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Enemies, God redeemeth his people Faithfulness in friendship, lxiv. 268.
from them, I. 94.

Fall of man into sin, xv. 72.
- God delivereth from them, lxvii. 100. Familiar spirits, 268.
- Deliverance from them, cause of Fasting appointed, cliv. 185.
praise to God, ccxxv. 200.

What kind is acceptable, clvi. 185.
Salvation from them, cause of joy in What kind unacceptable, clvii. 185.
God, ciji. 170.

- Occasions of fasting, clvii. 185.
- God excited compassion in them to- Voluntary fasting, clxi. 186.
ward his people, cviii. 59.

Miraculous fasting, clv. 185.
- The wicked delivered up to their Father, God is so to his people, xxxvi. 87.
fears of enemies, Ixv. 166.

- To Christ, i. ï. 117.
- The wicked delivered into their ene. Favour of God promised to the righ-
mies' hands, lxxiii. 102.

teous, cxxxviii. 64.
Enlightened persons. their duties, vi. 151. Denied to the wicked, cxxxix. 65.
Enquiring of those who are no gods, Favour with men promised to the righ-
forbidden, cxlvi. 243.

teous, cxl. 65.
Enticing others to sin, lxviii. 270.

Denied to the wicked, cxli. 65.
Envy, xi. xii. xiii. 256.

Fear of God enjoined, l. 162.
Known to God, xlix. 40.

- Promises as the gift of God, ls. 162.
Eternal life is from God, xiv. 354.

- Promises to it, lix. 163.-XX. 355.
to whom promised, xv. 354. - Duties joined with it, lvi. 163.-
Eternity of God, xvii. 33.

clxviii. 187.
- Of Christ xiii. 131. See Christ's - Its usefulness in life, lviii. 163.

glory before his incarnation, i. 115. Threats against those that fear not
Everlasting God, xviii. 34.

God, lxii. 165.
Evil-doers to be avoided, lxxxi. 224. Fear of men, the security against it,
Evil-doing, lxxix. 224.

cxxxi. 180.
Evil men, cxviii. 231.-Doing evil to Feeds,—Christ feeds thousands, lv. 114.
men, xxxviii. 262.

Fellowship with the wicked to be avoided,
Exaltation of Christ, iv. vi. vii. 116.

lxxxix. 226.
Exalted, God is so, xxvii. 36.

Fig-tree cursed, withers, lv. 114.
Exalting self, the sin and punishment Fightings, xxxiii

. 261.
thereof, 1. 283.

Filthiness of sin, cvi. 228.
Examination of self, the duty thercof, Finger of God, denoting his power, lxiv.
cxvii. 298.

Example, giving, lxvii. 269.

First and last, God so called, xx. 35.
Excellency of God, xxviii. 36.

Fishes, a miraculous draught of them,
of Christ, xx. 133.

lv. 114.
Excommunication, cxvii.


Flattery, clxxxii. 326.
Exhort one another, liv. 266.

Following God, cxliv. 183.
Expectation from God, cxxiii. 176.

Christ, cxliv. 183.
- That God will hear prayer, cxcvi. Folly and wickedness the same, xxiv.

Expectation of the wicked, cxxiv. 176. Food promised, ccxv. 334.

miraculously supplied, ccxxi. 336.

Fools described, xiv. to xxiii. 276.
Faith in God, viïi. 151.

Forbearance of God, cxv. 60.
- In Christ, ix. 152.

Forbearing one another. See lxv. 268.
- God is glorified by it, ccxxxvi. 203. Forgetting God, xlvi. 161.
– The author, cause and means of, xv. Forgiveness in God. See pardon of sin,
xviii. 154.

cvi. 58.
- Marks and evidence of true faith, Promised to believers, xxv. 157.
xiv. 153.

Promised to penitents, xv. 208.
- Through grace, cxxxiii. 63.

- Prayed for, cvii. 58.
Promises to it, xx. 156.-xcii. 169. Is of grace, cxxvi. 62.
- Prayer to be made with it, clxv. 187. of God, c. 55. to cv. 56.
Faithfulness of God, lxxxix. 51.

Forgiveness in men, xlvii. 265.
In his promises, xci. 52.

Required in prayer, clxxi. 187.
- In his threatenings, xcii. 52.

Forms of swearing, cxcii. 249.
Faithfulness of Christ, xc. 52.

Fornication, cl. 314.


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See mercy

Forsaking God, cxlv. 183.

Grace of God in man's salvation, cxxiii. 62.
God forsaketh the wicked, xxxii. 86. Grace prayed for, cxxxvii. 64.

Forsaketh not his people, xxx. 86. Promised to believers, xxviii. 157.
Forsaken of friends, Christ was so, xxv. Promised from Christ, xi. 131.

Graciousness of God, cxix. 61.
Fortress, God is so to his people, lxiii. 98.

of Christ, cxxii. 62.
Fraud forbidden, clv. 183.

Grass, herbs, trees, &c. created, xi.
Friendship, faithfulness therein, lxiv. 268. 72.
Frowardness, cxxi. 231.

Gratitude, lxix. 270.
Fruitfulness in religion required, xxxvii. Greatness of God, xxvi. 35.

Grief of parents for children, lxxx. 239.
From whence it proceeds, lxxx. 105. Grief for sip, xx. 342.
Fulfilment of prophecy concerning Christ, At prayer not being heard, cxcviii. 192.
106 to 113,

Grudging at other's prosperity, xxix. 278.
Fury ascribed to God against the wicked, Guide, God is so, lix. 96.

clii. 69.
Future punishments, xxviii. 355, 356.


Habitation of God, holy, xcvii. 53.

Hand of God, denoting his power, lxiii. 42.
Gall given to Christ, xxxii. 111.

Hard, nothing is so to God, lxvi. 42.
Garnients of Christ parted, xxxiv. 111. Harmless, xli. 263.
Gentleness toward men, lxi. 267.

Hated of God, the wicked are so, clvi. 69.
Gestures in prayer, clxxviii. 189. Hated of men, Christ was so, xvi. 109.
Given, Christ was so, and for what end, Promises to those that are unjustly
xxviii. 135.

hated, x. 255.
Glory of God, xxx. 36.

Haters, duties toward them, viii. 255.
In favours to his people, xxxi. 36. Prayers against them, ix. 255.
Glory of Christ, i. 115. See his eternity, Hating God, lxxxii. 168.
xiii. 128.

Christ, lxxxiii. 168.
Glorying of the righteous in God, cxvii. Hatred toward men, vii. 255.

Haughtiness, xlix. 283.
- Of the wicked in sin, cxviii. 173.- Health to be prayed for, clxxxiv. 190.
liii. 283.

Heart known to God, xxxviii. 38.xlii.
Glorifying God, ccxxxiii. 202.

Christ glorified God, ccxxxiv. 202. Of the righteous described, xxxiv. to

How men glorify God, ccxxxv. 202. 1. 212.
God, how known, i. 33.-iv. 150.-v. 154. Duties respecting the heart, xli. xlii.
God, Christ so called, iv. 118.

Godliness, promises to it, i. 205.—xix. 354. Affected for sin, xxiv. 343.
Goodness of God, xcviii. 54.

Broken, contrite, xxv. 343.-xl. 213.
God doth good, xcviii. 54.

Serving God with the, liv. 216.
Matter of praise, ccxv. 198.

God's influences on the hearts of the
Goodness of Christ, xi. 128.

righteous, xliii. 213.-xiii. 218.
Good man, his character, cxvi. 230. Heart, evil, xlvi. xlvii. 215.
Good men, promises to them, cxvii. 230. Of the wicked, Satan's influence on it,

Doing good in general, lxxix. 224. xlv. 215.
Good, doing good to others, xxxvii. 262. God's judgments on it, xlv. 214.
Gospel of grace given, cxxix. 62. Heaven and earth, the creation thereof,
Government of God, i. 78. Cause of joy, ii. 70.
cvi. 171.

The dissolution thereof, vi. 352.
Over the visible heavens and earth, Holy, xcvii. 53.
Ixxii. 43.

The happiness of the righteous in it,
Government is of divine appointment, ci. vii. 352.

Heaviness and grief for sin, xix. 342.
Governors, their duties, xcvii. 292. Heirs, Christians are so, viii. 353.

The Spirit's influence over them, xiv. Help from God promised, lxiv. 98.

Cause of joy, cii. 170.
Their sins, cii. 294.

From creatures vain, Ixv. 99.
Duties toward them, cx. 296. Hell. See future punishments, 356. 358.
Sins against them, cxiii. 296. Hill of God, holy, xcvii. 53.

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Holy Ghost, his influences and operations | Immortality of God, xxi. 35.

upon the creatures, 140 to 146. Impenitent known to God, xlvi. 40.
- Promised to believers, xlvi. 112- See xv. 341.
xxvi. 157.

Importunity in prayer, clxxiii. 247.
Rejoicing in him, xcvi. 169.

Incarnation of Christ, iii. 118.
Holiness of God, xciv. to xcvi. 52. Inchanters, clviii. 246.
- of Christ, viii. 127.

Inconsideration, xiv. 341.
of angels, xix. 34.

Incorruptible God, xxii. 35.
in men, God honoured by it, Indignation ascribed to God, cli. 68.
ccxxviii. 202.

Industry, vi. 272.
directions for attaining it, xxiv. Influences of God's Spirit, 140 to 146.

In prayer, 186.
in ministers of Christ, cxxiii. 302. In praise, ccxi. 196.
Honour due to God, ccxxvi. 201. Ingratitude, lxx. 270.

How performed, ccxxvii. to ccxxx. Inheritance of Christians, viii. 354.

Iniquity forbidden, cxxxiii. 328.
Due to Christ, ccxxxi. 202.

– Threats against the workers of it, 238.
Due to magistrates, cxi. 296. Iniquity is not in God, lxxxv. 51.
Due to parents, xci. 290.

Injustice not in God, lxxxv. 51.
Due to one another, xxx. 260. Instruction from God, lv. 95.
Hope in God and Christ, cxxi. 174.

From ministers, cxxxviii. 311.
Through grace, cxxxiv. 63.

Not receiving it from ministers,
Promises to it, xcii. 169.

cxlii. 312.
Of the wicked perisheth, cxxii. 175. Giving and receiving it, li. 266.
Hospitality, clxiii. 319.

Refusing it, lii. 266.
House of God, holy, xcvii, 53.

Fools refuse it, xv. 275.
Humble saints, their expressions, xl. 280. To be given to children, lxix. 286.
Humility toward God, xxxiv. 279. Integrity, xx. 209.
Toward men, xxxv. 279.

Intemperance in meat and drink, ii. 270.
Humility of ministers, cxxiv. 303.

See drunkenness, 271.
Examples of it, xxxviii. 280.

In magistrates, civ. 295.
Humility in prayer, clxx. 187.

In ministers, cxxxv. 309.
Promises to it, xxxvi. 280. See pride, Intercession of Christ, vii. 130.
xli. 281.

Intreaties that prayer may be heard, 192.
Husbands, their duties, Ixiv. 285. Intruders into the ministerial office,
Hypocrisy, xxx. 211.

cxviii. 299.
Marks of it, xxxi. 211.

Invisible God, xv. 34.
Hypocrites known to God, xlvii. 40. Joy in God, lxxxvi. 168.
Their prayer not accepted, cciv. 194. Joy in God through Christ, lxxxvii. 168.

In God promised, xciv. 169.

Joy and comfort promised to believers,
Idleness, vii. 272.

xxix. 157.
Idolatry, cxxxvi. 240.

Joy in heaven, xii. 353. -
Threats against it, 240, 244, 245. Judge of the world, God, iij. 78.-. 350
Jealousy of God for his people, clix. 69. Judge at the last day, Christ, iv. 122.

against his enemies, clix. 69. Judging one another forbidden, lxvi.
Jesus Christ, prophecies concerning him, 269.
i. 106.

Judgment, future, i. 350.
His miracles, xlix. 113.

The time of it, iv. 350.
His glory, i. 115.

The persons to be judged, iii. 350.
His exaltation, iv. 116.

Employment of angels at it, xxvii. 75.
His titles, i. 117.vii. 120.

Uses of the doctrine of it, v. 347.
His works, i. 121.

Judgments of God right, lxxxiii. 50.
His worship, i. 124.

Have been inflicted by angels, xxiv.
His perfections, i. 125.

His benefits, i. 128.

Threatened, occasioned fasting, clx.
Ignorance of God, vii. 151.

Images forbidden, 243, 244.

Just, promises to them, cxiii. 229.
With threatenings, cxlviii. 243. Justice of God, Ixxxiv. 50.
Are no representation of God, 244. Of Christ, ix. 128.

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Justice of magistrates, xcvii. 292. Light of the world, Christ is, xxv. 135. v.
Justification from God, xvii. 84.

Not by works of the law, xviii. 84. Light and direction promised, xxvii. 157.
- Is of grace, cxxv. 62.

Likeness, none of God, xi. 34.
- Is free, and by grace through Christ, Living God, xii. 34.
xix. 84.

Loathed of God, who, cxv. 60.
- Is by Christ, xii. 131.

Loathing of self, because of sin, xxx. 343,
- Is promised to faith in God, xx. 156. Loftiness in man, xlviii. 283.
- Is promised to faith in Christ, xxi. 156. Longing for God, lxxxv. 168.

Long-suffering of God, cxiv. 60.

Of men, see lxvi. 269.
Keep, God doth keep his people, lxxiv. Looking to God, xliv. 161.

Lord, Christ so called, v. 118.
Kindness of God, cxvi. 60.

Love, God's to Christ, lxxviii. 168.
- Prayed for, cxvii. 61.

to believers in Christ, xxiii.
Thanks for it, cxviii. 61.

Kindness in men, lxii. 257.

to his people, cause of joy,
King, God is so, i. 78.

c. 170,
Christ is so, xxxv. 136.

Love to God, lxvi. 166.-xxi. 355.
King. See magistrates, 294 to 297. How produced, lxxi. 167.
Kings, disobeying them sinful, cxiii. 296. How evidenced, lxxiv. 167.

When not sinful, cxiv, 297.-cliii. 244. - Prayer to be made with it, clxvii. 187.
Kingdom of heaven, who shall not enter Love, Christ's to his church, xviii. 133.
into it, xxvii. 355.

lxxx. 167.
Who shall enter into it, vii. viii. The church's to Christ, lxxix. 133.

To Christ, how enforced, Ixxv. Ixxvi.
Knowing God and Christ, a duty, i. 150. lxxvii. 167.

Not knowing God, a sin, vii. 151. How evidenced, lxxxi. 168.
- How God is made known, iv. 150.-i. To mankind, i. 253.

To ministers of Christ, cxxxix. 311.
Knowledge, God's is perfect, xxxii. 37. Lusts of the flesh, xci. 227.

Things which God alone knoweth, Lukewarmness. See want of zeal, xvi.
xxxy. 37.

God knoweth his people, xli. 39. Lying, clxxiv. 323.
He knoweth the wicked, liv. 41.
Sins against this attribute of God, liii.


Magicians, clvii. 246.
Knowledge, Christ's, i. 125.

Magistrates, 292 to 297.

-Their qualifications, xcviii. 293.

Their duties, xcvii. 292.
Labour, a duty, vi. 272.

- Their sins, cii. 294.
Lame cured by Christ, liii. 114.

Their concern with religion, 295.
Lands, the law thereof, clvi. 317.

Good ones promised, c. 294.
Law of God, holy, xcvii. 53.

- Evil ones threatened to be given as a
- To be esteemed and obeyed, Ixi. 218. punishment, cvi. 295.
- Is a means of conversion, ix. 340. · Evil ones, enemies to religion, 295.
Lawgiver, God is so, ii. 78.

Enemies to civil interest, cv. 295.
Leader, God is so, lvii. 95.

Magnifying one's self, lii. 283.
- Christ is so, lviii. 96.

Majesty of God, xxix. 37.
Lending, the law thereof, clvii. 318. Malice, xiv. 256.
Leprosy, cured by Christ, liii. 114. Man, his creation, xii. 72.
Liars, clxxvii. 323.

· His condition after his creation, xiv,
Life of man, short, i. 346.

The term of it, ii. iii. 346.

- His fall into sin, xv. 72.
Life eternal, the gift of God through Mansions in heaven, x. 353.
Christ, xvi. 132.

Marks and evidences of faith, xiv. 153.
Is from and by Christ, xv. 132. Marriage, lvii. 284.
Life, Christ so called, xiv. 131.

- Into religious families, lxxiii. 287.
Light, the works and children thereof, With heathens, forbidden, lxi. 285
1xxxvi. 225.

Masters, their duties, xcv. 291.



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Means of conversion, x. 340.

Mother's, God's care of them, lxxviii. 288.
- Of faith, xviii. xix. 155.

Motives to prayer, cxcii. to cxcviii. 192.
- Of godliness, üi. 205.

Mountain of God, holy, xcvii. 53.
- Of perfection, xxvii. 211.

Mourning for sin, xvii. 341.
- Of salvation, xlvii. 93.

Murder forbidden, cxliv. 313.
Meat and drink, temperance therein, i. Murderers known to God, lii. 41.

Threats against them, cxlvi. 313.
Mediator, Christ, vi. 130.

Murmuring, xxviii. 278.
Meditation upon God and his word, xlix.

Meek, they rejoice in God, lxxxix. 169. Name of God is holy, xcvii. 53.

-, promises to them, xxx. 278. Name of Christ, prayer to be made in it,
Mercy of God,

clxiv. 186.
Promised, ci. 56.

New creatures, Christians are, lxxvii.
To whoin promised, cii. 56.

Prayed for, ciii. 56.

Their duty as such, lxxviii. 104.
Acknowledged, civ. 57.

North and south created, vi. 71.
Cause of joy, ci. 170.
- Cause of praise, ccxv. 198.

Cause of thanks, cv. 58.

Oath, the nature and duty thereof, clxxv.
Mercy in men, xliii. 263,

Might, ascribed to God, lix. 42.

Obedience to God, lix. to lxvii. 218.-
Mind of man influenced by God's Spirit,

xv. 354.
ii. 140.

Must accompany prayer, clxix. 187.
Mind of Christ, was influenced by it, iv. Thanks for it, ccxix. 199.

Obedience to Christ, lxix. 221.
Ministerial abilities are of grace given, Obedience is an evidence of love to
cxxxi. 63.

Christ, lxxxi. 168.
Ministers, their duties, cxv. 297.

Obedience to parents, xci. 290.
- They are means of conversion, 340. To magistrates, 296.
Of faith, xix. 153.

To ministers, cxxxviii. 311.
Of perfection, xxvii. 211.

Oblation of Christ, vii. 141.
Of salvation, xxvii. 211.

Observers of times, clx. 246.
-Good ones promised, cxxi. 302. Offences forbidden, xxxv. 261.
Promises to them, cxxii. 302.

Offices of Christ, as prophct, 134.
Wicked ones, threats against them,

as priest, 135.

as king, 136.
- Duties towards ministers, 311. One with the Father, Christ, vi. 120.
- Sins against them, 312.

Operations of the Spirit, 115 to 146.
Miracles recorded in the Old Testament, Oppression forbidden, clviii. 318.
God's power therein, lxxviii. 46.

Deliverance from it, lxvii. 101.
The design thereof, lxxviii. 46.—ib. Oppressors, threats against them, 318.

Oppressed, promises to them, 318.
The evidence thereof appealed to by Oracle of God, holy, xcvii. 53.
Christ, xlix. 113.

Ordination of God, viii. 79.
Attending the birth of Christ, 113. Overcome, promises to such as do, xl. 77.
- Wrought by Christ, ix. 108.

-lxxi. 222.-xxv. 355.
- Wrought by the influence of the Spirit,
lviii. 115.

Attending the death of Christ, 115. Pain, freedom from it in heaven. xiii. 353.
Of the apostles, 115 and 159.

Palsy cured by Christ, liï. 95.
Wrought by prayer, cxcix. 192. Pardon of sin, cvi. 58.

Wrought for persons of eminent faith, Promised to faith, xxvi. 157.
xxxvii. 159.

to repentance, xv. 208.
Miraculous gifts of the Spirit, xii. 143. · Is of grace, cxxvi. 62.
Mischief, doing it, xl. 263.

- Prayed for, cvii. 58.
Mischievous, fools are so, xviii. 276. Parents, their duties, lxvi. 286.
Money in a fish's mouth, lv. 114.

Duties toward them, xci. 290.
Christ was sold for it, xxi. 109.

A fool's conduct toward them, xvii.
Mortification, promises to it, xxii. 355. 275.

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