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Christians of all denominations whatsoe-S E R M. ver; Confessions of Sim; and professions J^^j of Repentance, made daily in our Prayers to God; if they be only formal and ineffectual, and produce not real Amendment of Use; are altogether as vain and useless, as the Popish Confessions made to Men. For to pray continually that our Life hereafter may be pure and holy, and yet at the feme time return daily to the commission of known Sins; is the highest hypocrisy and mockery of God. Concerning these persons it is, that our Saviour declares, Luke xiii, 24. Many, I fay unto you, will Seek to enter in, and flail not be able. They will Seek, not in the way of true virtue and righteousness of life, but in ways which they hope may be substituted in its place. That is, in the expression of our Saviour, they will build their House upon the Sand, and not upon a Rock,


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The Excellency os Moral Quali*

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For be was a good man> and full

of the Holy Ghost.

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HERE is nothing in natureSErM. more amiable, than the cha- _, racter of a truly Good manj a Man, whose principal Business and Pleasure is to make all Men easy j with whom he has any Concern, in the present life; and to promote, as far as in Him lies, their Happine{s likewise in That which is to come. Other Qualifications, have their Value % and do in their proportion, merit a just degree



Ser M.of Esteem. Great Knowledge and Abi^^^litics, every where necessarily

Respect. Great Actions never fail^l Men with Admiration, and to procure 1 Applause. But of all Characters, That of Goodness is the most bvely' $ and approaches nearest to the Similitude of a Divine Perfection. God is the Fountain of Goodness t from which flows all the Happinese in the whole Creation: And there is no one Perfection in the Divine Nature, which *tis so much our Duty and our Glory to imitate. He who most excells in This particular-character, has the most of the Divine Likeness, that Man in this Mortal state -can possibly arrive at j And therefore in the description given of . St Barnabas in my Text, the expressions ; are used as ,-Synonymous and of the same i^yv- Meaning, that he was a Good Man, and full of the Holy Ghost. \ \

The Occasion of the Character here given of Barnabas\ was the Congern and Desire he. showed, that the Benefit of True Religion might spread far in the World j that Men of all Nations might become partakers of the gracious Mercy

.. - - - :.: of of God declared: in: the Gospel, by being S t R M. brought to Repentance for die Remission of Sins. Barnabas .was .the .first .'person who ventured to introduced Paul among the Disciples at. Jerusalem, immediately after his Conversion j when the rest of the Christians were all afraid of him, and believed not that he was a Disciple, Acts ix. 26. Afterwards, when upon occasion of the persecution that arose about Stephen, the Disciples which were scattered abroad from "Jerusalem for fear of the Jews, did some of them speak unto the Grecians^ ,....,, preaching the Lo?d Jesus, ch. xi, 19, 20. Barnabas was the person chosen to be sent forth from the Church in Jerusalem, that he should go as far as Antioch, ver. 22Who when he came, and had seen the grace of God, was glad, and exhorted them all, that with Purpose of Heart they would cleave unto the Lord, ver. 23. And then it follows, in the words of my Text; For he was a good man, and full of the Holy Ghost.

'T 1 s plain this character given in the Text to Barnabas, was intended-as a description of an excellent person; of a per

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