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Against too great Anxiety in world- Of the Sin of deliberate Fraud. ly Matters. Of the Heinousness of the Sin of Of Forgiveness of Injuries. wiłful Murder. Of the Nature and End of the | Of the several Sorts of Hypocrisy. Sabbath. & Who are the true Church of God. The Parable of the Sower ex- || Rebellion against God as maligplained. nant as Witchcraft. The End and Design of the 7ew- || All Sin proceeds from some Mis. ish Law. apprehension of G O D. The Pračtice of #: o 8Teat: || Of Religious Melancholy. cft Security against our Enemies. f Dublick . . Of the Nature and Extent of false [ | O lloport Curses

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The Tenth and Last V o L U M E.

Published from the A U T H o R's Manuscript.
To which is added,
A Compleat INDEX of the Texts of Scripture Preached upon ;
a Second of the Texts occasionally explained; and a Third of the
Principal Matters contained in This and the forgoing Peliomas,

By Joh N CLAR RE, D. D. Dean of Sarum.


I, O N D O N : Printed for John and PAUL KNAPTON, at the Croof in Ludgate-Street. M. Dcc XLIV.

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