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truly respect your person, and ministry, and pray for its success. I am satisfied you well know the great value of all souls, and the danger of most. This thought will quicken you to cry aloud, and shew your hearers their sin and duty before it be too late. What a blessed place is Heaven, where there will be no divisions, or disturbances, for ever! To which glory he brings us who hath most dearly bought us with the inesti-. mable price of his own blood. Amen." Monday, January 14, 1716-17.

Though she entertained the highest regard and veneration for her truly eminent father, and other Divines his cotemporaries,in whom was concentrated almost every valuable attainment, she did not despise their successors. She rejoiced in the gifts, graces, and success of all who exalted the Redeemer, and invited sinners to his throne.

Early indications of piety and ability she diligently cherished, and, by an amiable candor, animated and encouraged the diffident and humble. She was, indeed, a "Mother in Israel," and her "Moderation was known." After hearing a sermon at Wrenbury Church, on Titus ii, 14, "Zealous of good works"-she writes-"O that I may learn to be always zealous in a good thing, and remember my dear Father's rule-In those things that all the people of God are agreed, to spend my zeal, and as for other

ngs about which they differ, to walk according to the light God has given me, and charitably to believe others do so too.' I desire not to be zealous as to these smaller matters, and, methinks, I find as I grow in years that I am in my judgment more catholic, and would not do any thing to increase differences, but rather, what I can to heal. Lord, when shall it be? This balm, this healing balm, 'tis only with thee. O pour, pour of it on us."

This Christian virtue appeared equally conspicuous in her use of temporal enjoyments. Prosperity did not elevate her. Nor was she dejected by adverse events. When her husband was robbed of a considerable sum of money, she calmly remarked, as she had done on other occasions,-"Well, it should stir us up to secure that treasure which none can take away from us."



PHARISEES are notorious for spending their zeal about lesser matters while the greater are neglected. Not so Mrs. Savage. With a truly apostolic fervor she aimed to overthrow the dominion of Satan, to obtain a large increase of grace, and, by her prayers, her example, and her correspondence, to

promote the worship of God, and the interests of the Messiah's kingdom.

She diligently cherished a zealous spirit, and rejoiced in all attempts to do good. On one occasion she writes, "Sabbath, July 10. Dear Brother's* subject was Galatians iv, 18, It is good to be zealously affected always in a good thing. The things of God and religion are good things-the best things. It is a good thing to draw near to God-to keep far off from sin-to give thanks unto the Lord to bear the yoke-to do good in our places to others-to hope and quietly to wait for the salvation of the Lord.


things I should be zealous for. My affections and actions should be zealous, and vigorous against sin-in desires after God. I should be forward to good works, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord-diligent in doing-daring and bold in suffering."

Some time afterwards, on perusing the Sermon just mentioned, she thus expresses herself: "I remember my faults, particularly lukewarmness-in opposition to this holy zeal. I am afraid lest, sometimes, that which, at first, looks like meekness proves a fault. By being too mild for a fault the glory of God suffers. We ought, indeed, to be as Lambs in our own cause, but as Lions in the cause of God. It is a scripture comparison, the righteous are bold as a Lion.

* Matthew Henry. See Appendix, Note C.

I see great need every day of the wisdom which is from above."

At another time she writes-Wednesday. Dear Brother preached the lecture, (at Broad Oak,) from Heb. iv, 12, The Word of God is sharper than a two-edged sword. The word is a weapon in the hands of Christians, and in the hand of Christ. Lord, direct, and teach me how to use this weapon. Let the word which I heard last Sabbath be as a sword to pierce, and kill, my lukewarmness and want of zeal. And prosper, O Lord, the sword in the mouth of Christ-the everlasting gospel in the mouths of thy dear Ministers that the kingdom of Satan may fall before it like lightning from heaven. I cannot but rejoice in the endeavors which are on foot, in many places in this nation, for suppressing profaneness-the Societies for Reformation of Manners. We see there


is great need of some to stem the tide. in mercy own them, and hear the prayer of the royal Psalmist, O let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end. Amen. So be it."

It was a source of peculiar gratification that her husband, soon after his marriage, united with her in attempting the spiritual benefit of their neighbors. A lecture was instituted at their house, and many excellent Ministers alternately travelled thither to publish the everlasting gospel. The commencement of this work of love is thus noticed: Thursday, September 8, 1687.



had the first meeting in our house at Wrenbury Wood. Blessed be God, that has trusted us with a house to employ for him, which I therefore think the better of. Dear Brother preached from Revelations iii, 17. Pretty many hearers. I begged of God 1 that it may be said of our poor house, that this or that man or woman was born again there."

"It often pities me," she writes on another occasion, "to think of the state of some of my neighbors. They are well inclinedhave good principles of moral honesty and sobriety, yet, I have great reason to fear, they are strangers to a saving change, and dying so will be for ever miserable. Oh that it would please God to call them effectually to himself. I know the Father of Spirits is infinite in compassion, and knows what is best; but how would it rejoice my heart to see converting work go forward among us."

The lively feelings of her spirit, and the pious ardor of her desires for the prosperity of Zion, are manifest from the following memorandum, dated 1696. "A meeting of Nonconformist Ministers appointed Aug. 11, to be at Chester. The eternal God himself meet and bless, direct and succeed them in all their ways! They used to meet at Knutsford, but appointed it now at Chester, to be nearer my dear Father, who was designed to be there, and to preach, it being so order

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