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upon Out own Bodies at the Resurrection, and may strengthen our Faith in what the Scripture revealeth concerning it. We are expressly told that, at the Day of Christ's final Appearance, he Jhall change our vile Body, that it may be fashioned like unto bis glorious Body, according to the Working whereby be is able even to subdue all Things unto himself. Phil. iii. 21. The Body of Christ shall be the illustrious Model to which that of the Saints shall then be conformed. And the same Power that could in an Instant so change the Appearance of Christ's Body whilst on Earth, and spread such a Glory round it, whilst it still continued to be Flesh and Blood, mortal and corruptible, before it was so wonderfully changed and refined, as we may be sure it is now in the heavenly State; the fame Power can easily array our Bodies at the Resurrection with a surprising Brightness and Splendor, especially as they shall then be fitted for it, being divested of their gross corruptible Qualities. For that Body which was Jbwn in Corruption stall be raised in Incorruption; it was sown in Weakness, it Jhall be raised in Power; it was sown in Dishonour, it shall be raised in Glory, it was sown a naturals or animal, Body, it Jhall be raised a spiritual Body. I Cor. xv. 42, 4.3, 44. This Corruptible Jha/l put on Incorruption, and this Mortal

stall Jhall put on Immortality. Ver. 53.' Then •when Christ, who is our Life, shall appear, then Jhall we also appear with him in Glory; a Glory, in some Measure, resembling his own. And what a wonderful Sight shall it be in that solemn Day, when so many Millions of the Saints shall appear at once all in their risen Bodies, arrayed with Glory and Beauty, like their great Head and Lord, and so shall continue to Eternity, clad with immortal Light and Splendor! Our Saviour hath probably a Reference to the outward Glory with which even the Bodies of good Men shall be invested, when he faith, that the Righteous Jhall Jhine forth as the Sun in the Kingdom of their Father. Matt. xiii. 43. These are noble Prospects which should cause us comparatively to think little of this present World and all it's admired Glories, and inspire us with a generous Disdain of every Thing that is base, sordid, and impure. Since we have such glorious Things in View, let us cleanse ourselves from all FilthineJ's of Flesh and Spirit, and endeavour to keep our Bodies, as well as Souls, pure and holy, that we may be of the happy Number of those who, when Chrijl shall appear, shall be like him; and shall behold and share in his matchless Glory, and be happy in his Presence and Love to all Eternity.


On the Transfiguration.


Matthew xvii. 3.

And behold, there appeared unto them Moses and Elias talking with him.

WE are now considering the Account given us by the Evangelists of our Saviour's Transfiguration, and have already observed the sudden and glorious Change that passed on our Lord Jesus, with Respect to his outward bodily Appearance. This wonderful Change was considered, first, with Regard to his Body, especially his Face, which, we are here told, /hone as the Sun; and then with Respect to his Raiment, which, St. Matthew tells us,

became became white as the Light, or, as St. Mark has it, became Jhining and exceeding white as Snow; to the fame Purpose St. Luke faith, .that it became white and glistering. It was observed to you that this Splendor of our Lord's Appearance, at his Transfiguration, was designed to put a signal Honour upon him, even in his State of Humiliation here on Earth; and it mould also raise in us great and magnificent Ideas of the Glory and Majesty with which his human Nature is now invested in the heavenly State; and, lastly, it may help us in our Conceptions of the glorious Change that shall pass upon the Bodies of good Men at the Resurrection, and may strengthen our Faith in what the Scripture revealeth concerning it.

I now come to the second Thing proposed to be considered with Regard to our Saviour's Transfiguration, and that is, that there were some of the heavenly Inhabitants who appeared in Glory, and conversed with him on that Occasion, even Moses and E/ias. Behold, faith St. Matthew, there appeared unto them (i. e. to Christ's Disciples) Moses and Elias talking with him. St. Mark tells us the fame Thing, almost in the fame Expressions. But St. Luke has it more at large: Behold, there talked with him two Men, which were

Moses Moses and- Elias; who appeared in Glory, and spake of his Decease, which he should accomplish at Jerusalem. Luke ix. 30, 31. Our Lord "Jesus Chrifl could have commanded Legions of Angels to attend him. on this Occasion, as he elsewhere expresieth it; and thus he would have done, if he had nothing in View but to astonish his Disciples with the Pomp and Glory of his Appearance. He could have ordered it so that the whole Mountain should have been filled with the radiant Hosts of Heaven, all paying him Homage as their Lord. But as he had taken upon him not the Nature of Angels, but the Seed of Abraham, and was Partaker of our Flesh and Blood; so, in this illustrious Exhibition of his Glory here on Earth, he chose to be attended with some of the glorified Saints, rather than the Angels; some of those that were Partakers of the fame human Nature which he had assumed, and who belonged to that Church, of which he was the Saviour and the Head, and for which he intended shortly to lay down his Life. And it was not many of these that he chose to attend him, but only two, Moses and Elias. As to the Reason why these two, and these only, were chosen to attend Christ on this Occasion, besides that there might be any just and wife Reasons for it which we are not


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