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Thus do the Promises glorioully ferve one another and us, in this their harmonious Agreement.

Now the Promise under Confideration, is an abfolute Promise : All tbas the Farber givet mig ihall come to me. .

This Promise thorefore is, as is said, a big. bellied Promise, and hath in itfelfall those Things to bestow upon us, that the conditional calleth for at our Hands. They shall come! Shall they come? Yes, they fall come. But how if they want those Things, those Graces, Power, and Heart, without which they cannot come? Why. Shall-come answereth all this, and all Things elfe that may in this Matter be objected. And here I will take the Liberty to amplify Things.' tii . Objection 1. .

But they are dead, dead in Trespasies in Sins, how thall they then come? ..

Ans. Why, Shall.come can raise them from this Death. The Hour is coming, and now is,' that the Dead mall hear the Voice of the Son of God, and they ihat bear ball live. Thus therefore is this Impediment by Shall-come removed out of the?, Way. They shall heal, they shall live."

* . .Objection a wi

But they are Satan's Captives; he takes then Captives at his Will, and he is tronger.chan they: How then can they come gia' S1188 saimmen

Ang. Why, Shall-come hath also provided an Help for this. Satan hath bound that Daughter of Abraban fo, that the could by no Means lift up herself ; but yet Shall-come set her free bocha in Body and soul. Cbrift will have them turned COL":10.9

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from the Power of Satar to God. But what! Muft, it be, if they turn themselves, or do fome. what to merit of him to turn them? No, he will do it freelyit of his own good Will. Alas! Man whose Soul is poffeffed by the Devil ! Is turbed whithersoever that Governor lifteth, is taken captive, by him,, notwithstanding its natural Powers at his Will; but what will he do? Will he hold him when Shall-come puțs forth itself (wil he then lechim) for coming to Jefus Cbrif? No, that cannot be! His Power is but the Power of a fallen Angel, but Shall-come is the Word of God: Therefore Shall come must be fulfilled; and the Goges efnhell shall not prevail against him.' ! !

There were feven Devils in Mary Magdalen, too many for her to get from under the Power of; but when the Time was come, that Shall-come was to be fulfilled upon her, they gave Place, Ay from her, and the comes (indeed) to Jesus Christ. according as it is written : All that the Father giveth me, shall come to me...

The Man that was poffeffed with a Legion, Mark 5. was too much by them captivated, for him by human Force to come ;. yea, had he had (to boot all the Men under Heaven to help him, bad he chat said, He shall come, with-held his i mighty Powerp: ' but when this Promise was to be fulfilled upon him, then he comes; nor could all their Power hinder his coming It was also this (Shall.come) that preseryed him from Death; when by there evil spirits he was hürled hither, and thicket; and it was by the Virtue of (Shal. come) that at last he was set at Liberty from them, and enabled indeed: ro (come to Ghrift. All shat the Father giverb me shall come-to-me. 1g -7,101

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the People that the Father hath given thee. The Obstinacy and Plague that is in the Will of chat People, hall be taken away: And they shall be made willing, shall come will make them willing to come to thee.'

He that had seen Paul in che Midlt of his Outrages againft Cbrift, his Gospel, and People, would hardly have Thought that he would ever have been a Follower of Jesus Christ, especially since he went not againit his Conscience in his períecuting of them. He thought verily that he ought to do what he did. But we may see what (Shall-come) can do, when it comes to be fulfilled upon the Soul of a rebellious Sinner, he was a chosen Vefsel, given by the Father to the Son; and now the Time being come, that (Shall come) was to take him in Hand, behold he is over maitered, astonished, and with Trembling and Reverence, in a Moment becomes willing to be obedient to the heavenly Call, Acts 9.

And were not they far gone (that you read of, Acts 2.) who had their Hands and Hearts in the Murder of the Son of God; and to thew their Resolvedness never to repent of that horrid Fact, said. His Blood be on us and our Children? Bui muft their Obstinacy rule ? Must chey be bound to their own Ruin, by the Rebellion of their fubborn Wills: No, not Those of Thefe the Fa. ther gave to Chrift, wherefore at the Times ap. pointed, Sball-come breaks in among them ; the abfolute Promise takes them in Hand; and then they come indeed, crying out to Peter and the rett of the Apostles, Men and Brerbren whar foall we do? No Stubbornnese of Men's Will can stand, when God hath absolutely said the Con. trary : Shall-come can make them come as Doves to their Windows, that had afore resolved never to come to him. Svo evo ..


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