Picturing: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Familiar Quotations PicturingNaked pictures of Bea Arthur?ndash;AirheadsGood words are worth a thousand pictures.ndash;AnonymousHey, Wang, what are you takin' pictures for? It's a parking lot! This is a restricted club, so don't tell 'em you're Jewish.ndash;CaddyshackThrough the magic of motion pictures, someone who's never left Peoria knows the softness of a Paris spring, the color of a Nile sunset, the sorts of vegetation one will find along the upper Amazon and that Big Ben has not yet gone digital.ndash;Vincent CanbyTreat your friends as you do your pictures, and place them in their best light.ndash;Jennie Jerome ChurchillYou must intensify and render continuous by repeatedly presenting with suggestive ideas and mental pictures of the feast of good things, and the flowing fountain, which awaits the successful achievement or attainment of the desires.ndash;Robert CollierTo keep the Golden Rule we must put ourselves in other people's places, but to do that consists in and depends upon picturing ourselves in their places.ndash;Harry Emerson FosdickPictures are for entertainment, messages should be delivered by Western Union.ndash;Samuel GoldwynNobody, I think, ought to read poetry, or look at pictures or statues, who cannot find a great deal more in them than the poet or artist has actually expressed.ndash;Nathaniel HawthorneEschew the monumental. Shun the Epic. All the guys who can paint great big pictures can paint great small ones.ndash;Ernest Hemingway

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