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Page, Queft.

Geneva, was it not formerly un- his Qualifications

der the Roman Power, and be- Heraldry, can you give us any
fore that time what Religion particular Account of its Rife?
was professed by them, and

when did the Reformation be- Hour-Glass, why will it stop if a
gin there?

1841 live Coal be held to it ? 472
Guinea-changing, a Queftion of Hebrew, of the old, and Greek of

great Importance about it? 192 the New Teftament, what's the
George, St. and the Seven Cham beftThing has been written to
pions, is the Story credible that inform one of both ?

goes about them? 411 Happiness, what is it?
Grief, Envy and Impatience, why

Thould Men be willingly sub-
ject to them?

Gen. s. 3. how is that Text to be
understood ?

4101 Ndifferent Things,is it damaning
Good Opinion of others, a curious I to make use of them, with a

Enquiry about it? . 531 doubting Conscience? 34

Gen. 3. 10. the Meaning of the Indies, did not Prince Meredith

2 Words?

of Wales discover them, before

Greek, how came it to be fo cor- Columbis ? .

rupted ?

. : 140 | Ingratitude, a strange Instance of

it ?

Ideas, are there any Innate? 206

Idea of God, is it Innate? 208

-...?! sosta in i Tron said upon a Calk, how can
Y TELL Torment, whether it preserve the Liquor from
Eternal, a farther Difcuffi- Thunder, &C.

on of that Point? .53 Injustice, an Instance of it, with

Hyperbolical Concave, and Con- | the Way to Right one's self.282

vex Glaffes, how may one po- Injustice, an Instance of it, with

linh chi?

. 294 its Effects? ..! 287

Harpies, are they no more than Il-Nature,whence proceedsit7295

Locuit's ?

...307 Fridges, who writ that Book? 297

Hercules, was there ever such a Fuficey a nice Difficulty about

Man ?

. 312 it?


Heaven and Hell are they really Intention, can it alter the Nature
local, and is not the Fire of of Action ?-?

the latter Metaphorical ? 337 Innocent, had Man continued to,
Heathens, how may we convince, I wou'd he not have been ex-
· them, that ours is the true God?! pos'd to Death by Accident ?

! 340

Horse, with a round Fundament, Incest, is it Malum in ?,342

why does he emit a square Ex Jewiße Custom about Marriage ,


**** 367 was it not unjuft?. ! 343

Hell, where is it?' 405 | Jacob's Rod, what infuence cou ,
Husbands á curious Enquiry into it have on Labar's Catile? 303

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