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The wreck was attacked by hundreds to do away in future all vexatious disof persons. The committee of under- putes about the right of search; a writers at Lloyd's coffeehouse, taking right which contaius in its core the into consideration the immense loss germs of future wars. of the cargo, it berig estimated at Mrs PATTERSON.-- This lady, for100,0001 determined on endeavouring merly Madame Jerome Buonaparte, is to stop the system of plunder of now a leading star at the ambassadorial wrecks, and to make an example of balls of the Duke of Wellington, and the ringleaders, they dispatched Vick- in all the circles of high fashion at ery and Bishop, belonging to Dow. Paris, where she is particularly ad. street Office, to endeavour to trace out mired for her beauty and accomplishthe property of the wreck and the rob. ments, and considered an object of bers. On their arrival in that country, particular interest, from the providen. they received the most prompt and spi- tial vicissitudes of fortune which have, rited asisistance from Mr Harrison, the in a short year, more than once placed collector, and Mr Stone, the comptrol her exemplary private respectability ler of the customs --They procured a above the rank of that temporary sowrit of assistance to enable them to vereignty, whose arrogance slighted search houses, which they proceeded to connection with her in the period of do with all possible speed, at Alfriston, the apparent stability of his Bletchington, Seaford, Bishop-tone, By advices which we have seen from Newhaven, and several other places. Jamaica, a bottle was picked up at sea, In all of them the efficers tound part after having been floating upwards of of the cargo of the wrick concealed. five

years. It principally consisted of nutgalls,

Jamaica, Oct. 28. quicksilver, goatskins, otto of roses, “ The following has been published yellow birch for making carpet brooms, by Captain Coulson, late of the ship and a variety of other articles, which Port Royal—This bottle was thrown they found in searching upwards of overboard from the William Manning 200 houses; the owners and occupiers of London, in lat 35. N long. 15. 26. of them appeared astonished that they woon Sept. 9, 1810. should be considered to have done

Tuo HUSKisson." wrong, considering it an undisputed “ We have great pleasure," says an and ancient right of the inhabitants evening paper, " in stating to the pub. near the spot where the wreck takes lic, which has been so much inter sted place, to iake whatever of the cargo in the fate of the recently discovered deand vessel they could save from the mi-British colony in Pitcairns' Island,

Some of the parties on learning the descendants of the mutineers of the that some persons were taken into cus. Bounty, that it is the laudable purpose tody, sent the property they had col- of government to render them every lected to the officers.

possible assistance. They will be am. The speech of the American Pre. ply supplied with implements of hussident has come to hand by the way of bandry and of useful handicrafts, and Liverpool. A most friendly and con- with all those utensils of European ma. ciliatory tone towards Great Britain nu.acture which can contribute to their pervades the whole of it, and the mea. con forts or increase their happiness. sure there 'recommended of confining Glasgow, Dic. 8.-On Bonday the American navigation to Ameri- night, about nine o'clock, Mr Andercan eamen, we sincerely hope will be son, supervisor of excise, and two of adopted and strictly acted upon, so as his officers, discovered an illicit still, of



nearly 50 gallons, between Union bers on either side were obstructing place and Mitchell street in this city. the passage to the tribune, in order to The still was charged with low wines be the first to insert their names to at the time, which the officers let flow speak for or against the propositions. into the street. One of the smug. The two secretaries on the right of glers set fire to the spirit, in order to the president took down the names of effect his escape in the confusion. The the approving deputies, as many on flames rose for some time with fury, the lest those of the opposite party. and all the houses connected with the The president ordered the tumultuous place were in danger of being burned. members to their seats ; they obeyed,

5th.-A rumour; which is probably but every eye watched, and every unfounded, has been circulated some heart beat for the last phrase of the days, intimating that a matrimonial orator ; when the signal was given, union is contemplated between an ils such a rush I never witnessed in my lustrious young female; whose esta. life. All were literally tumbling over blishment is a matter of most particil- one another; the cries rent the hall, lar importance and interest to the Bri- and no arguments save manual ones, tish nation, and one of the Austrian were in the least attended to by those princes now in this country. It is grave legislators of their country. said the prince alluded to, is willing The tribune was taken by assault, to conform to the religious requisi- and M. Corbiere, the reporter, was tions required by our laws, essential roaring out for assistance, being posito the occasion, by renouncing the Ro- tively jambed in by the flanks of the man Catholic religion, and becoming two invading lines.” a protestant.

Talleyrand's honours and dignities The emperor of Russia has confer- as a prince are, in testimony of the red upon a number of persons at War. King's satisfaction, granted in remainsaw the decorations of the Polish or. der to his brother Count Talleyrand, der of the White Eagle, and of St and his heirs male. Stanislaus, as of the Russian order of 6th.-On the 29th, Lord Salton, CoSt Wladimir and St Anne. The Jews lonels M•Donnel and M.Kinnon, and residing in Warsaw, amounting to Mr Hamilton, deputed by the Scots 20,000, and deputations from all the tish Highland Society, were admitted Israelitish communes in Poland, have to his Majesty, and presented the presented to his Imperial Majesty an Poems of Ossian in the Celtic lanode, printed on satin, in Hebrew, Po. guage, which his Majesty received lish, French, and German.

very graciously. An elegant silver vase, of the value From the Moniteur of the 30th of upwards of 13001. was presented to ultimo.- The knights of the differEarl Spencer, at his seat of Althorpe, ent orders, and the persons who have in Northamptonshire, on Saturday subscribed their names to contribute last, by his lordship’s tenants, as a

towards the formation of the funds mark of their gratitude for his un- necessary to abolish the trade in white wearied attention to them.

and black slaves in the north of Afrie Extract of a letter from Paris, 31st ca, a trade still carried on contrary to ult.—“The debate on the amnesty bill religion, humanity, and the honour of was very tumultuous. When M. Cor. Christianity, are informed, that the hiere, the reporter, had finished the pre- president of the association will have liminary discourse, and was proceeding the honour to make his annual report to the suggested amendments, the meme on the progress made towards the at.

tainment of the end proposed; he will complete knowledge of his art in explain to them at the same time the whatever he said relating to it, and state of the funds given in trust to his showed as much feeling for painting management for this service, by the as for sculpture. sovereigns, and other illustrious sub- 8th.- New South WALES.A scribers, and will submit to them the vessel has arrived from New South documents on which the report is Wales after an extraordinary short pasfounded. The first report will be sage of less than five months. A dispresented at Paris, at a time and place pute is said to have arisen between the to be specified, when his most Chris- governor and the gentleman at the tian Majesty, who has deigned to head of the judicial department, which subscribe as Grand Master of the Or- has caused a suspension of the judicial der of St Louis, shall have made business till the matter in question known his pleasure on this head. shall be decided by fresh instructions

W. SIDNEY SMITH. from home. The question àt issue is, President of the Knights Liberators whether or not convict attorneys, trans

of the White Slaves in Africa. ported to the settlement in virtue of Venice, Dec. 9.-The Horses of legal sentences passed for crimes com. Corinth have become the objects of a mitted by them at home, shall be alkind of idolatry. Since their arrivallowed to practice in the colonial courts. the people flock in crowds to the The governor, it is said, insists on this square of St Mark, and kiss with en- professional practice in favour of sethusiasm these ancient monuments of veral attornies so circumstanced, among Venetian glory. To satisfy the pub- whom is Crossley. The head of the lic curiosity, medals have been struck judicial department refuses the priviwith the heads of the horses.

lege, on the ground, that the dignity When Barbe Marbois, as minister and purity of British justice would not of justice, made his report to the king be likely to be duly sustained in such of the escape of Monsieur Lavalette, hands ; and that, moreover, there were his majesty is said to have observed, in the colony attornies regularly ap« It must be acknowledged that Ma- pointed from home, fully competent dame Lavalette and myself have done for the business, with whose offices our duty, and I wish I could say as the association of the convict attornies much of some other persons." would be an improper interference.

Chevalier Cenova arrived in Brus- Extract of a letter from Dublin of sels on the 12th ult. and set out the the 16th curt.-" We have had no next day for Antwerp, where a part less than seven attornies, and eight of the monuments of the arts were de- other persons, respectable until now posited which were taken from the in public credit, sentenced to transstates of the Pope, and have been re- portation, being convicted of manumoved from the Museum at Paris. By facturing and vending stamps.” his sweet and amiable manners, dur- A British officer of engineers arriing his short stay in England, he en- ved in July last at Alexandria, in a deared himself to all who knew him. brig of war, being charged with the He is about the middle stature, with superintendance of the erection of two a fine head of silent Italian sensibility; Hydraulic machines for irrigating the whenever he spoke of art, his counte. lands upon the banks of the Nile, nance lit up with a bland, harmonious sent as presents from the Prince Re. smile, as if music would follow the gent to Mahommed Ali, the viceros motions of his lips. He displayed a of Egypt.

9th.-Madame Lavalette still con- way. It happened that he fell upon tinues in prison ; she was visited by the street, with a bottle in his side M. Bellart the Attorney General, for pocket; the bottle broke, and the glass the purpose of interrogating her re- cutting through the clothes, penetraspecting the escape of her husband. ted his right side. He was carried to When he commenced her examination, the house of recovery, and every ex. she answered him with a laugh. “ To ertion made to save him, but he died on laugh is not to answer, Madame," was Wednesday morning. the observation which he made upon Letters from Paris of the 3d inst. her conduct. To this she replied, inform us, that the attention of all the “ I have wept long, 'tis my turn now city is fixed upon the proceedings of to laugh.” M. Lavalette refused to the Chamber of Deputies, in the disanswer the interogatories that were cussion of the amnesty bill ; and such put to her. The only answer she is the interest excited on the occasion, gave was, catch him if you can. that the French government has agreed

Her daughter shewed great sensi- to continue the British troops in the bility and presence of mind, in that vicinity of Paris, 80 that nothing unagonizing moment when the last gate pleasant is likely to occur from the of the prison was about to be opened irritation of party feeling. to her father ; she remarked that one 1lth.--A pugilistic combat took of the turnkeys looked at them rather place a few days ago on the Boule. steadfastly, upon which she said in a vards, between Marshal Victor, Duke low tone, but loud enough to be heard, de Belluno, and Lieutenant Thoroughe " Mamma, do not weep so, we shall see ton, of the guards. Marshal Victor papa again to morrow, for be told you was walking on the Boulevards when

Lieutenant Thoroughton, in passing At the last public sitting of the quickly by him, struck the Marshal, Royal Institute of France, a gold me though quite unintentionally, on the dal, of the value of 1500 francs, was elbow. He immediately expressed his adjudged to David Brewster, L.L.D. sorrow at the accident, and implored F.R.S.L, and E. for his discourses the forgiveness of the noble duke. It on light and heat. This medal is one appears, however, that the Marshal half of the prize of 3000 francs, which would listen to no apology, and began was offered by the Institute for the abusing the English officer in the most best application of analysis to phy- gross and virulent language ; upon sics, or for the best series of physical which Lieutenant Thoroughton gave experiments, made between October him a blow in the chest, which laid 1813, and October 1815. The other the marshal sprawling on the earth. half of the prize was given to Dr Some gendarmes then came up, and Leebeck of Nuremberg.

carried the English officer to the preThe following melancholy circum- fecture. The Marshal wrote a letter stance occurred in Paisley on the morn- to the Duke of Wellington the same ing of New Year's day. It is custo- evening, full of the most bitter com. mary there, as in other towns in Scot- plaints against Lieutenant Thoroughland, for young persons to make a call ton; in consequence of which a court upon their friends, and treat them with of inquiry was called to examine into whisky. A young lad, of the age of his conduct, and after a full inveniga. 16, was heartily enjoying himself in go. tion of the affair, it appeared that the ing about among his friends in this lieutenant could not be considered as


very culpable ; he was therefore only con, and Mr Bruce, as the three that slightly reprimanded, and desired to have been chrown into the Abbey ; be more circumspect in his conduct in but another account substitutes a Lieufuture.

tenant Robert Wilson for the first It may not be uninteresting to state named gentleman. what has become of the persons com- Sir Robert Wilson is well known prised in the first and second articles to all Europe, not only by his liof the King of France's ordinance of terary, but military services against the 24th of July. The first article Buonaparte. Captain Hutchison is contained the following names : a very young officer of the guards, a

Ney, Labedoyere, the two brothers relation of Lord Donoughmore ; and Lallemand, Drouet d'Erlon, Lefebvre Mr Bruce is the eldest son of the Desnouettes, Ameil, Brayer, Gilly, banker, Crawford Bruce, Esq. Our Monton Duvernet, Grouchy, Clausel, minister, Sir Charles Stuart, as soon Laborde, Debelle, Bertrand, Drouet, as he heard of their arrest, demanded Cambrone, Lavalette, and Rovigo, their immediate enlargement, when he

Of these, Ney and Labedoyere have was told that they had contrived and been shot, Lallemand is at Malta, assisted in the escape of Lavalette. Drouet d'Erlon is in France, Lefe- On Saturday last, their Royal Highbvre and Gilly, are arrived at New nesses the Archduke John and the ArchYork, Grouchy has embarked at duke Lewis, accompanied by General Guernsey for America, Lavalette has Count St Julien, General Count Mor. escaped, Debelle is in prison, Bertrand rien, Colonel Baron Pley, Baron Weit. is with Buonaparte, Drouet, and manstter, and Dr Fischer, examined Cambrone are upon trial, and Rovigo Mr. Thomason's manufactory at Bir. is at Malta. The rest are concealed. mingham. The private rooms were

The persons comprised in the se- thrown open, and in the space of three cond article, and ordered to quit hours and a half, they witnessed above France in two months, are,

one hundred processes. Soult, Alix, Excelmans, Bassano,

NISMES, Jan. 6. Marbot, Felix, Lepelletier, Boulay The 3d of this month the Correc. (de la Meurthe), Mehee, Feressinet, tional tribunals of Nismes tried one Thibaudeau, Carnot, Vandamme, La Etienne Girard, native of Thoulouse, marque (General), Lobau, Harel, pretending to have returned from an Pire, Barrere, Arnault, Regnaud, (de English prison, and convicted him of St Jean d'Angeley), Pummereuil, Ar- having said, the 7th of December last, righi (of Padua), Dejean, (junior), to two soldiers whom he met on the Garraù, Real, Bouvier Domoulard, way from Beauvoisin to Vauvert, Merlin (of Douay), Durbach, Divat, “that the king had drawn an ordiDefermont, Bory St Vincent, Felix nance to slaughter all the protestants Desportes, Garner de Saintes, Mels in France, but that the English would linet, Hullin, Cluys, Courtin, Forbin soon get possession of our ports to take Janson (the elder son), and Le Lor- revenge."—He was condemned to a que Dide ville.

year's imprisonment, a fine of 109 20th. -Dispatches from Paris, recei- franks, to the surveillance of the high ved yesterday, announce the arrest of police, five years after the expiration three English gentlemen by the French of his punishment. police, charged with having assisted Friday morning, about three o'clock, Lavalette in his escape. Report names an explosion took place at the gasSir Robert Wilson, Captain Hutchi- light establishment in Dorset street,

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