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Amberst, Lord, presents for the Emperor

of China, II. xvii. Sets sail from Ports-
Accounts, public, of Great Britain, for the mouth with a fair wind, xix
year, II. cci

Andre, his conference with Arnold, II.
A Court, Mr, paper of, transmitted to cccxxviii. American boatmen refuse to
Lord Castlereagh, II. cxxiv

convey him to the vessel, ib. Sets out
Acts, public, for the year, II. clxxxvii by land, accompanied with Smith,
Adamant, from Malta, wrecked off New cccxxix. Seized by three of the Ame
haven in Sussex, II. iji

rican Militia, cccxxx. Carried before
Admiralty, Lords of, directions of, with Colonel Jamieson, conveyed to Old Sam
• regard to the qualifications of lieute lem, ib. Letter of, to General Wash-
• nants, I. xi

ington, cccxxxiv. Tried by a council of
Agricultural Report for March, IT. xxv war, and condemned to suffer death as
Agriculture, parliamentary opinions re a spy, cccxxxy. Offered his life on cer-
specting the state of, II. xxxi

tain conditions, but manfully refused it,
Algerine Janezaries, their cruelty, I. 82. ib. Letter of, to General Washing-

Ravages committed by the Algerines, I. ton, requesting not to die on a gibbet,
83. Their negociation with the Porte, cccxxxvi. His execution, ib.
I. 83. News of the outrage committed Appointments and promotions, list of
on the fishermen reached England, I. principal ones, II. cccccxxv

Arabic, translation from, II. cccclvi
Algiers, extract of a letter from, II. xci Archdukes John and Lewis examine Mr
Alnwick, church of, two statues of excel. Thomason's manufactory at Birming-

lent workmanship discovered in, II. xv ham, II. viii
America, by whom originally inhabited, II. Arrest of Sir Robert Wilson, Captain

ccxcii. By whom succeeded, ccxciii. Hutchison, and Mr Bruce, II. viii
Ideas of good government early carried Architecture, progress of, till the beginning
to America, ib. No gradations of rank of the nineteenth century, JI. ccccxlix.

in the United states, ccxciv. Fisheries Characters of the most celebrated in
• of the Grand Bank, to whom they pro that art, II. ccccl. Architecture, pre-

perly belong, ccxcv. Local calamities una sent state of, II. cccclxiv. Superiority of
known to Europe, ccxcix. The North, the Grecian to the Gothic style,cccclxiv.
by whom peopled, ccc. Inhabitants of First principle in architecture, cccclxv.
the South, their character, ib. Their Interest excited by an ancient Gothic
little progress in the elegant arts, ib. building-causes of the same-talents
In what they employ themselves, ccci. of the architects of present day,
War between England and her colo cccclxvii. State of, in Scotland, II.
nies, when it commenced, ib.

cccclxxxii. Architectural improvements

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II. cx

in Glasgow, cccclxxxiii. Superiority of Bank restriction bill, interesting debate
the style of Mr Stark to that of Mr upon, I, 37-carried, I. 39
Gillespie, ib. Characters of other Scot- Barbadoes, insurrection of, II. xlvii
ish Architects, cccclxxxiv. Their re- Beggars, number of, in London, I. 57
spective operations, cccclxxxv. Archi- Bell-diving, first trial of, II. lxvi
tectural improvements in Edinburgh, Bishops, by whom nominated in Austria,
cccclxxxvii. Observations on the pro-
posed national church, cccclxxxix. Plans Blood-money, amount of, I. 63
of this church, ccccxci.

Blood-system, lxxxvi
Army estimates for the year, I. 30 Blucher, Marshal, his arrival in Hame
Arnold, conspiracy of, II. ccci. His birth burgh, II. ix

and occupation, cccvi. Sent by Wash- Bolivar, Simon, the Spanish republican
ington to surprise Quebec, ib. His love general, defeats Monteverde, I. 136.
of riches, cccvii. Conduct of, in Phila Enters the capital city of Caraccas in
delphia, cccvii. Resolutions of the Ge. triumph, ib. Surprised by an assault at
neral Assembly of Pensylvania against Boves, 137. Offers his services to the
him, cccviii. Tried by a court martial, Congress of New Grenada, 138.
cccix. Condemned to be reprimanded Lands in Margarita, took two Spanish
by the commander-in-chief, ib. Con ships of war, and sets sail for Cumana,
versation with, and the envoy of 138. Offers freedom to the slaves,
France, cccxi. Resolves to betray his 139. Joined by Gregor M'Gregor,
country, cccxiii. Married to a disaf ib.
fected lady, cccxiv. Communicates his Bona, massacre at, II. Ivi
determination to his wife and Charles Bonneville, description of, II. ccclxxix
Beverley Robinson, cccvi. Communi- Brewster, David, L.L.D. received a gold
cation with and Sir Henry Clinton, ib. medal from the royal institute of France,
Recommended again to the command II. vij
er-in-chief, cccxx. Received the com- Bridge, wire in Pensylvania, II. Ixii
mand of the West Point, cccxxi. Re- Broughanı, Mr, extracts from speech of,
ceives a promise of £30,000 from the on the education of the poor, II. liv.
English, ib. Correspondence between His motion for the production of the
Arnold and Andre, cccxxi. Interview Christian treaty lost by a majority of
with Andre, cccxxv. Plot discovered 104 to 30. 1. 20
Arnold fled to New York, cccxxxi. Let Bruce, Mr, receives a letter from Lava.
ter of to the commander-in-chief, lette, requesting his assistance, I. 93.
cccxxxiii. Letter of, in favour of An Sets out with him in the uniforms of

dre, cccxxxvi. His abject life, cccxxxvii. English officers, 99
Arts, fine, institutions for, II. ccclxvii. Burns, commemoration of, at Edinburgh,
Royal academy of painting-Sculpture

In London, xl
and architecture of, when founded,
cccclxviii. Of whom it consists, ib.
Courses of Instruction, ccclxix. British

institution, when founded, ib. Society
of Arts in the Adelphi, cccclxx. Brie Calcutta, disturbances in, among the
tish Museum, ib. Present state of Arts troops, II. xxxvïi
in Scotland, ib. Early Scotish artists, Caraccas, chief seat of the Spanish Ame-
the history of, ib.

rican independants, I. 139
Austrian bishops, by whom appointed, II. Castlereagh, Lord, his motion for the bet.

cx. By whom confirmed, cxi. Their ter regulation of the civil list, I. 54. For
ordinances submitted to the state be erecting a monument in memory of the
tore publication, cxii

battle of Trafalgar, I. 69
Avalanches, history of, II. cccxcix Catholics, Roman, ecclesiastical regula-

tions of, in Austria, II. cx. In Italy,

cxviii. In the Venetian States, cxix.

In Tuscany, cxxi. In Naples and the
Ballad, ancient, translated from the Ger. two Sicilies, cxiii. In France, cxxvi.

man, H. ccccxcv

II. X.

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In Spain, cxxxi. In Portugal and the Apprised by Arnold of the departure of
Brazils, cxxxv. In the cantons of Swit Washington, cccxxi. Letter of, toWash.
zerland, cxxxvii. In Denmark, cxliii. ington, CCCXXXV
In Prussia, cxliv. In the states of the Cochrane, Lord, motion of, against Lord
King of the Netherlands, cxlviii. In Ellenborough, ordered to be expunged
the kingdom of Hanover, clii. In Bri from the journals of the house, II.
tish colonies, clui

Chamounix valley, II. ccclxxxiv. Un. Combat, pugilistic, between Duke de Bel-

known to the rest of Europe till 1741, luno, and Lieutenant Throughton of

ib. Character of the inhabitants, cccci the Guards, II. vii
Charlotte, Princess of Wales, first personal Committee, motion for, on the state of the

interview with Prince of Saxe-Cobourg, public finances, I. 33. Report of, on
II. xix. Marriage of, xxxiv. Mar. the mendicity and vagrancy, and on the
riage treaty of, cv

police of the metropolis, I. 57. On
Chatham, melancholy accident at, by the the purchase of the Elgin marbles, I.

upsetting of a boat, when all perished, 65
II. lxxvii

select report from, respecting
Chateaubriand Vicomte De, II. cclii. His the laws existing in foreign states with

birth and family, ib. Emigrated to regard to the regulation of their Roman
America at the commencement of the Catholic subjects, II. cviii
revolution, ib. Returned to Europe Country, distresses of, statement of Mr
and visits England, cliv. Published in Western, 1. 71. Causes of that distress,
1802, his genius of Christianity, ib. 72
Appointed secretary to Cardinal Pesch, Couvier, M. bis remarks on the steam-
cclv. Resigns his office of minister in engine at the late installation of the
the Valais, ib. Visits other countries, French academy, II. lii
cclv. Created a Peer by his Majesty, Cornwallis, Lord, Charleston taken by, II.
ib. His speech upon opening the elec cccxliii. Defeats General Gates at
toral college of the department of the Cambden, cccxiv. Pursues the Ame-
Lorret, cclvii. Chosen by the chamber rican army into North Carolina, but is
of Peers to be one of its secretaries, forced to fall back into Cambden,

. Appointed a member of the ccclvii. Joins Generals Philips and Ara
French academy, cclix. Dismissed from nold at Petersb'ırg in Virginia, cccl.
being minister of state, ib.

Entrenches himself at Gloucester and
Chimney sweeper, brutal treatment of, II. York, ccclv. Capitulates to the enemy,
Ixiy. Trial and sentence, lxv

and his army became prisoners of war,
Choiseul-Gouffier, Count de, II. cclxxxiii. ccclvii

Travelled in Greece in his youth, ib. Corstorphine, singular circumstance, at,
Appointed ambassador to the Ottoman xlv
Porte, cclxxxiv. Measure adopted to Criminal, extraordinary account of, I. 49
prevent the fury of the Grand Seignior, Cumana, respectable female anecdote of,
ib._Repaired to Russia, ib. Returned I. 138
to France and lived in retirement, ib. Curling matches between Newlands and
Created a Peer of France, cclxxxv. Penicuick, II. xjü
His literary works, ib.
Choiseul-Stainville, Duc de, II. cclxxxv,
Arrested by order of the National As.

sembly and imprisoned, ib. Raised an
array of hussars for the English service, Damas, Count Charles De, II. cclxxvi.
ib. Ordered by Bonaparte to be taken Arrested at Varennes for facilitating,
to the frontiers of Holland, cclxxxvi. the escape of the King, ib. Embarked
His speech in the chamber of Peers on for Hamburgh and fell into the hands of
opening the will of Marie Antoinette, the Republicans, cclxxvii. Upon the

restoration of the House of Bourbon
Clinton, Sir Henry, overture of Arnold in created a peer of France, ib.

America, well received by, Il. cccxiv. Damas, Baron Maxence de, II. colxxvii

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Sent to Petersburgh, ib. Anecdote of, Endowments for schools, II. CCXXXV
and Paul I. ib. Honoured with the cross Engraving, progress of, 'in England, II,
of St Anne, &c.; afterwards made a ccccxliv. To the present time, eccels.
Knight of St Louis, ib. Evidence of, re- Escape from drowning, interesting account
specting the conduct of General Grou of, II. xly
chy, cclxxix

Esthonia, vassalage of the peasants abo-
Damas, Count Roger de, II. cclxxvii. A lished by the Emperor, II. Ixi
colonel in the Russian service, ib. Re. Esquimaux, his exhibitions at Leith, II,
turned to his native country with Mon Ixxiv
sieur in 1814, cclxxviii

Esterhazy's Banquet, II. Ixiii
Damas, Crux Le Duc Etienne de, II. Enghien, Duke d’, exhumation of, II. xxvii

cclxxv. Retired to Russia, became one Ewart, Sergeant, promotion of, by the
of the household of the Duke of An Prince Regent, II. xxxii
gouleme, and accompanied that Prince Exmouth, Lord, sent to Algiers, I. 83.
to many countries, cclxxvi. Arrested

Dispatches a flag of truce to the Dey,
by General Delaborde, ib. Created a 85. Joined by Admiral Capellan, 86.
duke in 1816, ib.

Minutes of the action on the 27th
Dashwood, Captain, succeeds in carrying August, II. Ixxx, Letter of, to John

off the wife and daughter of the British Wilson Croker, clavi. To the Dey of
consul at Algiers. The consul himself Algiers, clxxiii
kept in confinement, I. 84

Explosion in Dorset-street, II. viü. At
Death of Mrs Jane Lewson, II. 1. Of Mrs Thoulouse, II. xxxiv. At Balbairdie-

Jordan at St Cloud, II. Ix. Of Mr She house, Linlithgowshire, xlvi. Ship Flora
ridan, II. lxiv. Bishop of Landaff, lxii. of London, lxxiii.

Of General Miranda, lxxv
Duel between Mr Fenton and Mr Hillas,
II. xviii. Between Mr Cooke and Mr

White, xix. Between P. Dellon and
B. Kane, xxiv

Felix, Anthony, Cæsar, II. cclxxxvi. Was
Discovery, voyage of, II. XXV

one of the first to submit to Buonaparte.
Dispatches, Indian, II. clxxiv. From Lord

Made Buonaparte in 1813 an offer of a
Exmouth by Captain Brisbane of the certain number of troops, cclxxxvii.
Queen Charlotte, lxxvii

His speech in presence of Monsieur, ib.
Domingo, St, extract of a letter from, II. Again espouses the cause of Buonaparte,

Ixviii. Desolation of part of this island, ib. Afterwards dismissed the chamber

of Peers, ib.

Fire at Michelson, II. xxiii. At Cam-

busnethan-house, xxiv. At St John's,

Newfoundland, xxix. In

Street, xliii. At Abergeldie bouse, xlv.
Eagles taken from the French, deposited At Belvoir Castle, lxxxviii

with great solemnity in the chapel at Fischer, Lieutenant-Colonel, extracts from
Whitehall, II. ix

bis interesting journal, II. lxxv
Earthquake, shock of, felt in Dunkeld, Fitz-James, Duc de, II. ccxlix. His birth
Inverness, Montrose, II. Ixx!

and descent, where educated, ccl. Joins
Education, present state of, in Scotland, the army in Germany, ib. Visited Eng-
II. ccxxviii

land, ib. Created a peer of France, ccli.
Elgin, Lord, petition of, presented to the Joined the Royalists, ib. His answer

House of Commons, II, clv. Interest to General Bertrand, ib. His speech on
ing debate upon, I. 65. His evidence, being appointed colonel of the National

clyi. Offer of Mr Percival to, clxi' Horse Guards, cclii
Emancipation, Catholic petitions for, I. Fitzgerald, his intentions with respect to

the Irish revenue of the year, i. 31
Emulation, great stimulus to improvement, France, state of, 1. 89. Bill passed resem.
II. ccxxxi

bling the British Habeas Corpus Act, I.

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93: To repress seditious cries, I. 95. Gloucester, Duke of, married to Mary,
Bill of amnesty introduced by the Duke Princess of England, II. Ixvi
of Richelieu, 103. Amendment propo. Gordon, Colonel, put to death by General
sed by M. Colbiere, 104. Speech of

Bonnaire, II. lii
M. Betizy on that occasion, 105, . Pass- Grant, Mr J. P. his motion for a commit.
ed by a great majority, ib. Debates re tee on the state of the public finances,
specting the distribution of the powers

I. 32
of legislation, 106. The spirit of loyalty Grant, a noted robber, history of, II. xli
manifesting itself throughout that king- Great Britain, population of, II. xviii
dom, instances of, 106. Bill passed re Grenoble, insurrection at, II, xxxix
garding the observance of the 21st of
January, the anniversary of the death of
the king; monuments to be erected to


memory; that of the Queen, Dau-
phin, Louis XVII. and Madame Eliza- Heaton Colliery, inundation of, II. xvii
beth, 107. Letter written by Marie An- Henderson, Henry, cruel treatment of, ix
toinette discovered, and read to the two Hidalgo, a priest in New Spain, headed
Chambers, 109. Eloquent speech of the Revolutionists, marched to the ca-
Viscount de Chateaubriand on that oc pital of Mexico, retreated, was taken
casion, 110, Copy of that letter, 110. prisoner, and executed, I. 142
Violent attack made upon the ministers Hope, Cape of Good for, a ship in the river
on account of the escape of Lavalette, to take out farmers and artizans, II.
111. The project of a law of election xxviii
introduced by the minister to the Cham- Hudson river, its source, cccxii
ber of Deputies, 112. Points of discus- Hunt, Mr, presided at a meeting in Spa-
sion in these debates, 116. Thrown out fields, II. xcix. Entrusted to present a
by a large majority of the Peers, 117. petition to the Prince Regent, not re-
Change in the opinion of a majority of ceived, I. 77. Second meeting at Spa-
the lower Chamber respecting the minis field, dreadful scenes of outrage, ib.
„try of the Crown, 118. A plot of in- Hutchinson, Captain, assists in effecting
surrection discovered at Lyons.. Dey, the escape of Monsieur lette, I. 99
dier, their chief, apprehended, tried, and
executed, 119. Another plot discover-
ed in Paris, the boldness of their de-

signs, ib. Declaration of Principles by
the Chamber, 120. Chambers pro- Improvements in the light-houses of the
rogued, 122. Assembled on the 4th isles of May and Inchkeith, I. xii
November, ib.

India, East, war with the Nepaulese, I.
France, alliance between and the United 146. Brilliant victories of Sir David

States, II. ccciii. Ardour of the French Ochterlony; history of the war in Ne-
youth to fight in America, ccciv. Oc paul, 147. Nepaul Rajah submits to
casion of the war between France and the terms imposed by the Governor-
England, ib.

General, 148. Vote of thanks by both
French representatives, the peculiarity of Houses of Parliament to the Govera

their dress, and formality of their ha nor-General, Generals, Officers, and
rangues, I. 92

troops under his command, 149. Con-
ditions of the treaty, 150. Disturbances
in the city of Bareilly, 151. Island of

Java delivered to the Dutch, 162

Indies, West, affairs in, I. 145. Insur-
Geneva, account of, II. cccciv

rections in Jamaica and Barbadoes, ib.,
Glace, Mer de, history of, cccxcvii

Speech of Mr Wilberforce on that ac-
Glaciers, history of, II. ccclxxxv. Acci.

count, 146
dents which have occurred, ib.

Iceland, proposed enquiry into the state


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