A system of popular trigonometry


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Página 110 - PRINCIPLES OF GEOMETRY, familiarly Illustrated, and applied to a variety of useful purposes. Designed for the Instruction of Young Persons.
Página 111 - I vol. 8vo. THE STEAM ENGINE. Explained and illustrated in a familiar style, with its application to the Arts and Manufactures, more especially in transport by Land and Water ; with some account of the Rail Roads now in progress in various parts of the World. By the Rev. DIONYSIUS LARDNER, LL.
Página vi - The logarithm of the product of two numbers is equal to the sum of the logarithms of the numbers.
Página iii - A straight line is said to be perpendicular to a plane when it is perpendicular to every straight line which passes through its foot in that plane, and the plane is said to be perpendicular to the line.
Página 5 - Now, we know that the three angles of any triangle, taken together, are equal to two right angles...
Página 110 - Dr. Ritchie's little elementary work is excellently well adapted to its object. It is brief, plain, and full of all that is necessary : curious and useful in its application ; and beyond any other of the kind now existent in its familiar and distinct explanation of some of the instruments required in the practical application of the principles laid down and demonstrated.
Página 53 - We have, then, that the sine of an angle is equal to the cosine of its complement, and conversely.
Página iii - THEOREM. Every section of a sphere, made by a plane, is a circle.
Página 37 - The sum of the squares of the sine and cosine of an angle is...

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