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great Measure divested of it's terrible Appearance, and puts on a smiling Aspect. It is true that sincere Cbrijlians themselves are not freed from a natural Dread of Death, as it is the Dissolution of the vital Union between Soul and Body; but the Wound, the Stroke of it, is soon over. They can, in the Article of Death, look up to the Lord Jesus to receive their departing Spirits, and can comfort themselves with this, that he hath the Keys of the unseen World and of Death. Though Death separates their Bodies from their Souls, it cannot separate their Souls from God: Their Bodies fall into the Dust, and continue under the Power of Death for a 'Time; but their Souls, the noblest Part of their Natures, when absent from the Body, are present with the Lord. They then go to Christ, •which is far better than to continue here. By Death a Way is opened for their entering into those glorious Mansions in their heavenly Father's House, into which Christ, as their great Forerunner, is entet ed before them to prepare a Place for them, that, where he is, there they may be also. So that Death, instead of being an Introduction to future Misery, is now, through Jesus Christ, the final Period of all their Troubles and Sorrows, and an Entrance upon a State of endless Bliss: It lets the Soul loose from Cc 3 the the Prison of this Body into those happy Regions. And accordingly many have been inabled, through Faith in Chrijl, to rejoice and exult, even in the Article of Death itself: Witness the glorious Army of Martyrs, many of whom, though of no great natural Courage, have, with a noble Fortitude, triumphed over Death, even when attended with the most exquisite Torments that Cruelty could invent to render Death more terrible; for the inward Sentiment of their Hearts was what one of them openly expressed, when he lifted up his flaming Arms out of the Midst of the Fire, and cried out, None but Christ, none but Christ. But, besides those that have been called to suffer a violent Death, for the Sake of Christ and a good Conscience, and who we may justly suppose had, in that Case, extraordinary Supports, there have been not a few Instances of Persons that have gone off this earthly Stage, triumphing in Jesus Christ, and have felt some Foretajles of the Joy of Heaven, even whilst they were walking through the dark Valley of the Shadow of Death. And many, that have not attained to triumph and Exultation, yet have been inabled to meet Death with a chearful Hope, with a calm and undisturbed Composure, that shewed that they had surmounted the Fears of


Death, and that all was peaceful and serene within: Or if, which is sometimes the Cafe, good Men are full of Fears, in a dying Hour, from a natural Dread of Death, or from some uneasy, though groundless, Doubts and Suspicions concerning their own future State, yet, even in that Cafe, they die safely: Though Death is suffered to affright them, it is not able to do them any real or lasting Prejudice. Soon, very soon, there is a happy Change in their State and Circumstances: All their Fears are happily dispelled, their Sighs, and Tears, and Groans are changed into Hymns of Joy. Death, which, a little before, in approaching towards them, gave them Terror, no sooner hath given the Stroke, but it's Impotency appears; yea, they have Reason to look upon it as their greatest Benefit. And now may it not be justly said, that Christ hath abolified Death, inasmuch as he hath disarmed it of it's Sting, hath taken away that which rendered it most terrible, and hath abolished it's Power of making us finally miserable.

But, Thirdly, Christ shall abolish Death, in the fullest Sense, at the great Day of his final Appearing, when he shall tdife the dead Bodies of the Saints, and shall put them in full Possession -of a glorious and immortal Life. As it is now disarmed of Cc 4 it's it's Sting, through Jesus Christ; so it slial| then be absolutely destroyed by him for ever. The Apostle, speaking of Christ'j second Coming, and of the End os the World, faith that then all his Enemies shall be put under his Feet, and that the last Enemy that stall be destroyed is Death, i Cor. xv. 25, 26. 'the time is coming, when all that are in their Graves shall hear the Voice os the Son of God, and Jhall come forth. Then shall that Body, which was sown in Corruptions be raised in Incorruption; it was sown in Di/honour, it Jhall be raised in Glory, it was sown in Weakness, it Jhall be raised in Power > it was sown a natural, or animal, Body, it shall be raised a spiritual Body, as the Apostle expreifeth it, 1 Cor. xv. 42, 43, 44. And, as ,he observes, Ver. 54, When this Corruptible shall have put on Incorruption, and this Mortal Jhall have put on Immortality, then Jhall be brought to pass the Saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in VicJory. Thenceforth there Jhall be no more Death, neither Sorrow, nor Crying, neither Jhall there be any more Pain. Rev. xxi. 4. Body and Soul shall then be made perfeft, united in indissolvible Embraces, . never to be separated any more, ^nd shall be instated in eternal unchangable Bliss and Glory. And, in all this, the great Redeemer, the Lqrd Jesus.Christ, shall, by


piyipe Appointment, be the principal glorious Agent, He declares, concerning him-* self, / am the Resurrection and the Life: Jle that believetfi in me, though he wera dead, yet Jhall he live; and •whosoever liveth and believcth in me Jhall never die, or, as th-e Words might properly be rendered,. /hall not die for ever. John xj. 25, 26. He repeats it three or four Times, in one Discourse, speaking of every one that believcth in him, He Jhall have eternal Life, and J. will raise him up at the lajl Li ay. John vi. 39, 40, 44, 54. We are assured that i{ is he thaf shall change our vile Body, that it may be faJhioned like unto his own glorious Body, according to the Working whereby he is able even to subdue all Things unto himself. Phil. iii. 21. This is as certain as if actually accomplished: As surely as we now die, we shall rise again. As sure as it is that Jesus died and rose again, so certain it is, that them also which jleep in Jesus will God bring with him. But each Jhall. rise- in their proper Order, Christ the Firjl-Fruits, afterwards they that are Christ's at his Coming. I Cor. xv. 23. What glorious Hopes and Prospects are these, which Christianity alone can furnish! And, when we consider and take all this together, how justly may it be said, that our Lord Jejus Christ hath abolished Death /

I would

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