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Page, Queft.

Page Entailing of Goods by Will, whe- Eaft-India Company a Difficul ther law ful?

80 ty about the Oath ihey take ? Eating of blood is it lawful ? 03

401 England, how is it fituated with Earth,what sort of Motion has it? Respect to the other parts of

405 Europe, and what proportion Earth, which place of it is upperbears it to the rest of the Worla? molt?

Ibid. 109 Earth, if it moves round, how do Ecclef. 12. 14. how d'ye under- all Things keep their Feet? Ib.

1tand that Text? 110 Earth-Quakes, what's the Cause Evangelift why gave they us 110 of them?

Ibid. particulars of our Saviours Life Enoch and Elijah, might not before his 30th Year, except

their Bodies be buried by God, his Difputation with the Do- as the Body of Mofes was? 443 ctors ?

II Elijah, mayn't the Body of Mofes Englist, why the finest People 'in be in Heaven as well as his? 343

the World, and yet the worst Enoch and Elijh), if their Bodies fingers ?


be in Heaveti what d'ye think Ecclefiaft. 7 Chap: 16 and 17 Ver- of these Scriptures, I Cor. 15. ies, the Meaning of them? 20, 21, 22, 23?

444 152 Eyes, what Method muit I take Ebbing and flowing of the Sea, with 'em when weak?

494 what's the Caule of it? 327 Education, a great Difficulty in Arin, why are Eruptions there the way of it:

417 more violent in Stormy, than in Calm Weather ?


F. Eels, hnw produc'd and have they any heai?

352 Aft-Days should they be ob"Exod. 33. 11. how to be recon- iery'd with equal folemni

cil'd with Verle 20. 381 ty as the Lord's Day ? 24 Ephe. 2. S. how are those Words Fijl, what influence has the Wind to be understood.


their Bodies?

13 Extremity, why is any thing Fees, an Enquiry about their un

more difficult to be carry'd by't, juít Appropriation ? 48

thari by the middle? 128 | Foreign Trade, an occafional DifEmipire of Conftantinope, what

ficulty in it?

79 was the Caule of it's Destructi- Friendship, a nice Difficulty about


97 Ffate, an intricate Cafe about the Finite Creature, is it capable to Possession of it. 167 endure an Infinite Loss?

99. Executorship, fome Difficult Ca- Fortune-Tellers, are there really ases upon it?

ny fuch Men?

107 Arna, what account can you give Faft-Day, a Remarkable Instance ! us of that Mountain ? 217

196 Ethiopians, will they differ in Father, that's wicked and cove- 1

Colour from other Men at the 'tous, how may a Son manage
Refurrcttion ?

389 him?


'on i

of one.

Page, Queft.

Page, Fat or lean People, whether of invented it?

40 'em live longest ? 246 Gyants , before the Flood, of Fool, how can he beget a wise whom descended ?

108 Son ?

282 Goods over-rated, a nice DifficulFailings of good Men, why more ty about them.

II talktof, than their good Deeds? Gaming, is it lawful? 20+

292 Gentlewoman, should she be taught Fortune, is it lawful to get it told, at a publick School, privately jor is there any can really tell at Home?

241 it ?

294 Gentlewoman, is not Travel a neFifbes that live in Salt Water, cessary Accomplishment for

why do they talte fresh ? 329 her, and at what Years should Friendjbip, will your Description the begin?

Ibid. of it hold?

248 General, thou'd he sit down beFruit, in grafted Trees, why does fore a Town, when he has not

it always take after the Cion, beat the Enemy out of the and not after the Root? 351

Field ?

274 French King, who was his Father, God, what's the best Argument and was he Born with Teeth ? to prove his Existence ?

297 363 | Goods (niuggled, if another knows Felo de fe, of what Nature and it, thonot Guilty of the Degree is that Sin?

373 Crime, is he not oblig'd to Fox-fighting, a wonderful In- discover it?

301 Atance of it ?

234 Gehizs's leprousGeneration, where Fire as Fire, is it destructively

may we now find it?

153 hot ?


God had made all Things for himFætus, is it lawful in any Case to self, yea the Wicked for the

ufe Means to destroy it? 240 Day of Evil, The Meaning of Friendship, is it not the neareft the Words?

155 Relation ?

387 Grotius was he a Socinian? Ibid. Father , married ignorantly to Gregory, was he not Patriarch of his own Daughter, what Mes Armenia and first of all introthod should he take when 'tis duc'd Christianity there? 310 discover'd ?

183 Georgia, whatPoliticke have they, Friendsvip., a Case, upon it? and what's the Power of their 507 Clergy ?

310 Funeral Sermon, where the Cha-Government, which Sort is beit? racter of the Decealed was re

330 verely handled, your Thoughts Gog and Magog what are they, of it.

and wliether yet to be destroyed?

336 Gun or Bow, which are the inore G.

serviceable Weapon ?

Goodness Objective, and Formal, Eneration, Tome Account wherein do they confift? 3+2 of it?

21, 22 Gunpowder or Printing, wheruer Gag in France, who first has done more Milcniet? 3.10






Page, Queft.
Gener'a, was it not formerly un his Qualifications

der the Roman Power, and be- Heraldry, can you give us any
fore that time what Religion particular Account of its Rise?
was professed by them, and

when did the Reformation be- Hour-Glass, why will it stop ifa
gio there?

184 live Coal be held to it ? 472
Guinea-changing, a Queftion of Hebrew, of the old, and Greck' of

great Importance about it? 192 the New Testament, what's the
George, St. and the Seven Cham beftThing has been written to
pions, is the Story credible that inform one of both ?

goes about them?

411 Happiness, what is it?
Grief, Envy and Impatience, why

should Men be willingly fub-
ject to them?


Gen. 5. 3. how is that Text to be
underitood ?

410 Ndifferent Things,is it damning
Good Opinion of others, a curious to make use of them, with a
Enquiry about it?
531 doubting Conscience ?

Gen. 3. 16. the Meaning of the Indies, did not Prince Meredith

I 22 of Wales discover them, before
Greek, how came it to be so cor Columbus ?

rupted ?

140 Ingratitude, a strange Instance of
ir ?

Ideas, are there any Irinate ? 206

Idea of God, is it Innate? 208

Iron laid upon a Cask, how can
ELL Torment, whether it preserve the Liquor from
Eternal, a farther Difcufii Thunder, &c.

on of that point ? 53 Injustice, an Instance of it, with
Hyperbolical Concave, and Con the Way to Right one's felf.282

vex Glasses, how may one po-, Injustice, an Instance of it, with
lish 'em ?

its Effects?

Harpies, are they no more than IL-Nature, whence proceeds it?295
Locuit's ?

307. Fudges, who writ that Book? 297
Hercules, 'was there ever such a Fuftice, a nice Difficulty about
Man ?

Heaven and Hell are they really Intention, can it alter the Nature
local, and is not the Fire of of Action ?-

the latter Metaphorical ? 337 Innocent, had Man continued fo,
Heathens, how may we convince wou'd he not have been exo
them, that ours is the true God ? pos'd to Death by Accident?

Horse, with a round Fundament, Incef, is it Malim in se? 342

why does he emit a square Ex Jewift Custom about Marriage ,

367 was it not unjuft? 343
Hell, where is it?

405 Facob's Rod, what influence coud
Husband á curious Enquiry into. it have on Labari's Cattle?. 303


it ?



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Page, Queft.
Fepeba, did he really Sacrifice his St. Peter's Cornhill, St. Alar-
Daughter ?
375 tins, &c.

Ideas, which the true ones of God, King's Arms, is it not as great an

Heaven, Vertue, &c. 138 Indecency to fix them above
St. James, 2. 10. does he not there the Commandments of God, as

condemn the best of Men ? 172 to place the Founders Arms, in
Indifferent, mayn't I be fo to all the Theatre at Oxford, over the
things, but Religion and Loy- King's Arms ?



414 King's Arms, is not fixing them

Joan of Arc, or La Pucelle D'Or- so, a plain Flattery of Princes?
leans, what's your Opinion of


her ?

428. Kings shou'd they not abhor the

Inve&tive, against the soft Sex.

4872 Flattery mention'd in the for

488, 489 mer Questions?


Isle of Dogs, whý, standing on the

Wharf at Greenwich, may one

see the Sheep there at high

Water, and not at low ? 514

In decencies, in the Worship of the Eat

, laid úponí a hollow place

Church of England 522

if it receive a Blow, why

does it break witha Noise? 4

Love, what is it?


Load-stones, why will they ein-

brące if their contrary Poles be
Ifing, is it not an

apply'd together, and fly each



other, if the South and North

Kising, mayn't a Woman

be apply'd ?


suffer it, as well as thaking Love, the Definition of it can-

hands with her ?

Ibid vassed?


: Kites, that are only the sport of Lovers, two Queries, how they

Boys, might they not be im- may disengage, when their Pa-

prov'd to great Advantage ? rents grow

disaffected about the

Matter ?


Kingston-Bridge, a curious Que Liquid, is there any fo boyant as

stion about the Curient of the to support an Egg of more

Water there?

3:0 Gravity than the same quanti-

Knowledge, and explicite Faith, ty of the Liquid ?


how much is of absolute ne-Liquid, is there any will suffer an

ceffity in Christianity ? 138 Egg to sink of less Gravity

Knowledge, whether General, or than the famë quantity of the

Particular, be the more legi- Liquid ?


ble ?

105 Liberty of Conscience, d'ye thïnk

King's Arms, shou'd they be fix's the Papists had no hand in ir? 00

in Churches above the Com-Love, an uncommon Difficulty

mandments ?

108 concerning it?


King's Arms, why not plac'd a- Lady disturb'd in der Bed, your
bove the Commandinents in thoughts of it?






Page, Quest.


Love anotiver, or be belov’d, whe Love, a difficult Cafe about it: 183

ther more Noble ? 247 Lying, is it not unavoidable in á

Life, which Part of it mort de-

way of Trade ?


251 Lofs, when another Perfon has oc-

Lady, what sort of a Husband cafion'd it may I right my self,

wou'd ye advise her to ? 252 and not let him know it?? 192

Love, do the Eyes, or the Tongue Lord's Prayer, may an uncharita-
enthuine it more?


ble Man or Woman repeat it?
Letter, a dreadful one, inserted

with some Queries upon ir? 260 Laud,Bishop, your Thoughts,whe-
Lice, doa't they devour the Car ther he was a Papist?

cases of Men in the Grave? 271 Light, if a Body, how can it pe-
Laws against Adultery, are they

netrate Glass

hot too favourable to the Wo- Love, a Difficulty how to declare



Lady, Thou'd she answer a Gen- Lady, may she marry one she don't

tleman's Letter, if the don't Love, in hopes it may come af-

design to entertain him? 272


Lady, pullionately in Love with Lord's Day,is it lawfulto discourfe

one, what is to be done in this on worldly Matters then? 514


288 Love, what Bounds do Reason and

Love, is it poslible to live up to it Religion prelcribe to it? 534

as the Quakers hold ? 293 Love, a wonderful Instance of its

Lady, mayn't the with Modesty Extremity.

enough reveal her Pallion Lover, if truly fo, will he offer


any Injury to the Person be
Law, between Creatures, is it loves


Good or Evil in its own Na-




Lady, shou'd the marry one the

has an Averfion too, only in Arriage, indecently per-

obedience to her Parents ? 344

form'd withoutBanes,or

Levi, how could he pay Tithes

License is it lawful ? S

in Atrahan, if the Soul be in- Marriage, is it lawful as to the


382 Ellence of it, if the Woman be

Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and French, found with Child by another

which are the Grappars for Man ?



139 Marriage several Cases,consequent

Light, is it a Body?


upon the two foregoing Quie-

Litin, is the English Pronuntia stions?


tion of it, Genuine? 143 Marriage, a Cafe about it.


Lote, Or Ambition, which the Mon; why is her Appearance big

Itronger Paflion?

387 ger, near the Horizon, than 10-

Lyc, is it one to say, Your buni ward the Meridian?


11e Servant ? And is it not bet Moon, why does the appear Red

ter to fay, Farewel Friend, aš near the Horizon, and Pale to-

The Quakers du?

385 ward the Meridian, but quite



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