hon. N. W. Howell, LL. D., President;

mon. can. 40,13;

90 00 Res H. Dwight,

Thornton, La.

14 65 Col. H. Camp,

Wentwurth, Mon.con.

10 00 Hon, L. T. Stevens,

Vice Presidents; Col. G. Beckwith,

499 78 Hon. B. Green,

Ded. expenses paid by aux. so. 2 64-497 14 C. Masten, Esq.,

Hartford cu. CL. J. R. Woodbridge, Rev. 3. P. String, Secretary;

Tr. Rev. A. D. Eddy, Treasurer;

Berlin, Kensington so. Young Rev. A. Dwiglit,

men's nuss. so.

6 37
Rev. F.. Phelps,
Executive Committee.
Canton, Gent.

7 50 Walter Hubbell, Esq.

Eastbury, La.

12 00 Secretary and 'Treasurer,

East Windsor, N. so. La, to con-

the Rev. SHUBAEL

BARTLETT an Honorary Mem-

ber of the Board,

50 00

Glastenbury, A friend, 50; Mrs. FROM OCTOBER 16TH, TO NOVEMBER 15TH,

J. H. 1;

51 00 Granby, Ist so. Gent. 18,50; la. INCLUSIVE.


35 01 Hartford, North, La.


Manchexler, Gent. (of which fr. Central duz. 30. of Western Nero

RALPH R. PHELIS, wkich con. York, Rev. A. D. Eddy, Tr.

filter hin an Honorary Antora, Iv; Dea. Gaylord, 12;

22 00

Member of it:e Board, 100;) 180 00

50 00
Malboro', Gent.

10 56 East Bloomfield,

80 00 Genesen, 10 75

362 85 llope well,

15 00
Ded. c.note,

100_361 85 17 00

Merrimack co. N. H., S. Evans, Tr. Palmyra, Mon. con. 75; la. aux.

Bograwen, La.

10 00 80.44;

119 00
Bradford, Gent.

3 59 Prausluurgh,

50 00


1 50 Rushville,

3 75
London, W. Wheeler,

4 00—-19 09 Beidus, A lady, nv. of jewelry,

3 00

Monron co, N. Y. By E. Ely,
Trumansburg, A friend,

15 00
Brighinn, La. henev. asso.

30 00 Truxton,

16 00
Clarkson, Cong. chh.

23 50 Virtnt,

24 10425 60 Henrietta, Mrs Park, Cheshire co. N. H., C. H. Jaquith,

Knowlesville, Presb, chh.

9 00 Tr.

Lyme, Benev. asso.

3 50 Alstead, Ist par. Mon.cnn.

13 00

Mount Morris, Ist presh chh. 23 10 Fitzwilliam, Gent. 31,50; la.

North Penfield, Press. chh.

10 59 31,29;

65 79
Ogden, Cong, chh.

20 00 Reene, Gent. 44,6*'; la. 32, 15; 76 81

Perrinton, Fei ming, en.

16 00 Nelson, Gent, and la.

75 00

Richinond, 6.62; av, of beads, 4; 10 82 New Alstend, La. gent. and

Rochester, 1st presb. clih. 158,57; mon. con. to constitute the

2d do 178, 35;

336 92-483 83 Rev. MOSER GERAULD an

Ner faren co. East, C. S. Frisbie,
Honorary Member of

121 78 50 00

New London and vic, Ct. W. T. Rindge, La. 31,50; mon. COB.

Cleaveland, Jr. Tr. 50 00

(of which to constituta tho Sullivan, C. box,

12 01

Rev. JOHN ANGELL JAMES Troy, Mon. con.

15 00

of Biraringham, England, an Westmoreland, La. 12,88; a

Honorary Member of Ure
Jady, l;

13 88
Roard, 50;)

265 00 Winchester, La.

15 38

New York city and Brooklyn, W. A friend, 2; do. 1,50; 3 50—390 37 W. (hester, Tr.

314 04 Columbia co. N, Y., I. Platt, Tr.

60 00 Northampton and neighb. towns, Ms. Essex co, M&. J. Adains, Tr.

J. D. Whiiney, Tr. Bererly, Contrib, of aux. 60. 33 no

Amherst, 1st par. rient. !" which Danvers, N. por Sub. erh.

6 27

to constitute Rurus GRAVES Essex, J. Cheiate, for Cher, miss. 6 0043 27 an Honornry Member of the Esser co. N.J., T. Frelinghuysen,

Board. 100;) 134.55; 1a. 86; 220 55
Belchertown. Gent. 16; In. 22,30; 38 30

1 00 (of which fr. Union for. miss,

(hexlerfield, Genl.

77 88 80. af Elizahethtown, for Da

('unimington, Gent. 44.88; 1a. 33; vid Magre in Ceylon, 12:)

647 12 Deerfield, s. par. Gent. 37; la. Geanga co.o., J. H. Matthews, Tr. 22 00 16,50;

53 50 Grafion co. N. B., W. Green, Tr.

East Hampton. Fem. henev. $0. Campton, Gent. 28,35; la. 28,55;

for Payson Williston in Choc. mon. con. 15,81;

35 25 72 74

na. 9; gent: 15; la, 11,25;





1 00


27 37

5 00

21 61
12 00-467 97

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Enfield, Gent. 96; 1a. 56,25; mon.

cm), 39,50; sab. sch. 8,25; 200 00 Goshen, Lil

I 00 Granby, W. par. Gent. (of which

to constitute the Rev. Eli Moor an Honorary Member of the Board, 50;) 51,25; la. 36,73; mon. con. 23; for wes. miss. 6,50,

120 48 E. par. Gent.

30 00 Hadley, Gent. 90,58; Ja. 39,87;

nion. con. 76; WILLIAM DICKINSON, which constitutes him an Honorary Member of the Board, (8.5. having been paid prev.) 50; mite si). 12 :34; Palrick Swainp, fur Choc. Ark. miss. 9,37;

278 16 Hatfield, Gent. 49,20; Ja. 57; mon. con. 19.08;

125 28 Middlefield, Geni. 35; In. 20;

mon. con. :36,81; young la. work. so, 8,82;

100 63 Northampton, Gent. 50,37; la.

(of which for Mackinaw miss. 1;) 2,93; moll. con. 76,63; a

teacher and her schul. 3,22; 133 15 Norwich, Gent. 7; la. 8,46; mon. con. 12,10;

27 56 Plainfield, Gent. 23,63; la. 13,02; 36 65 Southainpton, rent, 2,95; ta. for

Morris E. White and louisa C. P. White at Mackinaw, 64,47;

67 42 South Hadley, 1st par. Gent. 50;

mon. con. 36,75; cent. sv. 33; Cher. so, 10,50;

130 25 Canal, Miss. 80.

7 00 Sunderland, Gent. 32,12; la. 40; S. W.33;

75 12 West Hampton, Contrib. at ann. meet. 18,17; la. 12,47;

30 54 Whately, Gent. 25; la. 30,88; moni, con. 33,38;

89 26 Williamsburgh, Gent, 10; la. 18; 28 00 Worthington, Miss. asso.

5 00-1,924 98 Norrich and vic. Ct. F. A. Per

kins, Tr. Bozrnlı, Gent. 10,84; la. 12,40; 23 24 Franklin, Gent.

4 00 Griswold, Charlotte Leonard, 50; gent. 48; la. 44;

142 00 Jewett city, Gent. 29,42; la. 25,60;

55 62 Lisbon, Fem. char. so. 12; gent. 9:1a. 11,68;

32 68 Hanover, Gent. 30,43;la. 24,82; 55 25 Montville, Mon. con.

13 51 Nortlı Siquington, Gent. 12; la. 19.84;

31 84 Norwich, 1st sn. Mon. con. 35,45; genl. 22; la. 36,112;

93 47 Chelsea, La. 111; mon. con. 101.79;

212 79 U. Falls, Mon, con.

23 55-687 35 Old Colony, Ms. 1} Coggeshall, Tr. New Bedford, Ist chl.

15 00 Oneida ca, N. Y., A. Thomas, Tr. Antwerp, Mon.con.

6 00 Burlington, Alon. con. in cong. rhh.

12 00 Cainden, Mon. con. in presb. so. 19,23; fem. miga. so. 1;

11 23 Chitlenango, Mon. con. in ref.

D. chh (of which for Mackinaw niisx. 4;)

19 03 Clinton, Fem. so.

15 00 Colexville,

2 06 Columbus, Fem. benev. Bo.

1 25 Constantin. E. Smith,

1 00 Exeter. Benev. 80. Coll.

10 00 Fayetteville, Presh. so. 30; Mrs. N. J. 1; Mrs. I,. E. J. 2;

33 00 Hamilton, Av. of jewelry,

6 20 Hannibalville, Non. Con. in presb. chh.

12 00 Homer, Sab. sch. clase,

20 91

Jainesville, Cong. chh. and 40.

crill. 17,50; moo. con. 32,50; to
constitute the Rev. LUTHER
MYFICK an lionorary Newber
of die Boitrd,

50 00
Little Lakes, Mrs. Stewart,

2 00 Madison, Alor. con.

12 00 Mexico, Mon. con.

22 58
Mexicoville, Mon.con.

9 00
New Hartford, Mon. cou. in
pie-b. so.

New Haven, Mon, con.

6 54 Norwich, Presb. cong.

18 34 Oswego, Mon. con.

12 40 Plymouth,

5 00 Rome, Young lo. sew. so.

50 00 Russia, Mrs. I. A. av. of socks, Smithfield, Presb. so.

37 12
Warren, Mrs. E. Noble,

5 00 386 99
Orange co. Vt. J. W. Sinith, Tr.
Braintree, Fos. miss. asso,

5 66
Brookfield, Gent. 21,25; la. 15;

lit. Cent so. 19; Widow M. L.
2; mon. con. 35,18; (of which
to constitute tbe Rev. DANIEL
Wup an Honorary Member of
the Board, 50;)

85 33
Chelsea, Gent. 31,25; la. 20;

51 95
Corinth, Gent and la. and mon.

30 00
Newbury, Mon. con. 12; gent.

1,37: la. 14;
Post Mills village, Mon. con.

11 65
Strafford, Mon. con.

20 00
Thetford, Contrib. in cong. so.
73; la. 30;

103 00
Tunbridge,' Rev, D. H. Willis-
toil, 50; gent. 12; Ia. 12;

74 00
Vershire, Gent, and 14.

21 10
Washington, Gent. and la.
West Fiirlee anl Post Mills vil-

lige, Gent. 15,42; fein. benev.
sa, 6,19;
Williamstown, Gent. and In.

Of the above, 8100 constitute
Jany W. SMITH of Chelsen,
an Honorary Member of the

Rutland co. Vt. J. D. Butler, Tr.
East Rutland, Mon. con.

41 94
Pillxford, Gent. 8,13; la. 7,85;

15 98
Poultney, Mon. con.
Strafford co. N.H., A. Freeman, Tr.
Alton, Miss. asso.

2 00
Dover, Gent. 22; la. 24; mon.

con. 7,14;
Durham, Mon. con.
Farmington, J. W. 2; indiv. 38c.
Rochester, Miss. asso.

27 38
Soinersworth, G. Falls, Cong.

clib. 27,45; iniss. asso. 15,55;
Wakefield, Miss, asso.

Wollboro', Miss. isso.
Washington ca. N. Y.

Union Village, Asko,
Windham co. VI. N. B. Williston,

Coll at ann, meeting,


E. Village, la
19,19; 34;

53 19
Dummerston, Coll.
Marlboro, Mon. con. to consti-

tute the Rev. E, H, NEWTON
an Honorary Member of the
Bonrd, 50; ded. am't prev.
rec'd, 15;

35 00
Fem. cent so.
New Fane, Mon. con. in sch.
dis, No. 7,

12 14
Wnrdsboro', Mon. con. 19,283

fem. cent. so. 12; Westminster, E.

10,37; la. 13; mon. con. 16,54; Windhom cn. North, C. E. New

bury, Tr.
Abington, la.

34 56
Brooklyn, La. 53,22; mon. con.

53 94

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28 00-85 92

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53 14
7 76
2 38

43 00

9 50
13 81-158 97

27 17

6 69

10 00

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31 28

par. Gent,

39 91-190 90

21 00 2 50 18 15 65 00

27 00

50 00

12 00 31 00 57 45 32 76

Enstford, La.

36 71
Killingly, Fem. cent. so, in Fac-

12 00
Westfield, Fem. Osso. 26,57;
gent. 48,59;

75 16 Pomfret, Hon. par.

19 86 South Woodstock, Gent. 4; la. 24,19;

28 19 Thompson, Gent. 4,17; In. 18,9;"; 22 80 Wprefird, Gent. 7,25; la. 13,34; man, con. 4,72;

25 31 West Woodstock, Gent, and la, 14 00-322 53 Worcester co. Ms. Relig. char. so,

Henry Mills, Tr. Graslon, Mon. Com).

21 18 Milbury, W par, Cent. 20; la. 42,95;

62 25 Gent. 35,15; la. 30,14; mol, col. 28,85;

94 14 Northboro' and Berlin, Asso. 11 00 North Mendon, Mon. con.

18 70
Sutton, Mon. con. 107,18; gent.
36,56; la. 61,64;

205 88
Upton, Cent, 18,20: la. 11,53; 29 73
Uxbridge, Gent. 48,65; la, 34;
Balcon. 91,52;

174 17
Ward, Gent. 40,34; la. 22,88;
mon. con. 14,56;

78 Westboro', Gent. 166; ja. (of

which for Elisha Rockrood in
Ceylon, 25;) 140; mon. con.

356 38-1,051 21 York co. Me. C. W. Williams, Tr. Kitterypoint, Fem, asso.

9 02 Saco, Gent.

22 0031 02

4 50 10 00

9 37 22 00

5 110 10 00

11 00 3 31 8 23

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4 00 8 50 15 37

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94 67

Total from the above Auriliary Societies, $9,002 88

28 44



31 00 50 00

20 00

19 07

Clintonville, N. Y. Mon. con. In presb.

chh. Cubestille, Va. E. Ames, Crufisbury, Vt. Fem. mixr. 80. Cranbury, N. J. Prerb. chili Dausville, N. Y. F'em, miss. so. 24, Mrs.

A. H. 3: Dickinson, Pa. Indiv. 8; a mute lady, for

Anier. Indians, 20; ni. boxes, 22; fr.

W. W.'s ehh. Dorchester, Ms. Pupils of acad. for

srhoud in Greece, Durkum, N. Y. Fem. cent so. Eust.ttleboro', Ms. La for. inias, asso. East Hampton, NY. Fem. meg. 80, Elizabethtown, N. J., A lady, av. of

jewelry, Elkton, Ald. F. Henderson, Elsworth, o, Femi. char. 80. Fairfieid, ("1. L. riflet chh. and so. Farmingron, Michi. Ter. Mon, con. Fort Rural, l'ul. J. Stevenson, Glenn's Falls, N. Y. Alon, con. in presb.

chh. Glorer, V:. Greensboro', Vt. La. afso. Greenville, Illi. W. M. S. l; G. K. 2;

Miss P. 1; Guildhall, Vt. La. arso. Halifor, Vt, Fein, miss. 80. 15; indiv. 37c. Harduick, Vt. Mon. con. in 2d cong chih.

14; gent, 1830. 52,50). In. 28, 17; Hardırick, Ms. Chh. and so. to constitute

the Rev. MARTIN TUPPER un Heriorary Member of the Bourd, 50; ded.

am't prev, ackn. 21,56; Harpersfield, N. Y. La miss. &n, and

indiv. 3d pay. for Cotton Mather in

Ceylon, Harrisburg, Pa. l'resb.chh. Head of Consa, Cher, ma. J. Roes for exp.

of Mrs. Worcester, and Mrs. Butler, Hulden, Ms. Fem. read. 80. fur feinale

scharcols in Bombay, Hapkinton, N. Y. Alrs. S. H. Condor, llursrhead, N. Y, Mun.con. in presb'chh. Ira, N, Y. Mon, con, 18,50. This was

ack. last month as fr. Italy, N. Y. Jaffrey, N. H. Alan. con. Jamaica, N. Y. Young ladies of Mirg

Hanna's sch. for ed. «f females in Syria,

30,50); Mrs. Crane fur do. 5,73; Kinsman, O. Mor, con. Lunsingburgh, N, Y.

Mon. con. in presb. cong Lerixburgh, Va. Mr. N. 5; Rev. Mr. Mc

E. 2; coll, in presh. col. 15,71; Liberty. Va. T. L. L. 5; Alrs. M. O. L.

5; Mrs. S. T. 1;. Little Rock, Ark. Ter. Indiv. Lonisrille, Ky. Col. in 2d presb. chh.

33,87; mon. con. 16,37; Lynn, Mis. A friend, Nachías, Me: Mon, con. Maryville, Ten. Aux. miss. &0. 34; D.

McCoy, 3; Methuen, Ms. Gent. and la. assa. af enng.

chh. (of which to constitute the Rev. SYLVESTER G. PIERCE an Honoiary

Member of the Board, 50;) Michigan, A friend, Middleboro', Ms. Vion. con. Middlebury, Vt. Benev. nsso. in fem.

sem. for Harriet B. Cooke and Maria

H. Cooke in Ceylon, Middle T'uscarora, Pa. Cong. 5; M.

Laughlin, s; for Ronbny mixs. Minot, Me. United cong. inb. Monson, Ms. A. W. Parter, Montrose, Pa. Mon, con. Moriches, N. Y. Mon. con. in presb. chh. Mount Desert, Ne. Mrs. S. K. I; five

indiv, 5(le, each, Nero Jersey, A Indy.fored. fein. in Syria, New London. Ct. Sewing so. Nero Loudon chh. Va. Coll. Now Hilford, Ct. Fem. mite so.

96 46 30 51)

16 82
5 00

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13 51

12 00 41 00

36 23 25 00

20 00

100 00

22 71

11 00 31 31

Acton, Mg. Mon. con. in evang. so. 7,07;

Rev. J. T. Woodbury, 12;
Albany, N. Y. Mon. ciin. in presb. chh.

46,46; 4th prexb, chh, 5';
Alerandria, D. C. 2d presh. chh.
Amesbury and Salisbury, Ms. Non. con.

in 2d Cong. So.
Andorer, Ne. Rev. Dr. Edwards and

Mrs. Edwards,
Auburn, N, Y. Mon.con. in 2d presb. clih.
Brainbridge, N. Y. Mon. con. in presb.

Daltimore, Md. A fem. friend, for mieg.

to the Northwest coast, 22; fem. ead. sch. chil. of 2d presh, clih. for miss. 10 Marquesas Islands, 2,25; fem, uite so. pay, for Ceylon, viz. 5th for Jahn Breckenridge, 20; 4th for Sarah Ridgely, 20; 3d for William S. Cross and Mary L. Sanger, 40; 2d for Jeremiah Erarts, 20: Ist for Ann Hasseltine Judson, 20; isi for Frances Mary Hill, 20; Ist for Susan Huntington, 20; for sem. at Batticotla, 20; Bedminster, Nis. Ann. coll. Bethlehem, N. Y. Presb. conig. Borford, sis. Fem. char. so. (of which

for weg. miss. 2,25;) Brighton, Ms. Juv. miss. so. in sab. fch. Brookline, Ms. Kingsbury so. for Cher.

miks. 10; Japan miss. so. for miss, to Japan, 17,32; Bucksport, Me. Mon. con. Butternuts, N. Y. Mon. con. in presb.chb. Byron, N. Y. La. of presy. chb. Caldel, N.J. Mon. con. in presh. chh. Canonsburgh, Pa. Indiv. 57,25; fom. miss, so. 54,25; infant sch, for hookg for chil, in Greece, 1; 8. M. B. for

do, 5c. Carrollton, Mli. Mon. con. 15; C. G. L.

for test, for hen. 25c.
Chambersburgh, Pa. A lady,
Chatham, N. 2., A lady,
Cicero, N. Y. Mon. con.
Cloadeland, O. Yang la. mim, so.

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