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faith St Paul', that is, they who make Se R M. Riches their ultimate End-and View, will- XVI. fall into Temptation and a Snaret and in- ^r^>>J to many Fcolijh and Hurtful Lusts, which drown men in dejlruSlion and perdition, I Tim. vi. 9. And therefore in the fame chapter, ver. 17. he mentions Trusting in Riches arid Trusting in the Living God, as direct Opposttes to each other. Lastly, with Regard to the Honours and Esteem of Men, and the corrupt and unworthy Compliances, by which the Pride of Life leads Men to aim at False Reputation and Power; Do I (fays the Apostle) seek to please men f for if I yet pleased Men, 1 Jhould not be the Servant of Christ, Gal. i. 10.

In This fense therefore, and for these Causes, it is, that the Love of the World, and the Love of God, are in the Text declared to be inconsistent with each other. And as He who loves the World, the Wicked World in the fense now explained, cannot have the Love of the Father in him: So, on the reverse, if any Man has the Love of the Father in him, that is, acts steddily and immoveably upon the Principles ef 1 Truth

So M.Truth and Virtue; to Him will the World, XVI. the wicked and corrupt part of the World, necessarily bear a Hatred, Joh. xv. 19. If ye were of the Worlds the World would love his own > but because ye are not of the World, but I have chosen you out of the World, therefore the World hateth you' And ch. xvii. 14. The World hath hated them, be* cause they are not of the World. The Reason and Ground of which Procedure, is excellendy expressed by the Author of the Book of Wisdom, ch. ii. 12. Because the Righteous is not for Our Turn, and he is clean contrary to our Doings; he upbraid" eth us with our offending the Law, and objeSleth to our Infamy the Iransgrefhms of our education. He profejseth to have the

Knowledge os God, and was made to

reprove our Thoughts,

III. The Third and Last thing I proposed, was to consider the Reasons and Motives upon which the Apostle here so earnestly cautions Men against that Love ^of the World, which he thus describes as inconsistent with the Love of God. Its Inconsistency with the Love of God, that is, of our Supreme Good and ultimate Happiness

pine/s; is itself One principal and sufficientsE RM. Motive. But This and all other Motives XVI, whatsoever, are included in, or reducible to, what the Apostle alleges in the words following my Text, ver. 17. The world pajfeth away, and the Lust thereof, but He that doth the Will of God, abideth for ever. There can be nothing in This World worth purchasing at the Expense of incurring the Divine displeasure. For all the things that are in the World, even those that are innocent, much more the Sinful ones here mentioned by the Apostle, are obtained with uneasiness and much Uncertainty, are possessed with much Mixture of Dissatisfaction, are preserved with continual Fear and Hazard of losing them; And, when possessed in the highest Perfection, and for the longest Period, must of necessity pass away in a very few years, to return no more for ever. That Habit of Mind, which is founded in the hove of Truth, and in the 'Practice of Virtue, is the only Thing that will continue and improve for ever into a complete felicity in the eternal Kingdom of God.

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The Folly of mocking at Sin.

P R O V. XIV. 9.

Fools make a Mock at Sin.

HERE is nothing, concern- S E R M, ing which Men of great Spi- XVII. rits are more apt to make a^V^ wrong Judgment, than concerning the Notion and true Extent of Courage and MagnanimityCourage, is a Braveness of Mind, consisting and showing forth itself in a just Contempt of Danger. And because this is a Virtue most usually found in men of betB b 2 ter

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