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An act to repeal the duties payable the Claremont estate, and for settling in Scotland upon wash and spirits, and the same as a residence for her Royal distillers' licences, to grant other du- Highness the Princess Charlotte Auties in lieu thereof, and to establish gusta and his Serene Highness Leofurther regulations for the distillation pold George Frederick Prince of Coof spirits from corn for home consump- bourg of Saalfeld. tion in Scotland, until the 10th of No An act to explain and amend an act, vember, 1818.

passed in the 55th of the reign of his An act to amend an act of the last present Majesty, entitled, “ An Act for session of Parliament relating to stamp the Abolition of Gaol and other Fees duties in Great Britain, so far as re. connected with the Gaols in England.” lates to inventories to be exhibited and An act to amend an act passed in recorded in any commissary court in the 39th and 40th of the reign of his Scotland.

present Majesty, for the safe custody An act to repeal certain drawbacks of insane persons charged with of and countervailing duties of excise on fences. beer and malt; to alter the drawbacks An act for admitting oil and blubber on plate glass, and to prevent frauds from the British colonies in North therein.

America, upon payment of the like An act to continue, until the 5th of duty as oil and blubber from New. July, 1817, an act of the 46th of his foundland. present Majesty, for granting an addi An act to explain and amend

an act tional bounty on the exportation of the passed in the present session of Parliasilk manufactures of Great Britain. ment for punishing mutiny and deser

An act for the further regulation of tion, in relation to the transportation the trades of tanners and curriers. of offenders.

An act to repeal part of the duty on An act to procure annual returns of spirits distilled in Ireland, to reduce persons committed, tried, and convicte the drawback on such spirits exported ed for criminal offences and misdeto foreign parts, and to make further

meanours in Ireland. regulations for the collection of the

An act for defraying, until the 25th said duties, and the duties on licences of June, 1817, the charge of the pay for retailing spirituous and other li- and clothing of the militia of Ireland, quors in Ireland.

and for making allowances in certain An act to make certain provisions cases to subaltern officers of the said for modifying the several acts for im- militia during peace. posing and levying of fines, in respect An act to make provision for secuof unlawful distillation of spirits in Ire- ring, for a time to be limited, the proland.


of the office of Clerk of the Pleas An act for repealing the duties pay- of his Majesty's court of Exchequer able for licences for retailing beer, ale, in Ireland. cyder, perry, or spirits in Great Bri An act to continue, until the 5th of tain, and for imposing other duties in April, 1817, an act of the 45th of his lieu thereof.

present Majesty, for explaining and An act to regulate the conveyance amending several acts relating to spi. of passengers from the United King- ritual persons holding of farms, and dom to the United States of America, for enforcing the residence of such in British vessels.

persons on their benefices in England. An act for ratifying the purchase of An act to continue, until the 1st of


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August, 1817, two acts of the 50th more effectual preservation of the and 55th of his present Majesty, al- peace, by enforcing the duties of lowing the bringing of coals, culm, and watching and warding. cinders, to London and Westmin An act for enlarging the time for ster.

making the award respecting his MaAn act for the more effectual pu- jesty's allotments under an act of the nishment of persons riotously destroy- 53d of his present Majesty, for encloing or damaging buildings, engines, sing Windsor Forest ; and for extends and machinery, used in and about col- ing the provisions of the said act. leries and other mines, waggon-ways, An act for making provision to debridges, and other works, used in con- fray the annual charge of any loan of veying and shipping coals and other this session of Parliament. minerals; and for enabling the owners An act for allowing a drawback of of such property to recover damages the duty on coals consumed in lead for the injury sustained.

mines in Cornwall. An act to amend an act of the 53d An act for authorizing the Barons of his present Majesty, for the relief of the Court of Exchequer in Scotof insolvent debtors in Ireland. land, to order the payment of a certain

An act to reduce the duty on the sum of money, to be applied in comexportation from Great Britain of small pleting the Crinan canal. coals of a certain description.

An act to enable his Majesty to grant An act to amend two acts made in certain lands, tenements, and heredithe 53d of the reign of his present taments, escheated and devolved to his Majesty, for opening a more conve- Majesty by the dissolution of Hertford bient communication from Mary-le- College, in the university of Oxford, bone Park to Charing-cross, and for and the site of the said college and paving the streets to be made in Mary- buildings thereon, to the chancellor, le-bone Park, and to enable his Majes- master, and scholars of the said uni. ty to grant small portions of land as versity, in trust for the principal and sites for public buildings, or to be used other members of Magdalen-Hall, as cemetries, within the bills of more for the purpose of removing to such tality.

site; and to enable the said chancel. An act to repeal certain provisions lor, masters, and scholars, of the said in local acts for the maintenance and university, and the president and schomanagement of the poor.

lars of Saint Mary Magdalen college, An act to repeal an act made in the to do all necessary acts for such re89th and 40th of his present Majesty's moval. reign, entituled, “ An Act to extend An act to extend the provisions of the provisions of an Act made in the an act of the first of the reign of James 17th of the reign of King George the the Ist, entituled, 'An Act for the Second, entituled, ' An Act to amend • better relief of the creditors against and make more effectual the laws such as shall become bankrupts.' relating to rogues, vagabords, and An act to abolish the punishment of other idle and disorderly persons, and the pillory, except in certain cases. s to houses of correction,'

An act to regulate the binding of make other provisions in lieu thereof. parish apprentices.

An act to revive and continue until An act for establishing the use of the 15th of June, 1817, an act of the an hydrometer, called Sykes's hydro52d of his present Majesty, for the meter, in ascertaining the strength of

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spirits, instead of Clarke's hydrome- a certain sum out of the consolidated ter.

fund of Great Britain, and for apply, An act for enabling ecclesiastical ing certain monies therein mentioned corporate bodies, under certain cir- for the service of the year 1816, and cumstances, to alienate lands for en- for further appropriating the supplies larging cemetries or church-yards. granted in this session of Parliament.

An act for granting to his Majesty

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George Morton, for a mode of attach so moved about its axis by water, as ing horses to four-wheeled carriages. to give it a greater power than in any

Joseph Baader, M. D. Knt. of Ba- other position. varia, for an improved plan of con William Plenty, for an improved structing rail-roads, and carriages to plough. be used on them.

John Millington, for improved maJames Dutton, jun. for improvements chinery for propelling floating vessels in fulling mills.

in the water. Allan

Taylor, Daniel Gallafent, sen. John Budgem, for a process of redu. and jun. for an engine for raising cold cing rags and other articles in making and hot water.

paper, after they have been used, into George Young, for a method of ma- their original state. king a peculiar species of canvas for John Geo. Drake, for a method of military and other purposes.

expelling the molasses out of refined John Malzi, for an instrument called sugar. a metranome, or musical time keeper. William Baynham, for a composi

Marquis De Chambonnes, for a me- tion for making leather and other artithod of conducting the air and regula. cles water-proof. ting the temperature in houses and Joseph Manton, for improvements other buildings.

in the construction of fire-arms, and Christopher Dihl, for improvements in shoeing horses. in distillation.

Francis Turrell, for a wheel-guard. James Lee, for improvements in his George Fred. Muntz, for a method methods of preparing hemp and fax. of abating smoke, and obtaining a va

Samuel Clegg, for an improved gas luable product therefrom. apparatus.

John Wood, and Joshua Words. Davis Redmund, for a machine for worth, for improvements in machinery the manufacture of corks and bungs. for spinning.

Robert Kinder, for a method of pro Bryan Donkin, for a method for ef. pelling ships, boats, and other vessels. fecting processes in which a tempera

Robert Dickinson, for an improve- ture above that of boiling water is rement in the hooping of barrels. quisite.

William Adamson, for a principle John Leigh Bradbury, for improveby which a horizontal wheel may be ments in spinning machinery.

P. F. Montgolfier, and H. D. Day John Woodhouse, for a method of me, for improvements in a machine forming the ground for roads and pavewhich acts by the expansion or con ments. traction of heated air.

William Stenson, for an improved P. F. Montgolfier, for improvements engine to be worked by steam, &c. on the machine called Hydraulic Ram. William Lassalle, for a new contri.

William and Daniel West, for me vance for improvement in the constructhods of applying power and motion tion of machines or instruments in cioto presses and other mechanical appa- thing or other manufactories. ratus.

George Bodley, for an improved meJames Dawson, for improved means tallic engine, to work by steam or waof producing motion in bodies whol. ter. ly or in part surrounded by water or John Collyer, for a machine for air.

shearing woollen cloths. Enoch Tonkin, for a globe reflecting John Rangely, for improvements in stove for light or heat.

his hydropneumatic engine. John and William Fitkin and Joseph Robert Copeland, for saving in the Barton, for a new truss.

consumption of fuel. Samuel Jean Pauly, for an article William Threadgold, for a machine for making without seams any kind of to prevent obstructions to the passage clothing; covering for umbrellas, &c.; of smoke in chimnies. and cushions filled with atmospherical Richard Banks, for improvements air.

on wheeled carriages. Samuel Brown, for improvements on Benj. Rotch, for a flexible elastic the swing plough.

horse-shoe. Robert Cameron, for a new machine Daniel Wilson, for improved appafor manufacturing paper.

ratus in distillation. Emerson Dowson, and John Is. Thomas Roxton, for an improved Hawkins, for improvements on grates lock. and stoves.

Jean Sam. Pauly, for improvements Uriah Hadoch, for a new species of in fire-arms. paint for the exterior of houses, ships, William Simmons, for improvements &c.

applicable to keyed instruments. William Macnamara, for a method Richard Fr. Hawkins, for a method of manufacturing glass.

for carrying tunnels or arch-ways unJohn Sorby, for an auger of impro. der rivers. ved construction.

Philip Taylor, for a method of apJames Younie, for prevention of smo. plying heat to liquors, and in several key chimnies.

processes. Abraham. Rogers, for a method for Francis Richardson, for improvesaving the consumption of fuel by the ments in fire arms. setting of boilers, &c.

Christoph. Dihl, for improvements Henry Osborne, for a method of pro- in the making of mastic or cement, and ducing various cylinders.

applying it. William Lewis, for a machine for George Dodgson, for improving the fulling cloth.

construction of extinguishing engines Joseph Turner, for an improved ro- and forming pumps. tatory engine.

Isaac Hadley Reddell, for improveWilliam Atkinson, for a method of ments in the means of lighting the informing blocks with bricks to imitate terior of offices, &c. stones.

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