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Matt. xxiii. 29. 33. Woe unto you hy | with the spirit of his mouth, and shall de. pocrites, &c. How can ye escape the stroy with the brightness of his coming. damnation of hell ?

Ver. 12. That they all might be xxv, 41-43. Christ shall say unto damned, who believed not the truth, but them on the left hand, Depart from me, had pleasure in unrighteousness. ye irse into everlasting fire, prepared Heb. vi. 8. The end of the unfruitful for the devil and his angels : for I was an is to be burned. Matt. iii. 10.-vii. 19. hungered, and ye gave me no meat; I x. 27. Fiery indignation shall devour was thirsty and ye gave me no drink; I the adversaries. was a stranger, and ye took me not in ; Ver. 28, 29. He that despised Moses' naked, and ye clothed me not; sick and law died without mercy. Of how much in prison, and ye visited me not.-Ver. sorer punishment shall he be thought wor. 45, 46. Inasmuch as ye did it not to one thy, who hath trodden under foot the Son of the least of these, ye did it not unto me. of God, and hath counted the blood of the And these shall go away into everlasting covenant wherewith he was sanctified an punishment.

unholy thing, and hath done despite unto Mark ix. 43. If thy hand offend thee, the Spirit of grace ? cut it off; it is better for thee to enter into Ver. 30. Vengeance is mine, I will life maimed, than having two hands, to recompense, saith the Lord ?-Ver. 31. go into hell.Ver. 45. And if thy foot It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands offend thee, cut it off; it is better for thee of the living God. Heb. xii. 29. For our to enter halt into life, than having two God is a consuming fire. feet, to be cast into hell, into the fire that 2 Pet. ii. 4. He spared not the angels never shall be quenched. Ver. 47. 48. that sinned, but cast them down to hell; And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out; and delivered them into chains of darkit is better for thee to enter into the ness, to be reserved unto judgment. kingdom of God with one eye, than Ver. 9, 10. The Lord knoweth how to having two eyes, to be cast into hell- deliver the godly out of temptation, and fire; where their worm dieth not, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judg. their fire is not quenched. Matt. v. 29.- ment to be punished. But chiefly them xviii. 8, 9.

who walk after the flesh in the lust of un. Luke iii. 17. He will gather the wheat cleanness. into his garner, but the chaff he will burn iïi. 7. The heavens and the earth are with fire unquenchable.

kept in store, reserved unto fire, against xvi. 23. In hell the rich man lift up the day of judgment, and perdition of unhis eyes, being in torment.—Ver. 24. Tor- godly men. mented in this flame. Ver. 25. 28.

Jude 7. Sodom and Gomorrah are set Rom ix. 22. God endureth with much for an example, suffering the vengeance long-suffering the vessels of wrath, fitted of eternal fire. to destruction.

Rev. xiv. 9, 10. If any man shall wor. Phil. iii. 18, 19. The enemies of the ship the beast and bis image, and shall cross of Christ, their end is destruction. receive his mark in his forehead, or in his

1 Thess. v. 2, 3. The day of the Lord hand, the same shall drink of the wine of so cometh, as a thief in the night. When the wrath of God, poured out without they shall say, Peace and safety; then mixture, into the cup of his indignation ; sudden destruction cometh upon them, and he shall be tormented with fire as travail upon a woman with child; and and brimstone.—Ver. 11. The smoke they shall not escape. 2 Pet. iii. 10. 12. of their torment ascendeth up for ever and Rev. iii. 3,-xvi. 15.

ever, and they have no rest day nor 2 Thess. i. 7-9. The Lord Jesus shall night. be revealed from heaven with his mighty xviii. 9. They shall see the smoke of angels, in flaming fire, taking vengeance their burning. on them that know not God, and that xix. 20. The beast and the false pro. obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus phet were cast alive into the lake of fire, Christ: who shall be punished with burning with brimstone. everlasting destruction, from the pre. xx. 10. The devil was cast into the sence of the Lord, and from the glory of lake of fire and brimstone, where the

beast and the false prophet are; and ii. 8. Then shall that Wicked be shall be tormented day and night, for evealed, when the Lord shall consume I ever and ever,

his power.

Ver. 14. 15. Death and hell were cast brimstone; which is the second death. into the lake of fire ; this is the second Ch. xxii. 5. death. And whosoever was not found N. B. The reader may observe the written in the Lamb's book of life, was dreadfulness and duration of the fore. cast into the lake of fire.

going punishments mentioned: Also, xxi. 8. The fearful and unbelieving, against what sins they are denounced. and the abominable and murderers, and See also threats denounced against the whoremongers, and sorcerers, and adul. various sorts of sinners, under the words, terers, and all liars, shall have their part Wicked, Ungodly, Disobedient, Unbelieva in the lake that burneth with fire and / ers, &c. in this work.


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Note.-In the following Index, the Numerical Letters refer to the Sections, and the

Figures to the Page.
A BLOMBED of God, who are so, Apostheir thespiriracles, vihel 15.0
cliv. 69.

by Spirit, ix.
Abhorring one's self for sin, xxx. 343.

Ability for obedience, lxii. 218.

Their writing by the Spirit, xi. 143.
For good works, lxxv. 223.

Applause of men not sought by Christ,
Able to do everything, God is so, lxviii. xiii. 108.

Not sought by ministers of Christ,
Abominableness of sin, cxii. 229.

cxxy. 304.
Access to God in prayer, xxxi. 157. Appointments of God, x. 80.
Admonish one another, lvi. 266.

Arm of God, denoting his power, lxii. 42.
Adoption is of grace, cxxvii. 62. Arrogancy, xlvii. 283.
Promised to faith, xxii. 157.

Ascension of Christ, xliv. 112.
Adversaries of God, cxxvi. 233.

Astray from God, cxlviii. 184.
Adversity of man in God's hand, lxx. 43. Assistance in prayer from the Spirit,
, rejoicing in it, cxi. 171.

clxvii. 187.
Adultery and fornication, cxlix. 314. Assurance of faith, cxxxiii. 181.
Affection, natural, how destroyed, lxxxvii. Atonement of Christ, xxxiv. 136.

Author of faith, xv. xvi. xvii. 154,
Affliction, deliverance from it, matter of
praise to God, ccxxiv. 200.

Alive, the righteous are only truly so, Backbiting, clxxxv. 326.
lxxxvii. 226.

Backsliding from God, cxlvii. 184.
'Almighty God, Ix. 42.

Baptism, i. 133.
Alms called grace, cxxx. 63.

Bearing with one another's weaknesses
Must accompany prayer, clxxii. 188. and infirmities, Ixv. 286.

Required of Christians, clxvii. 320. Being of God, how evidenced, i. 33. and
Amendment of life, xxxvi. 344.

iv. 150.
Angels, their numbers and names, xvii. Believers, promises to them, 156.
xviii. 72.

Benefits of Christ to mankind, 128 to 137.
Their employment about mankind,

against sin, xvii. 132.
xxi. 73.

Blameless, xlii. 263.
They have revealed God's will, xxiii. Blasphemy, cxciii. 249.

Blessedness of God, xxiii. 35.
They have inflicted God's judgments, Blessings of God to his people, cxliv. 65.
xxiv. 74.

To whom promised, cxliv. 65.
Their attendance on Christ, xxv. Promised by way of covenant, cxlvi.
xxvi. 74.

Their work at the day of judgment, Through Christ, matter of praise,
xxvii. 75.

ecxvii. 198.
They worship God, xxviii. 75.

Spiritual, cause of joy, cvii. 171.
They worship Christ, xxix. 75.

God's power therein, xv. 34.
They are not to be worshipped, cli. Blind cured by Christ, liii. 114.

Blood of Christ, its efficacy, xxxii. 136.
Anger ascribed to God, cxlvii. 68. Boasting in God, cxix. 173.

Threatened against sinners, cxlviii. 68. Boasting sinfully, cxx. 173. and liv. 284.
In men, xvi. xvii. xviii. 257.

Body of Christ formed by the Holy Ghost,
Apostacy from God, lxxxi. 105.

iii. 141.
Apostles, their commission, cxv. 297. Bodies of mankind will be changed by
Their power, cxvi. 298.

Christ, iii. 122.

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Boldness of Christ's servants in speaking Christ, his benefits against sin, xvii. 132.
his truth, cxxvii. 304.

cause of joy, xcv. 169.
Bounty in God, cxlii. 65.

cause of praise, cxvi.
In men, cxliii. 65.

Bread, daily, to be prayed for, clxxxiii. Church of God, prayers for it, clxxxviii.

God to be praised for it, ccxxiii. 200. God's power toward it, lxxüi. 43.
Brethren, the duties of Christians, as Clean heart, xxxix. 213.
such, xli. 90.

Cleanse, God doth cleanse his people,
Broken heart, xl. 213.

XXV. 85.
Brother, Christ so called, xlii. 90.

Duty to cleanse ourselves, xxv. 85.
Builder, God is so to his church, lxxix. Clouds, wind and rain, created, vii. viii.

Burial of Christ, xxxviii. 111.

Comfort to believers, xxix. 157.

Is the gift of God, cxii. 171.

Giving it to one another, lxiii. 268.
Calamities on wicked parents and chil. Coming to God through Christ, cxlii.
dren, Ixxxii. 289.

On the children of the wicked, lxxxii. to Christ, cxlii. 183.

Commands of God are right, lxxxiii. 50.
Calling of God's people, xv. 82.

are faithful, xc. 52.
Is of grace, cxxiv. 62.

Communications, evil, forbidden, cxcii.
Is holy, xcvii. 52.

Persons called of God to offices, xvi. Compare, nothing to God, x. 33.

Compassion ascribed to God, cviïi. 59.
Care of God for his people, cause of joy, To whom exercised, cix. 59.
c. 170.

Instances thereof, cx. 59.
Cause of praise, ccxx. 199.

Ascribed to Christ, cxi. 59.
Of Christ for his people, xviii. 133. Compassion in men, xlv. 264.
Cast off, who are so, xxxv. 87.

- God excites it toward his people, cviii.
Who are not so, xxxiii. 86.

Charity, v. vi. 254.

Conceit, being wise therein, xiy. 275.
Childless, promises to them, xc. 290. Confessing Christ, xi. 152.
Children, their duties towards parents, Confession of sin, xxxii. 344.
xci. 290.

To be made in prayer, clxx. 187.
Dutiful, blessed, xcii. 290.

Confidence of the righteous in God, cxxx.
Undutiful, cursed, xciii. 290.

Desired, lxxvii. 288.

of the wicked, sinful, cxxxii.
Promised, lxxvi. 288.

God's care of them, lxxix. 288. Conscience, good, xlviii. 215.
Duties toward them, lxvi. 286.

How attained, xlix. 215.
Of God, how made so, xxxvii. 88. An evil one, lii. 216.
Their duties and marks, xxxix. 89. Natural, its force, 1. 216.
Their blessings, xxxviii. 88.

Weak, not to be wounded, li. 216.
Of the devil, Ixxxviii. 226.

Consideration, xiii. 340.
What the wicked are children of, xl. Contention, xx. 258.

Contentious, fools are so, xx. 276.
Chosen of God, see election, xii. 80.—Contentment, xxvii. 278.
xiii. 81-xiv. 82.

Contrite heart, xl. 213.
Christ, prophecies concerning him, 106 Correcting children, lxxii. 287.
to 111.

Corruption of sin, xcv. 227.
His incarnation, iii. 106.

Covenant of God, holy, xcvii. 53.
His miracles, 106 to 115.

Covenant blessings, cxlvi. 67.
His glory, i. 115.

Covenants with the heathen inhabitants
His exaltation, iv. 116.

of Canaan forbidden to the Jews, cxl.
His titles, i. 117.

His works, i. 121.

Covenants with them punished, cxli. 241.
His worship, i. 124.

Covetousness in general, cc. 330.
His perfections, i. 125.

In magistrates, ciii. 294.
His benefits, i. 128.

In ministers, cxxxiv. 305.





Counsels of God, iv. 78.

Departing from God, cxl. 182.
Are faithful, xc. 52.

Descent of Christ, iv. 107.
Counsel, God giveth it to his people, Desiring God, lxxxiv. 168.
li. 94.

Despising Christ, xv. 408.
The wicked are deprived of it, lii. 94.

ministers of Christ, cxlii. 312.
The duty of giving and receiving it,

one another, xxxi. 260.
xlix. 265.

Destructions of the wicked, ccxlii. 204.
- Rejecting evil counsel, the wisdom Determinations of God, vii. 79.
thereof, 1. 266.

Devils, their sin and punishment, xxx.
Creation of all things, i. 70.

The wisdom of God therein, lv. 41. Their enmity, xxxiij. 76.
The power of God therein, lxxi. 43. Their knowledge, xxxv. 76.
- By Christ, i. 121.

They were cast out by Christ, lii.
The Spirit's work therein, i. 140.

A cause of joy to angels, cix. 171. They were overcome by Christ,
Creator, God is so to his people, lxxvi. xxxviii. 77.

How to be overcome by Christians,
Creatures, Christians


xxxix. 77.
lxxvii. 104.

Works, and children of the devil,
Creatures in the sea and land made, ix. lxxxviii. 226.

Diligence and industry, vi. 272.
Crucifixion of Christ, xxix. 110.

Direction from God, lvi. 95.
Cruelty, xlvi. 264.

Promised to believers, xxvii. 157.
Cures, miraculous, performed by Christ, Discontentment, xxviii. 278.
li. 113.

Dishonouring God, ccxxxii. 202.
Cursing, the sin thereof, cxciv, 328. Disobedience to God, lxvii. 221.

To Christ, Lxxii. 222.

To parents, xciii. 290.
Darkness, works thereof, lxxxiv. 225. To magistrates, cxiv. 297.
David, Christ descended from him, To ministers, cxliv. 313.
Xxxviii. 137.

Disputes about religion, cxciii. 328.
Dead works, lxxxvii. 226.

Diviners, clxii. 246.
Dead raised by Christ, liv. 114.

Divisions, xxxiv. 261.
- Will all be raised by him, ii. 122. Divorce, lviii. 285.
Deaf cured by Christ, liii. 114.

Dominion of God, i. 78.
Death prevails over all, iv. 346.

Doxologies, or glory ascribed to God
- Preparative duties for it, v. vi. 347. in worship, ccxxxix. 203.
– Of the righteous, happy, xi. 208.- Drawing near to God, cxli. 182.
vii. 347.

Dreadfulness of God, clviii. 67.
- Of the wicked, miserable, viii. 348. Drunkenness, iii, iv. 271.
Death of Christ, xxxvi. 111.

In magistrates, civ. 295,
Its efficacy, xxxi. 135.

In ministers, cxxxv. 309.
Deceiving by false doctrine, cxxxvii. Duties accompanying faith, xiv. 153.

Toward God and Christ, i. 150, &c.
Decrees of God, ix. 80.
Defence, God is so to his people, xlviii.


Edifying one another, liii. 266.
Defilement of sin, xcviii. 228.

Efficacy of prayer in working miracles,
Delight in God, cxiv. 173.

cxcix. 192.
In Christ, cxvi. 173. ,

In defeating enemies, cc. 192.
Deliverance from sickness, lxvi. 99. | Election of grace, cxxiii. 62.
From enemies, lxvii. 100.

Of Jews, xii. 80.
From sins, lxxii. 101.

- Of Christians, xii. 81.
To whom promised, lxix. 101.

- Of persons to office, xiv. 82.•'
- Of God's church, cause of joy, cvii. Enemies of God, cxxvi. 233.

Enemies to be prayed for, cxc. 191.
Deliverer, Christ so called, lxviii. 100.-v. Overcome by prayer, cc. 192.

their prevailing occasions fasting and
Denying God, ii. 150.

prayer, clix. 185.
Christ, xxvi. 110,-xii, 152. - Prayers against evil from them, cci.192.

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