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1815 L.36,559,788 L.36,120,733 L.20,508,496 L.56,624,229 L.47,859,388 1816 35,988,650 44,048,701 16,929,608 60,978,309 53,209,809 1817 30, 105,565 36,697,640 14,545,964 51,243,574 49,955,256 1818

33,971,025 41,590,516 11,534,616 53,125,192 43,614,136

inclusive of

Trade with Trade with
Values, ex-
clusive of

1815L.32,620,770 L.33,200,580 L.19,157,818 L.52,358,398 L. 43,447,572 1816) 31,822,053 41,712,002 15,708,434 57,420,436 49,653,245 1817 26,374,920 34,774,520 19,441,665 48,216,185 40,328,940 13181 29,916,320 39,235,397 10,209,271 49,504,668 40,337,118

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£22,084 Hats of all other sorts

50,448 62,346 Hops

109,331 135,027 Iron and Steel, wrought and 234,249 unwrought

1,209,073 354,881 Lead and Shot

346,467 795,843 Leather, wrought and un130,445 wrought

396,817 219,531 Leather, Saddlery and Harness 130,830 143,562 Linen Manufactures

1,729,988 411,435 Molasses

66,436 134,451 Musical Instruments

88,072 1,266,909 Oil (Train) of Greenland Fishery 60,813 14,178,021 Plate, Plated Ware, Jewellery, 2,131,629 and Watches

354,951 532,837 Salt

156,989 423,712 Saltpetre, British, refined

31,528 762,595 Seeds of all Sorts

59,631 419,634 Silk Manufactures

482,831 1,197,874 Soap and Candles

180,063 217,950 AU other Articles

3,164,064 2,506,396 200,179 Total declared Value of the Pro

duce and Manufactures of the 279,423 United Kingdom, exported 9,339

from Great Britain, to all parts 14,604 of the World

43,614,136 7,947,352





2,397,665 152,352






Bacon and Hams
Bark (British Oak) for Tanners
Beef and Pork, salted
Beer and Ale
Brass and Copper Manufactures
Bread and Biscuit
Butter and Cheese
Cabinet and Upholstery Wares
Coals and Culm
Corn, Grain, Meal, and Flour
Cotton Manufactures

Earthenware of all sorts
Fish of all sorts
Glass of all sorts
Haberdashery and Millinery
Hardwares and Cutlery
Stationery of all Sorts
Sugar, refined
Tin, unwrought

and Pewter Wares and
Tin Plates
Tobacco, British Manufactured
Woollen Manufactures
Hats, Beaver and Felt

Number of VESSELS, with the Amount of their Tonnage, and the Number of Men and Boys.
On Sept. 30, 1816.

On Sept. 30, 1817.
Vessels. Tons.

Men. Vessels.




United Kingdom 21,515

sey, Jersey, 511

and Man.. British Planta-2 tions.

3,765 Total .... 25,801









2,664,986 | 171,013


Of the Secret Committee of the House of Lords on the Internal State of the


The Committee have proceeded to tation of a general rising about the examine the papers referred to them. time above-mentioned, but that it was

In execution of this duty they have eubsequently postponed to the 9th or proceeded, in the first place, to consia 10th of June, for which various rea. der such of the said papers as contain- sons had been assigned. The Report ed information as to the state of those added, that the latest intelligence from parts of England in which the circum- those quarters had made it highly prostances detailed in the two reports of bable that the same causes which had the former committees appear to have to that time thwarted the execution of arisen.

those desperate designs, viz. the vigiIn the last of those Reports, present- lance of the government, the great aced to the House on the 19th of Juge tivity and intelligence of the magis. last, it was represented, that the pe- trates, the ready assistance afforded riod of a general rising, of which the under their orders by the regular troops intention and object were stated in the and yeomanry, the prompt and eff. Reporta, appeared to have been fixed cient arrangements of the officers infor as early a day as possible after the trusted with that service, the knowdiscussion of an expected motion for ledge which had from time to time reform in Parliament ; that Notting- been obtained of the plans of the disham appeared to have been intended affected, and the consequent arrest and as the head-quarters, upon which a confinement of the leading agitators, part of the insurgents were to march would occasion a still farther postponein the first instance ; and that they ex. ment of their atrocious plans. pected to be joined there, and on their It now appears, that in the night of march towards London, by other bo- the 9th of June last, a rising took dies, with such arms as they might place in Derbyshire, headed by a per: have already provided, or might pro- son who went for that purpose from cure by force from private houses, or Nottingham, and was therefore called from the different depots or barracks, “ The Nottingham Captain." The of which the attack was proposed. insurgents were not formidable for That concurrent information, from their numbers, but they were actuated many quarters, confirmed the expec. by an atrocious spirit. Several of them

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had fire-arms ; others had pikes, pre- force the rest dispersed, their leaders viously prepared for the purpose ; and attempting in vain to rally them, many as they advanced towards Nottinge were taken prisoners, and many guns ham they plundered several houses of and pikes were seized. arms, and in one instance a murder This insurrection, of small importwas committed. They compelled some ance in itself, is a subject of material persons to join them, and endeavoured consideration, as it was manifestly in to compel others by threats of violence, consequence of measures detailed in and particularly by the terror of the the two reports above-mentioned, and murder which had been committed ; appears to have been a part of the geand they proposed to reach Notting- neral rising proposed to take effect on ham early in the morning of the 10th the 9th or 10th of June, as stated in of June, and to surprise the mili- the last of those reports. tary in their barracks, hoping thus At the assizes at Derby, in the to become masters of the town, and month of July following, the grand to be joined by considerable numbers jury found bills of indictment for high there, and by a party which they ex- treason against forty-six of the persons pected would be assembled in Notting; charged with having been engaged in ham Forest, and which actually did this insurrection; and several of those assemble at that place, as after stated. persons having been taken, were arThe disposition to plunder, the resist- raigned upon the indictment before a ance they met with, and other circum- special commission issued for that purstances, so delayed their march, that pose, which sat at Derby in the month they had not arrived near their place of October following. Four of the of destination at a late hour in the principal offenders were separately tried morning; and the country being alarm- and convicted ; three of them were ed, a military force was assembled to executed ; and the capital punishment oppose them.

of the fourth was remitted, on condi. The language used by many persons tion of transportation. The conviction engaged in this enterprize, and parti- of these four induced nineteen of the cularly by their leaders, leaves no other persons indicted, whose conduct room to doubt that their objects were had been deemed in the next degree the overthrow of the established go- most criminal, to withdraw their pleas vernment and laws ; extravagant as of not guilty, and to plead guilty to those objects were, when compared the indictment, in hopes of thus avoidwith the inadequate means which they ing a capital punishment; and the senpossessed. In the course of their tence of death on these persons was march, many of their body felt alarm. afterwards remitted on different coned at the atrocious projects in which ditions. Against all the other persons they had engaged, which had actually indicted, who were in custody, the led to a cruel and deliberate murder: law officers of the crown declined prothey found that their confederates had ducing any evidence, and they were not arrived to their support, as they accordingly acquitted. The rest of the had been led to expect ; and in the persons included in the indictment had villages through which they passed, a Aed from justice, and have not yet been strong indisposition being manifested taken. towards their cause and projects, some

The fact of this actual insurrection of them threw away their pikes, and first proved to the satisfaction of a retired before the military force ap. most respectable grand jury of the peared; and on the first show of that county of Derby, who found the bill

of indictment, and afterwards proved, given on the trials at Derby. In the in open court, to the satisfaction of night of the 9th of June, some per. the several juries, sworn on the four sons, stated to be in number about one several trials of the person's convicted; hundred, had assembled on the race. proved also, by the acknowledgment course, in Nottingham Forest, where of the same guilt by those who with the Derbyshire insurgents, according drew their pleas of not guilty, and to their original plan, were to have ar. pleaded guilty to the same indictment, rived at an early hour on the moroing and thus submitted themselves to the of the 10th, and expected to be joined mercy of the crown, appearto the Com- by such a party. This party was seen mittee to have established beyond the about twelve at night; they were possibility of a doubt, the credit due drawn up in line, two deep, and a part to the information mentioned in the of them were armed with pikes or last Report, respecting the plans of poles. They remained assembled on more extended insurrection, which had the race ground until past two o'clock previously been concerted, and respect- in the morning, about which time they ing the postponement of these plans dispersed. Some appearances of disto the 9th or 10th of June.

turbance in the town of Nottingham But this insurrection in Derbyshire early in the night of the 9th, induced was not the only circumstance occur- the magistrates to send for a military ring since the period described in the force from the barracks ; and order last of thetwo Reports before mention- being quickly restored, the military ed, which demonstrates the correctness returned to their barracks, and were of the information on which the Com- not again called out until the morning mittee who made that Report proceed. of the 10th, when they were required ed, in representing such a general ri- to assist in dispersing the Derbyshire sing to have been intended, and to have insurgents, who were then on their been postponed ; and that Nottingham march. was the head-quarters upon whic Connected with these disturbances part of the insurgents was to march in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, a in the first instance ; and that they disposition to similar conduct was mawere expected to be joined there by nifested in a part of the West Riding insurgents from different quarters. of Yorkshire. On the 6th of June a

Early in the same night on which meeting of delegates was assembled at the Derbyshire insurgents began their a place called "Thornhill Lees, near operations, the town of Nottingham Huddersfield ; and at this meeting it was in a state of considerable agitation. was understood, that the time to be It appears from the evidence given fixed for a general rising would be anupon the trials at Derby, that, during nounced. The persons assembled at the march of the Derbyshire insure that meeting were surprised by the gents towards Nottingham, one of magistrates, assisted by a military force, their leaders, afterwards convicted of and some were taken into custody. high treason, was sent forwards on This arrest deranged the plans of the horseback, to obtain intelligence. On disaffected; and the greater part of bis return to the main body of the the districts in that part of Yorkshire, Derbyshire insurgents, it was pretend. in which a general rising had been proed that the state of Nottingham was posed, remained quiet. But in the favourable to their designs : the actual neighbourhood of Huddersfield, in the state of Nottingham and its neigh- night of the 8th of June, a considerabourhood appears from the evidence ble body assembled, some with fire.


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