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147 God's anger.

27 Their employment at the day of judg.

148 Threatened against the wicked.


149 Wrath of God threatened against 28 They are worshippers of God the Fa.



150 God is wroth.–Prayers deprecating 29 They worship Christ, and are subject

his wrath. Promises.

to him.

151 God's indignation against sinners. 30 Devils are angels that sinned, and are

68 reserved unto punishment.

152 Fury ascribed to God.

31 What their sin is supposed to have

153 His vengeance.


154 God abhorreth.

32 Names given to them in scripture.

155 loatheth—despiseth.


156 hateth.

33 They are enemies to all good, and

157 The Lord is a terrible God.

promoters of sin and misery.

158 The dreadful God.

34 Satan's enmity to Christ and his ser-

159 God is jealous for his people. Pro- vants.

mises. His jealousy in threats 35 Devils believe that there is a God.

against sinners.


They knew Christ.

160 Zeal ascribed to God.

70 36 They knew Christ's servants. 76

37 They know the sacred scriptures.


38 Satan was overcome by Christ.

Of Creation.

39 He is overcome by Christians through

1 God created all things.

divine power communicated.

2 He created the heavens and the 40 Promises to them that overcome Sa-



3 Sun, moon, and stars.

70 41 Duties exhorted to in opposition to

4 The sea.



5 Summer and winter.
6 North and south.


7 Clouds, wind.

God's Government.

8 Rain.

1 God is King, Ruler and Governor of

9 Creatures in the sea.

the world; having a throne, king-

10 Inferior creatures on the dry land. dom, dominion, government.

71 2 God is the Law-giver.

11 Grass, herbs and trees.

3 He is the Judge of the earth.

12 Man created. His body.

4 Counsels of God.—He hath his coun.

13 His soul.



14 Man's spiritual state after his creation. 5 Purpose of God.

15 Man's first disobedience or fall from 6 God doth will.

his happy state.

7 Determinations of God.

16 His first sin and its consequences re- 8 Ordinations of God.— Things ordained

ferred to.

of God.


17 Angels. Their number.

9 Decrees of God. Things decreed.
18 Their names-Cherubims, &c. , 10 Things appointed of God.

72 11 Predestination. Things predestin.
19 Their nature.-Superior to man.


20 They excel in strength.

12 Election of the Jews.


21 Their employment for the good of 13 Election of Christians.


God's people.

14 Persons chosen or elected of God to

22 Instances of the care and services of fill offices in church and state.

angels for God's people.

15 Calling.–God doth call; his people

23 Revelations of God's will, and direc-

are called.


tions, given by angels. 73 16 Particular persons called to offices.-

24 Angels inflict God's judgments on the Priests, &c.



17 Justification.—God justifieth.

25 Their attendance on, and services to 18 Men not justified by the works of the

Christ on earth.


26 They shall attend Christ at his com- 19 Men are justified freely, and by grace

ing to judgment.

74 through Christ.




20 Sanctification.God sanctified the Redemption of particular persons


from evils,

21 Jews were commanded to sanctify 51 God a counsellor.—He giveth counsel


to the righteous.

22 God doth sanctify Christians. 52 He depriveth the wicked of counsel.

23 God sanctifieth Christians by his


word and Spirit.

53 God a teacher; he doth teach his peo.

24 Justification and sanctification other- ple.—Teaching from God prayed

wise expressed.—God doth wash,

84 54 The Holy Ghost teacheth.

25 God doth cleanse-Duty to cleanse 55 God doth instruct.

ourselves.-Promises to the clean- 56 God doth direct.


57 God doth lead.

26 God doth purge-Duty.

-Promises that God will lead his

27 God purifieth-Duty.


28 God doth refine.,

58 Christ doth lead.

29 The Lord is a God unto his people; 59 God doth guide his pcople.

he is with them and among them. 60 God doth strengthen-Strength pro-

85 mised.


30 God forsaketh not his people.

-Prayed for.-Obtained.

31 Prayers that God would not forsake 61 God doth uphold.

his people.
62 God giveth safety.


32 God forsaketh the wicked.

63 God a shield, rock, fortress, refuge,

33 God doth not cast off nor reject his



86 64 God is a helper to his people. 98

34 Prayers against being cast off.

-Help from God promised.-

35 God casteth off and rejecteth the Prayed for.-Help acknowledged.


65 Help from the creatures vain.

36 God a Father.—He is a Father to his 66 God a deliverer.--He delivereth from

87 sickness.


37 How any of mankind come into the 67 God delivereth from enemies, &c. and

relation of children unto God, be- oppression.

sides that of being created by 68 Christ a deliverer.—Deliverance pray-


ed for,


38 Blessings from God as a Father, to 69 Persons that shall be delivered. The
his people as his children. 88

poor and needy.

39 Marks and characters of God's chil. 70 Prophets and apostles.

dren, in the exercise of the graces, 71 All God's faithful servants.

and practice of the duties of reli- 72 Deliverance from moral evil. 101


89 73 God delivereth into natural evil.-
40 The wicked styled children of what- The wicked into their enemies'
ever principle reigns in them.

hands.—Heathens into the hands of

41 Under God, their heavenly Father, the Israelites.

Christians are brethren and sisters, 74 The Lord doth keep his people.

and owe to each other the duties of He keepeth his servants from evil.

that relation.


42 Christ is their elder brother.

75 God preserveth his people. 103

43 Salvation.—God is a Saviour.—He 76 God is the creator of his people.
saveth his people.

90, 91 Threats against those who aposta-

44 Persons to whom salvation is pro- tized.

mised.-Salvation prayed for. 77 He is the creator of Christians; they

92 are new creatures, God's workman.

45 Salvation is of grace.


46 The word of God a mean of salvation. 78 Duty of Christians as new creatures.

47 Ministry a mean of salvation.


48 God a defence. He is the defence of 79 God is to his people their planter,

his people.

93 builder, &c.; they are his planting,

49 Redemption.—God a Redeemer.

his vineyard which he watereth,
50 God redeemeth his people from ene- &c.-God planted the Jewish na-
mies and other evils.—Threats.-

tion in Canaan.



80 The Lord planted, watered, and made 27 That Christ should be beaten and spit

fruitful the Jewish church.
81 Apostacy or unfruitfulness; threats 28 Christ's own testimony of this.
and reproofs against it.

29 What kind of death he should die.
82 The fruitful, whether Jews or Gentiles, 30 Christ's silence.
are God's planting.

105 31 They gave sentence against him. 110

32 They gave him gall.

33 mock him on the cross.

34 part his garments.
Prophecies concerning Christ, his Suffer. 35 His words on the cross. He prays

ings, Death, Resurrection, $c. Mira. for his enemies.
cles of Christ.

36 His death.

37 That a bone of him should not be

1 The testimony of prophecy appeal. broken.

ed to as a foundation of faith in 38 That he should be buried with the



2 The testimony of prophecy urged by 39

arise from the dead.

the apostles.

40 Christ rests the credit of his preten.

3 Prophecies concerning Christ, fulfilled sions on the event of his rising from

in his incarnation, life, death, resur- the dead.

rection and ascension.

106 41 The witnesses of his resurrection.

4 The nation, tribe and family he was 42 Other evidences of his resurrection;

to descend from.

his appearances, &c.


5 The time of his life and death fixed 43 He was raised by the power of God.

by other events foretold in pro- 44 Prophecies concerning his ascension.


45 That he should sit at God's right

6 The country and town where Christ hand.

should be born.

46 The Holy Ghost promised.

7 Prophecies concerning his forerunner, 47 Promised by Christ.

John Baptist.

107 48 Prophecies of Christ concerning the

8 Christ's purging the temple.

persecution of Christians. 112

9 His working miracles.

49 Miracles of Christ.-The evidence of

10 That the Spirit of the Lord should be

miracles appealed to as a foundation

of faith in him.

11 That he should be a prophet.

50 New Testament miracles a foundation

12 That he should preach or teach.

of faith in Christ.-Those attending

13 That he should not seek the applause the birth of Christ and that of John

of men.

his forerunner.

14 That he should be a sufferer.-Infir. 51 Miraculous cures performed by Christ,

mities he endured.

and the effects thereof.

15 That he should be despised of men. 52 Devils cast out.


108 53 Sicknesses healed. Blindness, deaf,

16 That he should be hated.

ness, lameness, &c.

reproached. 54 The dead raised to life.
18 Reproaches that were cast upon 55 He calms the wind and sea, walks

on the water, feeds thousands,

19 That he should be persecuted.

&c. &c.

20 That the Jews and Gentiles should join 56 Miracles accompanying the death of

against him.



21 That he should be sold for money. 57 Christ empowers his disciples to work

22 The use they apply the money to miracles.


58 Miracles wrought by the apostles,

23 Prophecies concerning his betrayer.


24 Concerning the miserable end of

Judas.How this is expressed by

Christ's Gl and Exallation.

25 That Christ should be forsaken.

How expressed by him.

1 Christ's glory before his incarnation.

26 Peter's denying him.

2 His glory on earth.


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3 His glory after his resurrection. 10 Christ's truth.

4 Christ's exaltation at God's right hand. 11 goodness.

5 He is exalted above mankind.




6 The church is subject to him.

7 He is exalted above angels.




Christ's benefits to men, or blessings they

Divine Titles given to Christ.

receive through him as a Saviour, Re.

deemer, Deliverer, &c.

1 Christ is the Son of God.


-Hence the title of Father, so often 1 Christ is the Saviour: salvation is by

given to God.



2 He is distinguished from the created 2 Christ a Redeemer; redemption through

sons of God.


3 Christ is called the image of God.

3 Christ a ransom.



4 a price.



118 5 a deliverer.

6 Christ is one with the Father.

6 a Mediator.

7 The same things spoken of the Fa- 7 - an Intercessor.

ther, and of Christ. Christ's titles in 8 an Advocate.

general, ranged alphabetically. 120 9 Reconciliation by Christ.

10 Peace with God by him.



11 Grace from Christ.

12 Justification by Christ.

Christ's Works.

13 Sanctification through Christ.

14 Christ is called life to his people. 131

1 He created all things.

121 15 Eternal life is from and by him.

2 He will raise the dead.


is the gift of God through

3 Will change the bodies of men.


4 He will judge the world.

17 Benefits from Christ against sin. 132

5 He will dispense suitable rewards and 18 Christ's love to his people.

19 His care of his people-his presence

6 Rewards from Christ to the righteous. with them.

122 20 Christ's excellencies and benefits,

7 Punishments to be inflicted on the

briefly expressed.


wicked by Christ.

123 21 Titles given to Christ taken from the

Highest and the most useful offices


on earth.

22 His prophetic office carried on by

Worship offered to Christ.

the Spirit, speaking in the prophets

of old.

1 Acts of worship offered to Christ 23 Foretold by the prophets.

jointly with the Father.

2 Acts of worship offered to Christ 24 His own account of his prophetic





25 Christ is called the light of the



26 Christ a Priest.

Perfections of Christ.

27 His offering himself a sacrifice.

28 Christ was given and delivered; the

1 Christ's knowledge.

125 design thereof.



29 He gave himself, and for what end.

3 Power and dominion.

30 Christ suffered : the end thereof.

4 Acts of Christ's power towards his 31 Christ's death : the efficacy thereof.




5 Acts of power against his enemies. 32 Christ's blood : its efficacy.

6 Christ's righteousness.

33 Christ a propitiation.

7 He promoted righteousness.


an atonement.

8 Christ's holiness.

127 35

a King, having dominion.

9 justice.



36 Christ a Prince.

3 Omniscience.
37 a Governor.

4 Wisdom.
38 He is styled David,

5 Omnipotence.
39 The offspring of David.

6 Goodness.
40 The son of David.

137 7 Works of the Trinity.-Creation.

8 Sending teachers.

9 Teachers receive their knowledge

from Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
Baptism and the Lord's Supper.


10 Father, Son, and Spirit, spake by those

1 Baptism before Christ's death.

that were sent.

2. after his resurrection. 138 11 Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, are in

3 The institution of the Lord's Supper. Christians as in a temple.

4 It is to be received frequently. 12 Sanctification by Father, Son and

5 And with a suitable preparation. 139 Spirit.

13 God's people led by Father, Son and


Holy Spirit.

14 Giving of life.

Of the Holy Ghost

15 Raising the dead.

16 The Son and Spirit joined with the

1 The Spirit's influences upon the ma- Father in acts of worship. 149

terial and animal creation.

2 Upon the minds of mankind. 140


3 Upon the formation of Christ's body.

4 Upon the endowments of Christ's

Duties toward God.


5 Upon the actions of Christ's life.

1 Knowing God and Christ.

6 Upon his miracles.

2 Denying God.

7 Upon his oblation.

141 3 Prayers for them that know God, and

8 Upon his resurrection.

promises to them.

9 The Spirit's influences upon the apos- 4 God will be known by his people—Is

tles, is a witness to Christ.

made known by his works. 150

10 Upon the apostles, furnishing them 5 Christ called Light, as a teacher

with the knowledge of divine sent to give the true knowledge of

truths, and utterance to express God.


142 6 Duties of the enlightened, who know

11 The scriptures written by the pro- God.

phets and apostles under the influ. 7 The wicked know not God.

ence of the Holy Ghost.

8 Faith in God.


12 Miraculous gifts of the Spirit upon the 9 in Christ.

apostles and some primitive Chris- 10 Brief summaries thereof.


143 11 Confessing Christ: promises.

13 Influences of the Spirit upon the 12 Denying Christ: threats.

minds of Christians in general. 13 The certainty and assurance of faith.



14 Upon governors, magistrates, and war. 14 Graces and duties accompanying true


faith; or marks and evidences of it.

15 The Spirit proceedeth from the Father


and the Son, or is given and sent 15 God the author and supreme cause of

by them.
146 faith.


16 Sins against, and duties toward the 16 Prayers and thanks to God for faith,

as his gift.

17 Christ the author of faith.—The Holy

Ghost also the author of faith.

18 Means of faith.God's word.

Of the Trinity.
19 A Gospel ministry.


The same things attributed to the Father, to the -The Gospel called faith, and the
Bon, and to the Holy Ghost.-diz.

law of faith.

1 Eternity.

20 Promise of Justification to believing

2 Omnipresence,

147 in God.

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