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Se R M.have in the World; and the great Stress XIII. wnjcn our Saviour and his Apostles accordingly do constantly lay upon it, as being the Principal Part and the main End of Religion. That nothing is so much wanting, in order to set the World right, as a charitable Spirit and Christian Temper among those who call themselves Christians, is evident to All men, That the Gospel may still be propagated; nay, that it may best and most effectually; nay, that indeed it can only be propagated, by the Same means with which our Saviour fagan to propagate it; by strength of Reason and clearness of Evidence, by good Example of Virtue and Righteousness in Practice, joined with Love and true Charity towards the Persons of All men; is demonstrable from the Nature of Things and of Men. The Harvest of persons capable of receiving the Truth, when laid before them plainly and distinctly in the Spirit of Meekness and Charity, is very great: The Labourers only, feith our Saviour, are too few'; 'Pray ye therefore the Lord of the Harvest, that he will fend forth Labourers into his Harvest. Did

Christians Christians univerfally labour, after This S E R M. manner j the EffeB could not but be,, that XIII. the Knowledge of the Lord would Jill the'^^^ Earth, as the Waters cover the Sea: The Vine which God's right hand has planted, would spread out her Branches unto the Sea, and her Boughs unto the River: Not by any One Party of Christians swallowing up and destroying all the rest; but by each of them severally taking away their uncharitable Distinctions, removing their needless Particularities, and the unchristian Bars and Confinements set up by humane invention; and uniting upon the One immoveable Foot of the everlasting Gospel of Truth and Charity. Marvellous are the Promises of Blessings and Happiness, which in the Prophetick part of -Scripture are made to the Church of God, when it shall in This manner prevail upon the Earth. With righteousness shall he judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the Meek of the Earth; and he stall smite the Earth with the rod of his mouth> and with the breath of his lips, pall he flay the wicked: And righteousness stall be . the girdle of his loyns, and faithfulness the U 3 girdle

Se R M.girdle of his reins: The wolf also JhaH XIII. d<well with the Iamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the Kid; and the Calf and the young Lion and the failing together,

and a little Child shall lead them: They

Jhall not hurt nor defray in all my holy Mountain; for the Earth fall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the Waters

cover, the Sea: And he Jhall set up an

Ensign for the Nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah, from the four corners of the Earth, Ifai. xi. 4, &c. And in the Revelation of St John, the like Prophecies are again repeated, ch. xiv. 6; xi. 15: / saw an Angel having the Everlasting Gojpel to preach unto Them that dwell on the Earth, and to every nation and kindred and tongue and people: - And there were great Voices in Heaven, faying; The Kingdoms of this World are become the Kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever. Whether these and the like Prophecies (hall yet finally have a literal Accomplishment, by an universal Prevalency of the Gospel of Peace on Earth} or whether -slier they shall have their full and literal Sh Rm. .completion, only in That New Heaven XIII. and New Earth, wherein Righteousness is,^"V">^ to dwell for ever j is still a Secret in the Breast of Providence, which we ought not to be over-confident in explaining. But in This we cannot err; in exhorting in the mean time all Christians continually, to put on that Spirit of Christ, That Spirit of Meekness and true Humility, That Spirit of Love and univerfal Charity, That Christian Temper and disposition of Mind; which alone can promote tb.6 Kingdom of God, and His righteousness: Which, so far as 'tis at any time practised, causes Christianity to become in Fact d Light pining before men, inviting them to glorify our Father which is in Heaven: And which, if it was the Universal Behaviour of Christians, would certainly cause the Gospel universally to prevail, by means of that irresistible Excellency and Beauty in which it would appear, when All Contentions and Animosities, all unreasonable Prejudices against each other, all Parties and Factions and Names of Reproach among Christians upon ac

U 4 count

S E R M. count of differences in opinion, were laid aside; and every man, making the Go

*-rV>J spel alone the Rule of his own Actions, and having no Desire to have dominion over the Consciences of his Brethen, but all of them instructing and exhorting each other (according to the respective Order and Nature of their several stations and capacities,) with mutual Love and Forbearance, as Fellow-servants of one common Lord by whom they must All at last be judged; bent their Whole Endeavours towards One only uniform End, the promoting amongst men the Knowledge of Truth and the Practice of Right. Were This (I fay ) the General Behaviour of Christians, according to the Obligations of their most Holy Profession; it could not fail but the Gospel would be embraced univerfally over all the Earth. And for this reason it seems to be, that our Saviour in all his Discourses constantly lays so peculiar a Stress upon this Duty of Love and Charity and Gcod-will towards Men; as if it was the Principal Part and Great Design of Religion j and as if he had always a particular View to -' that

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