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The conception and birth of John the Baptist, announced from

heaven to his father Zacharias in the temple :-Zacharias doubting, receives for a sign that he should be speechless till the fulfilment of the prediction ;-returns home with his wife Elizabeth, who, after conceiving, lives some months in retirement: the immaculate conception and birth of Jesus announc. ed to his virgin mother, by the same heavenly messenger :Mary's visit to her cousin Elizabeth :-Elizabeth's joy, and prophecy, on the sight of Mary :- Mary's hymn of thanks giving and triumph.


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The birth of John ;-~his circumcision :--the emperor's edict for registering the people, occasions Mary's

journey to Bethlehem; there she bears Jesus ;-the tidings announced by an angel to shepherds :-their visit to the infant at Bethlehem :-Jesus is circumcised ;-afterwards, at Mary's purification, presented to the Lord, as a first-born male :--the prophecy of Simeon on that occasion, and of Anna.

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Jesus, in tender age, discusses some questions with the rabbies;

mis subject to his parents ;-John sent to baptize and admo. nish the people, announcing the Messiah ;-the bad treatment he receives from Herod :-Jesus baptized and attested from heaven :-his genealogy from Adam :-he is tempted by the devil.




CHAPTERS IV. 14, &c. V. VI. 1-11.

Jesus teaches in Galilee with applause ;-explains, in the syna

gogue of Nazareth, a prediction of Isaiah ;-the people offend

ed, attempt to throw him down a precipice ;-he escapes their
fury ;-expells a demon at Capernaum : cures Peter's wife's
mother of a fever ;-performs many other cures ;-announces
the reign of God in the synagogues of Galilee ;-from a bark
belonging to Peter, teaches the people on shore ;-by an extra-
ordinary draught of fishes, prefigures the success of his Apos.
tles as fishers of men ;-cleanses a leper, and heals a pa-
ralytic carried on a bed; is charged with blasphemy ;-calls
Matthew seats with publicans ;-vindicates this conduct ;-
also that of his disciples, in not fasting ;---clears from breach
of Sabbath, himself for curing on that day,--and them for
plucking and rubbing the ears of corn, induced by hunger.

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Jesus selects his twelve apostles ;-afterwards, attended by a

great multitude, teaches who are truly happy that we ought
to love all men, and do good to all, enemies not excepted ;-
warns, against uncharitableness in judging others ;--partiality
in judging ourselves : -the evidence that a man is good, is his
actions, not his professions :—the insignificancy of the latter
without the former :-Jesus cures a centurion's servant
at Nain restore's to life a widow's son :-John's message to,
Jesus ;-testimony of Jesus concerning John, the people's
opinion of both.




CHAPTERS VII. 36, &c. VIII, IX. 1.–17.

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A woman of a bad life anoints the feet of Jesus in the house of a

Pharisee ;--whom being scandalized at his permitting it, Jesus instructs in the extent of divine mercy, and its happy consequences ;-travels about, teaching and warning in cities and villages, attended by the twelve and some pious women :the parable of the sower ;-reason for using parables ;-the explanation :- lamp not lighted but to enlighten ;--knowledge not given but to be communicated :—who are considered by Je. sus as his dearest relatives ;--- he embarks ;-meets with atem. pest ;--stills it by a word ;-lands ;-cures the demoniac who had the legion ;

-and a woman of a bloody issue ;-the daughter of Jairus restored to life :-Jesus sends the twelve, em. powering them to cure diseases :- Herod's doubts concerning Jesus Jesus feeds 5000 in the desert.

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Different opinions concerning Jesus ;-Peter acknowledges him

to be the Messiah:-Jesus foretells his own death and resurrection:all who would be followers must prepare for suffering: -Jesus transfigured in the presence of Peter and Zebedee's sons ;-cures a demoniac ;-again foretells that he will be delivered to his enemies ;-humility the road to preferment in the reign of heaven ;-the meanest disciple not to be despised ;the services of those who do not accompany the Apostles not to be rejected:-Jesus sets out for Jerusalem ;-is refused ad.

mittance into a Samaritan city on the road ;-the vindictive proposal of two disciples rejected by their Master, with a severe reprimand to the proposers :—those who would follow Jesus, must do it at all hazards, and without delay :—the mis. sion of the Seventy :—the aggravation of the guilt of those who, though they had enjoyed the ministry of Jesus, and seen his miracles, remained impenitent :-the return and report of the Seventy :-Jesus is consulted by a lawyer, as to what must be done to obtain eternal life ;-he explains, by the parable of the humane Samaritan, the meaning of neighbour :-in the example of Martha and her sister Mary, we are taught what is the most important pursuit,

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Jesus gives his disciples a model of prayer ;-enjoins importue

nity ;-cures a dumb demoniac ;-refutes the plea of the Pharisees, that by the aid of demons he expelled demons :-points out the true happiness of man :-Jonah the only sign that would be granted to that generation ;-their obduracy and fol. ly contrasted to the penitence of the Ninevites, and the queen of Sheba's love of wisdom :-a Pharisee, at whose house Jesus dines, scandalized at his not washing his hands before dinner : -Jesus reproaches the Scribes and Pharisees, with being more solicitous about cleansing the outside than the inside ;with exactness in things of little moment, whilst they neglected things of the greatest ;-with affecting pre-eminence in every thing ;-with hypocrisy ;-with imposing burdens on others, from which they kept themselves free ;-with persecuting the prophets when living, and pretending to honour them when dead ;-with obstructing the people's entry into the kingdom of God :-he warns his disciples of their dangerous doctrine ;

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