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CH 4. saying, It is I who need to be baptized by thee ; 15 and thou comest to me! Jesus answering said un

to him, Permit this at present; for thus ought we

to ratify every institution. Then John acquiesced. 16 Jesus being baptized, no sooner arose out of the

water, than heaven was opened to him ; and the

Spirit of God appeared, descending like a dove, Jo. 1; 37. 17 and lighting upon him: while a voice from Iseaven Lu 9; 35.

proclaimed, This is my beloved Son in whom I

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2 Pet. 1; 17.

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IV. THEN was Jesus conducted by the Spirit into Mar. 1; 12: · 2 the wilderness, to be tempted by the devil. And Lu. 4; 1*

after fasting forty days and forty nights, he was 3 hungry. Wherei pon the tempter, accosting him,

said, If thou be a Son of God, command that 4 these stones become loaves. Jesus answering said, Deu. 8; 3,

It is written, “Man liveth not by bread only, but

by every thing which God is pleased to appoint.
5 Then the devil conveyed him into the holy city, and

having placed him upon the battlement of the tem-
6 ple, said to him, If thou be a Son of God, throw

thyself down; for it is written, “ He will give Ps. 91; 11. “his? angels the charge of thee : they shall up

"hold thee in their arms, lest thou dash thy foot 7 “ against a stone.Jesus again answe

vered, It is written, “ Thou shalt not put & the Lord thy Deu. 6; 16. 8 "God to the proof.” Again the devil took him up

a very high mountain, whence he showed him all

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6 Traducer.

8 Jehovah.

7 Messengers.



CH. 4.


Deu. 6; 13.
10; 20.
1 Sam. 7; 3.

the kingdoms of the world in their glory, and said
9 to him, All these will I give thee,if thou wilt pro-

strate thyself and worship me. Jesus answered,
Satan', begone ; for it is written, “ Thou shalt

worship the '' Lord thy God, and shalt serve
11 “ him only." Then the devil leaving him, angels

came and ministered to him.

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Isa. 9; 1.

Mar. 1; 14. 12

NOW Jesus hearing that John was imprisoned, Lu. 4; 14.

13 retired into Galilee ; and having left Nazareth, Jo. 4; 43.

resided at Capernaum, a seaport in the confines of 14 Zebulun and Naphtali, thereby verifying the words 15 of Isaiah the Prophet ; The canton of Zebulun

" and the canton of Naphtali, situate on the Jordan 16 “ near the sea, Galilee of the nations ; the people

who abode in darkness, saw a great light, and

on those who inhabited a region of the shades of 17 « death, light hath arisen.From that time Je

sus began to proclaim, saying, Reform, for the

reign of heaven approacheth.
18 Then walking by the sea of Galilee, he saw two

brothers, Simon named Peter, and Andrew his bro

ther, casting a drag into the sea, for they were 19 fishers. And he said to them, Come with me, and 20 I will make you fishers of men. Immediately they 21 left the nets and followed him. Passing on he saw

other two brothers, James Son of Zebedee and John

his brother, in the bark with their father Zebedee, 22 mending their nets, and he called them. They im.

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ch. 3; 2. ch, 10; 7. Mar. 1; 16 LU. 5; 1: Jo. 1; 35.

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CH. 5.

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mediately leaving the bark and their father, follow

ed him. 23 Then Jesus went over all Galilee, teaching in their ch. 9; 35.,

synagogues, and proclaiming the glad tidings of Lu. 4; 15,

the reign, and curing every sort of disease and ma-
24 lady among the people. And his fame spread through Mar. 1; 34.

all Syria, and they brought to him all their sick,
seized and tormented with various distempers, de-

moniacs, and lunatics, and paralytics, and he heal-
25 ed them. And vast multitudes followed him from Mar. 3;

Galilee, from " Decapolis, from Jerusalem, from
Judea, and from the banks of the Jordan.

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Lu, 6; 17

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V. JESUS seeing so great a confluence, repaired to

a mountain, and having sat down, his disciples 2 came to him. Then breaking silence, he taught

them, saying,

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Lu, 6; 20: Isa. 61; 3.

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Happy the poor who repine not; for the king4 dom of heaven is theirs! Happy they who mourn; 5 forthey shall receiveconsolation! Happy the meek; Ps. 37; 11. 6 for they shall inherit the land! Happy they who Isa. 65; 18.

hunger and thirst for righteousness; for they shall 7 be satisfied ! Happy the merciful; for they shall

11 A district of ten cities.

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Ps. 24; 3.

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8 obtain mercy! Happy the clean in heart; for they 1 Pet. 3; 14. 9 shall see God! Happy the peacemakers; for they : 10 shall be called sons of God! Happy they who suf

d fer persecution on account of righteousness; for 1 Pet. 4; 14. 11 the kingdom of heaven is theirs ! Happy shall ye be, when men shall revile and prosecute you, and,

1 on my account, accuse you falsely of every

evil "T 12 thing! Rejoice and exult; for great is your ward in heaven; for thus the Prophets were per

"11 secuted who were before you.


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Mar. 4; 21.
Lu 8; 16.

11; 33.

Mar. 9; 49 13

Ye are the salt of the earth. If the salt be? Lu. 14; 34.

come insipid, how shall its saltness be restored? It

is thenceforth fit only to be cast out, and trodden 14 by men. Ye are the light of the world. A city 15 situate on a mountain must be conspicuous. A

lamp is lighted to be put, not under a corn-mea

sure, but on a stand, that it may shine to all the 1 Pet. 2; 12. 16 family. Thus, let your light shine before men,

that they seeing your good actions, may glorify

your Father who is in heaven.
17 Think not that I am come to subvert the law or

the prophets. I am come not to subvert, but to Lu. 16; 17. 18 ratify. For verily I say unto you, Heaven and

earth shall sooner perish, than one iota, or one

tittle of the law shall perist without attaining its Ja. 2; 10. 19 end. Whosoever, therefore, shall violate, or teach

others to violate, were it the least of these com-
mandments, shall be in no esteem in the reign of
heaven ; but whosoever shall practise and teach
them, shall be highly esteemed in the reign of

SECI, 11.


CH. 5.

; for the 20 heaven. For I warn you, that unless your righfor the teousness excel the righteousness of the Scribes whose and Pharisees, ye shall never enter the kingdom of


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21 Ye have heard that it was said to the ancients, Ex. 20; 13.

“Thou shalt not commit murder ; for whosoever Deut. 5; 17.

“committeth murder shall be obnoxious to the 22 “judges.” But I say unto you, “Whosoever ' is angry with his brother unjustly, shall be ob

noxious to the judges; whoever shall call him ' fool, shall be obnoxious to the council; but who

soever shall call him miscreant, shall be obnoxi. 23. ous to hell-fire. Therefore if thou bring thy

gift to the altar, and there recollect that thy brother

hath ground to complain of thee ; leave there thy 24 gift before the altar : first go and procure recon

ciliation with thy brother, then come, and offer
25 thy gift. Compound betimes with thy creditor, Lu. 12; 58-

while ye are on the road together; lest the credi-
tor consign thee to the judge ; and the judge con-

sign thee to the officer, and thou be thrown into
26 prison. Verily I say unto thee; thou wilt not be

released until thou hast discharged the last farth

ing. 27 Ye have heard that it was said, “ Thou shalt not Ex. 20 ; 14. 28"commit adultery.” But I say unto you, 'Who- Deut. 5; 18.

soever looketh on another man's wife, in order

to cherish impure desire, hath already committed 29 adultery with her in his heart. Therefore, if ch. 18; 8.

thy right eye insnare thee, pluck it out, and throw Mar. 9 ; 43.

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