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TREATY FOR THE EVACUATION OF Most Christian Majesty, in the state FRANCE.

in which they were at the time of the In the name of the Holy and Indi- occupation, conformably to the ninth visible Trinity!

article of the Convention concluded in Their Majesties the Emperor of execution of the fifth article of the Austria, the King of Prussia, and the treaty of November 20, 1815. Emperor of all the Russias, having Art. 3.-The sum destined to prorepaired to Aix-la-Chapelle, and their vide for the pay, the equipment, and Majesties the King of France and Na. the clothing of the troops of the army varre, and the King of the kingdom of occupation, shall be paid, in all of Great Britain and Ireland, having cases, till the 30th of November next, sent thither their Plenipotentiaries, the on the same footing on which it has Ministry of the five Courts having as- existed since the 1st of December 1817. sembled in conference, and the French Art. 4.-All the pecuniary arrange. Plenipotentiary having made known, ments between France and the allied that in consequence of the state of powers having been regulated and setFrance and the faithful execution of eled, the sum remaining to be paid by the treaty of Nov. 20, 1815, his Most France to complete the execution of Christian Majesty was desirous that the 4th article of the treaty of Nothe military occupation stipulated by vember 1815, is definitively' fixed as the fifth article of the said treaty should 265 millions of francs. cease as soon as possible, the Ministry Art. 5.-Of this sum, the amount of the Courts of Austria, Great Bri. of 100 millions of effective value shall tain, Prussia, and Russia, after having, be paid by an inscription of rentes on in concert with the said Plenipotentia- the great book of the public debt of ry of France, maturely examined every France, bearing interest from the 22d thing that could have an influence on of September 1818. The said inscripsuch an important decision, declared, tions shall be received at the rate of that their Sovereigns would admit the the funds on the 5th of October 1818. principle of the evacuation of the Art. 6.-The remaining 165 millions French territory at the end of the shall be paid by nine monthly instalthird year of the occupation; and wish- ments, commencing with the 6th of ing to consolidate their resolution in a January next, by draughts on the formal convention, and to secure at the houses of Hope and Co. and Baring, same time the definitive execution of Brothers, and Co. In the same manthe said treaty of November 20, 1815, ner the inscriptions of the rentes, mentheir Majesties named (here follow the tioned in the above article, shall be names of the Ministry), who have delivered to Commissioners of the agreed upon the following articles :- Courts of Austria, Great Britain,

Art. 1.-The troops composing the Prussia, and Russia, by the royal treaarmy of occupation shall be withdrawn sury of France, at the epoch of the from the French territory by the 30th complete and definitive evacuation of of November next, or sooner if possible. the French territory.

Art. 2.-The strong places and fort- Art. 7.-At the same epoch, the resses which the said troops now oce Commissioners of the said Courts shall cupy, shall be surrendered to Commis. deliver to the royal treasury of France sioners named for that purpose by his the six obligations (engagements) not: yet discharged (acquittes), which shall instalments, from the 6th of January remain in their hands of the fifteen ob- to the 6th of September, be discharged ligations (engagements) delivered con- in twelve months, by monthly pay. formably to the second article of the ments from the 6th of January to the convention, concluded for the execu. 6th of December inclusive ; the inte. tion of the fourth article, of the 20th rest for the delay of three months beof November 1815. The said Com. ing made good at the rate of 5 per cent. missioners shall, at the same time, de- 2. That one hundred millions, in in. liver the inscriptions of seven millions scriprions, for which the different go. of rentes, created in virtue of the eighth vernments have treated with MM. article of the said convention.

Baring and Hope, shall be realized by Art. 8.--The present convention payments made at the same epochs, shall be ratified, and the ratifications with the same bonus of interest, in exchanged, at Aix-la-Chapelle, in the proportion to the delay of three months. course of fifteen days, or sooner, if 3. That arrangements shall be adopt. possible ; in the faith of which the re- ed with the above-mentioned houses, spective plenipotentiaries have here- in order that the bills drawn upon with signed their names, and affixed to them, conformably to article 6th, may it their seal and arms.

be paid in assets, at the different pla. Done at Aix-la-Chapelle, the 9th of ces which may suit the convenience of

October, in the year of Grace the governments interested, by avoid. 1818.

ing the removal of too great a mass of [Here follow the signatures of the of specie. Ministers. ]

MM. the Ministers Plenipotentiary We have found the above treaty of Austria, Great Britain, Prussia, conformable to our will, in consequence and Russia, were unanimously of opiof which we have confirmed and rati- nion to admit the proposition of the fied the same, as we do now confirm and Duke of Richelieu, saving the enterratify it for our heirs and successors. ing, with respect to article 3d, into

[Here follow the signatures of the particular arrangements with Messrs Sovereigns, with the specification of the Baring and Hope to fix the terms at different years of their several reigns.] which the effects in foreign funds Aix-la-Chapelle, Oct. 17, 1818. should be accepted ; and also that, in

order to facilitate these arrangements, PROTOCOL of Nov. 3.

Mr Baring should be requested to

come to Aix-la-Chapelle to take mea. The Duke of Richelieu represented sures for that purpose, in concert with at the conference, that the terms for the the persons charged with this business. payment of the 165 millions to be fur- Prince Hardenberg, besides, presented nished by France, according to the Con- to the protocol the subjoined observavention of the ninth of October, having tions in reserve, relative to the arrange. been fixed at very near periods, a too ment which the Prussian Government rapid ex portation of specie has been oc- entered into with Mr Baring, for the casioned, which tends to produce a de- part of the payments stipulated by preciation in the value of the inscrip- the Convention of 9th October, which tions, equally injurious to the interests accrue to the said Goveroment, of all the contracting parties. To re

(Sigoed) medy this evil, the Duke of Richelieu METTERNICH. RICHELIEU. proposes :

CastleREAGH. WELLINGTON. 1. That the 165 millions which HARDENBERG. BERNSTOFF. France was to discharge by monthly NESSELRODE. CAPO D'ISTRIA.

be ex

If the Prussian Government consent ber, the note which you have done us to the modifications proposed in the the honour to address to us, under the pecuniary stipulations of the conven- date of the 8th October. vention of the 9th of October, it is The protocol of distribution, signed under the threefold supposition- at Paris on the 20th of October, 1815,

1. That the particular arrangement having, in article 13, determined that of the Prussian government with Messrs the recovery of the sums to be paid by Hope and Company, and Baring, Bro- France, as well as their final repartition, thers, remain untouched, with the ex- should be accomplished through your ception of such modifications as the intervention, we cannot do otherwise said government may hereafter agree than assign to you the task of regulato with these houses.

ting with equity the mode of the re2. That the loss which may result partition of the payments in respect to from the proposed payment in effects ihe general interest. in foreign funds, shall be made good With respect to the note which the to the foreign powers.

Sieur Dumond requested you would 3. That the guarantee stipulated for reproduce to us, we have to inform the payments agreed upon


you that the British Government will extended to the more remote periods transmit its directions to him. now claimed.

(Signed) Aix-la-Chapelle, Nov. 5. METTERNICH. CASTLEREAGH. To Messrs the Special Commissioners WELLINGTON. HARDENBERG. of the Courts of Austria, Great Bri

BERNSTOFF. NESSELRODE. tain, Prussia, and Russia, at Paris. CAPO D'ISTRIA.

“ GENTLEMEN,—The French government having, for the reasons stated in the Protocol of November 3, desired that the payments stipulated in the

DECLARATION. convention of October 9, be, as well • The convention of the 9th of Ocfor the 165 millions as for 100 millions tober, which definitively regulated the to be discharged in inscriptions of execution of the engagements agreed to rents, regulated by twelve instalments, in the treaty of peace of November 20, the last being the 8th of December 1815, is considered by the Sovereigns 1819, instead of nine, the last of which who concurred therein, as the accomwas to have been the 6th of Septem- plishment of the work of peace, and as ber; under the condition, nevertheless, the completion of the political system of making good this delay of three destined to insure its solidity. months by the payment of interest at « The intimate union established the rate of 5 per cent ; the four courts among the Monarchs, who are joint have unanimously admitted these pro- parties to this system, by their own positions, in order to avoid a deprecia. principles, no less than by the interests tion in the value of the inscriptions of of their people, offers to Europe the rentes, which would be equally inju- most sacred pledge of its future tranrious to all the contracting parties. quillity. We therefore lose no time in transmit- “ The object of this union is as ting this resolution, as consigned in simple as it is great and salutary. It the annexed protocol, to you, to take does not tend to any new political comits contents as your information and bination to any change in the reladirection. We have received, in reply tions sanctioned by existing treaties. to our dispatch of the 15th of Octo. Calm and consistent in its proceedings, it has no other object than the main ments of religion and morality, whose tenance of peace, and the security of empire has been but too much enfee those transactions on which the peace bled by the misfortunes of the times

. was founded and consolidateil,

Aix-la-Chapelle, Noo. 15, 1818. “ The Sovereigns, in forming this

(Signed) august union, have regarded as its « METTERNICH. HARDENBERG fundamental basis their invariable re- « RICHELEU. BERNSTOFF. solution never to depart, either among “ CASTLEREAGH. NESSELRODE. themselves or in their relations with « WELLINGTON. CAPU D'ISTRIA." other states, from the strictest observation of the principles of the rights of nations ; principles which, in their CONSTITUTIONAL CHARTER OF THE application to a state of permanent

KINGDOM OF BAVARIA, PUBLISHED peace, can alone effectually guaran- The 26th MAY. tee the independence of each govern- TITLE I.-General Principles. ment, and the stability of the general

Art. 1. All the old and new proassociation. “ Faithful to these principles, the

vinces of the kingdom of Bavaria form Sovereigns will maintain them equally cording to the determinations con

a sovereign and monarchial state, acin those meetings at which they may tained in this constitutional act. be personally present, or in those which

2. There shall be, for the whole shall take place among their ministers; whether it shall be their object to dis kingdom, an assembly of the Statescuss in common their own interests, or

General, divided into two chambers. whether they take cognizance of ques. TITLE II.-Of the King, of the Suctions in which other governments shall

cession to the Crown, and of the formally claim their interference. The Regency. same spirit which will direct their Art. 1. The King is the supreme councils, and reign in their diplomatic Lord of the State ; he unites in his communications, shall preside also at person all the prerogatives of supreme these meetings ; and the repose of the power, and exercises them according world shall be constantly their motive to the principles which he has himself and their end.

fixed by this constitutional act. His “ It is with such sentiments that person is sacred and inviolable. the Sovereigns have consummated the 2. The crown is hereditary in the work to which they were called. They male line of the royal family, accord. will not cease to labour for its confira ing to the order of primogeniture, and mation and perfection. They solemn. by collateral males from branch to ly acknowledge, that their duties to- branch. wards God and the people whom they 3. The right of succession can be govern, make it peremptory on them long only to legitimate children, sprung io give to the world, as far as in their from a marriage with a person of equal power, an example of justice, of con.. birth, and with the consent of the cord, of moderation ; happy in the King. power of consecrating, from hence- The 4th and 5th articles determine forth, all their efforts to the protection the

mannerin which the female branches of the arts of peace, to the increase of shall succeed after the extinction of the the internal prosperity of their States, male. and to the awakening of those senti. 6. If, after the extinction of the

male branches, the crown of Bava- in failure of such nomination, to the ria should fall to the monarch of a first of these functionaries, unless there greater monarchy, who could not, or occurs a legal obstacle. would not, establish his residence in 14. In all cases the Queen Dowager Bavaria, the crown shall pass to the has the right of superintending the second prince of this house, and then education of her children, under the the rules of succession shall apply to inspection of the Regent, and conformthe issue of this prince. But if the ably to the family statute. crown should fall to the wife of a 15. The regency shall always be greater monarch, she becomes Queen; exercised in the name of the King, but she shall be obliged to name a vice- whether minor, or incapable of exerroy, who shall establish his residence cising his functions. The acts shall in Bavaria, and after the death of this be drawn up in his name, and sealed princess the crown shall pass to the with the usual royal seal ; the money second of her sons.

shall bear his effigy, his arms, and his 7. The princes and princesses are titles. The Regent shall sign, Admajor at the completion of eighteen ministrator of the Kingdom of Bavaria. years.

16. The Regent, whoever he be, 8. The other relations of the mem- must, at the moment of entering on his bers of the royal family are regulated functions, assemble the States-Geneby family statute.

ral, and proffer before them, and in 9. The regency takes place during the presence of the ministers and counthe minority of the King, or in case cillors of state, the following oath : he should be for a long time prevented " I swear to govern the state conform. from exercising his functions, without ‘ably to the constitution and laws of having himself provided for the go- the kingdom, to maintain the integrity vernment of the kingdom.

of the kingdom and the rights of the 10. The monarch has the right of crown, and to deliver faithfully to the chusing among the major princes the King the prerogative of which the Regent for the minority of his suc- exercise is intrusted to me, with the

If the King has not made a aid of God and of his Holy Gospel.” choice, the right belongs to the nearest 17. The Regent exercises all the collateral major, &c.

prerogatives of supreme power which 11. When, from any cause which are not formally excepted by the char. lasts more than a year, the King shall ter. be prevented from exercising his func- 18. He names only provisionally to tions without having himself provided all offices, those of justice excepted; for this case, the States-General shall he can neither alienate the domains of be informed of the circumstance, and the crown nor grant fiefs, nor introthe constitutional regency shall be esta. duce new offices. blished with their consent.

19. The Regent is obliged, in every 12. (Mode of placing in the archives important affair, to take the advice of of the royal family the act of the no- the whole ministry formed by the counmination of a Regent.)

cil of regency: 13. In case there should not be a 20. The Regent shall be accommo. collateral male, the regency belongs to dated and maintained in the royal pathe Queen Dowager. In failure of a lace, and shall have at his disposal the Queen, the regency passes to that one sum of 200,000 Aorins. of the functionaries of the crown whom 21. The regency ceases with the the last monarch shall have named; or minority of the King, or with the


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