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Caution in speaking of future things—A great Revolution to happen One of the ten kingdoms to fall–Titles of honour totally abolished—The fright these things occasion—Another argument proving that the deliverance of the Saints will be a translation to Heaven—The second woe past !—Its commencement clearly defined in the taking of Constantinople in 1453–The Turks prepared for this great undertaking—Their fall will be a most signal event— Harmony of the different lines of prophecy both in the old and New Testaments—Encouragement to prophetical studies—Rev. Charles Buck's notice of this chronology—Rev. Mr. Fletcher of Madely's remarks on prophecy.





The Re is only one other scene mentioned, as attendant on the conclusion of the sixth trumpet— and there is one other which is to happen l and that at the same time as the one described in the last chapter. For it is said—

“And in the same hour there was a great earthquake; and the tenth part of the city fell; and in the earthquake were slain of the names of men seven thousand : and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven." (ver. 13.)

In speaking of things that are future, whilst it is peculiarly necessary and proper to use the utmost caution and circumspection, yet, if the subject is sufficiently important to go into at all, it is necessary likewise to speak with plainness and decision; and, as far as we have firm ground to go upon, to give the full sense of every prediction that comes across our path without fear or hesitation. With the encouragement from God, which we have in various passages, to study this part of His Holy Word, we ought not to be deterred either from the possibility that wenay be mistaken, or from the event being contrary to and at variance with the general expectation, or even with probability. It is the unquestionable duty of every person to give the word of warning, where he conceives he has the authority of the Scriptures on his side; and it is for others to judge and examine what real ground he has for so doing. My only wish therefore is, that every person who may give these pages a perusal, would imitate the conduct of the noble Bereans, and search for themselves whether these things are so.” With this feeling, and without the most remote desire in all I have written, or may write, to be either wise above what is written, or above other people, I proceed with the prophecy before us, which says, that in the same hour, (which expression, considered chronologically, signifies the same month) as the translation of the witnesses shall take place, there will be a great earthquake, which signifies, as has been previously explained, A GREAT Revolution l’’t What historically took place in fulfilment of the very same expression being used on the opening of the sixth seal, the events of the French Revolution disclosed 1 What will take place on this other similar political eruption transpiring, in “the street of the great city,” we can only imagine as far as this verse gives the information.

* Acts xvii. 11. t See ch. v. p.

It is said, first, that the tenth part of the city fell; by which expression it must be understood that one of the ten kingdoms of the Roman empire will fall; that is, in some way or other, be RUIN E D ! As the whole prophecy has especially pointed at the kingdom where the Lord’s witnesses were to be persecuted, “the street of the great city,” so there is no reason whatever, that I know of, but to believe that the same is still intended. If this be the case there is the strongest reason to conclude that England is intended; for it is to be a great revolution, and England, the seat of the church, is a great kingdom, and the events of prophecy are great events.

In this earthquake, and it is the only additional particular that is mentioned, it is said there will be

slain seven thousand names of men. The names of

men must signify titles of honour and distinction; of dignities, offices, and repute; and by their being slain, that they will be abolished. And the number seven, or the number of perfection, being added to the highest numerical, making the symbolical number of seven thousand, that they will all—ALL be abolished Something of this description took place in the great French Revolution, in which the epithet Equality, as is well known, was the watch-word that levelled all distinctions, from the prince to the peasant, in the dust. The same infidel and ungodly principles, “from the bottomless pit,” one of the chief of which is despising authorities, being now

rampant in society, it is only natural they should take the same turn, and produce similar effects. And the remnant (that is, I imagine, those who, though not among this godless crew, were nevertheless not found numbered with the saints, or at least not willing to share their sufferings,) were affrighted,—were, as they may well be, in the most dreadful consternation, and at length confessed the hand of God. Most probably they had seen the persecution of the Lord's people, and the great tribulation through which they had passed, with indifference—perhaps with complacency; but now, when they beheld the issue and the end, in the exaltation of the one party to heaven, and the madness of the other in the destruction of civil society, and in their own ruin, they, like Nebuchadnezzar of old, gave glory to the God of heaven. Perhaps these are what we are to understand by the five foolish virgins, who thought they might go on slumbering and sleeping, but who now, after the door is shut, awake themselves to their danger, “saying, Lord, Lord, open to us.” But he will answer and say, “Verily I say unto you, I know you not.” The irremediable state of anarchy and confusion just described, as the result of the great earthquake that is to happen in the same hour as the ascension of the witnesses, or what we may term, in allusion to the above application of the events, the ascension of the five wise virgins, is another argument to prove that it cannot be an ascension to worldly grandeur, or to any privileges the world can confer,

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