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children, but bring them up in the nurture of the daughters of the Canaanites, &c. and admonition of the Lord. Col. iii. 21. Ver. 4. 38. See also Deut. iv. 9, 10.-xxxi. 12, 13. See also, Ch. xxvii. 46.—xxviii. 1. 6.

xxxviii. 6. Transgressed by Esau, Gen. LXX. Particular heads of instruction. xxvi. 35.—xxviii. 8, 9. Exod. xii. 26, 27. When your children Marriage with the heathen inhabitants shall ask, What mean ye by this service ? of Canaan forbidden, for the ill conseYe shall say, It is the sacrifice of the quences of such marriages: Ex. xxxiv. Lord's passover, who passed over the 16. Deut. vii. 3. Josh. xxiii. 12, 13. Judg. houses of the children of Israel in Egypt, iii. 5, 6, 7. 1 Kings xi. 1 to 12. Ezra ix. when he slew the Egyptians.

2. 12. Neh. xiii, 23 to 27. xiii. 7. Thou shalt shew thy son, say. ing, This is done because of that which

LXXIV. Portions given to children by the Lord did to me when I came out of parents. Gen. xxv. 5, 6. Abraham gave ail

that he had to Isaac. But unto the sons Egypt. Ver. 14. Josh. iv. 20-22. Those twelve stones

of the concubines which Abraham had, which they took out of Jordan, did Joshua Abraham gave gifts, and sent them away

from Isaac. pitch in Gilgal; saying, When your chil. dren shall ask their fathers, What mean

xlviii. 21, 22. Israel said to Joseph, I these stones ? then ye shall let your chil have given thee one portion above thy

brethren. dren know, saying, The Lord your God dried up the waters of Jordar. before you.

The oldest son, by the law of Moses, -Ver. 24. That all the people of the was to have a double portion, Deut. xxi. earth might know the hand of the Lord, 15, 16, 17. that it is mighty.


MISED BLESSINGS. LXXI. Parents careful to instruct chil. dren, were: Gen. xviii. 19. Abraham. 1 LXXV. Children are among the proChron. xxviii. 9. David. Prov. iv. 3. Les mised blessings of God to mankind. Gen. muel's mother. Prov. xxxi. 1. Timothy's i. 21. God blessed Adam and Eve, and mother and grandmother, 2 Tim. i. 5. said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply,

and replenish the earth. LXXII. Correcting children. Prov. viii. 15–17. God spake unto Noah, xiii. 24. He that spareth the rod hateth saying, Go forth of the ark, thou and bis son, but he that loveth him chasteneth thy wife, and thy sons and thy sons' him betimes.

wives with thee; and be fruitful and mul. xiv. 8. Chasten thy son while there is tiply upon the earth. Ch. ix. 1.7. hope, and let not thy soul spare for his xiii. 14. 16. The Lord said unto crying.

Abram, I will make thy seed as the dust xxii. 15. Foolishness is bound up in of the earth; so that if a man can num. the heart of a child, but the rod of cor- ber the dust of the earth, then shall thy rection shall drive it far from him.

seed also be numbered. Ch. xxii. 16, 17. xxiii. 13, 14. Withhold not correction xv. 5. The Lord said to Abram, Look from the child. Thou shalt beat him with toward heaven, and tell the stars if thou a rod, and shalt deliver his soul from be able to number them: and he said unto hell.

him, So shall thy seed be. xxix. 15. The rod and reproof give wis- xvii. 1. 5, 6. The Lord appeared unto dom; but a child left to himself bringeth Abram, and said unto him, Thy name his mother to shame.-Ver. 17. Correct shall be called Abraham ; for a father of thy son and he shall give thee rest; yea, many nations have I made thee. I will he shall give delight unto thy soul. See make thee exceeding fruitful, and will Deut. viii. 5. 1 Tim. ïïi. 4.

make nations of thee, and kings shall This duty neglected by David, 1 Kings come out of thee. See Hagar, Ch. xvi. i. 6. By Éli, 1 Sam. ii. 22, &c.

10.-xvii. 20.-xxi. 13.

xxvi. 2. 4. The Lord appeared unto LXXIII. Parents careful to marry Isaac, and said, I will make thy seed to their children into religious families. Gen. multiply as the stars of heaven. xxiv. 2, 3. Abraham said to his servant, xxviii. 14. The Lord said unto Jacob, Swear by the God of heaven and earth, Thy seed shall be as the dust of the earth: that thou shalt not take a wife to my son and thou shalt spread abroad to the west,



Children among the Promised Blessings.


and to the east, and to the north and to the xv. 2, 3. Abram said, Lord, what wilt south. See Ch. xxxv. 9. 11.-xxxiii. 12. thou give me, seeing I go childless ? To

Gen. xxxiii. 5. Jacob said, These are me thou hast given no seed. Ch. xviii. the children that God hath graciously 10. 12. The angel said, Sarah shall have given thy servant. Isa. viii. 18.

a son. (Ch. xvii. 19.) Sarah heard it and

laughed. LXXVI. Children promised. Gen. xlviii. xxiv. 60. They blessed Rebekah, and 19. Jacob said, Ephraim's seed shall be said, Be thou the mother of thousands of come a multitude of nations.

millions. xlix. 22. Joseph is a fruitful bough.- xxv. 21. Isaac entreated the Lord for Ver. 25. The Almighty shall bless thee, his wife, because she was barren; and the with the blessings of the breasts and of Lord was entreated of him, and Rebekah the womb.

his wife conceived. Lev. xxvi. 19. I will make you fruit- xxviii. 1. 3. Isaac blessed Jacob, and ful, and will multiply you.

said, God Almighty bless thee, and make Numb. xxiv. 7. It is said of Jacob, His thee fruitful, and multiply thee. seed shall be upon many waters.

x.xx. 13. Leah said, Happy am I, for Deut. vii. 13, 14. The Lord thy God the daughters will call me blessed.-Ver. will love thee, and bless thee, and multi- 20. I have born six sons. ply thee. Thou shalt be blessed above all xxix. 31. Rachel was barren. Ch. xxx. people; there shall not be male nor female 1.23. She envied her sister, and said unto barren among you. Ex. xxiii. 26. Jacob, Give me children or else I die.

xxviii. 4. Blessed shall be the fruit of Rachel conceived and bare a son, and said, thy body. Ver. 11.

God hath taken away my reproach. Josh. xxiv. 3. I took your father Abra- 1 Sam. i. 3. Hannah had no children.ham, and multiplied his seed.

Ver. 10. 19. She was in bitterness of soul, Neh. ix. 23. " Their children thou mul- and prayed unto the Lord, and wept sore: tipliedst as the stars of heaven.

and the Lord remembered her.- Ver. 20. Job v. 25. Thine offspring shall be as She conceived and bare a son, and called the grass of the earth. Isa. xlviii. 18, 19. his name Samuel, saying, Because I have -xlix. 20.

asked him of the Lord. Ver. 27. For Ps. cxiii. 9. He maketh the barren wo- this child I prayed, and the Lord hath man to be a joyful mother of children. given me my petition.

cxv. 14. The Lord shall increase you Luke i. 7. Elizabeth was barren.more and more, you and your children. Ver. 13. The angel said unto Zacharias,

cxxvii. 3. Children are an heritage of Thy prayer is heard, thy wife shall bear the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is his thee a son.-Ver. 24. Elizabeth conreward.

ceived, and said, Thus hath the Lord cxxviii. 3. Thy wife shall be as a fruit- dealt with me, to take away my reproach. ful vine by the sides of thine house; thy Ver. 25. children like olive plants round about thy table.—Ver. 6. Yea, thou shalt see thy LXXVIII. God's care of mothers. Gen. children's children.

ii. 16. Unto the woman the Lord said, I cxliv. 12. That our sons may be as will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy olive plants, our daughters like corner. conception; in sorrow shalt thou bring stones.

forth children. 1 Tim. ii. 15. Neverthe. See also, Deut. i. 10.—x. 22.-xiii. 17. less she shall be saved in child-bearing, if --xxviii. 62, 63. Josh. xxiv. 3. Job xlii. they continue in faith and holiness, with 12, 13. Ps. cvii. 38. Prov. xiv. 28. Jer. sobriety. ii. 16.-xxx. 19.—xxxiii. 22. Ezek. xvi. xlix. 25. The Almighty shall bless 7.-xxxvi. 10, 11.-xxxvii. 26.

thee with the blessings of the breasts and

of the womb. LXXVII. A desire of having children Deut. vii. 13. He will bless the fruit of is natural to mankind. Instances. Prov. thy womb. See Exod. xxi. 21. Hurt not

xxx. 16. The grave and the barren womb a woman with child. are not satisfied.

Gen. xi. 30. Sarah, Abram's wife, was LXXIX. God's care of children. Ex. barren. Ch. xvi. 1, 2, 3. She gave her i. 17. The midwives saved the men. handmaid to Abram, and said, it may be children alive.-Ver. 21. And God made that I may obtain children by her. them houses.

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CHAP. XVII. The Wicked punished in their Children. 289

Ps. xxii. 9, 10. Thou art he that took / wander in this wilderness forty years, me out of the womb, and didst make me and bear your whoredoms. hope when I was upon my mother's Job xxi. 9. God layeth up the iniquity of breasts. I was cast upon thee from the the wicked for his children. Isa. xiv. 21. womb: thou art my God from my mo- Jer. ii. 9. With your children's chil. ther's belly. Ps. lxxi. 6.

dren will I plead, saith the Lord. Jonah iv. 11. God said, Should not I xxxii. 18. Thou recompensest the ini. spare Nineveh, that great city, wherein quity of the fathers into the bosom of their are more than six score thousand persons children after them. See an instance, that cannot discern between their right 2 Sam. xii. 14, 15. hand and their left ?

Mark x. 14. Jesus said, Suffer little LXXXIII. Particular calamities threat children to come unto me, and forbid them ened against the children of the wicked. not; for of such is the kingdom of hea- Captivity. Deut. xxviii. 33. Thy sons ven.-Ver. 16. And he took them in his and thy daughters shall be given to anarms, and blessed them, and said, Of such other people, and thine eyes shall look is the kingdom of heaven.

and fail for them all the day.

2 Chron. xxix. 6. Our fathers turned LXXX. The grief of parents at parting away their faces from the habitation of the with their children. Gen. xliii. 14. Jacob Lord. Ver. 9. Our sons and our daughsaid, If I am bereaved of my children, I ters, and our wives, are in captivity for this. am bereaved. Ch. xli. 38.- xliv. 29. 31. Jer. xlviii. 46. Woe be unto thee, thy

Job xxix. 2. 5. Job said, O that I were sons and thy daughters are taken captives. as in months past; when the Almighty Lam. i. i6. For the multitude of her was yet with me, when my children were transgressions her children are gone into · about me.


Joel iii. 8. I will sell your sons and LXXXI. Godly parents blessed in the your daughters into the hand of the chilhappiness of their children.Deut. iv. 40. dren of Judah. Ch. ii. 16. See also Jer. Thou shalt keep his statutes, that it may x. 20.-xxxviii. 23.-xlvii. 3. Lam. v. 13. be well with thee, and with thy children Ezek. xxx. 18. Mic. i. 16. after thee. See Ch. v. 29.-xii. 25. 28.

Ps. xxv. 12, 13. He that feareth the LXXXIV. To be slain by an enemy. Lord, his seed shall inherit the earth. Isa. xiii. 16. Thy children shall be dashed

xxxvii. 25, 26. Yet have I not seen the in pieces before thine eyes. Ps. cxxxvii. righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging 9. Hos. xiii. 16. bread. His sced is blessed.

Jer. xvi. 3. Their children shall die of cri. 28. The children of thy servants grievous deaths. shall continue, and their seed shall be xviii. 21. Deliver up their children to established before thee.

the famine, and pour out their blood by cxlvii. 13. He hath blessed thy chil. the force of the sword. Ps. cix. 10. dren with thee.

xliv. 7. Thus saith the Lord, Where. Isa. xliv. 3. I will pour my blessing upon fore commit ye this great evil against thine offspring. See Ch. Ixi. 9.—Ixv. 23. your souls, to cut off from you man and

Jer. xxxii. 39. I will give them one woman, child and suckling? heart and one way, that they may fear Ezek. xxiii. 47. The enemy shall slay me for ever; for the good of them and of their sons and their daughters. their children after them.

xxiv. 21. Your sons and your daugh

ters shall fall by the sword. Ch. xxv. THE WICKED PUNISHED IN

Amos vii. 17.

See also Lev. xxvi. 22. 1 Sam. xv. 33.

2 Kings xxv. 7. 2 Chron. xxi. 14. Job LXXXII. The wicked punished in the xxvii. 13, 14. Isa. xlvii. 18. Jer. calamities of their children. Exod. xx. xiv. 16.—XV. 7. Ezek. ix. 6. 1 Kings 5. I am a jealous God, visiting the ini. xxi. 19. 21, 22. compared with 2 Kings quities of the fathers upon the children, ix. 25, 26. unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me. Ch. xxxiv. 7. Numb. LXXXV. That they shall suffer by xiv. 18. Deut. v. 9.

famine. Jer. v. 15. I will bring a nation Numb. iv. 33. Your children shall upon you, and they shall eat up thine

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barvest, and thy bread which thy sons | long upon the land. Deut. v. 16. Matt. and thy daughters should eat. Ver. 17. xx. 4. Eph. vi. 2. Job v. 5.

Lev. xix. 3. Ye shall fear every man Jer. xi. 22. Their sons and their daugh- his mother and his father. ters shall die by famine.

Prov. i. 8, 9. My son, hear the instrucHos iv. 6. Thou hast forgotten the tion of thy father, and forsake not the law law of thy God; I also will forget thy of thy mother. They shall be an orna. children.–Ver. 10. They shall eat and ment of grace unto thine head, and chains not have enough. See Ps. cix. 9, 10. 12. about thy neck. Jer. xviii. 21. Lam. iv. 4.

iii. 1, 2. My son, forget not my law,

but let thine heart keep my command. LXXXVI. Other evils upon the children ments: for length of days, and long life, of the wicked. Job v. 4, 5. His children and peace, shall they add to thee. are far from safety, and they are crushed v. 1. My son, attend unto my wisdom, in the gate, neither is there any to de- and bow thine ear to my understanding. liver them. The robber swalloweth up vi. 20, 21. Keep thy father's commandtheir substance.

ments, and forsake not the law of thy xvii. 5. He that speaketh flattery to mother. Bind them continually upon his friends, even the eyes of his children thine heart, and tie them about thy neck. shall fail.

Ver. 22. XX. 10.

His children shall seek to x. 7. A wise son maketh a glad father, please the poor, and his hands shall re- but a foolish son is the heaviness of his store their goods.


xiii. 1. A wise son heareth his father's LXXXVII. Erroneous principles in instructions, but å scorner heareth not religion have destroyed the natural affec- rebuke. tion of parents toward their children. 2 xv. 20. A wise son maketh a glad faKings xvi. 3. Ahaz made his sons to ther, but a foolish son despiseth his mother. pass through the fire.

xxiii. 22. Hearken to the father that 2 Chron. xxviii. 3. Ahaz burnt his begat thee, and despise not thy mother children in the fire. See also, 2 Kings when she is old. xvii. 17. 31.-xi. 7. Jer. xxxii. 35. Ezek. xxix. 3. Whoso loveth wisdom rejoicxvi. 21.-xx, 26. Matt. x. 21. Forbidden, eth his father. Lev. xviii. 21.-XX. 2, 3, 4. Deut. xviii. 10. Mal. i. 6. A son honoureth his father.

Ch. iii. 17. LXXXVIII. Calamities upon wicked Matt. xix. 19. Jesus said, Honour thy parents and children. Lev. xxvi. 29. Ye father and thy mother. shall eat the flesh of your sons and of your Eph. vi. 1. Children, obey your padaughters. See Deut. xxviii. 53. Jer. xix. rents in the Lord, for this is right. Col. 9. 2 Kings vi. 29. Lam. ii. 20.-iv, 10. iii. 20.

Ver. 2, 3. Honour thy father and thy LXXXIX. Want of children to the mother, (which is the first commandment wicked. Hos. ix. 14. Give them a mis- with promise,) that it may be well with carrying womb and dry breasts. 2 Sam. thee, and that thou mayest live long on vi. 23. Lev. xx. 20. Jer. xxij. 30. the earth. Exod. xx. 12.

1 Tim. iii. 4. Having his children in XC. Promises to the godly who are subjection. childless. Ps. lviii. 6. Yct setteth he the v. 4. Let them learn to show piety at solitary in families.

home, and to requite their parents. cxiii. 9. He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother XCII. Instances of dutiful children of children.

blessed. Gen. ix. 23. Shem and Japhet. Isa.lvi.4. To the eunuchs, &c. will I give Ver. 26, 27.-Ch. xxviii. 3, 4. Jacob. ą name, and a place within my walls, &c. Ch. xlvii. 12.—xlix. 26.—. 10. Joseph.

-Ruth i. 15, 16, 17. Ruth. Luke ii. 51. COMMANDMENT FIFTH.

Jesus. Jer. xxxv. 8. 18, 19. The sons of

Jonadab. XCI. Duties of children towards parents. Exod. xx. 12. Honour thy father XCIII. Disobedient and undutiful chil. and thy mother, that thy days may be dren: threats against them. Exod. xxi.

15. He that smiteth his father or mother, qvants. Lev. xix. 13. The wages of him shall be surely put to death.

that is hired shall not abide with thee all Exod. xxi. 17. He that curseth his fa- night until the morning. See Deut. xxiv. ther or his mother shall surely be put to 15. Jer. xxii. 13. Mal. iii. 5. James v. death. Lev. xxiv. 15.-XX. 9.Matt. xv. 4. Luke x. 7. 4, 5, 6. Prov. xx. 20.

Xxv. 43. Thou shalt not rule over him Deut. xxi. 18. 21. If a man have a with rigour. Ver. 46. 53. stubborn and rebellious son, that will Deut. xxiv. 14. Thou shalt not oppress not obey the voice of his father or the an hired servant that is poor and needy, voice of his mother, all the men of his whether he be of thy brethren or of stran. city shall stone him with stones that he die. gers.

xxvii. 16. Cursed be he that setteth Job xxxi. 13—15. If I did despise the light by his father or his mother : and all cause of my man-servant or of my maidthe people shall say, Amen. Ezek. xxii. servant, when they contended with me; 7.14.

what shall I do when God raiseth up? Prov. xv. 5. A fool despiseth his fa- and when he visiteth, what shall I answer ther's instruction. Ver. 20.

him? Did not he that made me in the xvii. 21. He that begetteth a fool doeth womb make them ? did not one fashion us it to his sorrow; and the father of a fool both ? hath no joy.-Ver. 25. A foolish son is Matt. viii. 6. The centurion bešought a grief to his father, and bitterness to her Jesus to heal his servant. that bare him. Ch. x. 1.

Eph. vi. 9. Ye masters, do the same xix. 13. A foolish son is a calamity to things unto your servants; forbearing his father.

threatenings: knowing that your Master Ver. 26. He that wasteth his father, is also in heaven; neither is there respect and chaseth away his mother, is a son of persons with him. Col. iv. 1. that causeth shame, and bringeth reproach. Prov. xxx. 10. Accuse not a servant to

xxviii. 7. He that is a companion of his master. riotous men, shameth his father.

Exod. xxi. 20.26. Beating servantsVer. 24. Whoso robbeth his father or the law thereof. his mother, and saith, It is no transgres. xxi. 2. An Hebrew servant, when to go sion; the same is the companion of a de- free. Lev. xxv.

. 39, 40, 41.54. Jer. xxxiv. 14. stroyer.

Lev. xxv. 44–46. Concerning slaves. xxx. 11. There is a generation that Deut. xxiii. 15, 16. The fugitive servant. curseth their father, and doth not bless their mother.- Ver. 17. The eye that mocketh at his father and despiseth to DUTIES OF SERVANTS. obey his mother, the ravens of the valley shall pluck it out, and the young eagles XCVI. Duties of servants. Prov. xiv. shall eat it.

35. The king's favour is toward a wise Isa. xlv. 10. Woe unto him that saith servant. unto his father, What begettest thou ? and xvji. 2. A wise servant shall have rulo to the woman, What hast thou brought over a son that causeth shame. forth?

xxvii. 18. He that waiteth on his masMic. vii. 6. The son dishonoureth the ter shall be honoured. father, and the daughter raiseth up against Mal. i. 6. A servant honoureth his the mother. Luke xii. 53.

master. 2 Tim. iii. 2. Perilous times shall come; Matt. x. 24. Neither is the servant men shall be disobedient to parents, &c. above his master. Ver. 25.

Prov. xix. 10. For a servant to have XCIV. Particular instances of unduti. rule over princes is not seemly. ful disobedient children cursed. Gen. ix. Luke iii. 14. Be content with your 22. 25. Ham is cursed of his father. wages.

1 Sam. ii. 25. The sons of Eli are pu- xvii. 7, 8. Who of you having a servant nished. Ver. 31 to 35.

ploughing or feeding cattle, will say to him by and by when he is come from the

field, Go sit down to meat ? And will not DUTIES OF MASTERS. rather say unto him, Make ready where.

with I may sup, and afterward thou shalt XCV. Duties of masters towards ser. eat and drink.

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