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et seq.

Hope's Anastasius, Bunsen on, 61. Kumba, village of, 282.
Horse, burial of the, 554.

Kupoorthulla, rajah of, his fidelity dur-
Horse-flesh, on, as an article of food, 517. ing the mutiny, 243.
Hottentots, gluttony of the, 523.

Ladhee, Queen of Sind, death of, 319.
Houses, grievances of modern, 557. Lahore, first intelligence of the mutiny
Hughes, Mr, at Ferozepore, 240.

received at, 96—proceedings of the
Humboldt on clay-eating in South Ame- authorities, 97 et seq.
rica, 325, 326.

Lake, major, proceedings of, at Jullund-

hur, 657, 658.
Hunger, social inflences of, 1-its grada- Langside, scene of the battle of, 468.

tions, &c., ib- what is it, 2—sensations Latin, proposed entrance examination
of it, 9—what causes its sensation, 10 in, in the Scottish Universities, 80.

Law, faculty of, in Edinburgh Univer-
Hunter, John, experiments by, on hy.

sity, 75.
bernating animals, 2-views of, on the Lawes and Gilbert, the experiments of,
blood, 692.

on feeding, 332, 337, 339, 341.
Hurpaul Sing, murder of, 635.

Lawrence, Sir John, measures of, in the
Hurrianah, the mutiny in, 653.

Punjaub during the mutiny, 589 et
Hybernating animals, peculiarities in seq.-his address to the Sepoys, 602-
digestion, &c. in, 2.

measures of, for recovery of Delhi,
Immaculate conception, statue of the, 641.

Leewenhoek on the blood discs, 688.
Imprisonment, former character of, 292. Lehmann and Weber, determination of
Inanition, amount of, fatal, 3, 4.

quantity of blood by, 697.
India, the mutiny in, its history with Leopards, ravages of, at Pangany, 282.
regard to the Punjaub, 94.

Lewis, captain, at Ferozepore, 240, 241.
India bill, remarks on the, 370 et seq. Liberals, divided state of the, 510.
India BILLS, THE RIVAL, MR Joan Com- Liebig, investigation of his theory of

PANY TO MR JOHN BULL ON, 484, food, 331 et seq.-on gelatine, 410.
Innes, brigadier, measures of, at Feroze. Lindsay, lord, on early Christian mo-

pore, 239— major, preservation of, saics, 613.
during the mutiny, 659.

Liver, production of sugar by the, 412.
Inorganic substances, importance, &c. of, Livingstone, Dr, the missionary explorer,
in food, 339 et seq.

387 et seq.—the work of, 394 et seq.
Irish, food of the, 336.

Lizards, Buckland on, 362.
Iron, relations of, to the organism, 414. Loodiana, capture, &c. of, by the mu-

Louis Napoleon, Orsini's attempt on,
Italy, scenery of, and its influence, 604. 500.
Jacob, major, at Delhi, 121, 124, 125, Lowe, the Hon. R., on the East India

126, 128, 131, 132—mortally wound- Company, 372.
ed, 134.

M'Barnet, captain, death of, at Delhi,
Jebb, colonel, on the results of the 132.
ticket-of-leave system, 309.

Jheend, rajah of, fidelity of, 601.

JOHN COMPANY, FAMILIAR EPISTLE FROM, Macleod, captain, at Govindghur, 101.

TO John BULL, 245— A Few MORE M'Leod, Janet, the case of, 5 et seq.

Johnstone, brigadier, proceedings of, at Macmullen, major, 659, 660.
Jullundhur, 657 et seq.

Madrid, state of, in summer, 451-route
Jones, a social sketch, 418.

from, by Soria to France, 452.
Jullundhur, measures of the authorities Mahabharat, Hindu poem of the, 624.

for security of, 241, 242—the mutiny Majendie on nutritive substances, 334.
at, 655 et seq.

Majid, Sazzid, 202.
Kanoude, fort of, and its capture, 720. Malcolm, Sir John, the treaty concluded

with Bajee Rao by, 137.
Kid, flesh of the, 515.

Malet, captain, translation of History of
Kidd, captain, the pirate, relics of, 213. Sind by, 311.
Kilimanjaro, traditions regarding, 279. Malmesbury, lord, his reply to the Wale-
Kimwere, sultan, visit to, 579 et seq. wski despatch, 502.
Kingsley's Hypatia, Bunsen on, 61. Maltby, Rev. R. B. at Ferozepore, 240.
Kisulodiny, mission station of, 217. Man, cases of prolonged fasting in, 4.
Kohoday, sketches at, 573.

Manchester party, views of the, regard-
Kugler on the early mosaics in Italy, ing India, 486.
610, 612.

Mark system, effects of the, 800.

Marriage,restriction of University Fellows Naples, the case of the Cagliari, 505 et seq.
from, 559 et seq.

Narnoul, battle of, 721.
Marriage well, the, near Glasgow, 478. Nations, invariable degeneracy of, 139.
Martineau, captain, on the greased cart- NATURAL HISTORY, BUCKLAND'S CURI-
ridges, 95, 642, 643.

Masai, the, an African tribe, 219, 224– Navy, the, allowance of food in, 525.
an irruption of the, 276.

Needfire, origin, &c. of the, 350.
Maun Sing, murder of Hurpaul Sing by, Nervous system, resistance of, to starva-
&c., 635.

tion, 7.
MAY DAY, 745.

May meetings, the, at Exeter Hall, 391. New South Wales, the system of trans-
Mazrui, the, in Mombas, 216.

portation to, 292.
Mean-Meer, measures against mutiny at, Nicholson, colonel, 589, 591, 592-gene-

ral, at Delhi, 130 et seq.-mortally
Meats, on, as alimentary substances, 515. wounded, 134.
Medicine, faculty of, in Edinburgh uni. Nitrogenous and non-nitrogenous foods,
versity, 75.

Liebig's classification of, 332 et seq.
Meer Jaffier Ali Khan, the case of, 489. Novels and Novelists, Bunsen on, 57.
Meerut, the massacre at, 96.

Nussur-ud-Deen, Vizier of Oude, 630.
Metamorphosis, the popular belief in, Odyssey, the Crimea as the scene of the,
209 note.

Mganga, the, in East Africa, 578.

Oils, relations of, to nutrition, 410.
Milk, on, as a standard for food, 405. Olpherts, major, at Jullundhur, 242,
Ministry, change of, how it affects India, 243.

Oman, a captivity among the Arabs of,
Missionary, the, as the first explorer, 390. 454.

Omar, the Kaliph, 315.
Missionary records, character of, 392. Organism, the waste and repair of the, 2
Mithridates king of Pontus, 550.

-necessity of water to the, 12 et seq.
Mocatta, lieutenant, at Mean-Meer, 99. Orsini, the attempt of, and its relation
Mobammed, the birth and rise of, 314. to the refugee question, 500.
Mohammed Kasim, conquest of Sind by, Osmazone, importance of, 515.
317 et seq.-bis death, 323.

Othman, the Kaliph, 316.
Mohammed Masoom, history of Sind by, Otley, Jonathan, 353.

Otomacs, clay-eating among the, 325.
Mohammedan conquests, interest of, 311 Oude, the king of, his share in the con-

that of Sind, ib. et seq., 316 et seq. spiracy, 96.
Mohur Singh, treachery and execution OUDE, 622-connection of the annexa.
of, 647.

tion of, with the mutiny, 248-pro-
Moleschott on gelatine, 410.

poposed restoration of, 486-antiquity
Momba, Sultan, an African chief, 574. of kingdom of, and sketches of its
Mombas, sketches in, 214—its history, ib. history, 622 et seq.
-departure from, 276.

Our convicts, see Convicts.
Monney, lieutenant, at Delhi, 135. Owen, lieutenant, at Delhi, 127-wound-
Monkland, mineral district of, 473.

ed, 130—and again, 132.
Monteith, the betrayer of Wallace, 468. Pagan art, origin of Christian in, 607.
Montgomery, Mr, proceedings of, in the Paisley, town of, 479.

Punjaub, on the outbreak of the Palmerston, Lord, his India bill, ex-
mutiny, 97 et seq., 100.

amination of it, 484 et seq., 490 et
Mortgages, St Leonards on law of, 196. seq.the fall of, 498, 499-his con-
Mosaics, the early Christian, their cha- duct on the refugee question, 501-
racter, &c., 609.

ministry, conduct of the, on the
Mtofu river, the, 278, 280.

Cagliari case, 506.
Mtony, palace, &c. of, 202.

Pampeluna, route from Madrid to Bay-
Mtu Mvony river, the, 278.

onne by, 452.
Mulder on gelatine, 410—the discovery Paneeput, march of the Fusiliers on,

of, regarding albumen and its true 122.
value, 403.

"Pangany, arrival at, 281 — sketches in,
Muleteers of Spain, the, 458.
Müller, essay by, on the languages of the Pangany river, the, 586—-voyage up,
seat of war in the East, 548.

Mutineers, execution of, at Peshawur, Panticapaeum, city of, and its antiquities,

550 et seq. passim.
Mzimo Pia, village of, 282.

Parma, mosaics in Baptistery of, 616.
Nabba, rajah of, fidelity of, 601.

Passport system, the regulations regard-
Nana Sahib, the, his alleged claims, 137. ing the, 505.

282 et seq.

Pastry as an article of diet, 520.

Rama, or Ramchunder, king of Oude, 624.
Patronage, probable effects of the India Ramayana, Hindoo, poem of the, 624.
bill on the system of, 377.

Rats, Buckland on, 364.
Pemba, sketches in, 200, 213.

Ravenna, the early mosaics in the Bap-

tistery of, 609—mosaics in churches
author of a really bad book, 183–No. of, 616.
II. An ugly disagreeable baby, 183— Rebmann, Rev.Mr, missionary at Mombas,
No. III. The man who wishes to hear 217—account of Eastern Africa by,
the truth, 186—No. IV. The man 219.
who knows his place, 187—No. V. Redmond, major, at Ferozepore, 240.
The man who has no nonsense about Refugee question, the, 499 et seq.
him, 188—No. VI. The man who Registration of title, St Leonards on,
believes in a fortuitous concourse of 192.
atoms, ib.-No. VII. The man whose Reid, major, at Delhi, 131—wounded,
word is as good as his bond, 189.

132-general, measures of, in the
Pereira, Dr, on the development of bile Punjaub, 589, 590.
by oils, 411.

Religious literature, general character of,
Persia, connection of, with the mutiny,

704 et seq.
94, 95, 247.

Peshawur, measures for the security of, Respiratory foods, Liebig's classification

591, 592 et seq.--executions at, 599. of, 332 et seq.
Phillour, measures for the security of, Rewaree, capture of fort of, 719.

242, 244-movements of Jullundhur Richardson, Dr, on the coagulation of
mutineers at, 662 et seq.

the blood, 693.
Phosphate of lime, importance of, to Ricketts, Mr, at Loodiana, 663 et seq.
animals, 341.

Rio, M., on the characteristics of Byzan-
Phosphorus, relations of, to the organ- tine art, 619.
ism, 415.

River scene, an African, 218, 285.
Physiology, importance of, in all theories Rob Royston, betrayal of Wallace at, 468.
of food, 329 et seq.

Robilcund, transference of, to Oude, 628.
Pickwick papers, the, 60.

Roman art, characteristics of, 611.
Piedmont, sketches in, 462 et seq. Rome, catacombs of, first germs of Chris-
Pillans, professor, 8).

tian art in, 606-

early mosaics at, 609.
Pin-money, St Leonards on law of, 197. Rundheer Sing Alloowalla, Rajah of
Plantations, the consignment of convicts Kupoorthulla, fidelity of, 243.
to the, 291.

Ruskin, Mr, on Byzantine art in Venice,
Plants, distinction between, and animals, 618
as to food, 340.

Russell, Lord John, and his party, 511.
Plastic foods, Liebig's theory of, 331 et Russia, conquest of the Crimea by, 552.

Saadut Ali, Vizier of Oude, 628, 630.
Poet, the character of the, 102.

Sahasee, Rais of ancient Sind, 312.
Pombui, African village of, 285.

Said bin Salim el Lamki, sketch of, 211.
POORBEAH MUTINY, THE-THE PUNJAUB, Said, Sazzid, of Maskat, death of, 202.

94-No. II., 239-No. III., 589—No. St Clemente's, Rome, mosaics in, 614.
IV., 641.

St Cosmo and Damiano, early mosaics in
Portuguese, the settlements of the, in church of, 609.
Eastern Africa, 215.

St Hilaire, M. de, on horseflesh as an
Priests, number and influence of the, in article of diet, 517.
Piedmont, 465.

St John's Lateran, mosaics in, 613.
Prisons, former state of, in England, St LEONARDS, LORD, HIS HANDY BOOK

Prison discipline, present systems of, St Mark's, Venice, mosaics, &c. in, 617.
their results, &c., 296.

St Mungo, 467.
Probyn, lieutenant, at Phillour, 242. St Paul's, Rome, early mosaics in, 611.
PROPERTY Law,HANDY BOOK OF, BY LORD St Prassede, church of, mosaics in, 613.

Sale of property, St Leonards on law of,
Protein substances, the, 408.

PUNJAUB, THE POORBEAH MUTINY IN THE, Salt, importance of, 342.
94, 239, 589, 641.

Samoyedes, gluttony of the, 523.
Purchase, St Leonards on law of, 194. S. Francesca Romana, church of, ancient
Puttiala, Maharajah of, fidelity of, 600, mosaics in, 615.

Sankey, lieutenant, at Phillour, 242.
Rabai river and hills, the, 218.

Sta Maria Maggiore, mosaics in church
Rae, executions at, 123.

of, 610.
Railways, prospects of, in Spain, 458. Sardinia, the case of the Cagliari, 505 et
Rain charming in East Africa, 578.


et seq.

331 et seq.

Savage, the, the missionary as the first Steamers, alleged failure to send the
visitant to, 390.

troops to India in, 249.
Schmitz, Dr, on university reform, 82. Strang's Clubs of Glasgow, 467.
Scholarship, alleged deficiency of Scot- Sugar, relations of, to nutrition, 412.
land in, 79.

Suicide by starvation, case of, 9.
Scientific traveller, the, as the first ex- Sujab-ud-Dowlah, vizier of Oude, 627.
plorer, 389.

Scotland, diminution of crime in, 307. Sulphur, relations of, to the organism,
Scott, the novels of, 59.


Suwazui, Sazzid, chief of Oman, 202.
Scythians, burial of the horse among Tait, Dr, the career of, 80.
the, 554.

Tanga bay, island, &c., 278-sketches at,
Seaton, colonel, wounded at Delhi, 129.

Separate system, the, and its effects, 297, Tangata, ancient remains at, 280, 281.

Tannahill, the songs of, 481.
Sepulchres, the ancient, at Kertch, 552 Tartars, conquest of the Crimea by the,

Settlements, St Leonards on law of, 197. Tauri, the, in the Crimea, 550.
Shangany, town of, Zanzibar, 202. Temperature, influence of, on the de-
Showers, brigadier, at Delhi, 128, 129.- mand for food, 2.

capture of Rewaree by, 719, 720. Thief, the, under prison discipline, 297.
Sikhs, fidelity of the, 601 et seq.

Thirst, comparison of, with hunger, 9–
Silent system, the, and its effects, 301. what it is, and the suffering from it,
Simla, panic at, 649.

Simson, Dr, anecdote of, 469.

THORNDALE, review of, 225.
SIND, ANCIENT, STORIES FROM, 311. Ticket-of-leave system, the, and its re-
Slave-trade, how instigated by commerce, sults, 308.

388—views of Livingstone for sup- Tissue-making foods, Liebig's theory of,

pressing the, 396.
Slavery, Comte's theory of the origin of, Toads, experiments, &c. on, 360.

Todd, Mr, murder of, at Delhi, 645.
Sleeman, Sir W. H., his account of Oude, Tohfut-ul. Kiram, the, 311,

486—sketches of Oude by, 630 et seq., Tombs, major, at Delhi, 125, 131.

Tongony, ancient remains near, 280.
Smith, a social sketch, 418-Colonel, 99 Tongway, peak of, 286, 288, et seq.

-Dr, account of the sepulchres at Toruma, tbe, an African clan, 221.
Panticapæum by, 553.

Trade, instigations to travelling from,
SMITH'S THORNDALE, review of, 225.

Snakes, Buckland on, 365.

Transfusion of blood, the, 698.
SOCIAL PHILOSOPHY, A FEW WORDS ON, Transportation, former system of, 292–

how regarded by convicts, 294.
Sogura, the lady, story of, 635.

Transportation question, present state
Solitary system, the, and its effects, 301. of the, 304,
Solitude, the alleged taste for, 417. Travellers, various classes of, 387 et seq.
Somals, the, an African tribe, 219. Trustees, St Leonards on the law of,
Songs and Song-writers, English, 104. 199.
Soria, route from Madrid to Bayonne by, Tucker, colonel, on the greased cart-

ridges, 95.
South America, the clay-eaters of, 325. Tumbatu and its inhabitants, 200.

Turin, route and journey to, 462—
Spanish diligence, a modern, 456—priest, sketches of it, ib. et seq.

a, 453-railways, prospects, &c. of, 458, Turks, conquest of the Crimea by the,
Speke, captain, at Delhi, 133—mortally 552.
wounded, 134.

Tutorial system, the, proposed to be in-
Spencer, major, at Mean Meer, 99.

troduced into Scotland, 78.
Spike Island, the Irish convict establish- Umballa, march of the Fusiliers to, 121
ment on, 310.

--proceedings at, on outbreak of the
Sportsman, the, as the explorer and pio- mutiny, 641 et seq.
neer of civilisation, 389.

Umritsur, measures against mutiny at,
Spottiswoode, colonel, death of, 597.

Squatters of Australia, the, 295.

Universities, restriction of the Fellows of,
Starch, relations of, to putrition, 412. from marriage, 559 et seq.
Starvation, amount of endurable, 3- University reform, the cry for, in Scot-

voluntary, cases of, 7, 9, the aspect land, 74.
of, ib. -- feelings accompanying, 8. Ungaro, African festival of the, 221.


at, 617.

Usumbara, sketches in, 581.

Wemyss, lieutenant, 126—wounded, 129.
Valentin, on the quantity of food Western Australia, transportation to,
needed, 522.

Van Courtland, general, 653.

Van Diemen's Land, state of, under the chap. v. 18- chap. vi. 21-chap. vii.
convict system, 293.

22—chap. viii. ib.-chap. ix. 26-chap.
Vaux, James Hardy, the autobiography X. 29--chap xi. 34—chap xii. 36–
of, 298.

chap. xiii. 39—chap. xiv. ib.Part IX.
Veda, antiquity of the, 623.

chap. xv. 155—chap. xvi. 159-chap.
Vegetables as an article of diet, 520. xvii

. 163_chap. xviii. 165-chap. xix.
Vegetarianism, on, 521.

166—Book V. chap. i. 168—chap. ii.
Vendors and purchasers, St Leonards on 173-chap. iii. 175—chap. iv. 176–
law of, 194.

Part X. chap. v. 259—chap. vi. 261–
Venice, mosaics in church of St Mark's chap. vii. ib.--chap. viii. 266-chap.

ix. 271-- chap. x. 273—Part XI. Book
Venous blood, characters of, &c, 695. VI. chap. i. 427-chap. ii. 429-chap.
Vibart, lieutenant, at Delbi, 135.

iii. 435—chap. iv. 436-chap. v. 443
Vicars, Captain Hedley, the memoirs of, -chap. vi. 446—Part XII. chap vii.
704, 714.

526—chap. viii. 528—chap. ix. 530–
Vichy, sketches at, 459.

chap. x. 533—Book VII. cbap. i. 537
Victor-Emanuel, character, &c. of, 466. -chap. ii. 540-chap. iii. 542-chap.
Vienna, horse-flesh consumed in, 518. iv. 544-Part XIII. chap. v. 667–
Von Bibra, experiments of, regarding chap. vi. 671-chap. vii. 673.
inanition, 8.

Waddy, captain, at Govindghur, 101. Whigs, recent legislation of the, 498.
Wajid Ali Shah, king of Oude, dethrone- WOMEN, THE CONDITION OF, 139.
ment of, 638.

Woodcock, lieutenant, at Delhi, 133--
Wakainba, the, an African tribe, 219. wounded, 134.
Wakuafy, extermination of the, 224. Williams, lieutenant, heroic defence of,
Walewski despatch, the, 501.

near Loodiana, 663 et seq.
Wallace, scene of the betrayal of, 468– Wills, St Leonards on law of, 198.
lieutenant, at Delhi, 135.

Wilson, general, succeeds to command
Wanika, the, in Eastern Africa, 219- before Delhi, 127.

their habits, character, &c., 220 et seq. Witchcraft, the Cumberland belief in,
Warm climates, small consumption of 354.
food in, 523.

Wriford, captain, at Delni, 131, 132.
Warner, lieutenant, at Delhi, 130. Yakuti, gluttony of the, 524.
Wasin, island and peaks of, 277.

Young ladies, modern, 423.
Wasumbara, the, an African race, 219– ZANZIBAR, AND Two MONTHS IN EAST
at Pangany, 283.

AFRICA, chap. i. Zanzibar, 2004-chap.
Water, necessity of, to the organism, ii. departure from it, 207-chap. iii.

Mombas, 214—Part II. chap. iv. de-
Watt and Park, the case of, 506 et seq. parture from Mombas, 276-chap. v.
Wazegura, the, at Pangany, 283.

Pangany in the Hole, 282- Conclusion,
Welchman, colonel, and the Fusiliers, chap. vi. the march to Fuga, 572–

121, 123, 124, 125, 126-wounded, chap. vii. return to Zanzibar, 580–

voyage from Bombay to, and sketches
Wellesley, lord, the settlement of Oude in, 200 et seq.-town of, 203.
by, 628.

Zumalacarregui, anecdote of, 453.

12 et seq.

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