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the popular discontent. On the 16th, low-citizens and of their priests, was
the mob assaulted the magistrate of in vain reiterated to seduce them from
the city in the streets, and killed two their allegiance and duty; and in a
of his attendants. The military was solitary instance, in which their call
called in, some lives were lost, and was complied with, the deserter was
amongst others the Mufti was wound. shot by a comrade whilst quitting the
ed, a circumstance which their priests ranks. This sanguinary affair took
availed themselves of, to give the place on the 21st of April ; and, on
quarrel a religious character. They the evening of the same day, the 13th
accordingly prevailed on a great num- regiment, under the command of Ma-
ber of the inhabitants to quit their jor Richards, arrived. Tranquillity
houses, and assembled at the principal was restored, but it was found expe-
mosque, where they displayed the dient to keep the inhabitants in awe
standards of their religion. In the by a large force ; and Major-general
course of the next day, they were Sir George Ashe, who was appointed
joined by many armed men from the to the command of it, was invested
adjoiniog towns, particularly from with the powers of a military commis.
Rillebut, and the troops at the place, sioner.
who had moved out to disperse them, Whilst British India was rapidly
were hemmed in on every side. They and unceasingly improving, the state
consisted of about 200 men of the of the provinces in the possession of
27th Native Infantry, with two field- the native powers, became daily more
pieces, under Captain Boscawen. Ex- deplorable. Torn by internal factions,
presses had been sent to Futtyghur and exposed to continual inroads, there
and to Moradabad for more troops, was no longer any security in proper-
but of these a detachment of 450 men ty. The quantity of land under cul.
of Captain Cunningham's regiment of tivation was annually diminishing, and
Rohilla horse had only arrived when all the horrors of scarcity were fre.
the insurgents commenced hostilities. quently felt. Emigration to the Com.
Captain Boscawen’s small party, which pany's territories became common ;
he had thrown into a square, was sur.


who had been ruined by the rounded by at least 1200 men, who depredations of the Pindarees, had no charged him sword in hand on every resource but to join them. This law. side ; but though they succeeded at less assemblage of robbers appear to one time in penetrating into the square, have ravaged

the country, until it was and had actually possessed themselves completely exhausted. Ever since of one of the guns, they were at length 1804, their numbers had been on the driven off in every direction. The increase ; and, as the interior of India field was cleared by a charge of the no longer presented a field for them, Rohilla horse, and the slaughter was they had ventured, in the years 1812 immense. The conduct of Captain and 1813, to invade the British terriBoscawen, and the brave men of the tories. This year they renewed their 27th regiment, received, as it deserved, depredations in a different quarter, and the warmest commendations of the with greater success. They made a Governor-general; and he was parti- rapid inroad into Guntoer, one of the cularly pleased with the fidelity dis- northern circars, ravaged and laid played by the newly embodied corps waste that rich district, and commitof Rohilla horse, natives of the city, ted acts of the most unparalleled bar. or its vicinity, and Mahometans by barity against its inhabitants. The loss religion ;- the entreaties of their fel. which the government sustained can

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not be estimated at less than a million which were made him, he was left to sterling, but their movements were purchase off that rapacious chieftain conducted with so much judgment as he best could. The British governthat our troops could never bring them ment, it is understood, wished him to to action, and tkey not only escaped place himself personally under their with impunity themselves, but carried protection, by subsidizing a body of off almost all their booty. It is to be their troops--an offer which he would hoped that some decisive measures will willingly have accepted, but for the be taken to recal these hordes to re- interference of the neighbouring states, gular habits, and to restore tranquilli- who were unwilling to see foreign inty to India.

Auence introduced in that quarter. : Amer Khan, with the troops under Towards the close of this year, the his command, can hardly be looked on valuable Island of Java was delivered in a more favourable light. He inva. up to the Dutch, agreeably to the ded the state of Jugpore early in the terms of the treaty of peace. It is to season ; and, after having levied con- be regretted, that in framing it, the tributions of the inhabitants, laid siege interests of some of the native princes to the capital. The Rajah applied to were entirely neglected ; and Mr Raf. the British resident at Delhi, and an Ales, the Lieutenant-governor, in vain adequate force was held in readiness attempted to obtain froin the Dutch to march to his assistance ; but as authorities some stipulations in their he did not accede to some proposals favour.



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with his own band, had murdered

fourteen protestants, and was going to Paris, Dec. 23d.— Yesterday, a send him to Montpelier. But this was very violent and tempestuous debate the cause of his misfortune ; for before broke forth in the Chamber of Depu- the prisoner could be sent away, his ties, relating to the escape of Laval- partisans set him at liberty, and threatlette. The Ultra-Royalists openly ened the life of the general. The gecharged the King's ministers with con- neral frightened them by the appearance niving at it, and Count des Les Maisons of two regiments of chasseurs. Scarce. moved a proposition, that they should ly, however, were these withdrawn, be called upon to give information up- when the party of Trestailler caused on the subject. The ministers present the last tumult. strongly rebutted the charge made FRANKFORT, Dec. 9th.-The Prus. against them, but the proposition of sians have now with their regiments Les Maisons was carried

by a great ma- singers who are regularly taught. In jority.

the evening of the day before yesterBerlin, Dec. 5.—It is generally day, we were agreeably surprised by a sserted here, that in the course of this vocal concert, executed by twenty solwinter some thousand Protestants, diers according to all the rules of art. from the south of France, will settle in They sang military songs by their our states, with the permisson of the comrade Theodore Koerner, who fell government. Several of these unfor- upon the bed of honour. tunate people are already in the can- SHIPWRECK.—The Adamant, from tons of Vaud and Neufchatel, to Malta, which was lately wrecked off which they fled, in order to save Newhaven, in Sussex, was originally their lives, in the months of Au- a king's ship, called the Thrasher gungust and September. General La. brig, and copper bottomed. The cara garde, as it is affirmed, really had go and vessel was besieged by the infrom the king strict orders to destroy habitants for miles round the country, the seeds of disorder at Nismes ; but who considered them fair game for he was not furnished with sufficient plunder. They tapped a pipe of wine, means. He seized Trestailler, who, and carried away the wine in buckets.

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