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No. 43. TUESDAY, JULY 19, 1709.

-Bene nummatum decorat Suadela Venusque.

HOR. EPIST. 1, 6, 38.
The goddess of persuasion forms his train,
And Venus decks the well-bemoney'd swain. FRANCIS.

WHITE'S CHOCOLATE-HOUSE, JULY 18. I WRITE from hence at present to complain, that wit and merit are so little encouraged by people of rank and quality, that the wits of the age are obliged to run within Temple-bar for patronage. There is a deplorable instance of this kind in the case of Mr. D'Urfey, who has dedicated his inimitable comedy, called The Modern Prophets,' to a worthy knight, to whom, it seems, he had before communicated his plan, which was, 'To ridicule the ridiculers of our established doctrine. I have elsewhere celebrated the contrivance of this excellent drama; but was not, till I read the dedication, wholly let into the religious design of it. I am afraid it has suffered discontinuance at this gay end of the town, for no other reason but the piety of the pur ose: There is, however, in this epistle, the true life of panegyrical performance; and I do not doubt but VOL. II.


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