Emerging Perspectives on Managing Organizational Justice

Stephen W. Gilliland, Dirk D. Steiner, Daniel P. Skarlicki
IAP, 2002 M09 1 - 297 páginas
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This needs more views and reviews. I wonder if it discusses prostitutes that meet men wt libraries then take them to the bathroom at the public. Community waterpark full of children in bathing suits running playing laughing healthy safe and unsuspected of dangerous women who prostitutes thin these bathrooms.
She was in a jail cell in her past and her celly was her mother they had to be seperated by cops because she said she put her herpes on her food and sprayed windex in her face..
Imagine your 4 yr old daughter getting genital herpes from using this bathroom right after this woman. Yeah then again it will be few weeks later and so everyones clueless where it came from because nobody has this herpes or been near. So at the traumatizing hosputal visits your scared child is sedated then check to see if someones raped its protocol and nope hymen is in place. But doctor informs u and husband theirs no way to check rectum. So for yrs its a mystery. Then u find out 15 yrs later the husband raped this daughter when she tells u. In the but... Its okay he got 30 yrs sentence to prison. And daughter moved away from the evil minded family members who blamed the mother.. So that doctor gave the info out on how to not get caught..... But the herpes still remaind in question so mother looks and looks for years guided through her inner world with wait how come i dont have herpes to how come the husband didnt dont have it tgeir is something missing ....then later u find out your sister is this prostitute. Holy cow your own sister and she got away with it and enjoyed hurting a family. This prostitute was labeled the evil one at a young age. She claims she got herpes because of being raped. But really she was on business but to ashamed to admit. Kinda strange syncronistic events cuz hailey didnt get herpes from the rape she got it from her aunts business. The proof is there just look around evidence documentary evidence in the here and now. Her business is now public business. Jennifer kellogg became a jew so that she can be saved. She told us she could kill a baby and god wouldnt punish her. Im sure police citations in the park and testimonies from all involved will show up for these kids in this park and eliminate the evil woman who hates happy families Or is it just a disregard... Lets let the public decide
Now thats a story with many more shocking events not mentioned but involves so many including sleeping with an ex police officer. But this lical prostitution is still happening and children and general public are vulnerable .... Or is this framing a person for a tragedy... Im willing to bet the integrity of the woman and past events prove exactly what injustice is


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A View from the Social Psychology
Injustice and
Some Reflections on the Morality of Organizational Justice
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